Is This Really Australia?

What a dark day for Australia:

Although I have only lived in Australia for a bit over three decades, I think I feel the same way most home-grown Aussies must feel. So many of them are now asking the question: ‘Is this the Australia we grew up in?’ They are exclaiming, ‘We cannot believe this is happening to us!’

Yesterday I wrote about how democracy dies – certainly in Victoria, under a power-mad Premier. On that same day two incredible stories emerged which should shock every one of you. Both received a huge amount of coverage. The first story is really quite mind-blowing. It involves a pregnant woman in her own home being handcuffed, arrested and taken away by the police. Her crime? Posting something on Facebook! As one news report states:

Victoria Police officers have been filmed handcuffing a pregnant woman over a Facebook post. Footage was shared online by a Miners Rest couple, northwest of Melbourne, on Wednesday afternoon. As seen in the video above, it shows the woman arguing with police, who claimed she was inciting people to protest the Victorian coronavirus lockdown this coming weekend.

Groups of anti-lockdown protesters have tabbed September 5 for a series of planned protests across the country. Several other people have already been arrested and charged with incitement, including a 76-year-old man. In the video, the woman says she wasn’t aware she was breaking the law by uploading content in advocacy of protest. “I wasn’t breaking any laws by doing that,” she says to an officer.

He replies: “You are, actually, you are. That’s why I’m arresting you.” The woman – whose partner is filming the confrontation at the time – then offers to take the post down. “I’m happy to delete the post, this is ridiculous,” she says. “My two kids are watching, I have an ultrasound in an hour, I’m happy to delete the post.” However, the officers in the video execute a warrant, seizing computers and mobile phones, including the one that was filming the incident.

OK, this is where we are now at in the Victorian Police State. If armed police will come into a home and cuff and arrest a pregnant mother in her pyjamas (due to go to her ultrasound appointment) in front of her children, they will arrest anyone. You have been warned. This is serious.

It seems we will all need to have our phones with the video cameras ready to go at a moment’s notice if we hear a knock at the door. With more and more ordinary Australians being arrested by the police in Dictator Dan’s dystopia – including pregnant mothers – we may well need to record everything.

What happened to our basic human rights and constitutional freedoms? One writer performed a useful service by sharing this bit of information:

Selected extracts from the Victorian Charter of Human Rights:

12 Freedom of movement
Every person lawfully within Victoria has the right to move freely within Victoria and to enter and leave it and has the freedom to choose where to live.

15 Freedom of expression
(1) Every person has the right to hold an opinion without interference.

16 Peaceful assembly and freedom of association
(1) Every person has the right of peaceful assembly.
(2) Every person has the right to freedom of association with others, including the right to form and join trade unions.

18 Taking part in public life
Every person in Victoria has the right, and is to have the opportunity, without discrimination, to participate in the conduct of public affairs, directly or through freely chosen representatives.

Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones and Paul Murray all ran with this story on Sky News last night. This 3-minute video of the episode with Alan Jones is a must watch:

Another person wrote up how the Bolt Report covered it:

Andrew Bolt’s program, “The Bolt Report” discussed the incident about that poor pregnant woman being arrested in front of her kids. Rohan Dean was also on the show and both stated that it was an absolute disgrace. They suggested that the video be sent to those cross-benchers who voted for the extension of the State of Emergency. Dean also stated that it was about time Morrison “showed some bloody leadership. Finally, stand up and say we are not going to have pregnant women arrested in their own home for posting online a legitimate political point of view, particularly, but not exclusively, when they are on their way to an ultrasound.”

He also called on Morrison to “boot this clown (Andrews) out of the National Cabinet.” Andrew Bolt stated: “Shame on every single politician that voted for those powers to give the state such, such extraordinary control over people.” It was very powerful! 

Australian in recession

The second story from yesterday which should concern all of us is summed up with this headline: “Largest quarterly GDP fall on record.” So our 28 consecutive years of non-stop economic growth is now over, and we are in a massive recession, thanks mainly to Victoria and its draconian lockdown measures.

