Trans Sports Insanity

Seriously, has everyone lost their mind? Just a few short years ago nobody – except for a handful of radical sexual anarchists and androgynists – would ever have imagined that a guy could decide he no longer wants to be a guy, and simply will himself to be a girl. And worse yet, that he would demand the “right” to play as a female in female sports.

Until a few years ago one would have thought that it was sheer madness for a person to deny biology, deny reality, and even deny one’s DNA, and just decide to change one’s sex because one feels like it. This is the sort of stuff mental institutions would have previously dealt with.

And it is madness on the part of everyone else who actually assents to all this lunacy. It is both mad and dangerous. It is madness to agree with an anorexic young girl that she is way too fat and she needs to lose even more weight. Such “sympathy” could kill a person. There is nothing loving about that.

And it is the same with the trans madness sweeping the West over the past few years. And the most recent Australian case of this is beyond bizarre. It involves a big hefty guy who now thinks he is a girl and is demanding to play in woman’s footy. Yes, you heard that right.

Thankfully this time the normally politically correct AFL actually made a good decision. They said ‘no’. As one news item reports:

THE AFL has ignored Olympic guidelines by ruling transgender athlete Hannah Mouncey is too strong to play AFLW football. Just 20 hours before Mouncey, 27, was certain to be selected by a Victorian team at the AFLW draft an AFL panel ruled her ineligible.
Not only has she been allowed to play in the Canberra league, she has testosterone levels at just five per cent of the legal threshold for females. Mouncey on Tuesday night vowed to accept the AFL’s verdict and play AFLW in 2019 but it is not clear how she can prove her eligibility. A panel of AFL legal and medical experts considered her background, height and strength.
But the Herald Sun understands that their primary concern was the 190cm, 100kg ruckman was too physically dominant for the competition. The AFL was more worried about Mouncey using her size and strength to defeat opponents than any concern she might injure rivals.

Sadly, the reaction from the loony left was as predictable as it was pathetic. Many are calling this an outrage and are demanding that the decision be overturned. Plenty of legal cases will very likely soon emerge as we now demand the “right” for men to pretend they are women.

One opinion piece actually had this headline “AFL’s shameful fear of Hannah.” The commentator wrote: “Inclusion it seems is not for everyone and frankly that is a disgrace. It is a confusing and sad situation because Mouncey has basic human rights. You have to feel for her. She doesn’t want to be the face for transgender people. All she wants to do is play footy.”

Oh good grief. This guy is wrong in everything he said. Should I as an overweight senior citizen who has never played a game of footy in my life demand my “inclusion” and force the AFL to have me play? And a basic “human right”? Really? To play football? Since when? What UN document says that?

No, I do not feel for him. He is a bloke who has a mental disorder in thinking he is now a woman. He needs care and treatment, but no fake martyrdom status. He is NOT a victim. If he really wants to play footy, he can. He can play in the male league as a man – since that is what he is. End of story.

And if that sounds a bit strong, listen to the experts here. Dr. Paul R. McHugh is the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry. He has said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

He is absolutely right. But sadly the Mouncey episode is just one of many. As I have written before, we have had female athletes who have actually been taken to hospital as a result of playing against men who pretend they are women. See this piece for example:

Plenty of other sober-minded commentators have rightly bewailed the madness of letting males compete in female sports. This always penalises the women. And how exactly does this empower women? As Matt Walsh writes:

Please explain how this is all for their own good. After all, women cannot compete in women’s leagues if men are competing in women’s leagues. So, there will be no more women’s leagues. There will be men’s leagues and then cross dressing men’s leagues. I’m really hoping you can explain to my daughter and to all of our daughters how empowering it will be to witness the end of female athletic competition.
And, while you’re having this discussion, make sure you also explain how their silence and submission is, in this case, right and healthy. These girls are scared of speaking out and letting their feelings be known. They’re scared of saying they want their own leagues, and their own bathrooms, and their own identity. They’re scared of asserting their right to safety and privacy. But this is good, yes? Those bigots ought to be intimidated, right? They ought to just shut up and go along. Please tell them that. Please explain it. I don’t think they quite understand yet. Please, you pro-women folks, you women’s rights defenders, you protectors of female autonomy. Please come forward and lay it out clearly so everyone comprehends it. Say it just as it is, like this:
“No, girls, you don’t get your own bathrooms anymore. You don’t get your own leagues. You don’t get your own identity. Not if men want in. Shut up and let the man beat you. Let him take your gold medal. Let him disrobe in front of you. Let him do what he wants. You have no choice. The proclivities and fetishes of men must come first. The desire that you may have to retain and defend your own unique identity is transphobic. Shame on you. Your feelings are not legitimate.”

