More Deception and Propaganda from the Age

In the interests of my health, I hardly ever go to the Melbourne Age website anymore; it is one of the most despicable left-wing anti-Christian rags in the country. But I did have a quick peek just the other day – it was a big mistake. It set back my indigestion problems by at least a few months.

There was a piece in the Sunday Age which was so repulsive and reprehensible that I just closed the site after reading it and thought, ‘OK, no more’. I am just so sick of the propaganda and outright deception the Age is constantly involved in, especially on the issue of homosexuality.

And of course it has long since stopped publishing any of my letters in which I try to counter all their blatant falsehoods. There is not much point trying, I often feel nowadays. So I was going to let this one go through to the keeper (as those Aussies say) until someone on my website asked me about it.

I sent off a quick reply, but realised I might as well go the whole hog and do an entire article-length response to this piece of fraudulent journalism. Of course I hate drawing attention to this sort of rubbish, so I will not quote from it directly, but the link is below for those who want to see what the miserable article actually said.

It is filled with so many fibs, distortions, deceptions, half-truths and fallacious argument that one really does not know where to begin. These guys just get away with murder here, knowing no one will challenge them, or if they do, they certainly will not get printed in the Age.

And that simply tells you the enormous power of the gaystapo – they have managed to shut down all debate on this issue. They and their buddies in the lamestream media have erected an iron curtain around this topic, and no dissenting voices are allowed to be heard.

As proof of this, let me remind you that years ago I not only had many letters published in the Age (and other media outlets) on this very subject, but I actually even had full-length opinion pieces published as well. As but one example, back in July 4, 1994, the Age printed an article of mine on homosexuals and children.

Tennis player Martina Navratilova had just come out saying she – as a lesbian – wanted to have kids. So I penned this piece in which I said she may be a great tennis player, but she would be a lousy parent if she denied a child one of the two most important persons in his or her life.

I spoke of the need for children to be born into a home with, and raised by, their own two biological parents. And back then the jack boot of the homosexual thought police was not so heavy, so that article actually made it into their opinion pages.

But never again; there is no way they would dare to print anything like that today. The forces of political correctness and the militant homosexual activist bullies have ensured such thoughts will no longer see the light of day – which is exactly why the alternative media and CultureWatch exist.

But let me get back to this appalling article. The simple truth is this: it is not “homophobia” or a lack of acceptance that is causing problems for homosexuals – it is the inherent nature of this unhealthy, abnormal, and high-risk lifestyle. That is what is causing all the problems, as I carefully document in my book, Strained Relations.

Indeed, forget all the baloney about “homophobia” causing suicide. As I also fully document in my book, homosexual suicide rates are just as high in the most homosexual-affirming places in the world (eg., Sydney, Amsterdam, San Francisco) as they are anywhere else.

And despite all the evangellyfish leaders who think we should just cave in on this issue, it is the other way around: we need to stand firm here. Now is not the time to reject God and deny the clear teachings of his Word. Now more than ever we must bravely stand on Scripture and proclaim it to a world going to hell in a hand basket.

As to the foolishness that by preaching God’s truth we are alienating homosexuals and offending them, and driving them to despair, let me just say this. Simply think about the obvious here:
-If you preach the biblical truth on adultery, adulterers will get upset and offended.
-If you preach the biblical truth on theft, thieves will get upset and offended.
-If you preach the biblical truth on arson, arsonists will get upset and offended.
-If you preach the biblical truth on murder, murderers will get upset and offended.

So of course if you preach the biblical truth on homosexuality, homosexuals will get upset and offended. So what? Should we stop preaching truth because it makes people feel bad? Jesus spoke truth and it made people feel bad all the time. The crowds were always divided because of him, and many hated him for speaking truth. Indeed, they crucified him because they were so offended and mad at him for throwing the spotlight on their sin. Simply reread John 3:19-21.

We must care enough about the lost – including homosexuals – to lovingly yet firmly tell them the truth. We must care enough to offend if need be. The eternal destiny of these folks is at stake here. As one former homosexual said:

“Let me just say a hearty ‘THANK YOU’ to my wife, and my parents and family, and my friends, who cared enough about me to offend me! I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I consider the ramifications in my life had the people in my world bought into the lie that to love me was to affirm my homosexuality. When I left my wife to pursue homosexuality, she boldly told me that she knew God could work in me and in our marriage and that she would not pursue divorce. She protected her interests but always professed her love for me and her desire to work through this together.

