Australia’s Leading Cultural Marxist?

I realise that many contenders for this title could be mentioned, but it is becoming clear that one man is head and shoulders above all the rest at the moment. I refer to Victorian Labor Premier Dan Andrews, who has unleashed some of the most destructive anti-faith and anti-family policies yet witnessed in this nation.

Yes there are many political and social activists working overtime to destroy this country as they relentlessly promote all things inimical to freedom, faith and family. But the diabolical zeal and passion of Andrews in all this is breathtaking to behold.

One ugly destructive initiative after another springs forth from this guy. He really does seem to hate all that is good, and love all that is evil. I have written numerous articles now on his ugly agenda to promote all things foul and foolish, while doing all he can to implement and enforce anti-Christian bigotry. See a few of my recent pieces on him:

He has already done enough to well and truly earn the title of Australia’s Most Diabolical Cultural Marxist. But his bloodlust seems insatiable. He keeps coming up with new assaults on Victorians, especially Victorian children. We all know he is running full steam ahead with the wretched “Safe Schools” program, and now he is unleashing more anti-child madness on us all. Consider this recent news item:

Pictures of both boys and girls doing the dishes and kicking the footy, and examples of female firefighters and male receptionists, will be used in classrooms from prep in a push to smash gender stereotypes. The State Government has released the new “respectful relationships” education curriculum to be mandatory at all state schools from 2017, one of the recommendations arising from the royal commission into family violence.
Preps will be taught the basic names of their private parts to equip them to report any abuse, and students of all ages educated in challenging male and female-based labels in the playground, classroom and workplace. VCE students will be educated in “gender literacy” and taught terms such as pansexual, cisgender and transsexual, while year 7 and 8 pupils will learn the meaning of the word “intersex”.
The age-appropriate resources, developed by the Youth Research Centre and the University of Melbourne, aim to stop gender-based violence and discrimination, and to develop a better understanding of diversity. One game teaches year 1 and 2 pupils that some kids have two mums or two dads.

andrews-9As if the Unsafe Schools agenda was not enough (which will also become compulsory in Victoria in 2017). This is yet more radical gender bending activism being rammed down the throats of children as young as five. This is indoctrination and social engineering at its worst.

And this is child abuse pure and simple. Trying to sexualise innocent children at such an early age fits right in to the Kinsey playbook, but it has nothing to do with the wellbeing of children. This is about adult activists despoiling our children, turning them into pawns of their radical sexual and Marxist agendas.

But I am not alone in my concerns. Already a number of helpful commentaries on this lunacy have been penned. Since I like to give credit where it is due, and not reinvent the wheel, let me finish by drawing upon some of these helpful commentators.

Andrew Bolt was quick off the mark. He has rightly warned about this attack on our children and our values:

The Left’s inherent authoritarianism is so clear to see in the power-maddened Socialist Left government of Daniel Andrews. Having control over Victorian students, it now wants to force on them an ideology that demonises men and preaches at girls a disabling victimhood….
The sheer impertinence of Labor politicians and Leftist bureaucrats to think they have a right to impose their ideology onto the children of others, including the children of the parents who definitely disagree with their toxic ideology. What kind of person thinks they can misuse power like this?

Education expert Kevin Donnelly put it this way:

Hot on the heels of the Marxist-inspired Safe Schools Coalition program, which also originated in Victoria and has gone national, primary children as young as seven and eight are being taught domestic violence always involves women as the victim and that the primary cause is because men are guilty of “hegemonic masculinity”. This is described as the dominant form of masculinity requiring “boys and men to be heterosexual, tough, athletic and emotionless, and encourages the control and dominance of men over women”….
Ignored is that poverty, alcohol and depression also contribute to domestic violence, and that rates of domestic violence are a significant problem for particular groups in society such as indigenous Australians and the LGBTI community.
As well as demonising men, the program has a Marxist definition of gender. Like Safe Schools, gender is “created as a result of the social and cultural expectations about what is acceptable, appropriate or desirable”. Children are told they can identify as whatever gender they desire as gender is determined by “how individuals understand identity including being a man or a women, transgender, gender queer and other gender positions”.
Children are warned about “heteronormativity”, where it is wrong to assume that because 98 per cent of Australians identify as heterosexual there is something normal about it. In 2004 I published Why Our Schools are Failing and I warned about the cultural left’s long march through the education system to indoctrinate children with its ideology. The march continues.

