Vaxx Passport Madness Is Getting Out Of Control

We must fiercely resist tyrannical vaccine passports:

If this headline is not the height of Orwellian Doublespeak, I don’t know what is. It reads: “Scott Morrison announces ‘vaccination passports’ could be the key to greater freedom.” Um, so let me get this straight: we are actually being told that we must agree to give up our basic freedoms and human rights in order to get greater freedom?

Makes perfect sense Prime Minister. Good grief, this should shock every single Australian. But let me quote from some of the article in question:

New vaccination passports could allow Australians the freedom to travel interstate despite lockdowns and outbreaks and attend family gatherings and big sporting events down the track. While vaccination is not compulsory in Australia, the plan could offer more incentives to get vaccinated amid concerns some older Australians are hesitant and “vaccine shopping” by delaying their jabs to wait for other alternatives.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison flagged the vaccination passport option today, suggesting a range of new travel freedoms for fully vaccinated Australians. “We’ve seen that operate in other countries and I think they’re the types of things that can be used particularly to enable Australians who are vaccinated to move around Australia,’’ Mr Morrison said.


“I think that the next most achievable step, because Australia, with our international borders up, means that vaccinated Australians would be in a much lower risk position when restrictions were to kick in on Australians going on public transport or going to theatres or going to the footy or whatever they might do … family get-togethers.” The road map to new freedoms for vaccinated Australians might also provide lessons for how the system could work when international borders reopened.

There is so much wrong with all this. Indeed, I have penned a number of articles on why we must refuse draconian measures such as vaccine passports – whether for domestic or international travel, or for anything else, such as being able to buy or access basic goods and services, including education. See this piece for example:

Consider the inherent idiocy of what is being suggested here: “While vaccination is not compulsory in Australia, the plan could offer more incentives to get vaccinated…” Um, that is exactly what such carrot and stick approaches are all about: making the vaxx compulsory!

When you take away basic human rights of the citizenry to travel, to buy and sell, to go to school and to social events, then guess what: the government IS making it compulsory! Whether you threaten the people with all sorts of restrictions on their key freedoms, or whether you offer incentives (as some have, including financial incentives), you are NOT talking about freedom of choice: you are talking about coercion.

And this is something we should have learned the lessons of history about. After the horrible Nazi medical experiments of some 80 years ago, the Nuremberg Trials were held just after WWII to deal with the Nazi war criminals. And the Nuremberg Code was developed in 1947 to deal with any future outbreaks of this.

Included in the Code is the provision to ensure that people have the right to choose when it comes to medical treatment. Given the many very real negative outcomes many people are getting from the various Rona vaccines, and given that they seem to have been rushed into production without all the normal lengthy testing procedures and processes, the issue of consent is essential.

The first major point of the ten points mentioned in the Code is all about medical experimentation and the absolute necessity of full voluntary informed consent. It reads:

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment. The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.

Obviously the more coercion from the state there is the less possibility of any sort of genuine voluntary consent – again, be it positive incentives for those getting the jab that those who do not take it miss out on, or negative punishments for refusing it.

Imagine how many people already for all sorts of legitimate reasons have real concerns about taking these vaccines who are now effectively being threatened and punished, as they are realising they may never be able to see loved ones again in other states. I already fear never seeing my own family again overseas.

But ScoMo is not just talking about vaxx passports for overseas travel, but internal passports for domestic travel. If things like this go through, we will not just have all air travel banned for those who have genuine concerns about the vaccines, but soon enough there will be rings of steel around all the states.

We saw some of this when our tinpot dictators like Dan Andrews of Victoria shut down all state borders. This will only get worse, with permanent fencing and barriers locking in residents of every state. Um, did we not also see this before last century in Europe? Just think East Berlin for starters, and all the border closures, walls erected, and armed guards positioned everywhere.

This is effectively what leaders like Morrison are suggesting for Australia! Um, I thought we were one nation, made up of various states. Now each of the states will become mini fiefdoms, helping to make what we were horrified about in East Germany become the norm here – and seemingly forever.

This should outrage every single one of us. This is totalitarianism. This is the same sort of thing we have seen all dictators doing in the past. And there is no question that all this will result in a two-tiered society: those who go along with the state and the jab who are granted certain ‘freedoms’ and benefits, and those who dare to say no who are then stripped of their basic freedoms and punished in various ways.

Hollywood films have long warned about such scary scenarios. Simply think of films like Gattaca (1997), The Island (2005), and Elysium (2013). No wonder so many are deeply worried about the excessive power grabs by the state. The desire to control others – and even the very bodies of others – is a very real concern indeed. As one recent article on this warns:

In the idea of vaccine passports, what is being implemented is a political and legal climate in which experimental genetic therapies on human populations are normalised and inescapable. Armed with vaccine passports, global governments and their corporate allies would be able to establish the foundations of a global surveillance state, with the power to monitor every social interaction.


