Mother Punished For Loving Babies

A wonderful woman, a single mother with 13 children, has just found out that her deep care for unborn children will cost her dearly. For daring to show love to mothers who are heading off to the abortion mills, she has just been slugged with a very hefty fine.

So in the People’s Republik of Victoria where the Dan Andrews’ government has declared war on faith, family, and freedom, this wonderful mother now has to pay the price. Victoria is clearly the most anti-Christian, secular left state in the nation, and those who dare to defy its evil decrees will be strongly punished.

I have written before about this brave warrior for life, Kathy Clubb:

This is what Kathy has just posted:

Today at the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court, I was found guilty of prohibited behaviour within an abortion facility exclusion-zone. For the crime of offering help to women, I was fined $5000 – which is fortunately not the maximum penalty. Many thanks to everyone who has been praying for me and for my lawyers: your prayers are never wasted. We will continue to draw attention to this unjust law.

Yep, this is what Dictator Dan’s police state looks like – those who love babies WILL be punished! Kathy provides background to what just took place today. Let me share it with you:

About My Legal Challenge to Victoria’s Safe Access Zones

In August 2016, I was arrested for offering help to a couple outside a Melbourne abortion business. The arrest was made under Victoria’s Safe Access Zone Amendment. For the past 15 months, I’ve made many appearances in the Magistrate’s Court, and today, October 11th, the magistrate found me guilty. I’ve been fined $5000 for attempting to save a baby from being killed and for trying to save its parents from a lifetime of regret.

What are ‘safe-access’ zones?
‘Safe-access’ zones are found in several countries and are really exclusion zones – also known as buffer or bubble zones. They create spaces where pro-lifers are prohibited from witnessing publicly about abortion. The prohibited behaviour may include silently praying, holding signs, conversing about abortion or approaching abortion-minded mothers. These zones usually take the form of a circle with an abortion facility in the centre, although some are floating zones around the mothers themselves. The size of the zones varies in different parts of the world, with some as small as 6 metres. Two Australian states have the largest zones in the world: 150 metres. In Victoria, the penalties are particularly severe.

Who benefits from exclusion zones?
The main beneficiary from bubble zones is the abortionist. It’s not uncommon for women to choose life for their babies outside abortion facilities where life advocates gather, and this means lost revenue for abortionists. By enacting exclusion zones, abortion providers are more likely to be able to take the life of each child scheduled to be killed that day, which means more income. It’s simple math.

Who is harmed by exclusion zones?
Everyone is harmed by exclusion zones. Abortion providers and their staff have less chance of acknowledging the truth about their gruesome business and leaving the industry. Law-makers and the general public have fewer opportunities to learn the truth about abortion, or even that a facility exists in their midst.
Experience has shown us that there are some mothers who will choose life at the eleventh hour, right outside the facility that is scheduled to kill their children. These mothers say things like: “If not for the pro-life advocates outside that abortion clinic that day and the advice they offered about other options, I would also have ended that pregnancy – and my beautiful daughter would not be here today.”
These distressed women need an offer of help at that crucial moment. ‘Safe-access’ zones deny these women that final choice. The opportunity for mothers to change their minds and accept help at the last moment is all but destroyed. Parents and partners also lose the ability to try and influence a mother to choose life for her child. More babies die and are lost to the world forever. Another facet of exclusion zone legislation is the infringement on our freedom of political communication and on religious freedom. These laws are totalitarian in nature.

The Spiritual Dimension
If you believe, as I do, that humans possess an immortal soul and can be guilty of very serious sin, then you’ll agree that exclusion zones decrease the chance for conversion and repentance from the grave sin of abortion.
In places without exclusion zones, mothers who leave an abortion facility after an abortion are sometimes met by pro-lifers who can offer them the hope of forgiveness, direct them to counselling or even affirm their dignity by simply make eye contact. Exclusion zones also take away that hope from post-abortive mothers.

As Kathy just told me: “All I did was offer help to women outside an abortion facility. I was trying to save a baby and to save its parents from a lifetime of regret.” She also told me: “I’m very concerned about the impact of this law on our freedom of political communication.”

She continued: “We must definitely pray for our parliamentarians, who need their eyes opened to the horrors of abortion.” Yes we sure do Kathy. So many of them are utterly clueless about all this. We must get the truth about abortion – and this terrible law – out there.

