Criminalising Christianity, Prayer, and the Bible

Yes they ARE coming after us:

‘Bill is writing about the deplorable situation in North Korea or Communist China again’ you might be thinking. Nope, he is writing about the deplorable situation in Victoria, Australia. This state is under the most tyrannical, hyper-leftist and Christophobic leader in the country.

So great is the anti-Christian bigotry that other jurisdictions around the world are following Victoria’s example. But more on that in a moment. I have long documented the hatred Dan Andrews has for faith, family and freedom. His latest outrage of course was the ‘conversion therapy’ bill which will criminalise Christians for simply praying for someone.

If a person struggling with unwanted sexual attractions asks you for some help, and you counsel them a bit, and even offer to pray for them, in the People’s Republik of Victoria you can now be thrown in prison for ten years. Yes, ten years in the slammer simply for praying for someone who seeks your help.

And Andrews is surrounded by his militant henchmen who are fully willing to carry out this ugly persecution of all those who dare to resist The Dictator and who do not go along with his hateful legislation. Consider a piece in the Melbourne Age from yesterday.

The headline is ominous enough: “Gay conversion practitioners be warned, the human rights watchdog has its eye on you.” The piece begins this way:

Victoria’s human rights commission intends to use the full range of its new powers to investigate church groups and other organisations engaged in gay conversion practices, including seizing documents and pursuing them in court if they do not comply with orders.

But departing Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner Kristen Hilton told The Age her office also wanted to educate faith leaders and the broader community about the harm caused to LGBTI people by suggesting there is something wrong with homosexuality.

The Andrews government gave the commission wide-ranging powers as part of its ban on gay conversion practices earlier this month, and Ms Hilton said the commission would not be shy about using them.

Debate about the legislation has largely focused on criminal sanctions – including up to 10 years in jail – for anyone found to have caused serious harm by attempting to change or suppress someone’s sexuality and gender identity. But much of the impact is likely to come from the civil scheme, which gives the commission the power to conduct own-motion investigations, force people to attend hearings and comply with orders through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, and create education programs to prevent such practices.

Since Christians are often the ones at the forefront of offering genuine help and healing in this area, this is a direct assault on biblical Christianity. Indeed, the Bible is a book about transformation – about how God can set people free and make them into new persons with new desires.

So clearly the Bible itself is seen as a book filled with “hate speech” according to these militant misotheists. Surely Bibles and Christian literature will be among the documents seized by the authorities as they bring their reign of terror upon all those who dare to stand against the sexual revolutionaries.

There you have it: Christianity, Scripture and prayer are all now being criminalised in Victoria. This is not some bit of futuristic science fiction, or the stuff of some dystopian novel. This is reality right now, right here in Victoria. Every person who claims to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ should be utterly appalled at what is taking place here.

We are very quickly heading to the same things that we find in atheistic hellholes like North Korea. Hardcore persecution is always preceded by softcore persecution, and it builds up incrementally. Sadly I fear that by the time most Christians finally wake up to what is actually happening, it will be too late.

The assault on basic human rights, religious freedom, and democracy itself is well under way. Soon it will indeed be too late to complain about this. Soon we will all be herded off to the re-education camps until we learn to think as the State wants us to think. And if you think this could never happen, you may just be part of the problem.

In fact, this diabolical anti-freedom and anti-Christian bigotry that exists in Victoria has inspired others around the Western world to do just the same. Check out this article from the UK:

An LGBT activist has called for Christians to be banned from praying for someone with unwanted same-sex attraction. Writing in The Independent, Matthew Hyndman, who co-founded the lobby group Ban Conversion Therapy, denies that anyone willingly seeks out such help. “The pernicious power of prayer must be dealt with”, he said….

The lobbyist wrote: “Those who resist legislation against conversion therapy often resist the idea of a prayer or a pastoral conversation being subject to the scrutiny of law.” He added: “However, if these things take place in an overwhelmingly homophobic or transphobic context the pernicious power of prayer must be dealt with.” Ban Conversion Therapy is working with Stonewall to put pressure on the Government to introduce a ban, alongside former evangelical Steve Chalke and lesbian General Synod member Jayne Ozanne.

