The Trans Assault on Women and Children – and Everything

The homosexual and transgender war on reality, on biology, on family, on children, and on society is spinning out of control, with no end in sight. Every day new horror stories emerge which even the mainstream media feel compelled to report on.

trans 48The activists have especially declared war on our women and children. They really do seem to hate them. There is no other way to account for the horrific attack on them by the aggressive gender bender activists. These militants utterly despise our children and our women, otherwise they would not be inflicting so much misery on them.

Once again, it is a full time job just to keep up with these cases. Simply consider some recent Australian headlines on these matters:

Safe Schools program push for SA children as young as five in Flinders Uni proposal
August 16, 2016
South Australian children as young as five should be introduced to concepts such as cross-dressing and gender reassignment surgery as part of a program that aims to promote acceptance, a Flinders University research team reportedly says.
The Australian newspaper reports that the team recommended the Safe Schools program, which is designed for students in Years 7 and 8, be rolled out to SA primary schools. This follows a study into the idea in which students from reception upwards took part in story time sessions featuring books with transgender characters and concepts including crossing-dressing and gender reassignment surgery, the newspaper reports.
The push comes despite a report acknowledging many of the students who participated in the study struggled to understand some of the narratives.

Students asked to consider sex acts in school guide
August 19, 2016
A new sex education guide being promoted by the research institute behind the Safe Schools program provides students with explicit descriptions of more than a dozen sexual activities. La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society this month launched Transmission, a film with related educational activities that introduces its Year 10 audience to a range of highly sexualised terms that have not previously been canvassed in sex education curriculums….
While the resource is centred on a film about HIV and sexually transmitted infections which was partly funded with a $15,200 grant from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, one of the accompanying activities focuses on sexual pleasure. In one classroom activity, students are asked to consider a list of 20 ways of “engaging in sexual pleasure” to determine which activities they “think might be okay”. They are then asked to sort each sex act by their level of comfort.

Transgender, intersex people call for Queensland birth certificate reforms
August 25, 2016
Queensland transgender and intersex people are pushing for the right to have their gender recognised on their birth certificate. Currently only people who have undergone gender reassignment surgery are eligible to apply to have their birth certificates changed.
Janet Berry, from the Queensland Action Group for LGBTIQ+ Students, said many people were excluded by the rules.
“Some people don’t want to go through sex assignment surgery, it can be risky and it can be expensive,” Dr Berry said.
The law also means people who are married and undergo surgery must get divorced before they can change the sex on their birth certificate.

Police investigate crossdresser attacks on schoolgirls at Parkdale and Mentone
August 30, 2016
A 16-year-old schoolgirl was assaulted by a man dressed in women’s clothes as she walked to a school bus stop in Parkdale this morning. The girl was walking alone down McSwain St, Parkdale, at 8am and was looking down at her books when she was approached by a man who began screaming at her. The man chased after her and threw what was believed to be coffee on the young girl.

Same-sex couple wage parental fight over five-year-old daughter
August 31, 2016
A mother and her former same-sex partner — who was also her egg donor — have waged a costly legal tug of war over who is a parent of their five-year-old daughter. The birth mother, identified in Family Court documents by the pseudonym “Ms Clarence”, demanded sole parental rights.
She argued her relationship with “Ms Crisp” was over by the time she was implanted with daughter “P’s” embryo. Ms Crisp sought joint rights. The court heard the women became a de facto couple in 2004. Ms Clarence argued the relationship ended when Ms Crisp moved out of their joint residence in March 2011, four months before the procedure by which P was conceived.

Preschooler begins transition aged four: Children as young as three claiming gender dysphoria
September 1, 2016
A four-year-old preschooler in NSW has begun “transitioning” their gender before attending their first day of kindergarten, amid a wave of young children across Australia who are seeking to change sex. The Baird government has revealed “a number of students” are transitioning their gender in primary schools.
The revelation comes as referrals to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead for gender services have tripled, with one doctor saying they had “escalated rapidly” across every state. In another major children’s hospital, 250 children — some as young as three — are being assisted by the gender dysphoria unit.
Psychologists yesterday questioned whether it was too young for a four-year-old to be transitioning gender. The case emerged during an exchange at a state government budget estimates hearing that delved into the Safe Schools program.

