Time For More Sexual Perversion

Now that the radicals have wrapped up one agenda item, they can easily and quickly move on to the next items. With the homosexual agenda basically well and truly realised throughout the Western world, the social revolutionaries can now turn their attention to other important sexual reforms.

And given how logically and naturally they flow from one to the other, we can be assured that the other items on the activists’ checklist will soon be checked off as well. As I document in my new book, homosexual militants are delighted at how quickly and easily they have been able to implement their agenda.

They have been surprised to see how little resistance was offered to their plans to radically restructure society in their image. So now other areas of sexual liberation can be actively worked on. And given how the very same arguments used to implement the homosexual agenda can be used for these other agendas, they should have a pretty easy go of it.

Two especially come to mind, although there would be plenty more. The first of course is polyamory, or group love. The homosexual activists have so beautifully made their case for them. Every single inane jingo, cliché and bit of rhetoric they have used over the years can of course be so very nicely used by the group-love crowd. Indeed, who can find fault with the claims of the poly perverts?:

-We are a poor persecuted minority group.
-This is a human rights issue.
-We love each other (and other, and other, and other) and we demand the right to express that love.
-We demand a right to equal love.
-Equal rights for polys.
-End the unjust discrimination against poly love.
-We were born this way and we have no choice in the matter.
-We all know that there is a poly gene which makes us this way.
-How can you forbid people in love from expressing their love and getting government recognition of it?
-Discrimination against polys must be wiped out.
-Governments have no business in our bedrooms.
-Only bigoted and archaic religious groups oppose true love equality, no matter what form it may take.
-Just as they prevented interracial marriages in the past, now they oppose group marriage today.
-Only a polyphobe would oppose such love.
-It is certainly time to smash polyphobia.
-We’re poly, we’re jolly, so get used to it!

Yep, it all sounds pretty good to me, Indeed, we have heard these claims for forty years now, so we have all gotten pretty much used to them. I guess those polys have a pretty sound case to make.

But let’s not stop there. There are of course many other cases of obvious sexual injustice. What about those who were born with a sexual attraction to children? They can no more help their feelings than anyone else. And we must get away from prejudicial terms like paedophilia. It is time to call them what they really are: “minor-attracted persons”.

Now lest all of this sound a bit far out, it is not just the outworkings of my over-imaginative mind. Both causes have been and are being actively lobbied for. And as mentioned, both groups are quite happy to utilise the very same arguments which the homosexual activists have so successfully used.

So let me allow a few thoughts from other experts who have been assessing all this. As to polyamory, an important article appeared this month by G. Tracy Mehan. He especially draws upon the work of US family expert, Patrick Fagan. Fagan rightly reminds us that “In all of human history, the culture of monogamy has never encountered the type of competition it faces now. We must engage.”

Says Fagan, “The culture of the traditional family is now in intense competition with a very different culture. The defining difference between the two is the sexual ideal each embraces. The traditional family of Western civilization is based on lifelong monogamy. The competing culture is ‘polyamorous,’ normally a serial polygamy, but also increasingly polymorphous in its different sexual expressions.”

Mehan notes the motto of the World Polyamory Association: “More Loves Make More Love”. And he offers us their Vision Statement: “You have relationship options-monogamy, celibacy, open marriage, pair-bonded inclusive relating, triads (man-woman-woman, woman-man-woman, man-man-man, woman-woman-woman) polyfidelity [sic], loving networks, group marriage, multi-generational line marriage, and more. You have heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual alternatives within each. You have many spiritual practices and value systems to chose [sic]-to mix and match with your relationship options, styles and sexual orientation. What is most important is that you are the chooser and that you come from choice.”

Fagan again: “In the culture of monogamy, men are anchored in their families and tied to their children and wives, through the free and deliberate focus of their sexuality. In the culture of polyamory, which treasures sexual freedom or license, such sexual constraint by men (or women) is not expected, nor, in fact, is any attempt to foster such constraint acceptable, for that would be the antithesis of the main project of the culture of polyamory, women are anchors, while men can drift (or be cast adrift) as desired, and they do so in very large numbers.”

And this has an impact on the state as well. Writes Mehan: “Monogamy seeks objective truth and norms. Polyamory is relativist in its moral orientation. The one promotes a limited constitutional state because it assumes self-imposed restraint and self-discipline. The other relies on social welfare programs ‘to rescue its adherents from the effects of its form of sexuality’.”

But what about other forms of sexual liberation? The push for adult sexual “rights” with children is moving from strength to strength as well. Consider the words of Matt Barber who attended a pro-paedophilia conference in Baltimore last week.

