Fake Marriage and Kill Bills: More Nails in Australia’s Coffin

What a massively dark day for Australia, with homosexual “marriage” basically becoming legalised federally (43 votes to 12 in the Senate, with the House of Reps soon to follow suit – barring a miracle), and a horrific euthanasia bill passed in Victoria. These two diabolical bits of legislation make November 29, 2017 one of the most momentous days in Australian history.

And it is momentously evil. Destroying the most important social institution mankind has ever known is certainly bad enough. The redefinition and thus the eradication of marriage is one of the most sinister and dangerous political and legal moves this nation has witnessed.

Marriage and family are obviously the huge losers here, but certainly our children will be greatly impacted by all this. Indeed, now the transgender agenda and the so-called Safe Schools programs will simply spin further out of control, causing untold damage.

And wait for the calls for the legalisation of polyamory, incest, and all the other ‘sexual options’ being pushed by so many. The dangerous outcome of this has already been witnessed and documented overseas, and now it is our turn. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Many folks are to blame here. Although only 48 per cent of eligible Australian voters indicated they wanted this assault on marriage, the rainbow activists, along with Labor, the Greens, and some absolutely hopeless Liberals ensured the death of real marriage, as they implemented the con job of fake marriage.

One of the real tragedies and betrayals here was the utterly value-bankrupt Liberal Party leadership, especially Malcolm Turnbull. A handful of the leftists in the party have effectively destroyed it. It certainly is no longer a conservative party.

As one piece reported just before the bill was passed:

Malcolm Turnbull is facing mounting hostility among conservative MPs after an overwhelming majority of Coalition senators last night voted for amendments to the same-sex marriage bill only to be shot down when six Coalition senators, including three cabinet ministers, sided with Labor and the Greens to scuttle them.
The move is likely to see Liberal senator Dean Smith’s bill rammed through the Senate unchanged as early as this morning, crushing attempts by 18 of 26 Coalition senators to secure significant amendments to broaden religious protections.
Liberal frontbencher Zed Seselja last night accused colleagues of conspiring with the Greens and Labor to undermine the rights of parents and freedom of speech. “Labor, Greens and a handful of Liberals are undermining freedom of speech, religion and parental rights in Australia by voting down these amendments,” he said.
The defeat of the first two rounds of amendments put by Liberal senators David Fawcett and James Paterson came as six No voting Labor senators buckled to internal pressure to not cross the floor in support of the amendments, prompting claims Labor’s conscience vote had been torn up.

And as another news item states:

After supporting technical tweaks proposed by the government, Labor and the Greens upheld to their promise oppose other amendments.
Senators Paterson and Fawcett’s changes to the bill sought to:
-Protect civil celebrants refusing to marry gay couples.
-Create two definitions of marriage – one as between a man and a woman and the other as between two people.
-Protect ‘relevant beliefs’ around marriage.
-Prevent governments and agencies from taking action against people with a traditional view of marriage.
-Allow parents to remove their children from classes if they believe material taught is inconsistent with their views on marriage.
-Allow chaplains and authorised officers in the defence force to refuse to marry same-sex couples.
Senators Paterson and Fawcett also tried to ensure charities’ tax and government funding status would not be impacted if they opposed same-sex marriage. But Senator Smith said he had assurances from the tax office and charities commissioner which dismissed fears charities would be affected by changing marriage law.
The changes were blocked after moderate government senators voted with Labor and the Greens, increasing the chance the legislation will pass through the upper house unchanged.

It is now clear that Federal Coalition is dead. It is well past its use by date. It is high time for all Federal Liberal party conservatives to leave this fake party, and join a real party like the Australian Conservatives. They are getting nowhere fast with con artists like Turnbull at the helm.

Once the true conservatives leave, the remaining Liberals, Greens and Labor politicians can merge into one big party of the decadent left. They belong together and they deserve each other. There is basically no difference between the lot of them. They are all hellbent on destroying this nation, along with its Judeo-Christian heritage.

Indeed, just consider the words of some Federal Liberals spoken just yesterday. Michael Sukkar said this:

While a majority of Coalition supporters voted No, those who did vote Yes were reassured by Coalition Yes campaigners who promised wide-ranging protections. Coalition Yes campaigners also claimed that it was more desirable for a Coalition government to legalise same-sex marriage, as freedom of speech, conscience and religion would be more greatly protected than a Labor government in the future would provide.
That the Greens are on a unity ticket with Senator Smith on this bill is all the evidence we need to know that this bill is deeply flawed and the antithesis to Liberal values. Sadly, the Smith bill doesn’t provide any further protections than the Labor Party, who have also embraced this bill.

