Vaccinations, Coercion, and Big Brother

Everywhere we find coercion, threats and bribes being used to get people to get the vaxx:

Full and complete voluntary consent is the name of the game when it comes to receiving medical treatment, including such things as vaccines. Yet we find all over the Western world coercion, manipulation and threats being used to force people to go against their own preferences on these matters – especially with the Rona vaxx.

This is taking place in the form of both carrots and sticks. It can involve things like financial incentives and other benefits for compliance, or punishments such as preventing people from travel, education and getting basic goods and services if they do not comply.

This is now occurring everywhere. Let me start with Australia. I already have written about how the federal government is considering keeping people from travelling interstate unless they have a vaccine passport:

And its latest act of coercion has also just been raised:

The Australian government has not ruled out offering financial incentives in a bid to increase coronavirus vaccine uptake. Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly on Monday said it was important the government considered “as many incentives as we can” amid fears the rollout had been hampered by complacency and vaccine hesitancy. Kelly said vaccine passports and the ability to travel abroad or interstate without restrictions had been “a matter of discussion for some time” and would again be discussed at National Cabinet in the coming weeks.


But he didn’t stop there. When asked whether novelties such as discounts, merchandise and cash lotteries, were an option, he said all options are “potentially on the table”. “At the moment we do know there is some hesitancy, particularly in the 50-69 year age group … so there is something we need to consider there and we can certainly look at that,” he told reporters in Canberra on Monday.


The US state of Ohio recorded a boost in inoculations after announcing a special lottery that would give away a weekly $US1 million prize to vaccinated adults and full scholarships to vaccinated children. Other US states have also offered their own incentives, including $US100 saving bonds to people aged 16 to 35 in West Virginia, free beers in New Jersey, and free MetroCards for anyone who gets a shot at a New York subway vaccination site.

Indeed, quite a few American states are heading in this direction. Consider what is happening in Georgia:

Certain offenders could get their sentences cut in half if they agree to get the Covid vaccine in a shocking new policy. Georgia’s Hall and Dawson counties are offering this incentive in an effort to increase Covid vaccination rates among adults. This incentive will be available to people doing community service as part of their sentence. Hall County Court Administrator Jason Stephenson said that judges can offer up to 20 to 40 hours for those qualified to participate. Stephenson spoke about the new project saying: “In our judge’s view, every shot in the arm is a service to the community.

And Oregon is also fully getting into this heavy-handed coercion:

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is requiring that people in workplaces, businesses, and religious sites show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to be allowed maskless entry to the facilities. The state’s health authorities updated their masking guidance on May 19 following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) rollback of strict mask mandates.

Also in Oregon:

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) unveiled a lottery on Friday for state residents who have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Brown said during a news conference that all Oregonians who have received a vaccine will be entered into the state’s “Take Your Shot, Oregon” campaign and eligible to win a cash prize. One winner will receive $1 million, and one person from each of the state’s 36 counties will win $10,000.

Those who are pushing all this – be they governments or businesses or all sorts of sheeple – are Rona vaxx zealots who think that Big Pharma and Big Biotech have divine attributes such as impeccability and infallibility. They can do no wrong and they are always to be defended and deified – no matter what.

These folks really should start reading some key ethical texts here on just how wrong this all is. They could start with:
-The 1947 Nuremberg Code
-The 2005 Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights
-The more recent federal government Australian Immunisation Handbook

All of these important documents make it crystal clear that it is unethical, immoral and often illegal to deny people genuine voluntary consent before receiving any medical treatment, including vaccines. And there must be no coercion, no threats, and no manipulation whatsoever. For example, the Australian Immunisation Handbook says this about getting vaccines: “It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.”

Or consider Article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights: “Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.”

As to being forced to have things like Rona apps for getting into restaurants and the like, Article 9 say this: “The privacy of the persons concerned and the confidentiality of their personal information should be respected. To the greatest extent possible, such information should not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected or consented to, consistent with international law, in particular international human rights law.”

And Article 11 is also worth citing here: “No individual or group should be discriminated against or stigmatized on any grounds, in violation of human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

The Nuremberg Code says this in part:

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

But all this is being thrown out the window as the Big State backed by Big Pharma and Big Biotech pressure everyone to get the jab whether they want it or not. This is not freedom and democracy – this is tyranny and a full-frontal assault on our basic human rights.

And the truly frightening thing is how many folks have allowed Rona panic porn to turn them into compliant zombies who do not mind in the least that their human rights and freedoms are being stripped away from them. That most certainly will spell the end of liberty in the West.