In an article by Jeremy Kryn we get to hear from Barber and what he experienced: “As a former law enforcement officer I’ve dealt with situations involving suicide, homicide and other violence. That said, I’ve never felt the level of spiritual oppression and evil that I felt in that room.”

He continues, “These mental health ‘professionals,’ and self-described pedophile and ‘gay’ activists were inexplicably able to cavalierly discuss, in an almost dismissive way, the idea of child rape. They used flowery, euphemistic psychobabble to give quasi-scientific cover to a discussion about the worst kind of perversion.”

Kryn describes the conference: “The organization B4U-ACT sponsored the event in Baltimore last week, which was attended by pro-pedophile activists and mental health professionals. The conference examined the ways in which ‘minor-attracted persons’ could be involved in a revision of the American Psychological Association (APA) classification of pedophilia.

“Conference panelists included Fred Berlin of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Renee Sorentino of Harvard Medical School, John Sadler of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and John Breslow of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

“Speakers addressed the around 50 individuals in attendance on themes ranging from the notion that pedophiles are ‘unfairly stigmatized and demonized’ by society to the idea that ‘children are not inherently unable to consent’ to sex with an adult. Also discussed were arguments that an adult’s desire to have sex with children is ‘normative’ and that the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) ignores the fact that pedophiles ‘have feelings of love and romance for children’ in the same way adult heterosexuals and homosexuals have romantic feelings for one another.”

Just as homosexual activists successfully bullied and intimidated the American Psychiatric Association in 1973 to pull homosexuality off its list, so too the kiddie sex perverts are seeking to do the same thing. And it is likely that they will succeed. After all, they can use all the handy arguments already used so successfully by the homosexual activists.

Kryn cites Law Professor Judith Reisman: “I go into detail on this in my last book, ‘Sexual Sabotage’. Following Alfred Kinsey ‘sexologists’ began to occupy our schools, so that educated professionals have largely been trained to be a form of sexual anarchists.

“Although the stupidity of advocating harmless amoral sexuality overwhelms us daily, our arrogant ‘educated’ populations say morality has no place in our sexual lives. Just as AIDS is a natural outgrowth of amoral sexual education and media, so too is child sexual abuse. We are breeding a new human character and child sexual abuse is increasingly part of that character.”

But thanks to the homosexual activists, we know things will not stop there. Soon every conceivable “sexual orientation” imaginable will be argued for and publically championed. You see, there is still so much sexual inequality and injustice which needs to be dealt with. Welcome to the brave new world, or should I say, the big bad ugly world of sexual insanity.


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28 Replies to “Time For More Sexual Perversion”

  1. How can one respond to this?
    How low can we go?

    Please God come quickly!

    Maybe this week I might possibly hear a sermon about sexual perversion that is homosexuality and all other such things – its only been about 20 years since I have heard such a sermon.
    When will our ministers think these things are important enough to preach on?

    Annette Williams

  2. Thanks Annette

    Sadly in many churches today, if you do hear anything about homosexuality, it is often pro-homosexuality baloney. Many of the churches have been wimping out here big time.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. Indeed, Annette, Christ will come, judge and destroy any society, including our own, if it reaches a point of no return where what God has called evil becomes society’s good. He will purge various cultures for as long as it takes for righteousness, and defined by the Law of God, covers the earth as the waters cover the seas, until His kingdom comes and is establish on earth as it is in heaven.
    Steve Swartz

  4. Hi Bill,
    Today showed me once again which way the world is heading. The media seemed dedicated to the homosexual agenda on every single channel, website and newspaper. It made me think what other radical agendas are going to come next. Your article was very insightful after today but at the same time it was very scary as we would not imagine pedophilia being socially acceptable in the near future. Until then we must fight courageously for our Lord Jesus Christ and say “Come Lord Jesus come.”
    Duan Ziegelaar

  5. It certainly isn’t looking good, however we must fight on or else we will find ourselves in the same situation as the US with their pro-homosexual administration. Just today I received a letter from an organization I subscribe to called ‘Family Research Council’. I quote from the letter;

    “Homosexual activists have a new way to indoctrinate school children. It’s a fish. A clownfish to be exact. Its cute, its orange and white and it turns out, its transgendered! An Oakland California, public elementary school recently decided it needed to ‘educate’ students about ‘gender diversity’. According to news reports. On Monday and Tuesday, students of every grade were taught what the school called age-appropriate lessons about gender differences. Some lessons included all girl geckos, a transgender clown fish and boy snakes who act ‘girly’. ‘Theres a lot of variation in nature,’ Gender Spectrum trainer, Joel Baum told the students. ‘Evolution comes up with some pretty funny ways for animals to reproduce.’ Principal Sara Stone said the lesson on gender differences was part of a larger effort to control bullying in the school, something parents supported last year.”