The Ozanne Foundation recently spearheaded a multi-faith attack challenging biblical teaching on sexual ethics and biological sex. In a declaration, it affirmed and celebrated LGBT practice and called for a ban on “all attempts to change, suppress or erase a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression”. Chalke, founder of the Oasis Trust, has also claimed that churches risk “high-profile prosecutions” if they take a biblical stance on sexual ethics and biological sex.

He said it is “psychologically abusive” to express pastoral concern or pray for people with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion, and that preaching the biblical view of sexuality “only contributes to the already high levels of mental health issues reported among people from the LGBT+ community”.

So there you have it folks: prayer is a form of horrible abuse, and it must be banned – NOW! Hmm, the militants don’t want much, do they? They just want to ban prayer and see all Christians who dare to pray for others forever silenced. I am sure the ten-year-prison stint that Victoria has come up with will be an inspiration to these UK activists – maybe even longer. Lock them up and throw away the keys.

Many believers are already saying, ‘yeah, but we can always pray silently, so no big deal.’ Of course we can, but these folks are missing the point. While no law can keep a believer from praying inwardly, laws CAN keep them from all forms of public expression of their faith, be it spoken prayer, evangelism, teaching, counselling others, delivering sermons, and so on. This IS the attempted eradication of the Christian faith – once and for all. This IS serious folks.

The New Inquisition

‘Are you now or have you ever been a conservative or a Christian?’ This is the stuff of the new witch hunt the Left is now fully engaged in. As the two examples mentioned above make clear – and hundreds of others just like them – there is a full-scale purge underway by the radical secular left.

They are on a search and destroy mission. Any and all recalcitrant Christians who dare to believe the Bible, who dare to stand up for God’s plans for human sexuality, and who dare to offer help and prayer to others WILL be rounded up and dealt with by the Christophobic State.

There will be no exceptions or exemptions. All these evil Christians MUST be properly dealt with. And that includes being banned from every form of public life in which they might have some influence. That includes anyone attempting to get into politics.

The truth is, tyrannical leftists have found a new pastime: whenever anyone who is slightly conservative or Christian decides to run for office – be it as a local dog-catcher or Prime Minister – they will be checked for any ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate thoughts’.

And let me make this personal, since it has happened so often now. The censorious left will scour my website to see if any potential political candidates have dared to post comments there, even from many years ago. It seems my website is the kiss of death for one and all. I must be really evil. How long before CultureWatch is taken down permanently? Serious question!

Am I exaggerating here? Nope, not in the least. There have been many cases of this happening over the years. And the latest case of this just made the headlines in Western Australia. See here:

Because it is behind a paywall, let me offer some of it here:

The WA Liberals say decade-old online comments about the “homosexual lobby” and climate change by one of the party’s Upper House candidates “in no way reflect” his current views. Phil Twiss ran as an Australian Christians candidate at the 2016 Federal election but is second on the Liberal ticket in the East Metropolitan region at this month’s State election.

Mr Twiss is unlikely to be elected on March 13 but Labor’s campaign spokeswoman Rita Saffioti claimed the online remarks showed the Liberals had pre-selected candidates with “extreme views”. Between 2009 and 2011, a “Phil Twiss” posted numerous comments on a website run by Melbourne-based Christian cultural commentator Bill Muehlenberg.

In June 2009, Mr Muehlenberg authored an opinion piece which claimed public education systems were becoming a source of a “politically correct propaganda and indoctrination”. “And as always, leading the way in government coercion and indoctrination is the new religion of homosexuality. All must bow to the homosexual agenda, and any rebels will quickly be subdued by the state,” Mr Muehlenberg wrote.

Beneath it, Mr Twiss commented that the “monopolistic left-wing and secularist ideology dominates already to the point it is almost impossible to find a teacher who has not been thoroughly indoctrinated into this world view”….