Scott Morrison had similar concerns:

I want a bill that represents 100 per cent of Australians, not just 61 per cent, which means supporting religious freedoms that are not currently contained in the bill. There are plenty of Liberals who are speaking out in favour of protections but Labor has been deathly silent on freedoms, despite the fact that of the top 10 seats that voted against the change to the Marriage Act, nine were in Labor electorates. Labor’s leader of opposition business, whose seat is one of those, has been uncharacteristically shy.

And Zed Seselja warned:

A failure to support substantial amendments to the Smith bill will be a betrayal of Coalition Yes and No voters. Dean Smith and Tim Wilson and others assured Coalition voters that getting same sex-marriage with a Coalition government would deliver much stronger protections, yet the Smith bill has been embraced by the Greens. We owe it to our supporters who voted both Yes and No to ensure that we deliver much stronger protections than a Green/Labor bill would.

As mentioned, the House must still vote on the bill, but it seems to now be a foregone conclusion, unless something really radical and unexpected comes up between now and then.

Kill Bill

And as if all this were not bad enough, we also had more villainy and infamy. The same day fake marriage became the law of the land, the state of Victoria passed its nefarious pro-euthanasia legislation:

Australia’s only assisted-dying scheme will be legal in Victoria from mid-2019 after state parliament passed controversial legislation following more than 100 hours of debate. The government-led bill passed the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, after earlier surviving a second scuttling attempt.

This kill bill is highly dangerous, and so many will now be put at risk. And again, we only have to look overseas to see what happens when such bills are passed. It is bad news, and the slippery slope very quickly comes into play. If I were an elderly person, I would start making plans now to leave Victoria.

Spiritually speaking, things are looking exceedingly grim right now. While I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, it is becoming increasingly clear that the judgment of God may well be on this decadent and deranged nation. Darkness is descending on this nation rapidly and relentlessly.

It does indeed seem that the hand of God is being withdrawn from this land. And the solution to this is always the same. It is not a change of government or a new bit of legislation. It is national repentance in which God’s people get on their faces before Almighty God and cry out for his forgiveness and his mercy.

Without that we are all toast. I repeat a well-known but rarely-used admonition found in Scripture:

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)


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44 Replies to “Fake Marriage and Kill Bills: More Nails in Australia’s Coffin”

  1. Romans 1:24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen. 26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

  2. It is sad to see Australia throwing away our traditional and conservative Values, which are rooted in Judeo-Christian foundations. We have embraced and welcomed secular humanism, most don’t even know what it is. The majority are oblivious to it and are running straight into the fire.

  3. Will Brandis ever apologize for attributing one’s homosexuality to God? His speech was blasphemy!

  4. We are to obey God, rather than man. If God is for us, who can be against us. God works best when nothing can. I will stand with God for marriage as One man with One woman, ALL FOR LIFE. In obedience to the Word of God.

  5. I recall Smith Wigglesworth prophesied that the last great move of the Holy Spirit would be in Australia and New Zealand starting at the end of the 20th century and continuing on into the 21st. Not much evidence to show for it to date, but perhaps as it’s said “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

  6. A Society Bent to Self Destruct

    We terminate inconvenient children before their first breath
    We privilege the desolation of the debauched and punish those who produce life
    We curtail the life of the elderly and infirmed under the guise of compassion

    We have successfully dressed death in a cloque of righteousness and ushered him into every stage of life

  7. Senator Fawcett spoke admirably for the amendments, and was subsequently applauded by Penny Wong for his fine example. A fierce battle faught by all!

  8. I understand there is to be a silent candle light witness for life outside Vic parliament this evening at 7.45. Combined with today’s Senate result It almost warrants a national day of mourning.

  9. Psalm 37
    “1: Do not fret because of evil-doers, Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. 2: For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.
    12: The wicked plots against the just, and gnashes at him with his teeth. 13: The Lord laughs at him, For he sees that his day is coming. 14: The wicked have drawn the sword and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, to slay those who are of upright conduct. 15: Their sword shall enter their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.”
    All Praise and Honour and Glory to our God, our Creator and our Redeemer, Amen.