Yes corona is certainly responsible for all this in part, but we must be clear here: in many respects this is the direct result of government policies, such as shutting down economies and causing businesses everywhere to be closed. Overwhelmingly this is a Covid lockdown recession. It is economic vandalism.

Those in the public sector are doing just fine for the most part, with their guaranteed taxpayer-funded salaries. But those in the private sector and in small businesses are being smashed. So there really are two Australias, and we are NOT all in this together.

Our children and our grandchildren are the ones who will be carrying this burden when we are long gone. Those in the media and our politicians who fed us on panic-porn about a virus with a very low fatality rate have allowed our economies to be destroyed, with recoveries – if they happen – likely to take decades.

How many hundreds of thousands of businesses are gone forever because of these severe lockdown policies and irrational border closures? How many mental health problems will we see, and how many lives will be lost to suicide as a result?

This is certainly not the Australia we grew up in. And if things keep going on like this, it never will be again. God have mercy on Australia.

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  1. Its absolutely appalling, we have never had this even in times of war. What away to go. Down the communist track. Labor can never be trusted.

  2. Oh Bill, once again – you have spoken again and so poignantly for the majority – God bless you.

    ONLY those individuals, who have complete & full faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ will be the ones standing at the end of the day whilst this horrific government is in power.

    Bill, We love how you continue to empower, inspire & encourage us to speak up and out.
    Thank you.

    Sadly , our churches continue to refuse to bow down to the Authority of God. Anyone within them who says otherwise are attacked immediately, sometimes in the subtlest of forms….sometimes unbelievably aggressively – even by those who hold Leadership positions.

    Take heart, People of Victoria – Jesus is King and Andrews days are numbered…..
    I tremble for him & all those blindly following his diabolical tirade on democracy.

    We have prayed for a Saul-like conversion however God’s Righteous Judgement will fall and one can only sadly remember what it took for Pharoah to let God’s people go…..

  3. Disgraceful, bloody-minded, and total lack of “Common Sense” state and soon country…

    If Sco-Mo doesn’t wake up and take these thugs, masquerading as “blood-sucking power-hungry vampires” out of his “amicable” premier Friday Kumba Yah club… We all end up like our friends in Victoria!

    Mr. Morrison, you are being played like a yo-yo! Cut the ties and get on with governing the whole country as an authoritative leader and prime minister of old wold do, lead from the front, that’s where the battle is won!

    Thank you, Bill, bless you and your family and many readers…Keep up the good fight, we listen and support your all-confronting “ministry.”

    Cheers & blessings

    Eric Hansen

  4. Shameful, reprehensible and disgraceful on every count!

    Worldwide, ordinary flu – despite vaccines – claims very, very many more lives than this particular covid flu strain. So in fact the world has always had an ongoing flu pandemic that we all just live with . . we all know that getting various strains of the flu from time to time is a normal part of life.

    Something very dark is happening with this ‘plandemic’.

    Sincere thanks for continuing to call it out, Bill.

  5. Soon Australia will have first child born WITH a criminal record. The audacity of defying the Victorian furher from the womb! Such a act could inspire other unborn children to defy him, then born children, then toddlers, older children, teens, young adults, middle age adults, and even elderly. All defying the authority of der furher. What would become of Victoria then???

