Yet More Scenes From the Passing Madness

Sometimes the moonbattery from the secular humanists, the sexual revolutionaries, and the social activists comes in so fast and so furiously, that dealing with each one in individual articles becomes impossible. So here I can only mention a number of recent cases of madness in fleeting fashion.

It is quickly becoming well nigh impossible for me to single-handedly keep up with all this idiocy, deviancy, and delusion. If I were rich and famous I could hire some staff to help me handle this avalanche of radical social engineering and creeping totalitarianism. But for now let me just try to keep you abreast of what is happening around the world.

The first case involves some pretty whacko misotheist moonbattery. One of our leading atheists has shown his true colours by actually arguing for the creation of an atheist temple! I kid you not. We have always been arguing that God-hating is actually a religious belief system, so it is nice of Alain de Botton to come along and make our case for us.

Here is how one article discusses this proposal: “Plans to build a £1m ‘temple for atheists’ among the international banks and medieval church spires of the City of London have sparked a clash between two of Britain’s most prominent non-believers.

“The philosopher and writer Alain de Botton is proposing to build a 46-metre (151ft) tower to celebrate a ‘new atheism’ as an antidote to what he describes as Professor Richard Dawkins’s ‘aggressive’ and ‘destructive’ approach to non-belief. Rather than attack religion, De Botton said he wants to borrow the idea of awe-inspiring buildings that give people a better sense of perspective on life.”

No comment needed. My next example of moonbattery concerns yet another attempt at redefining marriage. And it really does seem to make some sense. After all, if we can believe the twisted logic of the homosexual militants that marriage can be about two men, then why not one woman and one building for life?

Yep, you heard me right. A woman has just married a warehouse – really. Don’t take my word for it. Consider this news item: “A beaming bride, a crumbling warehouse – Babylonia Aivaz said it’s a love that will never die, as she exchanged wedding vows with the Seattle building on Sunday. Aivaz and the 10th and Union warehouse entered into a self-described ‘gay marriage,’ surrounded by friends singing of love and united against displacement in their neighborhood by means of new development.

“Aivaz told the crowd of approximately 50 people about her relationship with the building, which is slated to be demolished in a week to make way for a new apartment complex. In December, she said, she and 16 Occupy Seattle activists linked arms and occupied the warehouse to fight against gentrification and for community space. ‘I was transformed by the event,’ she said.”

She seems transformed all right. Her mind has been transformed to mush. But in an age of homosexual marriage, who are we to deny warehouses the right to marry? How can we be so building-phobic? Marriage equality for all structures!

Speaking about special rights for homosexuals and others with “unique” sexual preferences, get a load of this item from today’s press. An activist QC from NSW evidently believes that homosexuals are above the law, and when it comes to sentencing, they should be given much more lenient sentences.

As a report states, “Gays and lesbians will be given a get-out-of-jail-free card under proposals to soften the state’s bail laws currently before Attorney-General Greg Smith. Other alleged offenders who are deemed ‘vulnerable’ – including transgender, young or old people and those of ‘multicultural background’ – would also be given an advantage when applying for bail under proposals in a review of the bail laws ordered by Mr Smith….

“The secret review paper, from Hal Sperling QC, has been distributed to key stakeholders like the Bar Association for further comment before a final report is presented to Mr Smith and taken to cabinet.”

Oh, so they are “vulnerable” are they? OK then – let’s just scrap the rule of law and the idea that we are all equal under the law. Let’s just give even more special rights and preferential treatment to homosexuals. We don’t in any way want to bruise these poor vulnerable folks.

But while homosexuals continue to be granted special favours and rights, they continue their militant campaign of stripping them away from others. Every day we have more examples of homosexual activists targeting faith and family groups. Consider a few more recent cases:

In Ontario, Canada, the activist pro-homosexual courts are taking aim at church groups, telling Catholic schools they must have homosexual clubs whether they want them or not. “After Ontario’s Catholic trustees took a strong stand against homosexual activism in a new anti-bullying plan last week, Ontario’s government has slammed the plan for failing to allow for single-issue clubs for homosexual students. ‘We’ve been absolutely crystal clear that we expect students to participate in groups and have the issues important to them talked about,’ Education Minister Laurel Broten told the Catholic Register’s Deborah Gyapong on Monday.”

