Trans Sanity is Destroying Women (and Everything Else)

How many articles must one pen to alert us to the fact that the West is now but a shadow of its former self? It is so far down the mental and moral sewer that one wonders if it is any longer redeemable. And leading the way here is the utterly bizarre freak show known as the transgender revolution.

Everything it touches it destroys. Anyone foolish enough to run with this gender bender apocalypse will find their mind turning to mush. They will quickly find themselves with feet planted firmly in mid-air. The mind boggles just to witness this dark cloud of madness sweeping away everything in its path.

One thing we know for sure: you can choose one of two options here, but you can NOT have both. You can either side with reason, logic, reality, biology and even DNA, or you can side with the trans-sanity agenda. But you cannot cling to both simultaneously.

They are mutually exclusive. And the evidence of this is everywhere to be found. Consider just for a moment the land of fruit and nuts – California. The trans madness there is at fever pitch. The most recent bit of madness concerns some new bills that basically declare gender to be a fiction:

SB 179 changes the definition of gender, and creates a third legal gender: non-binary.
SB 310 simplifies the process for inmates to change their names and gender while in the custody of state or county prisons.
SB 396 gender identity sensitivity training: Businesses with over 50 employees will be required to provide at least two hours of training and education regarding harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Misgendering will be considered harassment.

As the California Family Council explains:

At the last possible moment on Sunday October 15, Governor Jerry Brown signed a series of bills that fundamentally change the definition of gender on government documents. The state of California no longer believes in the dictionary definition of a man or a woman, which says someone’s sex is determined by certain physical characteristics. Now in California any man can declare themselves a woman, and any woman can use the word “man” for self identification, no questions asked, no physical proof required.
The words “man” and “woman” now legally describe feelings, and those feelings don’t have firm definitions. Consequently, the words “man” and “woman” are meaningless. And if you don’t think the binary gender choices describe your subjective feelings, you can pick a new legal gender choice called “non-binary.” Feelings, not facts now determine reality.
This will not be the end of our journey into irrationality. It is just the beginning. Just watch what happens now that state leaders have established that feelings are more reliable than physical facts when determining what is real and what is true. God help us. Here is a brief description of the gender bills.

This is above all a war on women. Feminism has now gone full circle. The radical feminists told us decades ago that women are identical to men, that women can do anything a man does, that there are no differences between the sexes, and that a radical androgyny should be the way forward.

Well, all that hardcore social activism has now come back to bite them – big time. We are indeed witnessing the extinction of women. They are being assaulted in their own bathrooms by guys who identify as being females; they are being sent to hospitals by guys who identify as being females in sporting contests, and so on.

Scott Yenor speaks a bit more to how all this came about:

The transgender movement originates in the radical feminist project begun after World War II. The founding mother of radical feminism is French thinker Simone de Beauvoir, whose book, “The Second Sex,” was published in America in 1953.
Beauvoir begins her book by asking, “What is a woman?” Her answer sets the stage for subsequent feminist thought: “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.” Society makes or constructs a woman’s identity, not nature or God.
That socially constructed identity would eventually be called “gender.” If society would just stop pigeonholing girls into artificial feminine roles, second-wave feminists argue, they would no longer act as if they were “the second sex” and subordinate to men.

Now many feminists groups have declared war on the trans movement for undoing all they sought to achieve over the past half century. Consider just a few indications of this:

A 60-year-old woman was pushed to the floor and punched in the face during a row between feminists and trans activists at Speakers’ Corner. Police are investigating the incident which saw two groups, the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) and Trans Activists, fighting in Hyde Park on Wednesday. TERFS believe that trans women aren’t real women and should not be given the same rights. Maria MacLachlan, a ‘gender critical feminist’, was attacked at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park at about 7pm on Wednesday.

Leading feminist icon Germain Greer has of course lashed out at the very idea that trans women are in fact women. She said: “What I’m saying is it doesn’t make them a woman. And apparently people have decided that because I don’t think that post-operative transgender men, i.e., M-to-F transgender people, are women, I’m not to be allowed to talk.”

And feminists in Canada have recently condemned trans activism there:

Two feminists have charged that Liberal transgender “rights” bill will jeopardize women’s rights if it allows biological men into spaces that are for “female-born” women only.
Hilla Kerner, who spoke on behalf of a Vancouver rape crisis centre, and Meghan Murphy told the senate committee studying Bill C-16 that men who choose to be women are not the same as women.
Bill C-16 adds “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the Human Rights Code as prohibited grounds of discrimination, and to the hate crime section in the Criminal Code.
The Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter is “worried that well-intentioned legislation will be used to undermine the rights of women and the crucial work of women’s groups to serve and organize with female-born women,” Kerner said.