  6. “God have mercy on us” (end quote). Why should God have mercy on us?? Are we not murdering his unborn children? Are we not accepting homosexuality and queer conduct and even handing children and marriage over to these queers? Are we not accepting adultery in the guise of divorce? Are we not blaspheming by allowing homosexual and adulterous priests in his begotten son’s church and in his name? HOW MANY VOTED YES in that so called postal vote to hand over the sanctity of marriage to homosexuals and queers?
    We are getting exactly what we deserve and the worst is yet to come and we will deserve that too.
    On a personal note: a judge of the family court ordered me to change my attitude towards my wife’s present partner and companion or have only 3 minutes a week telephone contact with my two sons. I did not see my two sons or have physical contact with them for over 13 years because I would not bend to adultery. And you think what is happening now with that woman being arrested in her own home for posting her opinion on social media is outrageous? I have no doubt that God thinks what we are doing (some listed above) is outrageous!
    John Abbott

  7. Thanks John. Do we all deserve God’s just judgment for our many sins? Absolutely. All of us do – and that includes you and me. But like the prophets of old, I will affirm all that they affirmed. They spoke of coming judgment for those who do not repent, but they also celebrated and appealed to the mercy and grace of God. So I will acknowledge and embrace God’s righteousness, holiness and justice, and all that we rightly deserve, but I will also appeal to his mercy, longsuffering and kindness.

  8. Poor Victoria.
    Gone from the State of excitement (as there number plate used to proclaim)
    To a Police State over night.
    Guess! That this is the consequence of social Marxism and A Just Desert?
    Terrence McDonnell

  9. Funny Bill
    It was only last year we were all watching the riots in China feeling safe in our own country. How quickly things have turned. But yet, there are still many who will claim people like you and I are the alarmists.
    I believe it will be too late before people wake up.

  10. Completely outrageous. I am a supporter of law and order and most police, especially under the circumstances under which they often have to work, but this is simply Brownshirt tactics. The clearly corrupted Victorian police force is at it again. How can this sort of heavy handed abuse of power be tolerated?

    I’d bet there were no anti-Daniels protests aired on the ABC, however, because the ABC has clearly demonstrated, for all to see, their ongoing willingness to work hand-in-hand with Victorian police corruption and indeed, all left-wing generated corruption.

  11. Thanks guys. I am now getting some ‘Christians’ all hot and bothered, saying we should have nothing to do with this pregnant mum who was arrested because she spoke of being a witch. Um, guess what? I am NOT in favour of witchcraft, but one can still stand up for freedom and stand against dictatorial police states. In the same way millions of us Christians rightly stood up for Israel Folau, even though he belongs to an anti-trinitarian sect. When I support Folau, I am NOT supporting his heterodox theology, but his right to free speech and the like. So we need to get a grip here, and start thinking straight!

  12. Hi all,
    An Appalling abuse of power.
    Absolutely Hopeless in quarantining of people with high risk of covid 19 yet persecuting a pregnant women. Both the Labor Government and the Victorian Police are corrupted by power,
    They are no longer serving the public.
    This is really out of control now. One wonders if this addiction to power will ever diminish now. Highly dangerous.
    Again Morrison says and does nothing.
    Does he support this tyrannical Labor Government?

  13. John, when people keep saying “God Bless America” I ask the same question. why?? what have we done that would make God want to bless us. if anything I would say “God JUDGE America”!!! People always want blessings but forget the flip side of that coin is curses/judgments and no-one ever wants those. well I have news for them it is a package deal you get both or you get none. you can’t pick and choose what aspects of God you want and what aspects you don’t, God isn’t a smorgasbord, either you want God, all of him, or you don’t want him.

  14. Is Israel Folau’s church anti-trinitarian? I know they came out of the Morman church via Hillsong, so there is sure to be some baggage there but the only place I have seen this claim outside here is in the Sydney Morning Herald, which also claimed that the scripture Israel quoted does not condemn homosexuality, so was obviously and wickedly wrong and clearly, deliberately divisive.

    I understand they do require that people are “born again” and be baptized in the name of Jesus. These do not seem to me to be anti-trinitarian doctrines but I have not been able to find more information on this. I understand Martyn Iles has said that he has never heard Israel say anything outside of mainstream, orthodox doctrine and I would believe him over the SMH, especially given their perspective that homosexual promoting churches are orthodox when, clearly, this is a very real heresy.

    Do you have any additional information on this Bill?