And consider some similar cases from overseas:

North Carolina man arrested for indecent exposure in women’s restroom
July 6, 2016
A North Carolina woman says she fears for the safety of herself and other women in her state after a man reportedly entered the women’s restroom of a popular Charlotte restaurant and fondled himself. On Sunday, the woman said she was using the women’s restroom at the 7th Street Public Market when she saw an obviously masculine foot in the stall next to her.
Then she noticed a male voice moaning. “He was playing with himself,” she told WCCB-TV with obvious hesitation. Her husband said that he chased the man down the street.

‘Transgender’ male arrested for taking pictures of woman in Target changing room
July 13, 2016
A biological male who claims to be a woman has been arrested for taking pictures of a woman in the changing room of a Target store. Police say 43-year-old Sean Patrick Smith of Idaho Falls entered the women’s changing area of a Target in Ammon, Idaho, on Monday dressed as a woman.
The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office responded after a woman said she saw the middle aged male, whom police say identifies as Shauna Patricia Smith, reaching over the dividing wall in the women’s changing area and taking pictures of her with a cell phone. Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Sgt. Bryan Lovell said the woman may not have been wearing underwear while she was photographed.

Transgender inmate latest to push for hormone treatment
August 29, 2016
A transgender inmate is suing the Missouri prison system for refusing to provide hormone therapy as she transitions to a woman, adding her voice to those of prisoners in other states who argue that denying such treatment amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.
Lambda Legal filed the lawsuit in federal court in St. Louis last week on behalf of Jessica Hicklin, a 37-year old inmate serving life in prison after being convicted of first-degree murder at age 16, when she went by her birth name, James. She is challenging a state Department of Corrections policy that bars hormone therapy for inmates who weren’t receiving it before being incarcerated.

DOJ transgender sensitivity video tells police to let men into women’s washrooms
August 31, 2016
A new transgender sensitivity video from the Department of Justice (DOJ) instructs police officers on how to deal with complaints about men using women’s restrooms and instructs them to ask people if they’d rather be called “sir” or “ma’am.”
“When someone’s name or gender on a license is different from what you expect, how do you react?” Cpl. Evan Baxter asks in the video. “Is this person committing identity theft? Are they a fugitive? Possibly they’re just transgender.”

All this madness is now becoming routine, with daily cases of children being pushed into this lunacy, and women being threatened and attacked as we no longer know which bathroom to send people into. And as mentioned, all this transgender agenda is doing is harming those it claims to help.

Suicide rates for those who have gone down the trans avenue have been known to be high, and a brand new study simply confirms this:

Study reports history of suicide attempts and self-injury among transgender patients
August 31, 2016
In a new study, 30 percent of transgender youth report a history of at least one suicide attempt, and nearly 42 percent report a history of self-injury, such as cutting. The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center study also discovered a higher frequency of suicide attempts among transgender youth who are dissatisfied with their weight….
More patients transitioning from female to male reported a history of suicide attempts and self-injury than those transitioning from male to female. The study is published in Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, the journal of the American Association of Suicidology.

Adults who think they are of the wrong gender need help: psychological and mental assistance. They do not need hormones, chemicals and surgery. And three- and four-year-olds do not need any of this insanity foisted upon them. Let them be children, and stop playing adult games with them. That is not being loving or compassionate.

That is child abuse pure and simple.

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19 Replies to “The Trans Assault on Women and Children – and Everything”

  1. This is so sad and has escalated very rapidly. Doctors may be forced to do gender reassignment surgery or face their career declining. Teachers who speak out against Safe Schools lose work.