Vaccine passports are the gateway to the most radical slavery the world has ever seen. It now seems likely that creating a psychological and social climate in which to impose them was always the aim behind the engineered pandemic. The pandemic was needed to impose the vaccinations, and the vaccinations are needed to impose the passport.


This transformation of one part of the population into the vaccinated simultaneously invents the unvaccinated, a problem which could eventually be resolved through liquidation, but meanwhile offering opportunity for politically profitable stigmatisation. The vaccinated (via vaccine passports) are granted ‘privileges’ that the unvaccinated are denied in order to compel compliance.

For those who are shocked by the rise of ominous Big Brother Statism – whether under a so-called conservative and Christian leader like Morrison or not – a petition on mandatory vaccines has already gathered well over a million signatures. Please sign and share it far and wide:

Sorry Scott Morrison. But I for one will never go along with such tools of fascism as a vaxx passport. I value freedom and democracy over tyranny and slavery.

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15 Replies to “Vaxx Passport Madness Is Getting Out Of Control”

  1. Totally agree Bill.
    So those they don’t take a VAX become second class Citizens. The unwashed. Fact is we don’t even know these dodgy vaccinations actually stop the spread of covid.
    God bless

  2. we need to push back, write to our local member to say as Christians with ethical concerns about the vax.
    why should we be penalized by our Christian prime minister? honestly, we would be better off with Mark Latham as our PM.

  3. Only the start because “gee what if you forget your phone or it gets broken or lost or stolen??? Wouldn’t be so neat if they could make it so is on your say HAND or maybe even FOREHEAD so no-one could steal it and pretend to be you, you never lose it and have to get another or risk someone impersonating you or forget it and not be able to buy anything or get into anywhere and it never breaks. Then you can buy and sell and work with confidence knowing this is always with you”.

    covid tattoos are a thing, at least in development, and a permanent tattoo or a permanent chip is just a jump away. This very well could be part of a trial run for the mark to see if people will accept vaccine passports to get into shops venues even just to travel to grandma’s house. Once everyone, or at least most, are on board then they can change to a permanent method and tie your money to it too to eliminate wallets, credit cards and cash. They’ll sell the whole thing as convenience, security, safety and of that old chestnut LOVE. If you love people you’ll get the tattoo or implant because if you don’t you’ll be killing granny. And you love granny don’t you?? And think of the children. Don’t you love them and want them to play again??? If you truly love them you’ll listen to nanny.

    Sadly most people including most Christians have NO clue what love truly is.

    Franklin Graham is now pushing for people to take the jab. ( He and other are using the polio vaccine as their case. I have heard other also use small pox in their arguments. Talk about apples to watermelons.

  4. Today’s news is reporting a poll showing 30% of Queenslanders are displaying ‘vaccination hesitancy’. (Only 4% declared themselves ‘anti-vaxxers’.) My guess is that they have heard of clotting, and other side-effects, from the media, health department ‘insiders’ on the ‘grapevine’, and vaccinated family/friends, and are hanging off til they see the virus as more of a threat in Australia itself.

    Of some concern to me is the recent death from covid19 of American infectious diseases expert Dr Rajendra Kapila (Rutgers University, New Jersey). He had just travelled to India in April intending to visit family there for just one week. But he passed away 20 days after being admitted to hospital in Delhi. That is despite having already been vaccinated with both the requisite Pfizer shots. Admittedly he was 81 years of age, with ‘co-morbidities’ like diabetes. But he was fit and strong, and his wife (also a medical expert) did not expect it. As she said, what could go wrong in just a short visit of one week?

    Also of some interest to me, if not concern, is that much of the ‘mainstream media’ seem not to have reported this apparent failure of the Pfizer vaccine to protect against covid.

