The Trans Blitzkrieg: Coming Soon To a Home, Church and School Near You

Hot on the heels of the homosexual assault on everything comes the trans assault on everything. And both are part of the same wrecking crew, designed to destroy marriage, family, society, the West, and even reality itself. And both are heavily dependent upon the coercive powers of the state and the corporate world to ensure that full compliance occurs.

Those who reject this radical social agenda will be punished. It is that simple. And that is happening all over the West. I have already written about Obama’s draconian edict which will punish every school that does not fall down before the trans altar:

And none of this should surprise us. The long march through the institutions by the cultural Marxists has been proceeding nicely, with their long term agenda of destroying the West and its core values of faith, family and freedom now nearly complete.

When we first read prophetic novels penned a half century ago warning us about all this, such as 1984 and Brave New World, none of us would have guessed that a radical war on sexuality, biology and reality would be at the vanguard of this revolution.

trans 33But that is exactly what we are now seeing. Right before our very eyes we are witnessing the sexual anarchists’ war on everything. And it sure is scary. And everyone is impacted by this – most importantly, and most frightfully, our children.

They are the real victims of this homo and trans war on all things. Consider all the school children in America who will suffer because of Obama’s nefarious decree. And all this is not just taking place in the US. It is happening here as well. In neighbouring New Zealand we have this shocker of a news item:

“A popular Auckland primary school has been praised for installing a unisex toilet to help a 6-year-old transgender pupil feel safe and accepted. The toilet was installed earlier this year with the support of the Board of Trustees and the Education Ministry after the child’s transition from boy to girl.”

Good grief. When I was six years old I could not decide what colour socks to wear, let alone decide on my sex. This is madness, and it is a form of child abuse to be pushing this trans agenda. And here in Australia we have the Greens and Labor all pushing the horrible “Safe Schools” program.

The Victorian premier has especially shown his cultural Marxist colours here, defying a federal revision of it, and saying it will be compulsory for every Victorian school. Tough luck to those who dare to resist. As Miranda Devine wrote today:

“But woe betide those who try to push back. You will be called a ‘bigot’ by Labor leader Bill Shorten and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, your Facebook page will be censored and your perfectly reasonable, private letters of concern sent to the Premier’s office will be published online and ridiculed.”

This is no mere theoretical persecution. It is happening right now. Let’s go back to America, where in New York City you can actually be fined $250,000 for calling a transsexual person “he” or “she” instead of a ‘ze’ or ‘hir’. Yes you heard that right.

The city’s Human Rights Law “requires employers (landlords, and all businesses and professionals) to use an (employee’s, tenant’s, customer’s, or client’s) preferred name, pronoun and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs.) regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification.”

As Eugene Volokh comments:

Or what if some people insist that their title is “Milord,” or “Your Holiness”? They may look like non-gender-related titles, but who’s to say? What if someone decides that one of the 56 genders is indeed especially noble or holy and that those really are the preferred gender terms? Or even if “Your Holiness” is understood as purely religious (again, why would that be so, given that the point is that people are supposed to be free to define their own gender self-conception and the words that go with it), presumably the same logic that applies to gender-related self-chosen titles would apply to religion-related self-chosen titles. Both sex and religious discrimination are, after all, prohibited by the same laws; by the City’s logic, if you call a Catholic priest “Father,” you’d have to use whatever other self-chosen religious titles people insist on. Nor is the mandated “ze”-talk analogous to simple requirements that people be treated the same regardless of race or religion (requirements that may themselves be constrained by the First Amendment in some situations). The analogy would be if the government demanded that people have to be addressed using their own preferred race- or religion-linked titles — hypothetically, enforcing people’s demands that “you need to use the title ‘Sun Person’ when you refer to me, because I’m black,” or “you need to use the title ‘rav’ with me because I’m Jewish,” or “you need to use the title ‘friend’ with me because I’m a Quaker,” or “you need to address me as ‘thee’ rather than ‘you’ because I’m a Quaker.” Such a requirement would be just as bad as the “ze” one.
And this isn’t just the government as employer, requiring its employees to say things that keep government patrons happy with government services. This is the government as sovereign, threatening “civil penalties up to $125,000 for violations, and up to $250,000 for violations that are the result of willful, wanton, or malicious conduct” if people don’t speak the way the government tells them to speak. Nor is this likely to stay in New York City: The New York officials are arguing that this is just what the New York gender identity discrimination ban requires, and indeed it is part of the standard ideology expressed by many transgender rights activists; the same logic would be easily applicable by jurisdictions that have gender identity discrimination bans, or will have such bans; the federal government is taking the view that existing federal bans on sex discrimination also in effect ban gender identity discrimination, and the New York analysis would equally apply to that view; and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has already taken the view that it is illegal under federal law to persistently call employees by pronouns that correspond to their anatomical sex but not their gender identity, though it has not yet had occasion to opine about “ze.”
Feel uncomfortable about being forced to use terms that express social status views (“Milord”) or religious views (“Your Holiness”) that you may not endorse? Well, you should feel uncomfortable about people being forced to use “ze,” which expresses a view about gender that they might not endorse. And, more broadly, I think we should all feel uncomfortable about government regulators forcing people to say things that convey and support the government’s ideology about gender.