And another recent article offered this conclusion after looking in great detail at the hard evidence about male and female differences in sport:

Inequality of intelligence, Tocqueville writes, will always be with us. With apologies to Aristophanes, inequalities traceable to physical beauty and age are also hallmarks of human life. Such inequalities need not affect the principle of equal treatment and they add flavor to life.
Much the same can be said of sports. Sports are a vestige of the age of inequality. We celebrate and recognize excellence. We can identify the winners. We admire them for their excellence.
Teams with too much success—the Dukes, the Alabamas, the New England Patriots, the New York Yankees—are subject to a resentful, envious hatred. “Let someone else win” is a most democratic sentiment. Yet when these traditional powers play, we watch. Excellence fascinates us, and it brings out excellence in others. Nothing very important hangs on whether one team wins or another. We argue about it at the water cooler because, even in our democratic age, human beings admire excellence. Sports scream: “Some playing fields can’t be leveled. Some competitors are better than others!”
In this, sports speak the truth. There is no fine line between athletic accomplishments for women and men. Men are generally bigger, stronger, and faster. Where strength and speed and agility are the factors determining success, human beings watch men’s sports.
Sports bring out some of the differences between the sexes. Sports are valuable ballast in the American democratic regime. Would that we could acknowledge differences and celebrate them instead of burying them under a mountain of false hopes. Would that we could allow reality to govern our thoughts as they do our actions.
A sensible approach to equality in sports would be to acknowledge differences between men and women. Men are more interested in sports than women. Men are better at sports than women. We acknowledge the second reality through the very existence of women’s sports. We acknowledge the first reality in how we act.

Three cheers for reality – and biology. Three loud boos for political correctness which is killing women’s sport and may well result in some women being killed as well.

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  1. Excellent article. Very well written and articulated. Keep up the good work.

  2. They are allowing transgenders in the Olympics where in the recent ones in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, where a couple I think won gold medals. That was just plain wrong! It is even happening in some schools now. I think it was you Bill where you wrote that this will mean the death of women’s sports.

  3. It was an interesting position for the AFL to find itself in. They are constantly banging on about many left wing causes including strongly pushing the yes campaign so I think in the end they have shown themselves to be confused and hypocrites! On one level to be consistent they should have allowed him to play but on the other it would be completely ridiculous to allow it. The PC brigade have tied themselves in knots. The world has gone mad!
    Thank you Bill for your insights!

  4. Bill I’m waiting for those trans species types of people that I’ve seen to come out and demand their rights to enter dog competitions. After all, if guys can enter women’s sports because of his feelings, why then is it not the same for those that think they’re a dog? Or how about that one dude that thinks he’s a six year old girl, why isn’t the left pandering to his rights to enter schools? If the left doesn’t pander to above’s rights and thinks those people are deluded then that’d make them hypocrites.

  5. As Napoleon said: “its bad manners to interrupt the enemy when they are making mistakes”. The AFL including the VFL (Victoria football league) and HFL (homosexual league) is now reaping what it has sowed as for quite some time they have pushed for EQUALITY and now, all of a sudden it has come to bite it on the backside.
    “Hanna” is one sick puppy who needs medical attention and the AFL has been caught in its lunacy by denying this robust man to play with woman in a game of footy. Reason- too big and might overpower the other contestants. Since when has the AFL stopped a player because of size and strength? Indeed, the game of footy favours someone who has the edge on the field and size along with strength are seen as real assets.
    Now the AFL is a target for the loony LGBTIQ; Greens; Labor and every other nut case among us and its great to see how the loonies are hard at each other to sort out a mess created by their own stupidity. After all, if the AFL and the others accept transgender at will then this nut job “Hanna” has every right to demand its rights and the AFL is wrong to deny him err her err – whatever it is.
    The truth is that EQUALITY is a myth in every aspect of life and the AFL are beginning to learn that and the others will also learn the truth of it soon enough.
    John Abbott