Finally, columnist Rita Panahi is scathing in her criticism of this leftist propaganda:

Remember when schools focused on the traditional foundations of education: reading, writing and arithmetic?
Parents can look forward to a few additional Rs being added to the curriculum when the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program is rolled out at Victorian schools next year.
Instead of worrying about literacy and numeracy, the State Government appears preoccupied with filling young minds with ideological drivel based on activist research that paints boys as predators and girls as perpetual victims….
Professor of clinical psychology Kim Halford, from the University of Queensland, casts doubt on the wisdom of adopting simplistic “boys are bad, girls are good” gender theories: “Programs that only focus upon alleged male power and misogyny as the sources of violence grossly oversimplify a complex problem.”
Sadly, the State Government has allowed itself to be captured by the most toxic elements of the grievance industry. Rather than instilling in children the notion that we are all equal, regardless of gender, sexuality, colour or creed, we will introduce them to the unhealthy culture of identity politics before they can write their own names. Schools can teach children to be decent and respectful without brainwashing them with activist research that pits the sexes against each other and paints every boy as a potential rapist and every girl as a downtrodden victim.

Yes, real education has long ago disappeared in Victoria and much of Australia and the West. It has been replaced by social and political propaganda by the cultural Marxists who are intent on brainwashing our children to embrace their dastardly agendas.

As Thomas Sowell rightly stated, “Education is not merely neglected in many of our schools today, but is replaced to a great extent by ideological indoctrination.” Yep, and Dan Andrews and his Labor government is a prime example of this.

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  1. According to the reasoning of the gender-benders, we are all whatever gender we decide to identify with, and we men could just call ourselves something else and then no one could blame us for male violence. But then I am perhaps expecting common sense and logical reasoning where they will not be found.

  2. It’s as if the enlightenment never happened. Apparently we require no evidence for these claims, just the political will and hatred of everything good. From what I have seen of the statistics, alcohol and drug abuse and mental illness (including LGBT) are far and away the major predictors of domestic violence and extremely clearly so. We also have a mountain of empirical evidence as to the differences between the sexes. We are created slightly different for a reason because that is how synergy works.

    Psa 69:14 Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink; let me be delivered from those who hate me, and out of the deep waters.
    Psa 69:15 Do not let the flood of waters overflow me, nor let the deep swallow me up, and let not the pit shut its mouth on me.
    Psa 69:16 Hear me, O Jehovah, for Your loving-kindness is good; turn to me according to the multitude of Your tender mercies.
    Psa 69:17 And hide not Your face from Your servant; for I am in trouble; hear me quickly. (MKJV)

  3. One can understand the imprecatory Psalms. To hell with Daniel Andrews. The only hope for him would seem to be if God should come to him to frighten the hell out of the man. To clear his head and renew his conscience to make him understand he needs the sin-bearing death on the Cross of Gods’ only begotten Son to clear him and forgive him and restore his sanity (like Nebuchadnezzar). Pity this foolish and predatory despot. Deliver us our Father from this evil, Your promise is to us and to our children and to all that the Lord our God shall call. Victorias’ believers call out to God as the Psalmist says “I call aloud to God that He may hear me.” God will hear if we mean it! For God to HEAR is for God to ACT.

  4. I have just now read Wikipedia on Bernard of Cluny, Bill because this morn I picked up his 15 [!] verse hymn part of which is called Jerusalem The Golden. What a man! You are better informed than the holy Bernard but you are in the same ‘business’ or should I say Spirit. May our God use your work to move the Royal Priesthood to save Victoria and Australia. Literally.