  2. To add to the madness I heard a lawyer speaking on ABC radio. He (David) is now she (Heather) who has also legally changed his/her birth certificate. When they mentioned the last name of the individual it suddenly dawned on me that he/she was the lawyer who witnessed my will. If David no longer exists and the birth certificate only acknowledges Heather who the heck was the signing witness to my legal documents and are they even still legal? Now I have to follow up to see if I need a valid witness or not – this is madness. By the way Heather has only ever had an attraction for women (as per a newspaper article I found applauding this transition), so does that mean he/she/? is a transgender gay/lesbian – boy it’s hard to keep up with the options!!!
    Love your work Bill, keep being a champion for truth!

  3. Surely a “birth” certificate is exactly that. It’s a “BIRTH” certificate, not a how-I-changed-my-mind certificate.

  4. Thank you for this post. It is truly awful the attack on the rights of women and children.

    In Victoria there is also currently a Bill before parliament to allow people to change their ‘sex’ on their birth certificate to male, female or other without surgery or any other confirmation other than their request (and someone who has known them for 12 months vouching for them). If it passes it will legally open up toilets, women’s shelters etc to biological men. The Australia Christian Lobby (ACL) is currently asking people to write to members of parliament. You can write a letter via their website at:

    Please write a letter and do what we can for children and women’s rights. Thanks.

  5. These revelations are absolutely frightening. This collection of events indicates that this nonsense is being accepted across the Christian world.
    However it does not make sense that the supporters of “safe” schools and marriage equality are the same people who support and encourage the acceptance of Islam and Islamic refugees.
    Surely they should be held to account for this hypocrisy?

  6. Thinking of the poor children who mostly grow out of this phase, but are now being preyed on and trapped and surgerized; that’s worth 2 blood pressure pills.
    Mrs korkowski had the answer for any lewd behavior by a first grader.
    WWTS what would trolls say? They’re such brilliant fake stones.

  7. A child of three or four years of age shouldn’t even know anything about ‘transitioning’ to a different gender. For goodness sake, I grew up in a family of boys – plus all boy cousins. We played together all the time – at home as well as at School. I often said that I wished I could be a boy, simply because they were allowed to do some things that I was not allowed to do – like climbing trees (I did it anyway, as children do). These days I would be in for surgery before being able to say ‘Bob’s your Uncle!’. Actually, I was quite happy being a girl, and loved it when we started growing up and my brothers would stand when I came into a room, and opened doors for me etc. I’m so glad that I had no idea about sexual matters until it was necessary for me to do so. Praise God for Christian parents.

  8. I think it sums up nicely the current star of Sodom and Gomorrah. Fortunately, we are never told in Scripture to live in Sodom. The LORD God helped Lot and Co leave. Abraham did more good on the Plains of Mamre than Lot did in Sodom – his daughters just ended up tainted (they thought sex with their Dad was just honky dory). I suggest we all pray and ask God to take us back to the Plains of Mamre, where we are sheltered from the storm, not living in the midst of it. I don’t want to be any where near Sodom when the wrath comes.

  9. It seems that encouraging trans identities in children (through ‘informing’ them at a young age) and then treating them as early as possible may all be about population reduction through sterilising children prior to adolescence when children usually then change their mind about wanting to be the other sex. Scientific research shows that around 90% or more children move out of gender dysphoria as they mature. Given there is no scientific basis for transitioning children so young, the desire to sterilise children seems to be the only thing that makes sense. It is so evil.

  10. Darn! I am so angry!! A child as young as three ‘transitioning”??? That is child abuse. You decrepit evil parents, teachers, politicians etc.. who subject children to this abuse. I hope you burn in hell! There!! got it off my chest!!! sue me, I dare you!!

  11. I foresee the time when all male prisoners will want to be transgenders – then request a transfer to a women’s prison. This will be the punishment the authorities deserve. Fun for everyone.

  12. This is socialised medicine and psychiatry where all the costs are meet by the tax payer, be it preventative ‘education’, or treatment for diseases, or castration. It’s the public ‘health system’ in practise, and now via the schools.

    People should be made to have sexual health insurance, where you pay a level of insurance that will cover your private matters, a place where the government and taxpayer has no unreasonable right to be in.

    If you are responsible with your sexual healthcare, then you and you spouse will pay zero.

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