We of course know full well by now that to dare to even raise these sorts of concerns will enrage the vaxx evangelists. They will accuse us of being anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, and worse. They are just like the radical leftists, resorting to ad hominem attacks and mudslinging.

But plenty of experts have been saying the same sorts of things as I and others have. For example, consider just one of them: Dr. Peter McCullough, a world-renowned expert on these matters. He has had some very important things to say about the way we are dealing with the Rona.

A 45-minute interview with Tucker Carlson is very important viewing. McCullough is quite concerned about how ‘science,’ the medical community, and politicians are moving here. Something is very, very wrong he says. As an article about the interview states:

“Dr. Peter McCullough, author of the American Journal of Medicine’s most downloaded paper on COVID treatments, estimated 85% of COVID deaths could have been prevented if health officials, politicians and physicians had focused less on vaccines and more on early preventive therapies.”

Please watch and share:

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27 Replies to “Vaccinations, Coercion, and Big Brother”

  1. Just being reported stateside that a liberal “Catholic” Bishop is MN is requiring the jab to attend services and receive the Sacraments.

  2. At least we still have a choice for now. One day they may hold us down and inject us! And say since we didn’t stop them we consented. The fact they were preventing us from stopping them will be considered irrelevant.

  3. Thanks for your article Bill. I’ve just emailed my local federal representative and the Prime Minister with my objections and quoted a part of your article.

  4. Thank you Bill.

    Please watch this vital clip: (11:45 mins, start at 32 secs)

    German/American lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich warns those who have pushed the covid19 narrative, resulting in economic and social devastation across the world over the past year, of the lawsuit filed on 9th May, 2021 by more than 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts, for crimes against humanity and violations of the Nuremberg Code.

  5. Probably the benchmark for sickening is what is happening in Canada. Medical personnel can give vaccinations without parental consent offering ice-cream, candy, chocolates, cakes and so on. Liberals have it seems no issue with it. But of course sanity went out the door many years ago. Now you are a bad parent now if you don’t take your child/children into drag queen story times. Homeschooling is deemed as white supremacy and child abuse, but experimental vaccines and drag queens are the right enlightened thing to do. And you must not kill those mice in the mouse plague in NSW as that is animal cruelty but if you show your child a Dr Seuss book we will call the child protection authorities on you. We make sure your child is read to by a loving drag queen at the earliest time.

  6. All we can do is pray, attend local rallies against vaccine passports, notify our state/local representatives, and hold to our guns.
    Its been reported around 30 percent of aussies dont plan on getting vaccinated, but with enough coercion, propaganda, threats of losing jobs, being barred from shops and so on, i believe that number will probably go down to ten percent.
    That minority then will be considered outcasts and the drebs of society, having to live ouside the grid. May God help us.

  7. Thanks guys. And now we have the same old same old: politicians, “experts” and the meeja are telling us there is only one way to avoid another total lockdown of Victoria: get the vaxx! No surprises there. This is all about undue pressure, coercion and manipulation – the exact things the official Australian government handbook on immunisation says should NEVER EVER happen! Um, what the heck is going on here?

    But the vaxx evangelists will try to tell us that the government has to resort to coercion because so many are choosing not to get the jab! Good grief. These mini-Stalins obviously do not give a rip about one of the most vital principles of modern medicine and medical ethics: genuine consent. One day they should read the major texts here, such as:
    -The 1947 Nuremberg Code
    -The Declaration of Helsinki, 1964
    -The 2005 Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights
    -The more recent federal government Australian Immunisation Handbook

  8. The tell tale signs of a lie are prompting people around the world to realise a great deception is being unleashed on them: an unprecedented crime against humanity by a global cabal of technocrat millionaires who fund governments to carry out their agenda of sustainability and depopulation, surveillance and coercion. People will easily sell their soul and there are so many gullible sheeple who see nothing strange in the new syndicated totalitarian dictatorship style of government.

  9. Stanford University (May 1): “There are also several promising investigational compounds that have not yet entered into clinical trials. Several members of these drug classes are highly potent in vitro and in animal models…they have the potential for intranasal and/or inhalational administration. Finally, several affordable repurposed drugs have been described that inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in vitro by plausible biochemical mechanisms but which have not yet undergone sufficient evaluation in appropriately designed clinical trials.”
    “Not yet…Not yet”. It seems reasonable to ask, “Why not?” Why the fixation on vaccines?

  10. Well at my company in San Antonio, Texas, starting tomorrow, all employees with vaccines don’t have to wear masks any longer, but if you are not vaccinated that doesn’t apply to you. This is total insanity.