And in England a Christian psychotherapist is facing court for simply trying to help a homosexual who wanted to leave his dangerous lifestyle. For daring to agree to his request, and offer him real choice, the gay inquisitors have been foaming at the mouth.

It seems it is all one-way traffic here. Those who want to embrace the homosexual lifestyle are quite free to do so – indeed, they are actively encouraged to do so. But those who seek to get out are treated like apostates, and those who seek to help them are treated as criminals.

Finally, more anti-Christian bigotry in America. The president’s health package, known as Obamacare, will force everyone to be involved in abortion and contraception, even if they have religious or other problems with such activities.

On January 24 the Department of Health and Human Services affirmed its earlier ruling that mandated almost all employer health plans to fully cover contraception, sterilization procedures and abortion-inducing drugs. This has put the government on a warpath with pro-life groups in general, and the Catholic Church in general.

And just to show Obama’s hatred for life, and his radical pro-death credentials, his administration is seeking to block pro-life ads being run during the Superbowl. So much for freedom of speech in Obama’s America. It seems that only the pro-death camp there has real freedom.

Phew! That’s a lot of social activism and moonbattery. I may need to set up more websites just to keep up with all this madness. At least I will never suffer for want of things to do. Not when all the nutters, moonbeams, misotheists and radical social engineers are working overtime to destroy the West.

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27 Replies to “Yet More Scenes From the Passing Madness”

  1. On your last point about the crowding out of private ministries by the intrusive, over-powering, puritanical state, Ross Douthat (one of only two conservatives at the Times) of the NY Times has a great article called ‘Government and its Rivals’;

    But there are trade-offs as well, which liberal communitarians don’t always like to acknowledge. When government expands, it’s often at the expense of alternative expressions of community, alternative groups that seek to serve the common good. Unlike most communal organizations, the government has coercive power — the power to regulate, to mandate and to tax. These advantages make it all too easy for the state to gradually crowd out its rivals. The more things we “do together” as a government, in many cases, the fewer things we’re allowed to do together in other spheres.

    Damien Spillane

  2. As you say, sometimes the craziness just pours in. Another example today in the SMH. An IVF couple are suing their specialist because he didn’t investigate the pregnancy for a particular disorder in the family history and consequentially they didn’t get the chance to abort their child who had the genetic disorder.
    From the article it appears despite the genetic disorder the child was born healthy but had a stroke days after birth. If they win this the implications are horrifying. Just awful stuff.

    Nikki Chamberlain

  3. All that moonbattery proves the saying: “When people don’t believe in God, they’ll believe in ANYTHING!”

    I love that word ‘moonbattery’ by the way – it describes all this lunacy so well.

    2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 “and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

    Morris Otte

  4. How dare you ridicule the love of a woman and a derelict warehouse. You sound like a hater and a bigot to me. Warehouses make much more open minded and well balanced fathers than actual men do. I suppose you’re going to tell me that the poor oppressed warehouse can’t get access to IVF as well?

    Daniel Edmonds

  5. Thanks Daniel

    Yes I guess you are right. I now realise that I am being terribly bigoted and narrow-minded here. I should repent, and champion marriage equality for all structures! How dare I discriminate against those poor buildings who were born that way? Equal rights for sheds! Buildings of the world unite for your right to marry whom you choose! Just as we must renounce all forms of sexism, so too we must renounce all structure-ism.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. Buildings don’t have feelings, wants, desires or a place in human society. Gay people do. Do you really wonder why you are loathed and a laughing stock when you make false comparisons like that?

    The counsellor in the UK was found guilty of gross malpractice for offering “conversion therapy”, a dangerous, outlawed and useless branch of theological superstition that the UK government has every right not to pay for. Her appeal hearing is today. I notice you avoid details of that issue, but hey, your word’s bible, so who needs pesky evidence?

    Eric Pickles

  7. rock, rock, “I’m a tea pot”, “I’m a tea pot”, rock, rock.

    I wonder if these people actualy look at themselves? This has gone from the sublime to the utterly insane.