  10. What is the Christian response should the House of Representatives redefine marriage as a homosexual act? Will Christians, and others who share the belief that marriage is a man and a woman, have to end their incorporation of government marriage requirements into the ceremony? Will Christians have to switch to an ecclesiastical marriage model which the government deems to be officially defacto? Past Christians have held marriages not recognised by the state, is that the model Australia will drift towards?

  11. Very sad to see so many politicians approving of sodomy. Very sick. What will they approve of next? Bestiality?

  12. This turn of events in Australia mirrors what happened in America in the first 15 years of the 21st Century. After our “Supreme Court” (not Congress) made “gay marriage” the law of the land on June 26, 2015, the relentless Transgender movement has rapidly gained steam.

  13. Marriage is a natural behaviour pattern and living arrangement between a man and a woman, not a creation of the government. The Australian Constitution gave parliament the power to register marriages in order to protect women and children from abuse, to keep a record of inheritance apart from family Bibles and church records, and to provide a stable society to raise the next generation of taxpayers, which genuinely consummated marriages can produce naturally by themselves. Christians need to declare their independence from civil marriage registration and legal divorce, which doesn’t recognise or punish the harm caused by adultery. The rules for genuine marriage are found in the Bible, not in legislation.

    LGBTIQA+ activists deceived Yes voters into thinking that a marriage between “any 2 people” is a genuine marriage, when it’s only a civil marriage registration, whose only benefit is a legal divorce. Civil marriage ends in legal divorce, the only requirement for which is to prove an “irretrievable breakdown”. Surely any relationship can now have “marriage equality” for civil marriage and legal divorce, because any number of people in any type of relationship can have an “irretrievable breakdown”.

    The legal divorce which ends civil marriage via “irretrievable breakdown” is just like Victoria’s assisted dying bill. A Victorian can now seek legal divorce from life via “assisted dying” when they think their life has reached an “irretrievable breakdown”. The word “life” now means your legal life (which begins when your birth certificate is issued), not your biological life (which begins at conception). Australians can choose when to end their legal ‘life’, because can choose when to end their civil ‘marriage’. A civil marriage is no more a natural marriage, than an “assisted dying” is a natural death.

  14. Ancient Greek notions of hubris and miasma play on my mind more often than they used to: When humanity aspires to a collective apotheosis, a tyranny of new-found liberties is bound to win the day.

    The shed blood of vulnerable Australians pollutes our national polity: We have coomenced the legitimisation of another avenue for silent elimination of individuals who allegedly threaten our pursuit of that pipe-dream, Consumerism’s “heaven-on-earth”.

    In our much-vaunted wisdom, we declared ourselves wiser than Heaven on the matter of marriage. The Crucified is fast being supplanted by the orgiastic, violent ethos of the myths and mysteries of Nietzsche’s Graeco-Roman, Dionysus/Bacchus.

    Remember, the ancient Greek myths have their sobering insights: The Furies and those half-crazed Maenads remind us that, when the horses of passion are given their heads, sweetness and light soon take flight. Our collective Psyche is inexorably seduced by jealous Aphrodite’s feckless lackey, Eros at every turn…

  15. My heart is in deep sorrow upon hearing the news. And worse, I am living in Victoria where both of these bills are now given approval. My mother is teacher in religious education (at a Catholic school). I wonder how this would affect her career? Nevertheless, I would continue to pray for this nation and implore God Almighty not to leave His children helpless in this mess.

  16. Given the Beelzebûb/Ba’alzebûb Laws that have been passed in Victoria starting with “The Bottom of the Abyss” inspired Abortion Law Reform Act, 2008 (ALRA, 208) and what has just transpired in Canberra and Melbourne today 29 November 2017 it is not unreasonable to suggest that the next diabolical Bill to be spewed forth from the boiling, bubbling cauldron of the Ministry of Evil Law Makers could be similar in ideology to the Nazi Euthanasia Programme called “Mercy Killings”. In August 1939, Hitler’s Interior Ministry issued the decree ordering the systematic annihilation of almost 300,000 mentally and physically disabled children and handicapped people. The new report contains the most comprehensive analysis yet of Nazi records, including the hundreds of hospitals and clinics that took part in the Third Reich’s programme to wipe out the lives of people considered “unworthy of living”. It contains names and case details of 200,000 of the programme’s estimated 275,000 victims. http://www.fpp.co.uk/Hitler/euthanasia_program/Telegraph121000.html

  17. In a recent meeting held in Perth, Senator Louise Pratt mentioned that they wanted to change the defintion to “between two people” and also to remove the “… to the exclusion of all others” from the Marriage Act. By doing those two things the Marriage Act and their definition of marriage essentially becomes nothing, and allowing the free for all the activists want. Certainly not what was actually voted for by the Australian public. There’s no slipppery slope on this one, just a cliff by the look of it.