Kathy, you are an inspiration. We need to do all we can to help this courageous woman. We need to start a crowd funding campaign for her. Anyone know how to do this? We love you Kathy! You are a true champ! Keep standing strong and God bless you!

At the end of this link you can find a place to help donate to Kathy:

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33 Replies to “Mother Punished For Loving Babies”

  1. Thanks for writing this story up, Bill. I’m very grateful for all you do for Life and for alerting your readers to the destruction and evil of abortion.

  2. Well done Kathy, we need more strong women standing up for what is right in Victoria because it feels very much like the beginning of a communist state and being the mother of 6 children I feel very uneasy about that.

  3. Kathy Clubb – thank you for being a William Wilberforce for our generation and standing for life when so many crumble under opposition. You are a great friend and a champion of champions. For the babies. For the mothers. For life. For our Nation. We will stand. Love you Kathy.

  4. Pre-Christian days, I had two abortions. I justified it as my right to having as much sex as I wanted, being young and ‘free’. Read, ‘stupid’. I used abortion as a contraceptive method, because I didn’t trust the side effects of the contraceptive pill.

    Now, as a Christian, and as a wife and mother, I wonder what my children would be to this world and to me. How they could have blessed so many, and had children of their own.

    It is a regret that I shelve, and have to hand over to God. He can bear it, where I cannot, if I think too long on it.

  5. Kathy thank you for being a voice for the un-born and thank you Bill for this article. The governments needs their eyes opened. I wish I was in the position to be able to donate, but my bank balance says no! However, you will both be in my prayers. Victoria and indeed Asutralia needs more warriors for Christ, just like you.

  6. Last year, I had a Facebook email exchange with someone. She was surprised I was against abortion. She ended saying these are ‘minuscule babies without souls’ where she quickly changed the word ‘babies’ to ‘body’s. And this is coming from someone who is an atheist.

  7. You’re a wonderful person Kathy, and an inspiration to us all.
    Thank you Bill, for posting this.

  8. Thank you and God bless you. If the sign in the river says NO SWIMMING it would be criminal not to swim out to rescue a drowning child!!

  9. The safe places are proliferating – especially in universities and schools. They are for snowflakes who must not be confused or made anxious by anything they see, hear or touch. Indeed anyone who is not directly made anxious themselves but thinks that someone else might, is obliged to report the “crime.”

    Well they are in for shock when Jesus Christ returns and there will be no safe place to hide. Come Lord Jesus.

  10. Next year’s March for the Babies in Melbourne promises to be an important one. It will be held on October 13, 2018, which is about 6 weeks before the next state election in Victoria (as MP Bernie Finn pointed out last Saturday). Let’s hope for a big crowd – one that cannot be ignored by the mainstream media. Let’s also hope that pro-life opposition leader Matthew Guy is elected next year and we can say goodbye to Daniel Andrews.

  11. Despite exclusion zones being legislated under Tasmania’s Reproductive Health Act (Access to Terminations) 2013, the police will not say where these zones are. Inspector Glen Woolley of the Tasmania Police Hobart Division says on police letterhead, 12th March 2014:–

    I am not in a position to provide you with this information

    The police refer such enquiries to the Department of Health, but they say–

    It is not the Department’s intention at this time to produce a map of Access Zones.

    So, how can the police know where the zones are, if there is no government-approved map?

  12. Thank you Kathy. You are giving these precious babies a voice, when nobody can hear their cries. We applaud you and will continue to uphold you with prayer, and tell your story, so the Truth will stand!!

  13. Thank you for trying to rescue babies being led away to slaughter. God bless and keep you and your family. You are our hero.

  14. It is not universally true that abortion is a woman’s unfettered choice. These postings to Emily’s Voice and notbornyet by journalist, Claire van Ryn prove the sad fact of male coercion, explicit or implicit, of pregnant partners into abortions: “His Name Was Noah…” URL: and “An Open Letter to Miss X” URL:

  15. I will donate 50$ to Kathy Clubb. To whom do I send it? Will some others join in & pay this insidious fine for her. Lets hope Andrews & his ilk will be swept from office at the next election.

  16. Thank you Leonie for sharing your story; that takes courage and indeed you are forgiven. One day you’ll meet your children in heaven, where God will wipe away every tear from every eye, and where salvation will be complete.