    And there you have it folks, in America public schools have lowered man, ‘the crown of Gods creation’, to the moral and physical equivalent of clownfish, geckos and snakes.

    And as for the apparent argument that this will control bullying, you may recall a news item highlighting how the Obamas hosted a conference to combat bullying, that was nothing more than a smoke screen for the real agenda, which is for the Obama administration to promote homosexuality in public schools.

    America has a pro-homosexual president and I believe the nation and most likely the world will suffer the consequences.

    We need to pray that for our leaders to be strong in the face of the coming adversity and not give in to the activists. We need Christians to speak up and make a stand before it is too late as we see happening in America.

    Fred Merlo

  6. It is difficult to fault your logic, Bill, nor the logic of the people you quoted on this very serious matter. It seems incredible that we, as people of God, just stood meekly by and let the ‘progressive’ elements in our society call the shots, when it comes to our families and and now, the innocent.

    This is indeed happening out there, with ‘artistic’ people calling those who protested against the exhibition of photographs portraying naked children, ‘luddites and philistines’. What was more shocking was that most of the photographs being exhibited were of the photographers’ own children!

    When child sex-offenders get off the serious charges laid against them with a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket, we must immediately draw the conclusion that the judiciary, along with the police, who are supposed to protect the innocent from the depredations of the perverted, take these matters very lightly. It is not surprising, when a former High Court Judge, himself accused of child sex-abuse – a charge which miraculously disappeared – is lauded as a servant of the courts and of justice itself!

    WE, as Christians need to be present in great numbers whenever cases of this nature appear before the courts, waving placards and protesting against anyone who would see the guilty in these cases go scot-free!

    I am going to repost this, Bill, with your permission, and I cannot wait to take delivery of your new book.

    Thank you for your faithful witness and wonderfully wise words!

    Kenya Lee Lowther

  7. All those reasons for justifying same-sex marriage and polyamory can only be made to look even remotely plausible due to the creeping effects of modernism. It is a rejection of traditional western metaphysics that have permitted such blatant subjectivism and non sequiturs in this debate. Ed Feser puts it in his The Last Superstition;

    For the metaphysics underlying natural law theory entails that marriage is, not by human definition, but as an objective metaphysical fact determined by its final cause, inherently procreative, and thus inherently heterosexual. There is no such thing as “same-sex marriage” any more than there are round squares. Indeed, there is really no such thing as “sex” outside the context of sexual intercourse between a man and woman. (149)

    Damien Spillane

  8. Once a government, or legislature, has renounced the idea that it is valid for it to require (any) one kind of menage/sexual relationship, then it has renounced the right and ability to proscribe, or render illegal, anything whatsoever.
    John Thomas, UK

  9. Thanks to Damien for the quote regarding the metaphysics of natural law theory citing marriage as being an objective metaphysical fact determined by its final cause, which is inherently procreative. A gem of perception!

    The new human character we are breeding is called Evil.

    Rachel Smith

  10. Thanks Sue

    Focus on the Family have a fairly similar thing called CitizenLink. It is also a daily email which you can subscribe to and get delivered into your inbox each day:


    But yes LifeSiteNews is very good indeed, and everyone should subscribe to their emails as well. Both are free of course.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. I found Fred Merlo’s post on gender “education” in California intriguing. They now have Gender Spectrum trainers? Good grief! As for Principal Sara Stone, I defy her or anyone to prove that “gender lessons” actually help control bullying in schools. It sounds like some sort of pseudo-scientific voodoo. Maybe bullying is a problem because the offenders can’t take school authority figures seriously. Who is causing more harm, a few juvenile bullies or the adult twits in charge?
    John Snowden

  12. Wow. What a bigoted, inane rant. You sure hate gay people. I’m sure Jesus would be proud.
    Harry H Corbett

  13. Thanks Harry

    Readers can decide who is being bigoted and inane here, and who is on a rant.

    I agree with Jesus that he came to set people free from their destructive and deadly lifestyles. That is the most loving thing we can do to a homosexual or anyone else – tell them the good news that Christ came to release people from their bondage and give them newness of life. Jesus came to deliver people from sin and destruction. Even though we shake our fist at him, and send him to a cross, he still keeps loving us and seeking our wellbeing.