  6. I have held the belief that we should call the social engineers bluff. We are told gender is not fixed. OK. Well lets go the whole way & showcase the Commonwealth Games in 2018. No gender based sport events. All humans are up against each other. What – come on. that’s not fair some cry out. Men (XY chromosome) will always win certain sports due to their anatomy & physiology. Then we have the Aust Open tennis in Jan 2018 – another opportunity to showcase the liberal thinking of Australia – no men’s & women’s events & cups. Its a “human persons” cup or trophy. All have to be willing to play 5 sets as we cannot discriminate. I wonder if there will be protests & on what basis considering its politically correct to downplay gender. Would Australia be seen as a world leader or a laughing stock & why. We cant have it both ways. When will common sense win & the social engineering be put back to sleep. Ninja Warrior set an example – one rule & no gender based reward but the outcomes always show a genetic bias as to performance based on anatomy & physiology.

  7. Victorian and ACT Human Rights Commission made trans government sport guides “Everyone Can Play”.

    @VEOHRC follows Fallon Fox on twitter. Fallow Fox is a man who gets paid on foxtel pay per view to punch women in the face. The @VEOHRC (Victorian Human Rights Commission) are feminists who claim to support “White Ribbon Day” Violence against women awareness campaign.

    So there you have it. You can support humans with penises being paid to punch women in the face as hard as they can on Foxtel Pay per view and support the campaign against violence to women at the same time whilst claiming not to be a hypocrite. And if you oppose your women being bashed up by people with XY chromosomes and a male physique for profit, the leftists and Australian mainstream media will cheer you being banned from the violent mixed-martial arts sport you are in for not loving a trans-on-woman beatdown…

  8. As Walsh notes, the logical outcome of permitting men-with-mental-illnesses to compete in women’s events will be sport being divided between men’s events and men-in-skirt’s events. I suspect the subsequent battle for equality would be to ensure that men-in-skirts receive comparable funding to men’s events to make up for the ‘misogyny’ of Australian TV watchers and sports fans.

  9. Thanks for this article Bill.

    The trans movement is inherently misogynist. It’s either women trying to run from themselves or men who think that ‘woman’ is just ‘a feeling men have + lipstick.’
    The trans movement is violent, Maria Miller, a 60 year old woman in the UK was punched in the face by a man who calls himself a woman. Pastel bloc (trans antifa) show up to pride marches with weapons. And the website TERF is a slur documents some of their online viciousness. Sterilising and mutilating children because they aren’t sufficiently stereotypical!
    The trans movement is delusional. A man who has had the physical benefits of male puberty – bone structure, muscle build, size – has NO PLACE tackling women. Especially when HE says this: “People have said ‘with how big you are you’ll probably hold back a bit so you don’t hurt anyone’ and I’m like, ‘well no, I’m not going to hold back, that defeats the whole purpose”

    Honestly, I’m very very angry about this. All of it.

  10. I saw a list from either the US Marines or the IDF, I can’t remember which, about the differences between males and females — lung size, muscle mass, bone mass, upper body mass, lower body mass,……there is over 30 different characteristics and they didn’t mention sexual organs etc. Given that doctors have long held concerns about footballers getting head injuries I’d suspect then that some will speak out about the matter.
    As for public toilets the safety and privacy of female elderly and disabled persons along with girls and pregnant women is now of serious concern, and of course for women in general.

    I can’t understand how senior police haven’t said anything yet — but after the doctors begin speaking they may well have to!

