Sharia Football

Sometimes you just gotta wonder how much dumber we can get, how much more politically correct we can get, and how much more appallingly “inclusive” and “tolerant” we can get. The latest move by the AFL has many heads spinning – mine included. Why can’t they just play football anymore?

Why does everything have to be so politicised? Why does the AFL have to insist on pushing its PC credentials nonstop? Why does it make so many dopey moves to placate various minority groups? The head honchos at the AFL are amongst the most PC lefty loonies around it seems.

aflThey have already bent over backwards to make the AFL homosexual-friendly. But whatever for? So that maybe one player feels “included”? There is likely at least one satanist AFL player, or some fan who is into Wicca, or a pipe-smoking coach. Will the AFL promote these beliefs and lifestyles as well, all in the name of inclusion?

Now we have yet another politicised weekend. Indeed, it seems there are hardly any non-event weekends left in the AFL season where football and football alone is the sole focus. So this weekend we have to have a multicultural round. Yep, and it does not stop there.

The AFL thinks we now need sharia-friendly football gear as well. I kid you not. Here is how the story goes:

Muslim head scarfs in the colours of every AFL team will go on sale from today, in the lead-up to the league’s multicultural round. League boss Gillon McLachlan will announce the AFL-approved headwear range at an AFL breakfast in a speech outlining how important it is the football code embraces all cultures.
Bachar Houli, a trailblazer for Muslims in the league, said it was “a huge thing’’ for Muslim women who were passionate about footy. “There are so many Muslims who attend the footy, but at times don’t feel like they are part of supporting their team,’’ he said. “This is a fantastic thing, because now they can wear their football team colours on their scarf, feel like they are part game.”
Designer Shanaaz Copeland stumbled on the idea when she dropped her daughters at school on footy day, when children were wearing AFL jumpers with traditional head scarfs. She hoped the range would empower Muslim girls and women and help break down barriers.

Umm, yeah, sure. I get it. Sounds like a wonderful plan. But they of course have not gone far enough here. Is the AFL really interested in multiculturalism? Does it really want to embrace all cultures? If so, why pick just one – out of thousands – of cultures, races, religions, creeds, lifestyles, and ethnic groups? Why just one? Are there not a few other groups that could be included here?

I would have thought there might be a number of Scottish players and spectators out there. Will the AFL be making kilts available one weekend so that they don’t feel left out?

Surely there are many chain-smoking AFL fans out there. Will the AFL come up with a tobacco round, and market specially designed footy cigs?

We know that plenty of AFL players and fans are divorced. So when does the next divorcee round take place? Will the AFL offer marriage break-up jumpers as well?

There is no question we have some Christian players, and many devout Christians who cheer on their fav teams each week. So when do we get a Christian weekend? Will AFL clothing with crosses be made? Or Bibles printed with the AFL logo on them?

I know that many footy fans are really keen on Mexican food. Will there be a Mexican round, complete with AFL tacos for sale?

There are many keen AFL fans from the underworld. Will we have a criminal appreciation weekend sometime? Maybe all criminals can get a free football with a golden gun pic embossed on it or something.

And obviously there are many fine nudists out there who love their footy. So when does the AFL offer a nudie round? It could let in everyone for free who comes in their birthday suit.

I am sure there are some Sikhs who love Geelong or Collingwood. Can we have a Sikh weekend soon? Of course all baptised Sikhs must carry at all times the kirpan, the ceremonial dagger. I am sure the MCG security team will have no problem with this – after all, we want them to feel right at home.

Just think of all the tuba players out there who are Carlton fans. So when do they get their weekend?

There have to be many footy fans who are also fanatic about all things Star Wars. So when is the Star Wars weekend coming up, and do I get in for free if I wear a Darth Vader costume?

After all folks, the name of the game is to make everyone feel inclusive and welcome. So the AFL will obviously have to lengthen the footy season to make way for all these extra themed weekends. Not to do so would be highly discriminatory on the part of the AFL.