  11. Thanks guys. Live is busy, so I certainly cannot watch every video people recommend, or read every article people link to, or check out every website they suggest. Suffice it to say that I do not necessarily agree with everything commentators say in their comments on my site. Indeed, given that plenty of my critics and enemies have their comments posted here, that should be obvious. So just a generic reminder: printing a comment does not mean I affirm everything being said in it. As to the issue at hand, as I have written before, I am not a gung-ho anti Rona vaxxer, but I am not a gung-ho pro Rona vaxxer either. Plenty of genuine questions abound as to not only the Rona vaccines, but the Rona itself, government responses to it, connections with things like the Great Reset, and so on.

    Moreover, most of us here are not scientists or doctors or medical experts, and we must try our best to wade through all the competing and contrasting voices out there on these matters. We must try to carefully sift through all the information and evidence and decide for ourselves. Care must be taken in how we do this. Not everything in print or online or in videos is reliable and trustworthy of course. And purely objective and neutral info on this – like most controversial subjects – can be hard to come by.

    The truth is, most folks are pushing some sort of agenda or can have some sort of bias – that is just as true of scientists and medical “experts” as anyone else. Anyone can be bought, and anyone can become a gun for hire if enough financial payback comes their way. Science can be corrupted just as easily as anything else. So discernment and care is always needed as we listen to the “experts” on the various sides of these debates. For more on how science is not above reproach, see this older article:

  12. 6.11.20 CLN TO GOVTS LETTER.docx – concerned lawyers network ( we have lawyers speaking out in Australia – letter sent to PM, federal MPs Premiers and others. They are without excuse. This is the most comprehensive paper I have read on the Covid response. You will see where the money trail leads. This will definitely repay thorough reading.

  13. Many medical authorities believe masks are mainly a government control mechanism, and the ones commonly worn around the world are virtually ineffectual.
    I believe if you “Follow the Money”, you’ll find that Bill Gates has been controlling a lot of what’s been going on since 2019. Morrison is taking advice from Bill Gates associates such as Jane Halton, who insist lockdowns are in and any alternative treatments (Ivermectin, etc) to his vaccines are out. He intends being the world’s first trillionaire. Human lives and suffering come a distant second to the mighty dollar.

  14. The vaccines are the precursor for the mark of the beast. Soon throughout the entire world the vaccines will become mandatory and every person will be forced to get the vaccines and those that refuse to get the vaccines will become outcasts and won’t be allowed to work won’t be allowed to travel won’t be allowed into shops and won’t be allowed to buy and sell. It’s all part of biblical prophecy and it’s incredible to see biblical prophecies being fufilled.

  15. Thanks John. I cannot say such things with certainty as you do. However, I have often reflected on what Revelation 13:16-18 might mean, and I have noted how the rise of Big Brother statism, coupled with Rona panic porn, vaxx passports, and hordes of sheeple willing to do anything the State says if it keeps them “safe” could lead to such a scenario as found in that text.

  16. Timely article Bill and many thanks for pointing out specifically again the relevant points of the Human Rights Code and the Australian Immunisation Handbook.

    Keep up the great work.


  17. From Totalitarian Monarchs to freedom in the form of Conservative Liberalism -> Modern Liberalism, and now postmodern Extreme Liberalism, all coming back full circle: Totalitarian Monarchs under the disguise of ‘liberal democracy’

    After all, If governments have to force, coerce, manipulate, deny human rights, for the sake of achieving THEIR objective, well, we are back to Marxism again.

  18. as far as the mark I wouldn’t be surprised if we see people borrowing their friends passports and people stealing them. then the PTB will announce we need a more SECURE method one that can’t be stolen. a chip in your hand or a tattoo will be considered secure because people cant borrow or steal your hand or forehead. it’s all about little steps to get people there. The West didn’t go from Godly to Godless overnight or as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    oh this happened:

    she was stripped of her right to vote on the floor. could soon WE be stripped of OUR right to vote without having a passport??? no passport=no travel, no shopping, no gathering, no voting, no job, essentially no existing???? person without passport=UNperson??? think also how so many STILL get their info from the MSM. if people just start disappearing and the MSM does NOT report on it most people won’t even know it is happening. if enough questions do arise the MSM will put out a party statement about them being relocated for safety or some other nonsense and again MOST people will believe it because the MSM said it. it goes all the way back to Cronkite and them we trusted the media then and we still do as a whole and so we are able to be lied to without knowing it and the few of us who say anything aren’t believed. “If it wasn’t on ABCNNBCBS then it isn’t true/didn’t happen.” We the sheeple. the saddest part is so many of them are supposedly christians. although I sometimes wonder if there is a difference between SHEEP and LEMMINGS and if there is have we crossed it???

    he was nearly 40 years late on his date but Orwell was accurate.

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