Censoring Pro-Marriage Views

I have written often about our leftist and censorious mainstream media. And I have written often about the militant homosexual lobby pushing its agenda far and wide. When you bring the two together you have the perfect storm of leftist bigotry, intolerance and tyranny.

I have documented examples of this for years now. The secular left MSM is always willing to do the work of the homosexual lobby, and those with a differing point of view are routinely ignored, attacked, vilified or censored. That is the reality we face in Australia and the West today.

And if any media outlet does dare to air the views of the other 98 per cent of the community, then all hell breaks loose. We see all this at work with the attempt to air a short pro-marriage ad on TV and radio. Many if not most outlets are refusing it, and those that are running with it are already facing the wrath of the militants.

ssm 32And consider how the media is reporting on this story – when it does. The Sydney Morning Herald wasted no time casting aspersions on those involved with the newly formed Marriage Alliance which is producing the ads. The very first line in their article says this: “Marriage Alliance spokeswoman Sophie York has ties to the Liberal Party.”

Um, and that means what? For every time the MSM features something from a pro-marriage supporter, it would run with a hundred from the other side. Yet does the media ever inform us that a homosexual or a pro-homosexual spokesperson has ties with the Labor Party or the Greens?

Talk about demonising your opponents from the get go. Other news items on this ad tend to be rather short, with as much time devoted to quoting homosexuals as it spends on telling the story. Thus the skewing of news, or the censoring of news, continues apace.

Let me offer the words of several media releases of MA, since it is hard to get their point of view across otherwise. One focuses on the rank censorship and political correctness of the networks:

The newly-formed Marriage Alliance are left bemused by Channels 7 and 10 for refusing to run advertisements expressing concern about potential changes to the Marriage Act that would allow same-sex marriage.
Spokesperson for the Alliance, Sophie York, questions the management of the two television networks for denying her organisation the right to broadcast its concerns about the potential erosion of children’s rights and the rights of ordinary citizens if the Act is changed.
“It is quite shocking that two major TV networks are denying the basic right to freedom of speech and expression on an issue that supports the current law of the nation.
“The advertisement raises legitimate concerns about rights. In no way does it denigrate any element of society, but raises questions that most Australians we believe would want to see answered,” Ms York said.
The Marriage Alliance has written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten, as well as the Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull, to make them aware of the denial by 7 and 10 to run the ads, and to seek their response on the matter.
“Has political correctness or the power of a certain lobby group reached so far down that it now erodes the once proud Australian ’fair-go’ character that it is preventing ordinary Australians from having a voice?, Ms York said.

Another release deals with this in more detail:

Rational debate on the impact of allowing same-sex marriage is being denied to ordinary Australians because those with opposing views fear being labelled as ‘homophobic’ or a ’right-wing extremist’ and potentially face attacks on their business or personally.
The powerful SSM activists are entitled in a democracy to state their view, but it is also the right of mainstream Australia to hear opposing arguments and to express their opinion without fear,” according to Sophie York, spokesperson for the newly formed Marriage Alliance.
“The view of the Marriage Alliance is that permitting same-sex couples to marry under a changed Marriage Act would have major consequences not realised or understood by most Australians.
“Our Alliance has the backing of many businesses, community organisations and ordinary people who are alarmed that important public figures and the media are either staying silent on the issue, or backing a misguided ‘politically correct’ position rather than encouraging open discussion,” she said.
Mrs York said the rights of children were being subjugated by arguments about equality between gay and heterosexual adults. Taking a back seat are the more important issues about the consequences and the rights of future generations, sex education, religious freedoms, morality, business and professional regulations, and legal implications resulting from permitting same-sex marriage.

And as already mentioned, the militants are demonstrating yet again just how “tolerant” they are as they attack any media outlet which actually airs the ads. Consider for example how the tolerance brigade is reacting in WA:

Members of the Perth LGBTI community have called on their friends and allies to boycott top rating radio station MIX 94.5 after the station began playing advertisements from the newly formed Marriage Alliance.
The station is part of the Southern Cross Austereo network alongside sister station hit92.9 and home to popular the breakfast show ‘Clairsy, Shane and Kimba’ and the Drive program ‘Lisa and Pete’.

Yep, so much for free debate and the democratic free-flow of ideas. Just shut down any recalcitrants. That is always how the militants operate. They simply cannot stand real debate, and expect only their own views to be heard. All others must be silenced and censored. And they want us all to be tolerant like they are!

As is so often the case, there is a real need for the alternative media, since the MSM refuses to do its job, and refuses to actually allow real debate on the crucial issues of the day. So I am more than happy to once again give an airing to a group which will not be getting a fair go from the MSM.

I encourage all of you to support the Marriage Alliance in any way you can. The MA website is here: http://www.marriagealliance.com.au/

And please also share far and wide the short video which so much of the media refuses to run with. You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umhEh9jUrbo

We live in staggering times. When an ad focusing on the rights of children to have a mum and a dad, and the threats to liberty because of militant activist groups actually gets censored, then you know we live in very dark times indeed. Could anyone have imagined just a few short decades ago that to stand for heterosexual marriage would become a social evil subject to rampant censorship?

The militants have done a great job of destroying our culture in a very short period of time. The only question is, who will rise up and reclaim our culture, reclaim marriage and family, and stand up for the wellbeing of our children? Will you?


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18 Replies to “Censoring Pro-Marriage Views”

  1. The media is nothing more than a Praetorian Guard for the advocates of homosexuality and abortion – and the means of guarding these advocates is with propaganda.

    The general population of woman clearly arn’t of concern otherwise they would be fully informed by the media so they could then make an ‘informed decision’ – given that women live in a free society that is. Why do the media believe that all Australian women are mentaly handicapped?