So come on AFL – get your act together. Let’s offer some genuine multiculturalism here, and some true inclusion. Highlighting just one or two groups while ignoring all the others is just bad form. Time to lift your game AFL.

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  1. They had a Star Wars round Bill. It was over the May 4th weekend. You know… “May the 4th be with you.” They had storm troopers and everything.
    Also, the nudist weekend could take off if they were wearing body paint. Just a thought. 😉

  2. Imagine a soccer match in Saudi Arabia with a special Christian emphasis to show kindness to the oppressed Christian minority! No.
    This is where we should be more bold in declaring that such condsiderations are are possible only because of the effect of Jesus on our society.

  3. It is a partial relief to note that burqas and abayas with their implication of a fully subject status for women of marriageable age have not been issued in AFL colours yet … The “tribal” nature of AFL football is not yet quite so intense as that of a certain global sub-culture.

  4. Let me say at the outset: I couldn’t give a fig about the football. As soon as it comes on to the news I switch channels. It grieves me that so many Christians are so caught up with sport that with the nation (and the world) going to rack and moral ruin all they seem be able to talk about is the football score.

    That said, however, when something as iconic as a major sport is so corrupted by PC that it panders to the basest instincts of depraved mankind, it is an index of the total disintegration of our nation. I have said this before (and I have said it from the pulpit) that our world is hurtling toward final disaster, and it will surely come. The hope for a revival is a forlorn one: judgment is coming, and that inexorably. If judgment came upon Judah for its many sins, and Judah was in covenant with God, then as a Gentile nation it will a fortiori come upon us. Let me quote two Scriptures in this connection:
    “The wicked go down to Sheol, even all the nations who forget God” [Psa.9:17] This is a nation which has forgotten God, forgotten our founders, and does everything to trash God and everything to do with Him. God is not mocked; the nation cannot presume to escape, and anyone who says that it will, or even may, is a false prophet.

    “He makes nations great, and (then) destroys them; He enlarges nations, and guides them. He takes away the understanding of the chiefs of the people of the earth, and makes them wander in a pathless wilderness”. [Job 12:23-4]
    This is precisely what we see before us: once exalted nations (Britain, America) now in the gutter and in the grip of irrational leaders: beyond all moral reason, wandering in the dark and leading their people likewise. and it is getting worse by the day.

    The outlook? Christian will lose their freedoms, and we must prepare for persecution. already the Labor Party in Victoria has announced that if they win government in November (which is highly likely) they will amend the Equal Opportunity Act to remove exemptions for churches and Christian organisations. That means that what a pastor says from the pulpit could well be subject to prosecution if it is not PC.
    In a persecution situation many will fall by the wayside, but it will be for refining, as God said to Daniel: “And some of those of understanding shall fall, to refine them, purify them, and make them white, until the time of the end…” [Dan.11:35]. As in the days of Antiochus Epiphanes, so it will be now, as we approach the time of the end (whenever that end may be).

  5. A women in niqabs round would be good, although the standard might not be high.

  6. Hello Bill,

    I know this is a bit off the topic, however, please have a look at this link. It’s about Nova Scotia Lawyers fostering hypocrisy rather than diversity. They want to stifle free thought about traditional marriage, and by shutting out new lawyers that support traditional marriage, they think they can make all think the one same way. Basically uniformity, rather than unity.

    Anyway, here is the link.

    They want to ban Trinity Western University law school grads.

    This article may be a good one for you to share.

  7. How about for those who hate footy? Perhaps a non-footy round? Afterall, why should those of us who can’t stand footy be discriminated against? Oh and what about blind folk, perhaps Braille colors?

  8. Joseph, keep in mind that the then VFL stole the initials of Keith Dunstan’s Anti Football League. So I don’t think they’ll be sympathetic!

  9. Oh dear, what a depressing piece of news. Maybe this proves the absolute failure of 150 years of compulsory State education. Also the absolute failure of the R.S.L. and its motto of “The price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance”. Those poor soldiers who gave their life for this country. What would they think? God have mercy on Australia.