  17. “If the sign in the river says NO SWIMMING it would be criminal not to swim out to rescue a drowning child!!”
    Great post Chris Clarke. We must promote this concept. Say it over and over again! Mind if I borrow it Chris? If the wider movement seems to have missed this landmark verdict Kathy, it is because we are staring down the barrel of Dan’s euphemistically called Assisted Dying gun, to commence debate in the Victorian Parliament next Tuesday October 17. Just another reason to assist Daniel Andrews towards a dignified exit from parliament next November. That he could do this to you Kathy! Just give us time and we will gather momentum behind you. Well done!

  18. Again you’ve done it Bill. Thank you Kathy for your stand. We will see Mr. Andrews go …. he needs to take many with him too.

  19. Thanks Bill and Kathy,

    Today, I wrote an email to the Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy. The Victorian government legally demand that the packaging of cigarettes must have a graphic image of lung damage caused by smoking despite this image being offensive to smokers and this causes some smokers some level of anxiety and distress. However, Kathy Clubb was given a $5000 fine for handing to a couple a pamphlet about services to prevent the death of a living neonate. The Australian and Victorian government are spending billions of dollars to prevent family violence but the Victorian government allows mothers a right to legally kill their unwanted living neonate and we now know this life is only worth $5000. How much is this mother’s life worth if her spouse/partner killed her? Why do the Victorian government believe some lives are worth living and other lives are better off dead? An unwanted living neonate is the smallest and most vulnerable in a family and society. When men, women and children learn that all lives are precious no matter how big or small and powerful or vulnerable then we may be able to prevent family violence. Standing up against for the truth against evil may cost us our life like Bonhoeffer. If I stood up like Kathy then I would also lose my career. The Victorian government are playing with people’s conscience because they must tolerate the legal killing of unwanted neonates but not tolerate family violence. All Healthcare professionals know that life begins and conception but unwanted living neonates are treated as non-life or waste products which deserve death (abortion). The life and death of a neonate is determine if it is wanted by the mother or the state.

  20. Bravo Kathy! You are standing where many noble saints have stood before. This culture of death in our State of Victoria must not go unchallenged. I pray for you and the defeat of this wicked cult of death that afflicts our world today. God bless you and strengthen you as you speak for the silent ones who are slaughtered every day.

  21. She has no right to intimidate or harass women seeking an abortion. Good to see her pathetic attempt repeal laws around safe zones near abortion clinics failed.

  22. Thanks Tim. But your side has always insisted that abortion is a woman’s issue, and men should just butt out, and not speak to it. Or did I just assume your gender!? But we can easily call your bluff. Kathy and others of course simply stand peacefully at the abortion mills and pray. There is no intimidation or harassment whatsoever. Sorry, but lying to make a point is not how an argument is made. And it is a real pity that you seem to hate free speech, the right to peaceful protest, and democracy so much.

  23. Tim, Kathy has every right in a so-called democracy to offer women another option to abortion at these centres. Something the government fails to do. If you’d read the many stories of women changing their minds due to brave people like Kathy you might actually have a change of mind yourself.
    Perhaps read Bill’s insightful book on abortion.

  24. Tim Alisman, you obviously have no concept of what life is, as Ronald Reagan put it once – I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.

  25. The love and compassion that Kathy and others like her show towards mothers attending these centres is incredible. There is no shouting confrontation just a gentle offer of a life saving alternative. Anyone who says Kathy harasses people, is an ignorant liar who is happy to take up the leftist narrative with having even SEEN Kathy in person.
    It’s disgusting. People cry over goats and cows yet gloat and laugh with joy over the slaughter of a human child.

  26. Tim, hopefully one day you’ll realise how valuable life is. Meanwhile, you need to repent and get right before God because this applies to everyone. There are no exclusion zones. No exemptions. It’s appointed for man to die once and then comes the judgement.

  27. It has never been a ‘choice’ to kill human life before or after birth, it is not the mothers’ fault – they are often pressured into doing what they regret deeply afterwards. The momentary ‘relief’ is followed by years of sadness, anniversary remembrances. Kathy and Graham are ordinary ordinary citizens who speak in the midst of blindness, for the value of each human life, which endows each life with personhood from the beginning. Adopting out is better than killing a child and without doubt the child would agree.

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