    Now if anyone tries to convince me that I will get over being a tea pot, I will sue for teapotaphobia, and spellingmistakeaphobia (for when I make spelling mistakes).

    Time to gather real Christians, move to a commune, build a really high, thick, well defended wall and let the world implode, pretty sure a certain amount of infistructure will be intack after they distroy themselves. Anyone know a good engineer to design a nice long term bunker?

    Thanks Bill for braving the insanity to bring us this news btw, how you keep all your marbles is behond me.
    Neil Waldron.

  8. Thanks Eric

    But I am simply taking the logic of the argument for same-sex marriage to its logical conclusion. They are exactly the same for marrying many people, or even things. Once you destroy the concept of marriage, you can replace it with any radial activist agenda. So stop shooting the messenger already.

    And there are thousands upon thousands of people who have left the homosexual lifestyle. I know a number of them personally. You just want to pretend these people do not exist. Sorry, but living in denial is not evidence, but ideological blindness.

    And yes I know all too well about your side’s loathing. The hate mail and death threats from you guys are a daily occurrence for me. So much for all your whining about tolerance and acceptance.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  9. Somewhere it is written, I think, “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”.
    How ‘mad’ must we first become??
    So much for decades of ‘free compulsory secular education’!
    Arthur Hartwig

  10. Actually Bill, don’t tell my wife, but I am planning on forsaking my marital vows and marrying my lounge chair.
    Steve Swartz

  11. “But in an age of homosexual marriage, who are we to deny warehouses the right to marry? How can we be so building-phobic? Marriage equality for all structures!”
    I am sure Warehouse and Babylonia make a wonderful couple. It must have been an emotional moment when they were declared warehouse and wife. Babylonia can be assured that Warehouse will provide a roof over her head. He is well built, structured and with a solid foundation. A couple like that could not be denied adoption rights.
    Des Morris

  12. But Eric, you seem to be saying that the mere fact that you have feelings justifies your behaviour; whereas if you don’t have feelings, or cannot express them this gives something no rights at all.
    One could say that a building, wall, bicycle, pavement or dead body of Jesus Christ was being abused precisely because it is not aware of the abuse being visited on it. [WARNING DEEPLY OFFENSIVE]
    Or perhaps abusers of animals are justified because the animal is incapable of articulating its feelings, wants and desires.
    Or maybe abusers of children are justified because children haven’t got the strength or courage to express their fear, pain and sheer terror.
    For you, your feelings, wants and desires trump those of the rest of society. Temporarily at least (until Islam sweeps in like a tide), you have won the right to impose your emotional disorders on the rest of society.
    As for the case against Lesley Pilkington, a sister in the Lord and fellow labourer, I would be delighted to expand and expound on the kangaroo court, dominated by the shrivelled homosexual soul, professor Michael King of the Royal College of Psychiatrist.
    Actually Des, I am thinking of coming out as a trans Welsh (cross) dresser
    Finally, Bill may I send you and all my aussie brothers and sisters moonbeam greetings from the UK with this little song:

    David Skinner, UK

  13. Human Rights Industry has put the rights of the criminal and degenerate over and above those of the rest of society. David Cameron, has admitted that the British government is no longer able to provide security and justice for the British population against such elements. We are totally exposed.
    Linda Kimball wrote in the Herrick Report:
    “Political Correctness and Multiculturalism are a modified version of Marxism formulated by the Frankfurt School. The new version is simply Marxism translated from economic terms into cultural terms. The proletariat is no longer the working class but cultural fringe elements such as man-hating females, members of the criminal element, and the ‘sexually confused,’ known in Marxist-speak as the ‘gay subspecies.’ The correct label for this modified version is Cultural Marxism. In analyzing Marxism, historian Arnold Toynbee revealed that it is a distinctly ‘religious’ secular humanist inspiration whose God is the Goddess of Historical Necessity. Marxism, states Toynbee, ‘is the apocalyptic vision of a violent revolution which is inevitable because it is the decree … of (the Goddess), and which is to invert the present roles of Proletariat and Dominant Majority … in a reversal of roles which is to carry the Chosen People … from the lowest to the highest place in the Kingdom of this World.’ (A Study of History)…… In other words, the Christian culture was to be turned upside-down and the chosen ones — the proletariat and their subculture — placed into positions of dominance. The new Kingdom was to be matrist and polymorphously perverse.”