    And with regards to gays – 97% of children in gay households will be hetrosexual – but will learn instead the subletities of gay relationships instead of hetrosexual relationships. That’s not ‘gay parenting’ or hetrosexual parenting – it’s abuse – but we are constantly told by the media that ‘what really matters is children are loved’ – some kind of love!

    Child lives matter#

    Keep up your very good work Bill and thanks so much again. God Bless.

  2. At the risk of sounding intemperate, the present situation brings to mind the incredible feats of one, Joseph Goebbels, master propagandist of the NSDAP.

    Tremendous power is in the hands of those who control the information feeds to the minds and hearts of the public. Mercifully, Internet and social media offer a potent means of subverting the mainstream mass media, as the events of the recent Arab Spring uprisings demonstrate most amply.

  3. It beggars belief that those who accuse pro-marriage advocates of bigotry and prejudice are supposedly members of the so-called intelligentsia.

  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this advertisement. It is not offensive, or demeaning. It should be shown on mainstream TV

  5. The BBC has been doing this to us for years now, in Britain. I am thankful for alternative news media where much, if not all, of the truth can be read in clarity.

  6. The intelligentsia Russell refers to are of every ideological hue and stripe: Joseph Goebbels, himself studied under a Jewish professor of literary history at the Unversity of Heidelberg! Learning is no guarantee of wisdom: Some of our world’s cleverest minds are “always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.” [2 Timothy 3:7]

  7. Totally agree Matthew

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this advertisement.
    It is not offensive in any way. It just asking for consideration of the issues.


  8. I have a strong suspicion that the commercial TV channels have received a message from some big advertisers that if they dare to show the Marriage Alliance ad they will take their business elsewhere. Nothing to do with being offensive or not, and not necessarily because the ad goes against their own views. It does show clearly though that the fears are very real.

  9. Homosexuals are the very bullies their anti-bullying propaganda in schools target.

  10. Here’s what I had to say to Channel 10.
    Greetings to Channel 10 Management. Dear Sir/Madame, my name is Ross Scrivener, and I have become aware that you have pulled a commercial about marriage off the air. I am puzzled as to why this was done? Has this advertised time slot been unpaid for. Or is there some other problem that one is not aware of? If it is the latter part, of the question asked, then why does the LGBTI advertise on air also? Or is it just those who oppose to any change to the law of marriage, are smacked for their faith and stance on marriage? When did it become law to punish those who are good and upright citizens? Why do we see those who stand for the common laws of the land trampled on? The common law is actually based on the Holy Bible, like the law on murder. When you lapse the laws on the land, you will give power to those who will take the life of others without thought. Laws were made to govern people. The law was not made for those who adhere to its guidelines, but it was there to bring the guilty to justice. The law was there to protect the citizens who are living in the society law governs. We laps laws, we then give credence to a lawless society. The word ANARCHY, means lawlessness, it actually derives it real meaning from the word ANTICHRIST. Those who are given or handed over to living a lawless life, where anything and everything goes. Our nation was built on the backs of our forefathers who by fortitude, grit, and strength, bore the burden of forging this nation of Australia. I think that to be fair to Australia’s citizens, one must be fair in allowing opinion. To pull a advert from your television station may be your right, but not to allow a fair and just stance towards both sides, is unjust, and biased to those who believe that there should be no change in marriage. I think it is only fair, that we as Christians in deed not just in word, need to have the same rights on air, as do the LGBTI do. I would ask that you would re-consider turning back on the advert that the Marriage Alliance Party proposed for your Television Station. Yours truly Ross Scrivener.

  11. The Marriage Alliance encourages us to ring Channel 7
    (0287777777) and Channel 10 (0296501010) to object to their stance in not running the ads.

  12. When are they going to proclaim the fact this latest “ssm” bill is tabled by a Queensland liberal as a feather in their hat? And then there is the fact of Christine Milne’s tax payer funded trip to the Sydney Mardi Gras, which doesn’t raise an eyebrow apparently.
    Just forget the MSM, The only reason why I might wish I still had a television is so I could tell these stations I would stop watching their programmes if that would make any difference. And let them boycott away God still gives the power to gain wealth as far as I know, the same sex lobby does not control the economy.
    Those of us who still think straight have a lot more buying power than they give us credit for and we can use that buying power a lot more for God’s kingdom if we are only prepared to use a little bit of strategy and are prepared to forgo some less important gratifications.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  13. Total media blackout on yesterday’s attempt to make a stand for traditional marriage with flowers, which would of course mean nothing if it wasn’t accompanied by letters and emails and all kinds of other efforts, but I pray it hit home in the hearts, but especially the heads of those to whom it was intended anyway.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  14. Good news regarding the Liberal party room that there will be no voting for “gay marriage” bill in parliament. Pray for them as the issue seems to be growing.

  15. Bill, did you know that paypal is on the list of companies who actively support ssm? So are optus and telstra, most of the banks, it looks like they have it neatly wrapped up, leaving people no option but to pay money to companies that support it. We sailed into this one quite unawares. We got the list from the AME website and are distributing it, probably with not much effect. They will try to squash godliness in the economy through power enabled by money. I know we have God on our side, but will He defend us if we are whimpy and prefer our nestle coffee to making a stand?
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  16. Thanks for another informative article.

    There is another aspect to the debate about ‘marriage equality.’

    Those in the media seem to be basing their critiques of objectors to SSM, on religious standpoints. There are plenty of other reasons why man/woman marriage is good for society. Yet, as far as I know, no commentators in this country have addressed this.

  17. Yes quite right Scott. I have written three books and hundreds of articles in which I seek to make the non-religious case for heterosexual marriage. Many others have as well. But the MSM simply ignores and censors all that.

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