  5. Absolutely right Bill. My son told me we have no side effects to worry about in Australia so I started checking headlines about 3 weeks ago. A covid vaxx side effect summary is put out weekly by the TGA on a Thursday. Here is a link to last week – You will observe that conditions such as heart attacks and Guillain Barre Syndrome (causing paralysis) are termed ‘adverse events’. I can think of much stronger language!! Here is a summary of my summary:

    1. Australia sees huge decrease in flu cases due to coronavirus measures | New Scientist 1 May 2020
    2. RACGP – More than 70% of Australian COVID deaths had pre-existing conditions 28 October 2020
    3. Pfizer COVID vaccine’s second-dose side effects surprise ER doctor David Caldicott – ABC News 19 March 2021
    4. Blood-clotting case in Australian AstraZeneca vaccine recipient being taken ‘very seriously’ by Therapeutic Goods Administration – ABC News 2 April 2021
    5. Australian woman dies after receiving COVID-19 vaccine: officials ( 7 April 2021

    6. asthma drug covid recovery at DuckDuckGo 13 April 2021
    7. Second Australian COVID vaccine blood clotting case developed two weeks after shot, WA Health Minister says – ABC News 13 April 2021

    8. Johnson & Johnson jab ruled out of Australian vaccine rollout 13 April 2021
    9. 15/4/21 15 April 2021
    10. Australian authorities say three new cases of blood clots ‘very likely linked’ to AstraZeneca vaccine ( 23.4.21
    11. Tradesman from Victoria tells Tasmanian relatives that many Victorian nurses are refusing vaccination after witnessing vaxx side effects. 1 – 2 weeks in hospital post vaccination is quite normal he related. April 2021
    12. ‘Fit and healthy’ man, 55, dies of a blood clot after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine | Daily Mail Online 29.4.21
    13. ‘Professor John Skerritt said around 11,000 adverse “events” after vaccines had been reported to the TGA and ranged from people experiencing sore arms, to suffering heart attacks.He said both patients had “various clotting disorders” and it was believed they both received the AstraZeneca vaccine.’ 29.4.21
    14. U3A Kingston Tasmania member is currently in hospital two weeks post vaccination. This instance has not been reported. 3 May 2021
    How many more are there?
    15. NSW woman, 48, dies a week after getting Covid-19 vaccine and developing blood clots | Daily Mail Online 6 May 2021
    16. The Australian Thurs 6th May 2021(exclusive) – three Victorian health workers hospitalised after severe side effects from Pfizer vaccine.
    17. Five more blood clot cases likely linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine recorded across Australia ( 6 May 2021

    18. Australian grandmother in hospital covered with bruises after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine | Daily Mail Online 8 May 2021
    19. Clofazimine: another potential magic bullet for the treatment of COVID-19? | Postgraduate Medical Journal ( In summary, clofazimine with its anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect with minimal side effects could increase survival in critically ill patients infected with the COVID-19 virus
    20. The Australian 13 May 2021 – Seven new Australian blood clot cases linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine (
    21. COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 13-05-2021 | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
    22. To 12 May the TGA has received 6 reports of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) following the 1.8 million administrations of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.
    23. Olympic swimmers to delay second Covid jab due to side effects 14th May 2021 The Australian
    24. Bill Gates may not be the squeaky clean nerd we thought 15th May 2021 – The Australian
    Strippers, affairs, private jets, secret clubs, bitter business feuds, naked pool parties: the hidden life of the Microsoft billionaire.
    if proven effective, it could be made available commercially by 2022.
    25. The Courier Mail May 18 2021 – New anti-viral technology
    A team of Queensland scientists has co-developed a “gene-silencing” antiviral treatment that could effectively kill COVID-19 in what’s been dubbed an “important missing piece” in the arsenal against the virus.
    26. 18 May – Trainee nurse hospitalised with blood clots after Astra Zeneca vaccine Brisbane trainee nurse hospitalised with three blood clots after getting AstraZeneca Covid vaccine | Daily Mail Online

  6. I’m not in favour of vaccine passports and think it’s ridiculous that the Australian government is talking about having them to travel between states. It’s also crazy the way the Queensland govt where I live imposes lockdowns and border closures for just a couple of cases. They should learn from NSW about how to contain an outbreak with contact tracing etc before causing problems for all. That said, I just want to comment about some things that have been said.

    No vaccine works 100% at preventing the illness it is trying to prevent. If you read the articles linked (David Catchpoole’s comment) you’ll read that out of 105 million doses of Pfizer vaccine there have been 70 deaths. This translates to a 0.7 person per 1 million death rate from Covid after being vaccinated. Now let’s look at the stats for the doctor who died (he was 81). In the over 75s the death rate from Covid is 13-20% depending on country and healthcare available. That’s at least 1 in 10. I know which statistic I’d prefer.

    No one should be forced to take a vaccine, as there are risks involved. Personally, I’d prefer the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines rather than Astra Zeneca, due to the risk of clots. For us, the decision was made based on relative risk. My husband is 61 and has blood cancer. The Leukaemia Foundation has stated that the fatality rate from Covid in blood cancer patients is 36%. That’s 1 in 3 and a pretty sobering statistic. In contrast, the risk of blood clots from the Astra Zeneca vaccine is 1 in 100 000. Of 1.8 million doses given in Australia, sadly, 1 lady (48 years old) has died from those rare clots. My husband has had his first dose (and my elderly mother) of Astra Zeneca vaccine with zero side effects. My nurse son has had two doses of Pfizer with no effects after dose one, and fever/chills and aches after dose two, which resolved in one day. He did need the day off after his second dose. I am booked in for dose 1.

