Standing Up For the Babies, Again

Eight years ago the Australian state of Victoria passed one of the most liberal (read: most anti-baby) abortion laws in the world. So for eight years now we have been marching for the babies. Today was another chance for thousands of Victorians – and others – to tell the world we care about babies, and that it is wrong to murder thousands of them every year.

A beautiful Melbourne afternoon made it a great day to march, and having no protestors there trying to break up the rally, shout us down, and show how ‘loving’ they are was also a great plus. Perhaps it occurred to them that all the bad publicity they get each year when they engage in their frenetic and ugly activities was proving to be counterproductive, or they were at another rally in the city taking place at the same time.

There was a large police presence at our march, as there has been for the past few years, which may also be part of the reason why the protestors stayed away this year. The police have been doing a superlative job lately in keeping them away from the thousands of peaceful prolife marchers, which includes plenty of children, parent and grandparents.

In fact an article in this morning’s Herald Sun spoke about the police presence at both rallies:

Police will be out in force in Melbourne CBD today with two separate protests planned in the city. The Equal Love Rally for Marriage Equality will be held at the State Library of Victoria between 1pm and 3pm. Anti-abortion protesters will also be staging a demonstration in the city this afternoon.
A Victoria Police spokeswoman said: “Those in the Melbourne CBD today might see a larger than normal police presence due to two scheduled protests this afternoon. While there are no expected threats, the extra police will be on hand to ensure community safety and so visitors to the city can go about their business with as few disruptions as possible.”

babies-16-2But wait a minute, notice how even this short piece has all the usual bias and prejudice. Did they call the other rally an ‘anti-marriage and anti-family’ event as it really was? No, they used the very name provided by the organisers.

Yet for our march they called it an ‘anti-abortion’ action, instead of what it really was: “March for the Babies: Equality for the Unborn”. So once again the media allowed the secular left to set the agenda on all these matters. So I was quite interested to see what the six o’clock news would have to say about the two rallies.

I flicked back and forth between channels 7 and 9, and could find nothing! There would be good reasons for this it seems. As to our march, the media does not want to give our side any airtime. They do not want the truth about the slaughter of the innocents to get out into the general public – so they suppress as much of it as they can.

It seems the only reason they broadcasted it in past years was because the protestors were there. The media thrives on controversy, and on putting their own spin on it. So in past rallies we might have had 50 protestors screaming their lungs out seeking to cause as much turmoil as they could, and 4-5000 peaceful pro-lifers, but the evening news would run with a story like this: ‘Anti-abortion protestors clashed with pro-choice supporters”.

So there was no coverage at all it seems. But why did they also not seem to cover the ‘homosexual marriage’ rally? Well, there might be a very good reason for that as well: I went to an online Melbourne homosexual site to see how they reported it, and they had pics of the event. Judging by those photos, perhaps only 25 or 30 people showed up! No wonder they did not want to run with a story like that.

If maybe at least 50 people or so showed up, the media could have put their usual spin on it: ‘Hundreds rally for equal love, blah blah…’ So no major media coverage that I could see on either one.

But let me get back to our rally. As usual, we met at the Treasury Gardens, and then marched peacefully and cheerfully with balloons and banners to Parliament House. Liberal MP Bernie Finn again led the proceedings, with three main speakers: MLC Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins, Dr Roland von Marburg, and Kay Painter from the US.

All gave terrific talks, reminding us of why we march each year: because we love the babies and we love the women who so often are being forced to have them killed. And Kay told of a young American gal who worked all year to save money so she could make the trip just to be with us at the rally this year. She gave us a brief greeting. Now that is commitment. Yet some Australians think travelling 50 kilometres is too much!

After a rousing singing of Amazing Grace we then marched some more – this time, as we did at least once before – to the infamous abortion mill in East Melbourne. This time however things were a bit different. While in the past we could go right up to this institution of death, this time we were prevented from doing so.

You see, another evil act of Parliament passed under the Dan Andrews’ Labor Government was a diabolical buffer zone law which actually prevents all concerned pro-lifers from coming within 150 metres of this killing fields. Imagine that: the state government actively promotes and encourages the killing of little unborn babies in this facility – and others like it – but has made it illegal to go anywhere near it.