  11. Nice post Bill! Exactly what I’ve wanted to say myself.
    In the average local Parkrun (weekly 5km timed runs), the average man beats the average woman by at least 20%. In my case, only 3 women have ever beaten my local time, and I am a cyclist who does a bit of running, and I am 55 years old. With more training, the difference reduces so that at world record level women are consistently about 10% slower than men – from sprints to the marathon. At world level, the distance running women can’t have kids because they stop menstruating – they train so hard their body decides a baby is out of the question. But the rare true androgynous (male/female mixture) athlete like Caster Semenya simply mow down the opposition. This photo taken of him/her celebrating after she/he demolished the competition in the 800m says it all;
    Yeah – those women he/she beat probably trained harder and longer than him/her too.
    OK, so women’s sport will always have trouble with masculine women. But real, born males competing in women’s sport kills it completely. So if your daughter shows athletic potential, what to do? Talk them out of it?
    So, before feminism, women looked after the kids and men went to work. After feminism, women look after the kids AND go to work. Thanks Germaine Greer.
    Now, before trans, women had their own sports. After trans, women have no sports. Thanks you idiot media.
    Good job lefties – you punish women at every turn – just like the Islam and every other woman-hating culture that has ever blighted this planet.
    But the example of Jesus and the record of Christianity lifts women up to where they belong – true equality of value but distinctly different in roles. Enjoy the differences, and let women enjoy being women.

  12. This person looks more like an All Black prop forward than a potential woman’s league player. I recently listened to a speech by a well known and well respected speaker – respected that is in conservative circles – who on defining our present age, referred to it as “The Age of Absurdity”. Well, this madness takes the cake and we might as well prepare for more of the same…until the cake flops which it certainly will. Let us in the meantime prepare to hand to the following generations a theology of sanity.

  13. Deu_22:5 There shall not be the thing of a man on a woman, neither shall a man put a woman’s garment on. For all that do so are abominable to Jehovah your God.

  14. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for this brilliant, down to earth article. The issue is quite clear.

    The human mind is very complex and beautifully made but like the body has to be treated properly. Therefore, transgenderism and homosexuality are mental health disorders whatever their cause just as schizophrenia, anxiety and depression are.

    However, as Mike says the public toilet issue is a concern. If some commonsense is not shown on the issue in the future I think it is quite possible that we could soon hear of a case of a big burly man entering a female toilet because he identifies as women and the distress that will cause to the vulnerable, myself included.

    No wonder the government in its reform of HBF has made mental health treatment more affordable for young adults because they know mental illness of every kind is on the rise including transgenderism.

    I wasn’t surprised and thought it was a sign of the times when the MSM reported that it was now more common for young women to go to hospital for mental health treatment than it is for them to give birth. That situation can only be the result of the godless society they have been brought up in.

  15. Please advise me I am not a scientist but did learn that male and female have different chromosomes. Why do I not hear of this being a criteria to establish which sex you are and will remain. Everything is based on Scientific evidence these days so come up with the answer please.

  16. Very good article. There is a girl here who is going to participate in High School boys wrestling. Yes, that’s not a typo. Anybody who has watched or participated in wrestling knows it is a hands on, hands around, hands allover, contact sport. What in that respects or honors the femininity of females? And yes it is allowed by the governing board. So this problem goes both ways. To push this even further, is there, or is there not an identity crisis within the male gender? As I have lived my life, hardheaded and independent sometimes, other times on my knees submitting to my creator, I have learned one important truth. Man’s key attributes are to provide, and to protect. It is in our DNA. We were created with immense skills to have dominion over the land, mighty arms to encompass and protect our loved ones, or the downtrodden. Is that what you see being portrayed in today’s society? Is not the character and integrity of the man under a continual bombardment by the airwaves, the far left, and yes this transgenderization. So when someone, or a body, makes a stand for men, I applaud it. The core dynamics that draw fans to watch physical football is encompassed in the raw physicality of watching men be men, their strength, focus, willpower, their working in unison, sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the team. We identify with it, for in our complicated worlds things are skewed so much that we sometimes lose our own identity of what being a man looks like. So, as we survey this cancer in society, I guarantee you it is rooted deeper than we think.

  17. Patricia – it’s already happened overseas. Numerous times.

    In Australia, Evie Amati is in a women’s prison (he is accused of attacking 3 people with an axe at a 7/11 in Sydney), apparently ‘she’ needs to be released:
    “But her barrister Charles Waterstreet argued she should be released into the community as she was not receiving her hormone therapy and there was no endocrinologist at the prison.”

    I wonder how the women in prison with this violent man feel about it?

  18. If the AFL was truly into equality, they would scrap all male and female leagues and have just one. The Australian Football Person League and allow anyone to play in it.

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