    David Skinner, UK

  14. At least NSW Attorney General Greg Smith is well known as a practising Catholic and I doubt those bail reviews will get beyond his desk. Still the absurdity of the other examples you give particularly the warehouse gives new meaning to a very common internet abbreviation!
    Martin Allan

  15. Eric is the one in denial about the simplicity of male and female sexuality.

    The real “malpractice” of ‘conversion therapy’ is the slow drip of constant lies over time into the soft minds of young people who are led to believe that their sexual feelings can trump the scientific reality of XX or XY chromosomes to define their sexual identity.

    I can only wonder what Eric would say to someone standing in front of him who has successfully left the homosexual lifestyle via the methods he scoffs at – “You don’t exist”?

    I have no respect for psychological or medical organisations or governments or any other ‘authority’ who want me to believe the equivalent of saying the sky is green on a clear summer’s day. None whatsoever. It’s obvious they reached the opinion they have due to political activism, not evidence affirmed by the mere existence of over seven billion people on the planet.

    Let’s be clear, Eric wants people arrested for the equivalent of saying, “water is wet at room temperature.”

    Mark Rabich

  16. Thanks Steve. If only they were half-witted. The problem is, most are full-witted, and are fully aware of what they are doing.They are actively and deliberately doing all this damage. It is madness indeed, especially that we are allowing all this to happen. But these activists do have their wits about them. They are dead serious in what they are trying to achieve.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  17. Too right Bill, my throw away comment did not really highlight the seriousness of this, I have always believed that there are 2 types of smart – intellectually smart and diabolically smart – it is the latter that these people are.
    Steve Davis

  18. David, thanks for that link to the report about the new soviet union, It explains so much as to what is happening in our western world. The people pushing these ideas do so to think they will build an ideal world yet deny their own faults and flaws as humans and so it does not work.
    Thanks Bill for the articles you write to keep us aware of what is happening in our society. Keep up the good work.
    Anthony Van Cooten

  19. Dear Bill, That woman who married that warehouse,will she use it for anything or maintain it properly? She could possibly turn it into a large home or something. As for the push by the homosexual activists, Christian leaders have to show some leadership on traditional moral values. My retiring Catholic Bishop kept rather quiet on these issues.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  20. Dear Franklin, some might say that Jesus Christ kept rather quiet on the issue of homosexuality but in the Jewish culture into which he was born, homosexuality was something almost unheard of along with incest, paedophilia and other polysexual perversions. It was not until Paul now situated in amongst the heathen in Corinth and having to “process” new Christians who had just come out of culture where incest, paedophilia and especially homosexuality were rife that mention is now made of it.

    To be fair to your bishop and most people who are of a certain age and who seem to be out of touch with the younger generation, the rise and dominance of homosexuality is a recent phenomenon, which has caught us all by surprise – including the homosexuals themselves! (I believe they are pawns in the hands of anarchists and Marxists – maybe even Muslims, who are intent on destroying the West). But I think the silent majority are just beginning to wake up and get educated thanks largely to the internet and excellent sites like Bill’s.

    David Skinner, UK

  21. This article made me think about yet another push to outlaw smacking which will make normal sane people criminals.

    Perhaps what we should do is outlaw parental authority as well and allow children to do whatever they want when they want with whom they want in the name of tolerance.

    Education should be made voluntary because it will be cruel to make children do anything.

    While we are at it, why don’t we abolish criminal law and the police force and the courts which will no longer be needed as no one will be guilty of anything.

    In fact everyone should be allowed to do whatever they like when they like. That way we shall become a totally tolerant society.

    Just one small problem. Society will cease to exist.

    Roger Marks

  22. A good article on the temple to atheism can be found here:

    “Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals are the most beautiful and awe-inspiring buildings in the world, Mr Botton, because they were animated by the most beautiful and awe-inspiring idea. Remove this inspiration, and you can still coast on the original propelling force — provided you gratefully acknowledge its nature. An artist or an architect doesn’t have to be a practising Christian to create a masterpiece — as long as he realises that every Western masterpiece is at least residually Christian.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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