Even if you just want to silently and peacefully pray there, or offer women some loving care if they want it, the state has said this is verboten. So, baby killing is fine, but loving women and their babies is out of bounds. How perverted is that?

Let me close by sharing the story of a good friend of mine who was at the rally. He had a very interesting conversation with a lone pro-abort while near the East Melbourne abortuary, and it is well worth sharing here:

This afternoon I had the satisfaction of taking the smarmy grin off a Sex Party supporter’s face at March For the Babies exactly 150 metres from the East Melbourne abortion mill. Standing a few metres from me, he tried to look mock outraged at the comparison of abortion to Auschwitz that Bernie Finn made during a speech to the crowd… and something inside me snapped.
I have had more than enough of people who want to effectively facilitate learning nothing from history, especially when I have actually walked the railway line inside Camp II all the way up to where the gas chambers were filled with people and Zyklon B, and the ovens ran hot. A major reason the Holocaust happened was that some people had convinced themselves that these people weren’t human – exactly the same today as people convince themselves the unborn are not deserving of full human rights.
So I stopped filming Bernie and walked up to this guy and asked him why he laughed at the comparison. I told him I saw him laugh and I wanted to know why he thought that was funny. He just tried to wave me away but I made sure he remembered he couldn’t answer the question. He was snickering just a few seconds before, but now didn’t have the guts to tell me why. I was angry but I didn’t shout at him or anything, but he sure was whining to police when I walked away. Poor snowflake thought I ‘got in his face’, when really I only went within about a metre of him and confronted him with his own shallow morality.
I have to admit, my response even surprised myself, but I couldn’t take this guy’s inward mockery and flat out evil any more. Honestly, I cannot adequately convey just how much I would like to formally debate any of these leftist clowns one-on-one, especially on this topic. The unborn are human, anything else as a primary consideration on this topic is twisting truth. And on the way home, how chilling the realisation was to me that the line of police stopping the protest at the buffer zone boundary were empowered by politicians in power who thought just like that regressive Sex Party extremist.
I was born in East Melbourne to German parents who grew up in the Nazi era and saw much of it firsthand. Yeah, I think my patience wears a little thin now and then on some things, especially basic human rights for life and freedom. Did you enjoy our glorious spring day? About 20,000 Victorians annually never get to see just one.

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  1. Another great rally for our most defenceless. Thank you for standing up to this poor man. I expected little or no coverage from the main stream media and, sadly, was not disappointed there. I had not thought about the wording of the HeraldSun until you pointed this out so that you (my eyes will be more aware now).
    God bless you and so do the babies that are saved.

  2. Hi Bill,

    I’ve been reading your website for a short time and feel very similarly to you on many of the issues you cover.

    What I’m wondering is if there’s a point at which abortion is sometimes a choice that makes sense – I’m talking about very early stage, for victims of rape or incest. Is there a line where it might be considered as a morally acceptable choice? Or is all abortion wrong as soon as conception has occured?

    I’m completely against these late stage abortions but I’m unsure about earlier ones. I know pro-abortion people often use the rape situation to advocate any kinds of abortion.

    Kind Regards,


  3. “it is wrong to murder thousands of them every year” is wrong in two ways. Firstly it’s tens of thousands in Victoria every year and 100,000 every year in Australia. Abortion is the leading cause of death in Australia – a plane load of babies every day. Secondly, it’s not just wrong, it’s evil.

  4. The same hypocrisy the main stream media showed is apparent in the lines of Dr Seuss when he wrote “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” in Horton Hears A Who but when a Pro Life group tried to use this line they were told Dr Seuss actually financially supported abortion providers.

  5. After all these years I note that abortions are still carried out in the side streets.

  6. Indeed it was a great day and march. I have been inspired over the past few matches at the growing number of younger people (read 18-25) who are marching. It inspires me to really believe that down the track, we just might win this battle.