This is all part of “The Transgender War Against Human Rights, Science, and Consent” as Stella Morabito and Joy Pullmann carefully explained in a recent article. The article is well worth quoting from at length:

If the LGBT lobby had an accurate vision statement, it would probably read something like this: “No one shall speak freely to another human being.” If that sounds a bit odd to you, then consider how ferociously the LGBT lobby has been fighting free expression.
On the heels of the Supreme Court Obergefell decision that forced states to legally sanction same-sex marriage, we have seen a flurry of censorship laws disguised as sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination (SOGI) laws. They’re the sort of laws that can result in a $250,000 fine in New York if you “misgender” a transgender person. They can also shut down your business and bank accounts if you politely recuse yourself from applying your artistic talents—whether in flower arranging, cake designing, or photography—to celebrating a same-sex wedding.
The vitriolic reaction of the LGBT lobby to honesty from Americans about their consciences, religious beliefs, scientific knowledge, and political stances shows that their agenda boils down to shutting down free speech….
But it has become quickly clear that the LGBT lobby was merely using Americans’ love of freedom against us. They were packaging speech bans and economic conscription inside the stars and stripes. Their favored laws prioritize the ability of a tiny minority to compel everyone else to affirm their desires over everyone’s ability to discuss the issue honestly. Remember: transgender folks comprise 0.03 percent of the U.S. population, while children and adult women comprise some 62 percent.
When put that way, most Americans will disagree. So they have to be barred from discussion with smears of “bigotry” and “hate.” But we all know that disagreeing with someone does not mean hating them. It means that an issue is open for discussion, that’s all. If it cannot be open for discussion, we have now entered a totalitarian state in which people’s private thoughts and actions are now grounds for political control.
The horrors repression at this level sparks are precisely why the rights to free speech and association are enshrined in our Constitution, while rights to others’ good opinion and cooperation are not. Free speech is more important than protecting feelings, because without the former a free society cannot exist.

The totalitarian nature of these activist groups is nicely summarised in the concluding paragraphs of this article:

What Happens Next?
The great irony of the gay rights agenda is that, ultimately, it’s not about gay rights or transgender rights. They always follow censorship with further centralized power in the state.
Using law to suppress free speech in the name of equality is characteristic of the urge to use centralized state power to promote unique and, frankly, warped agendas. This sort of equality requires having resentments to cultivate and victims to exploit—and state power that “protects” said victims by suppressing all opposing points of view.
The risks inherent in this are deep and frightening. State power feeds on itself. Lenin exploited workers and Mao exploited the peasants, all in the guise of being their “vanguard” and giving them equality. Anyone at the HRC who truly loves freedom will come to rue the day it yielded to the urge to use state power to suppress free expression in the name of equality for gays and transgenders.
This latest attack against the First Amendment is unquestionably another act of war against freedom of conscience and expression. That makes it a campaign against human rights. By killing freedom of religion and speech, it also kills freedom of association. It stunts our growth because it causes people to become more polarized and fearful about sharing perspectives. That’s perfect for a centralized surveillance state. But it’s tragic for true human friendship and love.

Yes all this makes for the perfect storm. Everything the cultural Marxists have long dreamed of – the centralised state, the crackdown on freedom, the erosion of church and family, and the perversion of morality – are all coming together so very nicely with the homosexual and transgender assault on everything.