  10. People bend over backwards to accommodate Islam because if you don’t they might blow you up. Simple as that. Its a sell out to avoid possible violent retribution. No one is going to worry about crossing the Catholic church; no nuns are going to shoot up your house, but cross an Islamic idea, and some Islamists could be around to shoot at you pretty soon.

  11. “There is no question we have some Christian players, and many devout Christians who cheer on their fav teams each week. So when do we get a Christian weekend?”

    Yes! And when do we get ”Absolutes round”?! Or Heterosexual round?!!

  12. Good on ya Bill, a fantastic article. Rita and I are spending a few weeks in the UK visiting my cousin. This article is a classic, maybe tinged with a bit of sarcasm and humour, but all that is essential to point out the crass stupidity of the PC brigade. Good on Murray for bringing in scripture and some Biblical truths. My cousin is just preparing our evening meal, and your article on political correctness will be the topic of discussion, I’m sure the poms can teach us a lot on this issue.
    Bless you Bill, John Broadley.

  13. Forgive my cynicism but appears to me that the “bottom-line” is the main concern here (or at least one of them). The more minorities they can draw in the more money they can make from attendances, merchandise, etc. Still, one has to wonder how much longer it might be before ham or bacon are banned at AFL venues. Give them an inch….

    And Eric Ahlblad, that news out of Canada is just apalling. Still, Canada has been discriminating against Christians in favour of gays for some time now. Mick Koster.

  14. Went to my local Woolworths store this morning, and saw the prominent sign wishing me a “Happy Ramadan”. I have rung Woolworths, and told them I find this “offensive”, particularly in light of the Christian persecutions taking place on a regular basis.

  15. There’s a saying I remember for a long time; Whoever’s got the most gold, makes the rules. I think it’s quite clear who is backing the laws, and most people are manipulated by money. Another expression I remember, Money talks, BS walks. This is what I see in practice, more defacto law than dejure law. (All governed by money.) We must practice our values first as believers. We need to be shining lights in a very dark and corrupt world. And in time, people will see Christianity not a s a bad thing; in the end, there could be a world revival again.

    Mick, thanks for reading the article, and commenting. It is sad, and yes, our nation has had same sex marriage for 10 years now, one of the first countries in world. Polygamy was next, but we kicked out the ruling Liberal Government of the day by an election. Don’t worry, unless we pray, I could come in the next Liberal government, along with other perversions.

    Our nation is brimming with hypocrisy. We are allow to debate, as long as we don’t disagree with liberal values, we are ‘not allowed’ to do that.

    Now, the tactic of freezing out Christians seems to be the next move in the agenda., freezing them out of the workforce and society in general. If we don’t stop the ‘cancer’ we could eventually pay the supreme price. Many young people want to make Christianity Illegal in Canada. If they come to power, they could legislate that which could mean the death penalty, thru high treason.

    It is imperative to pray for all nations, that they will see the light, and become the light in this dark and corrupt world.

  16. One other comment I forgot to add above is a clarification: Just in case you are not aware…Our Liberal party is like your Labour party, and your Liberal party is like our Conservative party The government that brought in same sex marriage was an equivalent to Labour party.

    I hope that clears things up. I was initially confused about the platforms the Liberal government stood for in Australia.

  17. Isn’t it passing strange that the AFL bends over backwards to pander to a vicious false religion, one of perpetual aggression, while insulting the religious traditions of most Australians.

    While Muslim head scarves in club colours are in, Good Friday is out and is to be totally disregarded by the boffins of the AFL. I mean playing football has to be above everything,right? It doesn’t matter about Christians being offended.

    Dhimmis and dimwits -that sums up AFL officialdom.

  18. It seems to me that the AFL in only offering a hijab but not a burka in club-colours, that it is discriminating against Muslim fundamentalists. Shame AFL!

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria

  19. When are they only allowing Halal pies, chips and hot-dogs at the footy ?

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