  7. Bill,
    I wonder how many of those that marched voted for the Andrew’s government?
    Many of us elect pagan representatives to parliament and then get upset about the consequences.
    Certainly in Victoria “Christians” who do not believe in the lordship of Jesus Christ in how they vote have created a rod for their own backs.
    Many “Christian” leaders in Victoria voted for the Andrew’s government and I suspect will continue to do so. Years ago they voted for Gareth Evans who wanted children to have full sexual freedom & protection from the influence of Christianity. ( page 11 SMH 7May 1976).
    They certainly got their wish!

  8. Just on media misreporting of numbers at ‘gay’ marriage events, in 2012, after the Tasmanian Government announced homosexual marriage legislation, there was a rally in support outside Parliament House in Hobart. Apparently, not enough people turned up for the gay movement’s liking, so the Sunday Tasmanian ran it as a human interest story, with large photos of three gay couples, who weren’t even there.

    Below these, there was a tiny picture, taken from behind, of nine people and two dogs on Parliament lawns, captioned as “hundreds of people” (Sunday Tasmanian, 12/8/2012, p. 3).

  9. Bill,

    How does it feel living in Stalingrad in the USSV (United Socialist State of Victoria)?

    I can not believe that an Australian state has swung so far to the left and that the general population seems oblivious to the changes and the effects on their freedoms.

    Victoria was once a bastion of conservative values.

    Reminds me of the frog in a pot which is being heated.

    I commend all those who are marching and raising issues but where is the general public?

  10. I have been doing some reading over the last few weeks to get a feel for what it like when it is illegal to disagree with the government and its thought police. I read of the consequences for people who did disagree and their journey to prison.

    It is horrifying to realise that if you are asked about your view on marriage and you say that you don’t believe it is the province of every Tom, Dick and homosexual, or your views on abortion which are that every abortion kills a baby and the next day Dictator Dan’s thought police come to your house and haul you off…not for you to give evidence at a trial of your impure thoughts but to jail for having them.

    I am totally convinced now that is what will happen if Dictator Dan and Bill Shortsighted gets their way and has immorality legalised.

    If the church does not stand up, stand up for Jesus and righteousness because they do not want to rock the boat, the day will come when there will be no boat to rock, only fully paid trip to prison or a straightjacket to silence.

    If that happens churches and christian organisations will rue the day as the homosexuals destroy their church or ministry because you cannot refuse them employment.

  11. Hi Bill,
    I have been without electricity due to the recent winds here in Victoria and was happy to be finally able to check your website and find another great write-up from you of this event. I can’t be sure, but I think I might have even spotted you in the crowd, Bill!

    I believe they covered the march in a positive light on 3AW, at around 1pm Saturday when the march was underway.

  12. Hello Bill!
    I did not get to march for the unborn babies this year, but I did march 2 years ago with several thousand others. At that time, we all copped a lot of abuse from the sidelines from people yelling obscenities and calling us all sorts of names. We also copped eggs being thrown at us. One protestor came right up to me and yelled at me saying I should respect women. I answered by saying we should all respect those unborn babies who are deliberately killed for no reason other than they are a nuisance.

    Marching for those unborn babies left an impression on me. I did not like the brightly-coloured red, white and blue balloons and what I perceived to be a carnival-like atmosphere. That annual march is not supposed to be a joyful occasion. After all, we are supposed to be commemorating the thousands of unborn human beings being deliberately and unjustly put to death in our city.
    I think we need to change our approach to this march. If we really want to change the current abortion law, I think we must show our community that we are taking away innocent lives. We must object to this slaughter in the strongest way possible. S, do away with the brightly-coloured balloons. Do away with the carnival-like atmosphere. Instead, let us all wear simple black tops /t-shirts without any writing on them. Let us have around our necks small white stoles representing our Christian belief and wish that each aborted baby be baptized in Christ. Let us all march together in silence with our heads bowed. No talking. No praying. Just marching in complete silence. We are commemorating those who have died.
    In my view, such a march would have more impact on our community than what we’re doing at present.

    John Ferwerda

  13. Thanks John. When most people think of babies they think of joy, happiness, life, etc. The balloons were meant to celebrate life – to contrast with the culture of death. But of course I am not an organiser of the march. So you might want to take your comments to them and see what they think. Maybe start with Bernie Finn.

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