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16 Replies to “The Trans Blitzkrieg: Coming Soon To a Home, Church and School Near You”

  1. … and don’t forget that Mark Dreyfus’ plans to do all this include legally binding hearings held behind closed doors to help ensure that there is absolutely no public scrutiny.

    The biggest lie under the Sun is the claim that redefining marriage does not affect anyone else. It affects everyone to the very core of their basic rights but this very stupid generation does not yet comprehend this and simply refuses to listen. Once you undermine the rights and respect for the natural family through redefining marriage, then everything is up for grabs. The government effectively owns your children and can do whatever it wills to control you and brainwash your children. There no longer are any rights left associated with natural parents. All rights end up being related to legal guardians as defined by whoever the government appoints and the government itself.

    Once the government can legally control whatever words you speak and what morals you want to follow and how you raise your children we are no longer a free nation. Everything we have fought for over generations is lost.

  2. I can’t believe the “logic” the LGBT lobby uses. On one hand we have to accept the so called science that they are “born this way”. Then out the other side of their mouths – science is incorrect when it comes to the gender they are born with – apparently this comes down to choice. But we can’t discuss it despite the ripple effect this will have throughout Western “civilization” but the state knows best – ugh – give me a break!!??!!

  3. The reject God (In the beginning God, Gen 1:1) and become agnostics and atheists. They reject creation (God created, Gen 1:1) and become evolutionists. They reject male and female (God created them male and female, Gen 1:27) and become tranvestites, LGBTIQA. They reject reproduction (Increase and fill the earth Gen 1:28) and become abortionists. They reject rulership over the earth and its creatures (have dominion, Gen 1:28) and become Greenies worshipping the creation. They reject the command to work (God put man in the garden to work it and keep it Gen 2:15) and become socialists. They reject marriage (Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife and they two shall be one flesh Gen 2:24) and become homosexuals and lesbians. They reject sin and redemption (Gen 3) and turn good into evil and evil into good. They become part of the seed of the serpent, not the seed of the woman (Genesis 3:1-15). If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

  4. They’re all mad. Totally stark staring raving lunatics. Fining people for using the wrong words in conversations….what are they going to do, fix micro-bug microphones to every wall, ceiling and table in New York and hire folk to listen in, waiting for some poor soul to slip up?
    No good relying on the younger generations to fight this war; they (mostly) don’t recognise it. At some point though, something will bite them on the rear and many will awake…when it’s far too late.

  5. The Greek word translated “rebellion” or “falling away” in Thessalonians is apostasia, from which we get the English word apostasy. It refers to a general defection from the true God, the Bible, and the Christian faith. Every age has its defectors, but the falling away at the end times will be complete and worldwide. The whole planet will be in rebellion against God and His Christ.

    So far it seems as if the West is going that way.

  6. I wish we could have a sovereign state that is run with Christian values (no abortions, no SSM etc), and let these guys run another sovereign state the way they choose…and then see who comes out on top… Am I the only one that occasionally dreams about this?

  7. Bill, I thought you were going a bit far blaming Marxism but then I did some googling about critical theory, Marxism, education and LGBT and found heaps of literature eg “Marxism and Education Beyond Identity: Sexuality and Schooling F. Agostinone-Wilson” (Google books),,

    From my reading, its all about changing normative behaviour from as early an age as possible, regardless of impact on children and teens who are really just byproducts of the revolution, and changing society by any means possible. If that includes dressing up programs as education or antibullying, so be it.

  8. No Matthew, I am sure you are not the only one. But I believe an even better solution is on the way shortly: when the Lord returns to set up His kingdom on earth.

  9. Hi Elizabeth,
    It is all strange until you see it in their own writings isn’t it.

    I remember an episode from Star Trek the next generation where Picard was captured and they tortured him until he almost believed 4 lights were 5 lights.

    It is a tactic as hold as history itself, force people to believe things that are not true, it does not matter what the topic is, but the important thing is to brainwash people into believing whatever they are told, regardless of what the truth actually is.

  10. I’ve thought about that myself Matthew (separating us from them) but see two problems:
    1. They would be too enraged to ever leave us alone.
    2. We could not sit by when they are doing untold damage to themselves and their children.

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