The homosexual press has already run with the story, so you can read its version of events here:

So there you go: daring to suggest the truth that the radical homosexual agenda is making real inroads in education – and everywhere else – is to hold to “extreme views”! And if you attempt to seek political office, that will automatically disqualify you – for life. Only one perspective is now allowed.

Um, when only one State-approved point of view is permitted, with all others being banned, and all those holding them silenced and prevented from seeking public office, you know that we are already living in a Big Brother tyranny. It is not coming sometime soon – it is now already here.

The endgame of the militants has always been the total control of the churches – wiping out all opposition to their activist agendas. We are now very well along the way in that process. There is little left except for the Rainbow State to take down websites like mine and lock us up so we cannot challenge their narrative any longer.

But until that happens, I will keep speaking truth. I suggest all of you who still value liberty, democracy and human rights do the same.

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26 Replies to “Criminalising Christianity, Prayer, and the Bible”

  1. Thank you Bill. Spot on! Sadly… I will print this off before it’s not available anymore…

  2. As I’ve said before on numerous occasions – Orwell’s 1984 is political satire, not a textbook to be applied to the letter!

  3. Praying for your protection and your ability to continue your work. Thank God for your messages. America is not far behind you.

  4. Testing times are certainly upon us. I knew a lot of this was coming (through observation, research, websites like this etc) but I didn’t believe I would see it in my lifetime.

    Though I’ve always leaned towards a post trib rapture position, all of a sudden I do hope and pray the pretrib rapture teaching is the true one….

  5. Thanks Bill. Excellent article again.
    Where is Scott Morrison in all of this? We are still waiting on his religious freedom bill. Surely if Andrews can pass this anti Christian anti common sense law, then surely Scott Morrison can pass a religious freedom law.

    Absolutely critical we get a religious freedom law passed.

  6. I feel like I am in a dream… can it really be? Living as a missionary overseas, from Victoria, I am horrified at the darkness that has descended upon my lovely home. My children and grandchildren live there and shattered that they are now living in this Orwellilan place. A thought, If God does not exist and has no power, according to the current narrative, then why ban prayer? It would be non effective would it not, if God doesn’t exist. Why bother banning it if it has no power? Because the enemy knows the Power of the LIVING GOD to change and restore, renew and resurrect. Thank you Bill. keep fighting the Good fight. I will pray, because it has power to change everything. Bless

  7. And that should have been passed BEFORE same-sex “faux” marriage was passed but the churches were already being infiltrated by the homosexual agenda. (Uh-oh….that should get you banned)

  8. Sadly, I think Scott along with most politicians and many in other places of power, has been nobbled. If not part of the “brotherhood”, some are bribed, others coerced (through fear of exposure of some past sin) and others threatened ( we know where your family are). Some are simply bound by red tape and protocol.

    There seems to be no place for conviction in leadership …. unless it sings to the tune of the global narrative. So expedience plays out …. and it looks weak.

  9. I have been asked to preach on the topic “Being a doer, Being fruitful”.
    I am now considering using this prayer/proclaimation issue as one of the illustrations, for how we should be doing things that are on the cutting edge of issues.
    God of course, brings the fruit to our obedience.
    I’m in NSW but I could be putting myself in danger.

  10. What is claimed today to be “extreme views” were views held by the majority only a generation ago. Retreating from the truth doesn’t seem to me to be a winning strategy or even a pragmatic one. At what point is it the right time to reverse the process and start defending truth again? If not now, when? Only when it’s “safe” to do so? We won’t ever get back to that point unless people in sufficient numbers decide to stand up again for truth and justice.

  11. Bill, once again…Clarion Call message, and Ewan’s comment reminded me of Patrick Henry’s speech to the second Virginia Convention. If you replace ‘British guard’ with “leftist guard’ it sounds pretty close.

    They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power…”. (From the, ‘ site)

    Ron Adams

  12. Joel Salatin (a christian regenerative farmer) wrote a book “everything I want to do is illegal”, in regard to food laws in the USA.
    I think he is going to have to write part two, “everything I want to do is illegal”, in regard to being a Christian in the west.

  13. The irony is the left HATED McCarthy yet is implementing McCarthyism on steroids! At least McCarthy had truth on his side.