  18. God works in extremely mysterious ways because it is 500 years ago since the time Martin Luther decided that the practice of indulgences was a corrupt practice in the Catholic Church. He realised that the forgiveness of sins was a free gift from Christ upon repentance of their sins, and that Christ’s death on the cross was a sufficient punishment which paid for all sins for all time.

    God has truly set the genuine Christian free from the man-made practice of a civil registered marriage as this has now been deregulated by the Australian parliament. They’re removing the criteria of an exclusive union between man and woman for life. The Australian parliament has decided to no longer regulate (control) the faithful sexual union and living arrangement between a man and woman as adultery and the breakage of a marriage oath are now acceptable behaviour and practice in a “marriage between any 2 people.” This means that genuine Christians are truly set free to practice a “one flesh” union according to their faith in God’s word.

    Genuine Christians have been brought up to follow the Marriage Act without questioning the real meaning of the law which was originally established to punish the harm of adultery and a breaking of a marriage oath. The deregulated “civil registered marriage allows for “any 2 people can marry’ (become one) for the legal government marriage benefits such as status, welfare, immigration and access to a no fault divorce. This behaviour and practice is completely separated from the natural human behavioural practice of marriage and family because a public marriage oath to a lifelong, faithful “one flesh” union between husband and wife can naturally procreate, nurture and raise new-life with a male and female role model (natural human reproduction). A “one flesh” marriage is the only sexual relationship which makes it impossible to contract a STD and makes it impossible for a child to be born outside wedlock (a marriage oath).

    The genuine Christian has experienced a civil registered marriage practice which had supported and protected their faith in marriage. This is really no different to how Catholics practiced indulgences as a part of their faith of forgiveness of sins. However, indulgences had no really paid for people’s sins. Likewise, a no fault divorce had not protected married couples nor their families from the harm of adultery nor breakage of a marriage oath. The “Harlot marriage” which allows a sex worker and their client their civil right to marry for sex and benefits, then their love and commitment is irretrievably broken down when the payment for sex is completed.

    Why would genuine Christians want to participate in an idea that “marriage is between any 2 people?” This is based on the sexuality and gender theories which genuine Christians must reject in order to believe in a “one flesh” marriage in the Bible. These theories are based on man-made idea of self-determination so people can have a “heterosexual marriage” as an adult, but they can later change their mind to marry their same-sex friend. However, in the future they may decide to identify as a “transgender marriage,” “asexual marriage,” “bisexual marriage,” “intersex marriage,” and or a “queer marriage. There is no limit to how many times they could change their mind about their sexual orientation, sexuality and or gender identity. Future ABS censuses will make no sense at all as same-sex partners had recorded themselves as husband and wife so these words had been separated from biological sex based on the binary genders of male and female which can be measured and tested all around the world. There are some Australians who no longer understand that objective truth isn’t the same as subjective information so they can’t discriminate the truth from a lie or safety from harm behaviours and practices. Genuine Australians find themselves with man-made laws which allow health practitioners a right to legally kill terminally ill patients with their consent or an unwanted neonate with the consent of their mother, and now they find themselves with an amended Marriage Act which allows “marriage between any 2 people” which had been known as a fake marriage, fantasy marriage, sham marriage, Harlot marriage, open marriage, bachelor-married man, same-sex marriage, and cuffing marriage.

    Genuine Christians can’t defend, support nor protect the practice of indulgences nor a deregulated civil registered marriage practices as these behaviours can’t forgive sins nor consummate a genuine faithful “one flesh” union between husband and wife for life.

  19. Wish I`d heard Tony Abbott’s call for the yes promoters to furnish what their intentions were for the anti-discrimination act BEFORE the postal vote too.

  20. Thanks again Bill,

    Noted that in September 2017, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull offered hope to Christian groups and conservative MPs when he pledged to protect religious freedoms following the same-sex marriage survey.

    His words were:- “I just want to reassure Australians that as strongly as I believe in the right of same-sex couples to marry, as strongly as I believe in that, even more strongly, if you like, do I believe in religious freedom.”