  15. A dark day indeed… i am usually pro police and highly respect the great work that they do, but my blood absolutely boils seeing this. Absolutely no regard for her physical and mental well-being. Where were these guys when BLM were protesting and further organising their gatherings? There were confirmed Covid-19 positive cases during their protests and yet no arrests.

    There are many of us that are doing it tough as it is during these lockdowns and the premier is considering adding an extra 2 weeks of stage 4 lockdowns.

  16. No one should be hand cuffed unless they are violent or pose a real threat of violence. What if someone had a shoulder or arm injury? I am claustrophobic and just watching it makes me feel panicky. This is ridiculous! A phone call would have achieved the same thing and at much less cost.

  17. people can only be pushed so far but unfortunately when they are pushed to their limit they often react in a violent way think french revolution as to how a populace pushed to the brink might violently react. when the elites scoff at the ordinary man they anger him. dictators do not often meet pleasant fates.

    “No Dictator, no invader can hold an imprisoned population by force of arms forever. There is no greater power in the world than the need for freedom. Against that power governments and tyrants, and armies can not stand”.

    no matter how many guards, police and soldiers they may have if the majority of the populace rose up one day and marched en masse to the capital the people would win. that goes for any state, any nation, anywhere on earth.

  18. Dear Bill. Thank you for airing this disgraceful event on you website. The poor woman besides it being very uncomfortable having your hands cuffed behind your back it must have been absolutely humiliating to be treated like a criminal for simply airing her views. There is also a woman in WA who has been sentenced to SIX MONTHS in jail for breaching quarantine restrictions which is grossly out of all proportion when we have thugs probably drugged up to the eye balls free to roam around WA and beat vulnerable old people to pulp in their own homes and the government is doing very little about it. Even the ex police commissioner has said not enough is being done. It stands to reason that when they take police away from areas where they are most needed to deal with Covid related issues that something will suffer.

  19. We can reverse all this Moon Battery and Imbecilic Notions by simply going to http://www.commonlaw and taking back our Human Rights and God given freedoms and place ourselves under the protection of the Magna Carter and the 1684 William and Mary Bill of Rights while having the 1901 Australian Constitution on our side, not the annotated 1901 Australian Constitution as used by the Illegal Corporate Australian Government, controlled by the Catholic Church Illuminate, and the United Nations controlled by the Freemasons Du Mualay. We are a free people and nobody bar God can strip us of those rights and freedoms. We all need to fight back.

  20. Tried to put something toward her legal fees but found the GoFundMe page had been taken down, apparently because of death threats to her brother who put it up. This is happening in this country?

  21. Dan Andrews seems to be more sympathetic to the CCP than the Australians he is supposed to serve. Is this not reason enough to sack him? Surely there is some power that he is accountable to, other than the indoctrinated electorate who are not a properly informed electorate (if they are ever allowed to vote again…)

    The Communist goals state clearly that to destroy western civilisation they must occupy all postions of power, have they really got them all?

  22. I believe the two police officers who made the arrest of the pregnant Ballarat lady should be immediately stood down until a full enquiry of appropriateness is conducted. Public confidence in police can be fragile and incidents like this can tip the balance as we have recently seen in Minneapolis. A suspension would go some way in cooling the Andrews induced anger.

  23. You really don’t need ALL just the key ones. Once you secure those even if some person in one place tries to stop you YOU have a person in a position to override them.

  24. The question Leigh is do Aussies, Americans, etc have the stomach to fight back??? Any legal action will bring violent action by the other side. Do we in our various nation have what it takes to fight that?? If you are going to enter this war you better be prepared to see it through. For decade many have entered only to drop out when thing started getting rough. And that was BEFORE the current level of violence and vitriol. We can’t afford any more seasonal soldiers. We are “in to win” or we surrender and stop delaying the inevitable. This, pardon my french, half-assed commitment has to stop! Fighting a war like this can leave us friendless, homeless, jobless, without family, bloody, bruised and possibly dead. As Christians and conservatives are we prepared for that???? Are we ready, TRULY, ready to walk up Calvary knowing we won’t walk back down??? Many Christians will say yes but can’t even stand up to people in Twitter. If you can’t stand insults from the crowd you’ll NEVER make it to the top!