“My parents (and other family members) told me that what I was doing was wrong. They found Exodus, got materials, and tried to get me to talk to a counselor. They also called frequently to check on me, sent me money when I needed it, came to see me on my birthday, and flew me home for holidays. My friends drove hours to talk to me about what I was doing, and told me what they believed. They flew from other towns to take me to dinner and tried to convince me to get help and to turn from what I was doing. They also sent me cards and letters full of love and affirmation of our friendship.

“And each of them offended me. Each of them made me angry. I viewed them as bigoted, and unenlightened, and ignorant, and prejudiced, and hateful. If they truly loved me, I told them, they would accept my homosexuality and affirm me in the lifestyle I was living. I ignored their calls and I viewed them with skepticism. I did my best to sever my relationships with those who were offending me. But they would not let me go. They did not coddle me, but they refused to give up on me.”

Absolutely. And there are tens of thousands of such people who have been set free from the homosexual lifestyle. I know many of them. This article spouts the lie that they just do not exist. And some of these duped church leaders go along with this: they want these people to stay trapped in their dead-end lifestyles and to face a lost eternity – all in the name of “Christian compassion”. Go figure!

The most loving thing we can do for a homosexual is to tell him the truth: ‘you don’t have to be homosexual’. That is why Christ came, to set the prisoner free, not to allow him to wallow in his sin, degradation and misery. Christ is in the business of totally transforming lost and broken lives.

Yet the propagandists at the Age, and the gullible Christian leaders who have sold out on the gospel to be accepted of men, are denying these people this. They are depriving them of the very thing they need to live a free and healthy life now, and to enjoy a blessed eternity with Christ. How dare they do this?

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27 Replies to “More Deception and Propaganda from the Age

  1. Thank you, Bill, for your post above. After I read it, I unwisely clicked onto the link to Jill Stark’s article in The Age. I wish I hadn’t done so.

    I felt quite sickened as I saw her employ the tactic of blaming a Melbourne youth’s suicide on reparative therapy and Christian values.

    Just as the Roman Emperor Nero set fire to Rome, then blamed the Christians for the ensuing conflagration, the militant gay lobby, while promoting a barren and depressing lifestyle, blames the church for the incidence of suicide among young same-sex attracted people.

    I suppose this will be the pretext they’ll use for banning the church altogether.

    John Ballantyne, Melbourne.

  2. Hi Bill,
    Have you noted that one of the comments from someone called Tapio on 30th January 2013 in the review section for your book Strained Relations (see your link) states that your facts fail their “check the footnotes” test! Apparently (according to this person) your scientific evidence is ‘inaccurate’ and ‘entirely wrong’ when he/she checked them! Go figure! Which really goes to show that if one does not want to believe something, no matter how factual the evidence is, it will not be received. Sure verifies the statement that “if you tell a lie, no matter how big and repeat it often enough, people will believe it!”
    I personally appreciate your painstaking work and evidence to help us to really understand what is at stake here.
    The difficult part for us Christians is the balance of reaching out to all with God’s love and compassion and yet being loving and compassionate enough to tell the truth. Keep up the good work.

    Sandy Anderson

  3. Thanks Sandy

    No surprises there – he is an atheist/homosexual troll who always bombards my site with his abuse and attacks. His futile and nasty remarks go straight into the bin of course. There are over 700 footnotes in the book, and they are all fully accurate and correct in what is affirmed. But leave it to the homo-militants to simply dismiss the evidence and engage in character attacks and mud-slinging. That is all they know how to do.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. Bill, please don’t ever give up – even if you might feel it’s not worth it any more, just don’t give up.
    Rodney Gynther, Melbourne

  5. As for the media, you and I are in the same boat Bill. Down here in Tasmania up until twelve months ago, my letters were printed regularly in the local rags but as soon as I waded into the bout on same gender marriage and homosexual lifestyles and spoke truthfully on the subject, my letters all of a sudden were no longer printable. While my letters were no longer printable all letters supporting the push and lifestyle were given first preference.

    Yes the truth offends, but it is better for us to offend the UNGODLY than to offend God by not speaking out, because if we are not speaking out, then we are actually condoning their immoral lifestyles and turning a blind eye to the decadence.

    Leigh Stebbins

  6. Thank you Bill. As you say, this article was full of inaccuracies and lies. It is sad that many Christians have taken it on themselves to use the death of a young man, to push their agendas against the woman they earmarked for this vilification and post gay ministries.

    For anyone who knows Carol Hardy, the counsellor (not therapist), who had once worked with this young man, they would know that the accusations are so far from the character of this loving woman. They should be ashamed as none of them have bothered to check the facts with Carol.

    Beyond this, it is astonishing that this young man had long since gone to the Freedom To Be, Christian gay network who have been counselling him for the past two and a half years. So it is them that need to consider why they were unable to prevent this suicide. They may be shocked to discover that people who go to pro-gay therapists also suicide.