    Of course, *at the moment* my son, mother and husband have very little chance of catching Covid due to Australia’s international quarantine system etc. The issue is that we have to open up eventually and inevitably Covid will return. For me, that means I want to be vaccinated. And vaccines are working. In January, the UK had approx 1700 deaths in one day alone. Just this last week, deaths were actually zero one day. It’s not just about deaths either. In January the number of cases per day was massive (68 000) but are now down to just a few thousand. There is similar data from Israel. The feature of both of these countries is that the majority of the population has received at least one dose of the vaccine.

  7. Thanks Lesley. I have always said that I am NOT telling anyone not to get the Rona vaxx. If folks wanna get it, fine. If folks don’t wanna get it, fine. My two points that I have pushed here and elsewhere are quite clear and simple: I will fully fight against any mandatory Rona vaxx, and I will fully fight against vaccine passports.

    And of course some of your figures and your take on them can be, and have been, disputed. But I will not here enter into all of that. With over a hundred articles on the Rona, I have already dealt with much of that.

    Lastly, as I quoted in a related article:

    Already, VAERS [the US government Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] reports as of May 7, 192,954 adverse reactions, 4,057 deaths, 11,572 hospitalizations, 25,603 urgent care visits, 32,803 office visits, 9,175 severe allergic reactions, 1,262 heart attacks, 940 anaphylaxis cases, 939 thrombocytopenia/low platelets and 275 miscarriages. This injection MUST remain a free choice.

    It may be a bit glib and callous of folks to speak of low percentages of deaths or any other negative reactions from the vaccines, especially if they are not one of the people who have died or are dangerously impacted by it!

  8. Further to my previous comment above, I feel that I should here make a declaration that I am not anti-vaccination. In fact, three weeks ago I showed up to a self-initiated appointment with my GP for a first covid19 (AstraZeneca) jab. As it happened, the GP got cold feet during the pre-jab consultation on hearing one of my responses to the paperwork questions, and he cancelled my jab, pending an immunologist consultation.

  9. David you might look at the new definition of anti-vaxxer at Merriam Webster dictionary. You too Bill.

    Nanny will not stand for ANY dissent!

  10. It’s all part of the new world order take over. Things are never going back to normal. Those days are over. We are in the end times too and Jesus is coming back very soon.

  11. This is Newspeak at its best.
    30% reluctant to receive a vaccine – myself included. More than just the “crackpot” anti-vaxxers, this people have legitimate concerns which are not being taken seriously.

    Of course, the politicians & public officials threatened “a third wave will happen if you’re not vaccinated – Lamestream Meeja hysteria!
    The vaccines themselves do not stop one getting CoVid, granted in anecdotal reports.
    mRNA in Pfizer can cause permanent, irreversible damage to one’s DNA.
    Aluminium & other toxins in the A-Z vaccine have a clear causal link with dementia.
    Why are the Lamestream Meeja not telling people this?

    This is a cogent view of one who has thought things through, examining the evidence.

  12. Thanks guys. Quite a number of further comments have come in to this post, mostly wanting to argue the merits or demerits of vaccines. Some folks were quite gung-ho about them, some quite opposed to them, and some in between. But I have decided not to run with all of them here. That is because there are numerous sites out there where all the medical, scientific and related aspects of Rona vaccines are argued for and against, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. So I will try to keep this thread on topic, and the main topic here of course has been about two things: my utter opposition to mandatory vaccines, and my utter opposition to vaccine passports. So if you can keep your comments narrowed down to those two related issues, that would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  13. I agree Bill I am also against mandatory or de facto mandatory vaccines ie you don’t have to take it but we will restrict you in your freedoms if you don’t. I can make choices myself I don’t need Nanny to do it for me.

    And I agree with you on the passports just a updated papers please. And phones can be stolen and borrowed so can the cards they give you at vaccination, at least here in the states, so certainly a more foolproof method would be needed to ensure the person showing the passport IS the person who got the vaccine. Nudging people little by little into a global ID and global surveillance society. Nudging has generally been the preferred method:

    There are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.

    James Madison

  14. Great to be strengthened by a clear head and the TRUTH! God bless all you truthers out there. May you make it through this current storm with your immune system intact. No experimental gene therapy for me thanks.

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