    In WWII there were missions that were practically suicide missions almost everyone died. But the soldiers bravely went in knowing they almost certainly would NOT come out for the chance a few might get through and beat the enemy. Can we run into the enemies withering fire to an almost certain death in the hopes some will make it and defeat the enemy and future generations will be better off??

  25. I agree, we must & we can reverse all this wrong!
    I emailed a Politician when I heard & he had organized a legal firm to represent Zoe for free & said “not in my Australia” meaning this is totally wrong!
    Here’s the definition of “INCITE” = “encourage or stir up (violent or unlawful behavior).
    “the offense of inciting racial hatred” and “urge or persuade (someone) to act in a violent or unlawful way.”
    Here’s the definition of “INCITEMENT” = “the action of provoking unlawful behavior or urging someone to behave unlawfully.” “this amounted to an incitement to commit murder”
    Here are some examples of Incitement:
    e.g. 1. Sahih Muslim 1:30 – “The Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah.”
    e.g. 2. Quran 8:12, where Allah says “I have cast terror in the hearts of those who have disbelieved”
    e.g. 3.  Quran 9:29 – “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.”
    1. Premiers must be held to account by the Governor Generals & Federal Government.
    2. Governor Generals have reserve powers, they should not rubber stamp bad laws!
    3. Police have a huge CONFLICT of Interest issue if they are in Unions which fund the Labor Party! Police should be POLITICALLY neutral as per their OFFICE of LAW enforcement!
    4. In days gone by the Telephone was in a home and attached to a phone line – it has been a need worthy possession for communication; With the advent of Mobile phones, they are our personal possession as are Laptops and a vital means of Communication – and even more so during Lockdown!
    IT is totally wrong that Police confiscate a persons only means of getting in touch with their lawyer or other family members!
    WHAT happened to RULE of LAW – INNOCENT until proven guilty!
    The Police presumed Zoe’s guilt and treated her as such when they hand cuffed her!

  26. I am far from being any kind of an expert on the Australian Constitution, but as much as I might wish it, I don’t believe Sco-Mo has any intrusive powers to intervene in Victoria or any other state.
    All he can do is persuade. In the meantime there must be a lot of Victorian businesses who still retain adequate resources who will be planning on permanently moving interstate and soon.
    Victoria – The Mendicant State.

  27. Barb I don’t know about Australia, being a yank, but here in America your phones and tablets are only secure if you have a password to get into them. if you use the finger print scan, and presumable the iris scan or face scan, they can FORCE you to open your phone only with passwords do they need a warrant.

  28. Yes we can do it. Common Law is the greatest Law in this Country and even out ranks the High Court in Australia, the Government Federal/State and Shire Councils. Under Common Law you can take the Government, Judiciary and illegal Corporate entities before the Common Law Court and have judgment given by a totally impartial Jury of 12 Peers and you don’t need legal representation. If the case is adjudged in your favour, the Judgement becomes binding to even the Governments and the other entities and must be obeyed. Yes Common Law works as it is based upon the Tenet that what a reasonable man would assume. Under the 1981 Constitution Section 2 states “that the power in all Governments lay with the People, for who all (Governments/Pseudo Governments) work for and on behalf. Notice this is the true Australian Constitution not the annotated Constitution devised to bypass the scrutiny of the people. this how we lost our Human Rights and God given Freedoms. Now more than ever is the time for people to fight back and you do that by visiting and embrace Common Law to take back your Human Rights and God given Freedoms. Don’t allow the Governments and Corporate Laws kowtow you because Common Law reign supreme over and above Corporate Law. The only reason a great majority are unaware of it is because the Government never allowed it to be taught along with the 1901 Australian Constitution in our Education Facilities.

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