    How soon till they dispatch with the prison sentences or reeducation and simply go to the death penalty??? This is where our desire to live in peace with the world has lead us. They only COEXIST till they can DOMINATE.

  14. George Salapatas I AM pretrib but one MUST differentiate between tribulation and THE tribulation. we will suffer tribulations in the this life time and must be prepared however THE tribulation is with the Anti-Christ’s rise so it is a one time thing.

    Susan Murphy exactly also why if God is a ‘mythical being that doesn’t exist’ are atheist sent into a rage at the mere mention of his name when hearing the names superman and spiderman do not elicit the same response??? deep down they know he exists and deep down they KNOW prayer works. even those given over to the sin know the power of God to change people and fear it and strike out at those who would call upon it.

    how will christians answer God when asked why did you let this happen?????

    I see many christians out there yes looking to God but they are looking for some miraculous thing to happen where they don’t have to get off there bums and do anything and God snaps his fingers and everything at once changes. People often look to God for help but expect him to miraculously do everything. you look in the bible he usually partners WITH man for something man has things he has to do. yes God COULD do it all but that is NOT his Modus Operandi. I sometimes feel with as quick as we have been to pull out the white flag to retreat form part of the battlefield maybe a good old fashion arse whooping is just what western christianity needs to get the gumption stuffed back in her. maybe the time of christianity has passed in the west and we must now return to pre-Constantine status. Maybe we need to start all over again since we didn’t do good the first time. The pulpit IS responsible, (said by a great christian), [until people from the pulpit to the elders to the lay people admit it nothing can get done] and perhaps time on the outside looking in will get us to do right by God to clean house and to follow the scriptures.

    My favorite hymn growing up was Onward Christian Soldiers but I look around and see few soldiers anymore and a lot of people in camo with no idea what to do.

  15. I find the idea of the ‘pernicious power of prayer’ rather encouraging. The gay lobby are obviously aware of the power of prayer. May more Christians be aware also!

  16. The present push for Anti-Conversion Practices laws in Australia has yielded its own crop of acronyms: SOGI and SOGICP. For some appreciation of the present state of matters with regard to these issues in Tasmania, go to the web-page of the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute’s Community Consultation page entitled: “Conversion Practices : Law Reform Options for Tasmania” [URL: ]. Submissions made to this community consultation, which closed on 28th January 2021, come from protagonists for both sides of the debate.

    It is, of course, highly feasible that conversion practices related to non-SOGI issues will next be up for the attentions of “progressive” ideologues and activists. Could we see, in future, agitation for legalisation in support of the notion that “freedom of religion” is only “freedom to keep the religion of one’s birth”, reducing religion to something which might no longer be legally propagated by public or private preaching or invitations to conversion?…

  17. Hi Bill, Thanks again for information. I have read almost everything you post, and agree with almost everything you highlight. However, it is no good just pointing out the problem without a solution. What do you suggest that we do to change the tide? I have stood for election over many years for the Christian Democratic Party and the Australian Christians, and I have never won more than 5%. I said back then and I still say that unless we win their hearts for Christ we will never win their minds. It is still the same problem, the vast majority of people have turned their backs on God, and support these draconian laws. Rather than continually berating Christians for not doing enough, what do you suggest we do?

  18. Leftists have no problem with freedom of religion as long as said religion stays either within the walls of the church or within ones own head you are free to have whatever faith you want. You can believe whatever you want but you can only do what they say. As will all on the evil side the dictionary must be rewritten with new definitions for words so that old words can be used to describe new concepts.

  19. Two brief comments –
    1. These people on the Left are concerned about “the harm caused to LGBTI people by suggesting there is something wrong with homosexuality”. But of course it’s so much more harmful to allow anyone, and especially LGBTI people, to believe that there’s nothing wrong with it. We’d be failing Ezekiel’s “watchman test” too and thus also deserving of God’s wrath.
    2. I’m loving “the pernicious power of prayer”! 😀 Let’s unleash it on all of them by praying for them all.
    Just as well I have no political ambitions.

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