In the UK we just had this insanity. Consider the headline, “It’s not women who get pregnant — it’s ‘people’”. The piece begins:

The government has said the term “pregnant woman” should not be used in a UN treaty because it “excludes” transgender people. Feminists reacted with outrage to what they said was the latest example of “making women unmentionable” in the name of transgender equality.

The truth is, the status of women is now being threatened by the attempt to redefine sex to mean gender identity. As the Family Policy Alliance puts it:

Worse than enabling men to help themselves to women’s bodies and women’s remedial or protective programs, that redefinition poses a truly existential threat: An administrative ukase decreeing that there really is no such thing as a woman. When the law requires that any man who wishes (for whatever reason) to be treated as a woman is a woman, then “woman” (and “female”) lose all meaning. With the stroke of a pen, women’s existence – shaped since time immemorial by their unique and immutable biology – has been eliminated by Orwellian fiat. Women, as they have been known forever, will simply be no more.

As Brendan O’Neil writes:

The idea of womanhood, the terminology of womanhood, is being erased from public life. We are effectively saying there is nothing special or distinctive about being a woman. Anyone can be a woman, simply by declaring it. We can dress this up as much as we like in the language of tolerance and open-mindedness but it strikes me as plain old misogyny to treat womanhood as such a casual, easily achieved thing. In the name of PC, we risk downgrading the status of women, and women themselves.

Katy Faust offers us a telling summary of where all this is heading:

Goodbye scholarships that encourage women to enter science and tech.
Goodbye female sports teams.
Goodbye protections for women in locker rooms, changing rooms, and bathrooms.
Goodbye to protections for women in prisons and homeless shelters.
Goodbye parental rights when you and the state disagree about whether or not your child should chemically or surgically “transition”.
Hello to the most practical expression of misogyny the world has ever known.

It is time to transcend the trans madness, before women disappear altogether.

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  1. A couple of weeks ago, I was reading this article of more of this trans insanity. Apparently the left is starting to harass heterosexual men for not wanting to date trans “women” because according to them it’d be “transphobic”. Yet this is the same group of people who claim gay people are born that way and can’t change, but if that’s true, is it not the same with straight people?

  2. Great article, this truly is madness. Well put together and researched. Thank you…

  3. I think that this stuff will eventually destroy democracy and maybe just as well? I can’t see any democratic government coming to power to deal with these problems. People couldn’t care less and that is the fatal flaw of any democracy. Democracy is a participatory sport not a spectator sport. In the 1930s public apathy in Germany led to the Third Reich. There were many good decent people in Germany but they sat back and let the Hitler regime happen. Democracy needs public spirited polticians and voters determined to put the nation first not consumers voting for the biggest slice of pork barrel.

  4. RE SB 310 and prison inmates: Noel Crompton Hall – first transgender inmate in the world happened in NSW Silerwater Remand Centre after the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board’s director Christopher Puplick AM ordered men with penises still attached to roam freely in women’s prison because they identified as a women. This policy was since reversed in 2004 after this incident.

    Just google him to see how he did HIV+ AIDS rapes of 4 female inmates resulting in charges.

    He went on to become chairman of the Justice Health NSW Department that has the power to drug up female inmates if they are believed to have mental issues, and after causing the biggest AIDS cluster in a women’s jail by his own policy got to head up the Federal Ministerial Task force on HIV+ and Hep C, after getting Order of Australia in 2000 after the AIDS rapes were covered up. I suggest you refer to case law. The NSW Anti-Discrimination Board ruled the Warden did a crime against “Maddison” Hall by telling other female inmates he HAD AIDS which interfered with his prison sex life he couldn’t have had unless he identified as a woman.

    Christopher Puplick as chairman of Southern Sydney Area Health Service (see 1999 annual report) funded the Gender Centre and his ADB ordered the Prison Service to chip in a 20k in the 40k first taxpayer funded sex change in the world all after those AIDS rapes.

    All this is blamed on Male patriarchy by the Women’s liberation front on their facebook page. I didn’t know the man who wrote the book on gay marriage for Marriage Equality Lobby in Australia Christopher Puplick AM counts as the male patriarchy but I guess he did a good job of oppressing those female inmates.

    P.S. Noel Cromton Hall looks nothing like a real woman. He just played the system to do politically correct mass aids rape, and to this day he gets free housing from the Gender Centre and a secret hush money pension.