    Mr Turnbull continued, “Religious freedom is fundamental and it will be protected in any bill that emerges from this ¬parliament.”

    There is little observable or documented evidence to suggest that Malcolm Turnbull has used his influence as PM in the Senate to ensure that his promise of protection of Religious Freedoms was even properly considered, let alone implemented.

    While I fully support the review of Religious Freedoms by Hon Philip Ruddock in early 2018, it must be considered that any developed recommendations or legislative changes may never be properly considered or approved by the Australian Parliament. Essentially once SSM is approved, the horse has bolted and the Gay Activists know it.

    In short, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s assurances may prove utterly worthless. We’ll see what occurs in the House of Representatives next week, but it appears that talk is cheap in Politics these days.

    God bless Australia.
    I look forward to the millennium Rule of Jesus Christ every day. Our Parliaments are now seriously corrupted and display little integrity.

    Philip Browne

  21. Today is the 70 th anniversary of Israel ( 1947) – Resolution 181. Australia said YES ! Precious LORD please remember that Australia said YES to the nation of Israel !
    Please withhold judgment a wee bit longer…. so that none would perish!
    Forgive them Papa God for they know not what they do.
    In Jesus name

  22. Is there any way in which a LEGAL challenge could be mounted to stop the Euthanasia Bill and the SSM development in the senate?
    ALL Australians (includes Prime Ministers, Premiers, MP’s) are subject to COMMON LAW – THE BIBLE is recognized and acknowledged as the most reliable and thorough LEGAL document in the world and it is the FOUNDATION on which Australian COMMON LAW is based.
    Also the MAGNA CARTA under girds AUSTRALIAN LAW and has as it’s Foundation Biblical LAW.
    So it would seem the Victorian Premier and his Government and the Prime Minister and his Government have transgressed Australian Common Law?
    Also, how can they legally amend a document which states the TRUTH and insert an amendment which is a LIE – that will give carte blanche for all Australians to LIE???

  23. Both the Federal Government Mp’s who are pushing the SSM and the Victorian Government each of which have pushed through their wicked Bills are guilty of discrimination.
    “The principle of non-discrimination is a fundamental one in human rights law – all human rights should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of factors such as race, sex or disability.”
    Common law is often called ‘judge-made’ law. This distinguishes it from laws made in Parliament. It is certainly true that many protections we can identify as human rights are protected by Australian judges applying common law principles. Examples include the obligation of a court to refuse to allow an unfair trial to go ahead

  24. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

    David Skinner UK

  25. Dear Bill,

    I really feel for parents because they are going to have difficulties on two fronts if they want to withdraw their children from classes teaching the proposed gender rubbish. As well as being frowned upon by the school and teachers it will be harder for them to guide their children in what is right and wrong. Most parents will take the easy way out and allow their children to be taught this nonsense’. This means that the few children whose parents stand their ground against their children being taught such rubbish will worry about being withdrawn from these classes and resent the fact that they are being treated differently from their friends. Children hate being treated differently from their friends. This will in turn sow the seeds against parental authority. As if it isn’t hard enough bringing children up in the modern era without making it harder for parents who feel strongly about doing the right thing by their children.At one time schools supported parents in the upbringing of their children by reinforcing traditional values .Now children are exposed to more and more left wing political brainwashing disguised as education but often leave school with poor spelling, grammar and math skills.

    The McGowan government in WA is already talking about introducing these ridiculous programmes into some schools.

    As for the vote for SSM – 43 to 12 it is absolutely horrifying and proves to me that we are being governed by what one can only call a pagan rabble.

  26. As someone posted the flood gates are now open to redefine reality however one wishes – just so as long as one is amongst the privileged, oppressed, victim minority who have vowed to dominate the World.

    We have now not only the human right for some to redefine their sexual orientation and gender, but their age , race but also their professional qualifications and any other descriptor of their personality.
    For instance we can now have a white, fifty years old post man, formerly married with teenage children but now identifying as a black, queer, female, six year old brain – surgeon. And who would dare to contradict him/her/it?

    Whether we like it not we are all going to freed from the shackles of self – restraint, the oppressive white, patriarchal family and Christianity. Instead, as Rousseau said, unwilling subjects will be forced to obey the general will: they will be “forced to be free.” – with a little persuasion from the guillotine.

    Australia and every Western nation are about to enter the age of the “The Terror.”