    That is biblical love in action, and something Jesus is always proud of. So I will keep doing that, despite all the abuse you and others throw my way. And I will keep praying for you as well, that the love of Christ will break through in your life. Jesus rescued me from a miserable life, and I know he can do it for anyone, if we allow him to.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  14. Equating homosexuality with paedophilia and claiming they are morally equivalent and both “orientations” (they aren’t) is bigoted and evil.

    Your life’s mission then, Bill, if I understand you, is to make everyone think and act exactly the same way as you. Note I don’t say Jesus, because there are plenty of decent and tolerant Christians who are equally as appalled by what you stand for. This desire to mould everybody into your image, and sling as much mud as you can at anyone who doesn’t conform, doesn’t make you a crusader. It makes you a child.

    Harry H Corbett

  15. Thanks again Harry

    Anyone who has actually read this article will see that I nowhere equate homosexuality with paedophilia. What I in fact do is show how the very same arguments used to justify the full public embrace of homosexuality can be and now are being used to justify the full public embrace of paedophilia (and polyamory). To point out this truth is neither “bigoted” nor “evil”. But I realise that your side thrives on mud-slinging and name-calling, not on logical argument or dealing with the evidence.

    I do not want anyone to think like me. What I do want is for everyone to come to know Jesus Christ and to think like he thinks. That is all that matters. Who gives a rip about what I think? It is what God thinks that is crucial.

    And one can ask why you send comments here. Obviously you want people to think like you do.

    As to your so-called “decent and tolerant Christians” – you mean those who have long ago rejected the clear teachings of Jesus and the Bible. Such people are a dime a dozen, and are a dangerous bunch to pin one’s hopes on. They are willing to deny their faith in order to be trendy and be loved by this world.

    And I will again let readers decide just who is slinging mud here, and who is a child.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  16. Harry,

    Of course the other question is why, if – according to you – what these other Christians you know who supposedly follow Jesus think, is so much better – then why don’t you follow this ‘improved’ Jesus yourself? I can only wonder whether or not you realise that embedded in your own argument you condemn yourself.

    But your ‘Jesus’ is an invention of your (and their) own making. What you claim is ‘decent and tolerant’ is in fact the exact opposite as you are demonstrating so brilliantly. Jesus never undermined the basic created order of male and female, He made that clear. Celebrating homosexuality is not ‘decent’ towards God – it is saying that He has no idea about sex. Did you stop to realise He created it and may have had instructions to go with it?

    Mark Rabich

  17. Bill, I thank God for your strength in standing firm in proclaiming His truth – such vitriolic comments as above must only be the tip of the iceberg of what must land in your inbox each day. Always remember Luke 6:22!

    For those “decent and tolerant Christians” so lauded by the commenter, Luke 6:26 sadly applies.

    Jon Bell

  18. Thanks Jon

    Yes quite right, what is allowed on here is bad enough but it is a far cry from what goes straight into the bin. The other side seems to delight in hatred, mud-slinging, abuse, name-calling, and poison-peddling – all in the name of tolerance and acceptance of course. But we must be willing to make a stand, even though it will result in a lot of bile and venom directed our way.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  19. Thanks guys

    Others have made the connections which I have been making. See for example the new piece by Michael Brown who rightly argues that “All the principle arguments commonly used to normalize homosexuality have been used to normalize pedophilia and pederasty.”


    He concludes his helpful article with these words: “But none of these arguments should surprise us. After all, the age of increasing sexual anarchy in which we live is a fruit of the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, and the seeds of sexual anarchy were sown already by Alfred Kinsey in the late 1940’s, as Prof. Judith Reisman has tirelessly documented. And it was Kinsey, after all, who relied on the research of pedophiles to document the sexual responses of infants and children. All this, to be sure, is utterly unspeakable. But it should certainly come as no surprise. In fact, we should expect this and more.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  20. Thanks guys

    Kinsey has to take so much blame for all this. He was evil personified. Consider how he described his sexual experiments on babies and children: “extreme tension with violent convulsion … gasping, eyes staring … mouth distorted, sometimes with tongue protruding … whole body or parts of it spasmodically twitching … groaning, sobbing, or more violent cries.”

    Every single one of you should read this and take action: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2005/01/15/kinsey-con-job/

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  21. When we’re tempted to think that eternal damnation is too great a punishment for frail human nature, we need only consider the horror of Kinsey and his like to realise our error.
    Anna Cook

  22. Conference in baltimore attended by pro-paedophilia activists?, and up for discussion “euphemistic paedophilia perversions”, adult’s desire to have sex with children normative? I call it child rape, and sexual pruning, by callous pedophiles who are trying to call what is bad, good. And what is good bad. Thus trying to influence, sear, and corrupt, the minds of those in this world, still left with what is called a conscience.
    Ingrid Hird

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