    Shirley Baskett

  7. Interesting that John Ballantyne should mention Emperor Nero: Nero flaunted his taste for sexual diversity by publicly entering into, not one, but two same-sex marriages.

    In both cases, the other marriage partner was a slave. Both marriages contained elements of parody of “straight” heterosexual marriages: In one union, the slave was castrated to play the part of surrogate-for-woman. In the other union, Nero pretended to be the “female” aspect of the relationship.

    Today, Nero is never paraded as a role model for sexual diversity and same-sex marriage. Ironically, Nero’s last act was to participate in his own Voluntary Assisted Death, before his political enemies could kill him themselves! The writings of Tacitus and Suetonius are two important Roman historical sources for the story of Nero.

    John Wigg

  8. On 15/4/13 CathNews headed an article “Cardinal Bergoglio [Pope Francis] accepted same sex civil unions – 3 sources.” My comment which was posted is as follows: “Same sex unions presuppose an acceptance of an ‘intrinsically disordered’ act. ‘Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.’ CCC 2357. Pope Francis would not and could not support same sex civil unions.” (CCC is the Catechism of the Catholic Church; 2357 – 59 are the relevant sections.)

    B T Walters

  9. I managed to get a letter on the subject into the Sydney Morning Herald (sister paper to The Age) on April 2, but it is getting harder to get the common sense and honest view across. The Blue Mountains Gazette is still happy to publish letters with all shades of views.

    I still recoil in disbelief at the stage we have reached in all this nonsense. People who are genuinely concerned that others are ruining their lives are regularly said to be “hate-filled”. The hate, such as it is, comes mostly from the pro-gay side, but of course there is such a perversity about the whole debate… I think I’ll go and play with my grandchildren for a while…

    David Morrison

  10. Thanks for this article, Bill. Please, keep on exposing the lies from the popular media. I haven’t read the article in The Age, and I’ll steer clear of it for the sake of my stomach too.
    Leigh, I’ve had the same experience with the Tassie papers, but I’ll continue to make my stand against the homosexual push in other ways.
    Maybe related to media bias…this morning I was watching ABC News 24, about the Boston explosions, when the commentator was interviewing an Australian woman living in Boston. The woman was talking about seeing some “Christian fundamentalists” just before the explosions, carrying placards warning of imminent disaster for Boston because of the sins of the people, adding that it was a “strange coincidence” that the explosions ocurred shortly after. Her implications were so obvious. The commentator made no objection, but continued the interview for some time, encouraging the woman (it seemed to me) to continue along this line. Then the woman mentioned her (female) partner, and the agenda became clear.
    Jan Greig

  11. Keep up the good work Bill – its great to see that you are continuing to stand up for what is right and truth.

    Andrew Munden

  12. Hi Bill. I came across this quote at Quadrant Online in an article headed “An Open Letter to David Attenborough”: “As long as journalists are advocates rather than reporters the true story will not emerge.”

    This quote was made in the context of climate science, but it applies so well to other current debates and the very one-sided reporting by homosexual/feminist/environmentalist/leftist journalists in what were once objective and trusted newspapers e.g. The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. The quote is from climate and energy expert Dr Dave Summers and the link, which contains further remarks, is at the end of the above Quadrant Online article.

    As you may know, the SMH had a long tradition of promoting Christianity in the days when the Fairfax family owned or controlled it. The original John Fairfax, who with a partner took over the 10-year-old SMH in 1841, was an immigrant printer and a devout and active Christian. He – and the generations of Fairfaxes who followed – must be turning in their graves nowadays.

    Very best wishes,
    Brian Pratt, Sydney

  13. Lets not forget about Mary Stachowicz, who was murdered for just simply telling an homosexual man that his actions are wrong. We hear about Matthew Shepherd, who more than likely killed over drugs and not homosexuality, but that narrative will never get out, since it is against the nice and neat story.
    Ian Nairn

  14. Bill, I`d love you to read the article on website titled; How I wish the same sex marriage debate would go.

    Johannes Archer

  15. The most loving thing we can do for anyone is tell the truth… so keep it up, Bill – we’re listening!
    Mishka Gora

  16. The Premier of NSW is not a raggedy lefty but unfortunately he supports same sex marriage.
    Some raggedy lefties, on the other hand, may not support ss. marriage. Its not a right/left wing issue but a moral issue.

    Angelika Volmensky

  17. Thanks Angelika

    It certainly is a moral issue. But we also know for a fact that the great majority of secular lefties favour SSM while the great majority of religious conservatives oppose it. As to the latter, Barry is neither – he certainly is not a real conservative.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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