  5. With respect to domestic violence, this article in Life News recently is particularly instructive. A small excerpt:

    “Domestic violence used by women against men is a phenomenon that has received little attention within the media, academia and the political elite. Despite this lack of attention, for nearly four decades the best research indicates that men are also frequently the targets of domestic violence. And yet, the media and our political/judicial elite often frame domestic violence merely as “violence against women”, thus generating the false and misleading assumption that males are always the aggressors and are more capable of harming their female partners.”

    Read the whole article. You’ll be surprised, I’m sure.

  6. And now we see a very sad day for freedom and freedom of speech with the very obviously corrupt court in Ireland finding against the human rights of the owners Ashers Bakery saying :
    “The fact that a baker provides a cake for a particular team or portrays witches on a Halloween cake does not indicate any support for either,” the lord chief justice said.

    This is an absolute and complete betrayal of very basic human rights.

  7. I am curious as to how the Unsafe Schools agenda got into our school system. There was no vote in parliament for it, yet it seems to modify it, or get rid of it, it needs a parliamentary vote. This article focuses on the aberrations of Daniel Andrews: seems he is a one man band. Some of the changes to schools and the indoctrination of children seem to be facilitated without parliamentary approval and just implemented by the “education” dept. How come? Surely the overall Federal parliament has some say? Can the Federal Government override this attack on our society, the desecration of our education of our children, this is so serious to the future of this nation (not just Victoria) surely there is someone in authority who can stop this in it’s tracks? There must be an overriding authority or how else do we govern this country against those who want to overtake in the interests of destroying it: as the article says Andrews is leading the charge. Is he the “now” leader in Australia? From small things big things grow and he is certainly growing a big overtake in the education system and we all know that to indoctrinate a people, start with the children…that’s how child suicide bombers are indoctrinated. Are our Federal leaders and the labour party elected in Victoria so ignorant? Those who just hear and agree and allow… the mind boggles as to what can and will happen to Australia if SSM is allowed.

  8. Lesley, pre-tertiary education in Australia is a state matter. The federal government doles out less than 10% of the total education budgets in Australia and they run no schools. However, you’re still partly correct. Have state parliaments debated and voted on this stuff? I don’t know.

    “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” 2Thes2:9-12 (NIV)

    I believe (this is personal opinion) that we’re seeing this scripture beginning to be played out before our very eyes. I’m scared, terrified, even horrified, and yet incredibly encouraged by what I see happening in the world.

  9. Dan Andrews will ask “what is that burning smell? Have we run out of CFA volunteers? Have I got sunburn? Have I got a colostomy bag? What the Hell is happening”. Then a voice will say “Depart from me ye cursed for I know you not” But I am Daniel Andrews I brought in safe schools, refused to stop late term abortions; stopped inequality go ask my mouthpiece Farah Tomazin” Andrews needs our prayers – that he will change or that God will remove him from office.

  10. He was once described as a devout Roman Catholic (Wikipedia). He has now presumably had a dark night of the soul and, disillusioned, has ditched his catholicism and gone over to the social engineering of cultural Marxism . He has apologised to homosexuals for past persecution and has taken up the cause against family violence. These are good causes in themselves but surely social engineering based on wrongdoings of a minority should not be imposed on the rest of the world. He has opted for the progressive, globalist agenda and is in a position of power to promote this and sadly rejected God, as far as I can see.

  11. Bill,

    It is as though your are living in Stalingrad of the south in Australia, so radical and destructive are the ways of Comrade Andrews.

    What is wrong with the voters in Victoria?

    Frog in water being boiled? Apathetic?

    From the radical agenda I would expect huge protests in the streets, but little or none.

    A little folding of the hands….

    Wake up Victoria – there is a thief stealing your children and your future!

  12. Sadly there is no one in the Libs to challenge him, since they basically agree with the Labor Party.

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