    David Skinner UK

  27. Bill, you are so right, these are both evil pieces of legislation. SSM as far as I am concerned is a direct attack on our Culture and the family by Cultural Marxists that our people are too stupid to realize. The Bill to kill, in the future will be the legal way to perform Genocide on any who continue to oppose or speak out about the debauched, immoral pieces of legislation that are brought up by minority groups vocalized on behalf of CM and the likes of George Soros.

  28. Patricia, the reality is that, as has already been decreed with the Ontario Bill 89, parents who refuse to play the game will have their children taken away by the state. It is probably already happening as it is in Britain, the USA, Sweden, Germany and other parts of Western civilisation.


    Any thought of fleeing the country will be futile. There is no where to run. Prayer and repentance are essential but at the end of the day action will also be required. Especially when the police and social services come marching up your drive, batter down the down and wrench your screaming children from your arms. More and more one hears rumours of civil war looming on the horizon. Indeed we are already in a phoney civil war. How long it will take to translate that into actual war, is anyone’s guess, but there seems to be nothing reversing the direction of travel towards it.

    David Skinner UK

  29. Fake marriage is just the start…their agenda has always been go after Jesus and His followers.

  30. Don’t talk about government “destroying marriage”, Bill; marriage can not be “destroyed” by man, any more than it was made by man.
    Here in Scotland we hoped against hope great things from your referendum, and we understand what you feel now that hope has come to nothing. I suppose if you consider that most of the West has already trodden this path ahead of Australia, maybe being hindmost in the race to perdition is a small cause for thankfulness.

  31. We have brought this on ourselves with our disunity, our failure to adhere to God’s Will as Jesus proclaimed and taught it and our wishy-washy reluctance to name evil for what it is.
    Fortunately for us, the ultimate outcome is in God’s control and nowhere else. If there is to be a time of persecution, then, by His grace, we will not fail in courage and faithfulness. May God have mercy on us all, especially our poor misguided and deceived brothers and sisters who are also loved by Him.

  32. Thank you Bill for highlighting all this abominable Canberra garbage.
    I find it too difficult to express my feelings. At the same time I am glad your’e standing watch Bill. I love your “Kill Biil” section heading, we can at least read that in several ways.
    “And the times they are changing.” These word ring in my head, they were at the top of the charts while I traveled by boat to Australia in 1967.
    Wilhelmus Heggers

  33. Only 4 years ago then PM Gillard led a significant segment of the left to vote against SSM. How quickly things have changed – as though a protective wall was broken down and the Enemy has surged through to promote growing falsehood and delusion.

  34. What protection there is now for pastors who refuse to marry gay couples in the future? Or Christian marriage celebrants? It seems that they are now in the firing line of the new legislation for gay marriage. And what of Christian schools who refuse to employ gay people or which teach that marriage is between one man and one woman, according to the bible? Or the Christian hairdresser or baker who refuses services to gay couples? Going by this article, it sounds like pastors and churches are protected, but for how long? Will 47a of the bill stand up in court as protection for pastors or teachers who continue to preach that marriage is between one man and one woman?

  35. Anne Rasenberger, this is how James Tirrito was treated with contempt by a gay journalist:

    And here another treated parent treated with the sneering arrogance by a queer TV interviewer:

    All this in spite of the evidence of breaking down the barriers to moral restraint is having on children in Ontario schools:

    David Skinner UK

  36. Hi Bill!

    Today I decided to implement a suggestion put forward at the ACNA meeting recently featuring Tony Abbott as the guest speaker. That suggestion was to email Liberal leaders requesting Tony Abbott be reinstated as Prime Minister. I emailed all 37 leaders but also followed up with 10 phone calls to the major decision makers within the Liberal leadership. If enough of us do this right now with the Turnbull banking enquiry fiasco causing Liberal voters to lose confidence , this may be the perfect timing to get Tony Abbott back as Prime Minister. Maybe you could encourage your supporters to email and call to reinforce this.

  37. That says to me Trish that there were 12 Senators with good moral judgment and 43 with no sense of good and right morals. It is a very sad day for Australia to think that so many, supposedly, representing all Australians have views that are so dissolute.

  38. Trisha, we have only 4 righteous men in Parliament who voted against the legislation – Littleproud, Broadbent, Pitt and Katter. Tony Abbott abstained the vote. I would not support his re-instatement as Prime Minister for that reason.

  39. God said Sodom and Gomarrah were examples to those who travel this way of life. Archaeologists are finding these cities, this did happen and will again only world wide to those who walk this road to Perdition.

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