  5. All part of the Marxist socialist engineering and destruction of the family unit, loss of parental rights, loss of identity, loss of roots, no moral compass, drones. Indoctrinated the teachers to brainwash the children for the NWO, UN organised invasion of west to start civil war, to depopulate, destroy Christianity and the white race and reduce the rest to slavery. Happening as we speak.

  6. Of course paramedics, doctors, police officers and the general public will all be excused of bigotry and transphobia when they come to the aid of an unconscious trans and make a mistake….. but if the very same people make just one mistake with the same conscious trans! It’s just trickery.

    The whole thing is nuts, or lack there of.
    God Bless Bill.

  7. God help a female->male trans person in a male prison, because no one else will be able to.

  8. CultureWatch readers might like to Google “detransition” and “retransition”. Google returns “about 7,860,000 results” for “detransition”.
    Three things stuck me:
    1 The sad stories and messed-up lives.
    2 The very large number of cases where the changing of gender became a disaster.
    3 The lack of any mention of “detransition” or “retransition” by the Australian transexual cheer-squads.

  9. Trans madness?. Only natural born woman with eggs, ovaries and womb are able to naturally fall pregnant. The rest is man made and socially engineered and false.

  10. The only true trans are the hermaphrodites. They are the only ones who can be either male or female. The hell with feelings. Such as “Oh I feel like being a woman. Today I shall be one.” Wait a sec? What do I do with big “D” Tape it between my legs. The ones who wish to identify with the opposite sex are satisfied with what they are biologically. So we really are dealing with some mental dysfunction.

  11. James Tirrito, exactly so. It will soon be illegal to attempt or aid someone to change from being homosexual to heterosexual , through reparative therapy or counselling and yet it is legal to conduct female genital mutilation ( as is performed in many African countries) if it is in the cause of transitioning from a girl into a boy, vice versa. Any one who does transition from being homosexual to heterosexual will be silenced.

  12. John Miller, this is a superb expo of the anarchic and nihilistic mindset gripping the West. After Britain voted to come out the European Union, this year (Brexit), those opposing the break with EU mounted a violent demonstration in London. Amongst them were this group who bear a resemblance the anti- lesbian, anti women group,, which would suggest that the antifas are just the tip of an iceberg.

    And which through culture is spreading through our youth.

  13. Luke McKee, 2017 marks many anniversaries: the 500th since Luther nailed lighted the blue touch paper to the Reformation; the 100th since the Bolshevik revolution in Russia; the 50th since the decriminalisation in Britain of homosexuality and abortion and it also marks the 50th anniversary of the end of capital punishment, the relaxing of laws on pornography and the introduction of no -fault divorces . In Britain all this was brought about the bisexual and serially adulterous Home Secretary , Roy Jenkins who died in 2003. To mark his death a writer in the Telegraph wrote:

    “The policy of early release of prisoners has had a catastrophic effect on the safety of the general public: 14 per cent of violent criminals freed early are convicted of fresh violence within two years of their release.
    As The Sunday Telegraph’s Alasdair Palmer states: “Scores of men, women and children have been assaulted, raped and murdered as a result of the policy of releasing dangerous criminals before their sentences are completed” – a policy initiated and endorsed by Jenkins.
    In addition to this tally, we must add the hundreds of innocent lives lost as a result of the abolition of capital punishment, which Jenkins zealously campaigned for and whose reintroduction he so resolutely opposed as Home Secretary in 1974″

    In reality capital punishment never ended. It was simply transferred to a massacre of the innocents in the womb with abortion . Later, under Tony Blair, a Jenkins protege , repealed the blasphemy laws but introduced the crime of blaspheming against homosexuality and Islam.
    Democracy is finished and we can only look forward to increasingly oppressive legislation until tyranny is achieved .

    David Skinner

  14. Mike Marshall, a coroner, being summoned by the police to determine the gender of a dead transgender man, found perhaps in a canal, and being ignorant of the identity of the person, might, in future, be advised to make some preliminary checks before pronouncing their biological identity, as they too could fall foul of the thought police :

    David Skinner UK

  15. I have always suspected that my female dog is actually a transgender male dog. It demonstrates all the behaviour of a male dog: it chases balls, bites and generally engages in horse play.
    My dog and I have a special understanding. I can tell it really believes itself to be male. Hence I am thinking of taking it to the vet and getting its genitalia re- engineered. After all, isn’t this all part of animal rights. No one can complain that this is cruelty to animals. Quite the opposite.

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