Our Children in the Crosshairs – Once Again

Here are three truths you can take to the bank:
-The radicals on the left have long known the value of targeting our children.
-The ABC is a radical left outfit actively pushing the homosexual agenda.
-Homosexuals have long been keen to recruit children into their militancy.

All three of these truths I have been documenting for years now. For example, I have written numerous pieces now on the Australian broadcaster and how it pushes every leftist agenda item there is. And in my books I carefully document how children are being targeted by the homosexual activists.

It is called recruitment. The militants know that if they can bypass parents and their unwanted values, and directly access children, they have a much better chance of winning them over to their various causes. This is standard operating procedure with the left.

And all three of these truths come together perfectly in the latest outrage being perpetrated by “our” ABC. The activists at the ABC are now putting out videos featuring young children singing the praises of the homosexual agenda. And you and I are subsidising all this with our hard-earned tax dollars.

Yes, you heard that right. In conjunction with this year’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to be held tomorrow in Sydney, the ABC’s indoctrination unit has released a video featuring all sorts of young children extolling and celebrating the Mardi Gras.

“Mardi Gras is a beautiful thing” is what we first hear in the two-minute video. It concludes with young children excitedly jumping up and down shouting, “Happy 40th Mardi Gras!” And how many of our tax dollars went into making that slick propaganda piece I wonder.

You can view this appalling video here: https://www.facebook.com/abcme/videos/10155212100802478/

To see how utterly up to their ears the ABC is in the homosexual agenda, simply check out this site of theirs which features one pro-homosexual program after another – dozens of them in fact: http://iview.abc.net.au/collection/happy-mardi-gras

They are out, loud and proud about how much pro-homosexual content they are awash with, and are streaming in Australian homes, all at our expense. On and on it goes, with magazines, films, books, and so on. They even made a documentary celebrating the 40-year history: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/drive/riot/9479596

And if that does not convince you, simply go to the main ABC website, and use their search engine, typing in “Mardi Gras”. I just did and this is what I got in response: “Page 1 of 6,495 search results SHOWING RESULTS FOR mardi gras”.

There is little question that our taxpayer-funded ABC is one of the largest and most unapologetic promoters of the homosexual agenda in the country. Simply imagine the outrage if the ABC did something similar to say, Christianity. What if we found thousands of hits on it, all in a positive light?

What if the ABC put out a video beginning with the words, “Christianity is a beautiful thing” and concluding with “Happy 2000th Christianity!”. What if it targeted children, showing them jumping up and down praising Jesus? What if they made documentaries and sold books in their shops celebrating and promoting Christianity?

Or if you prefer, simply substitute ‘heterosexual marriage’ for ‘Christianity’. How many books, docos, films, videos and programs – including children’s programs – does the ABC have celebrating, extolling and promoting the marriage between one man and one woman?

Oh yeah, that is not part of their agenda. So we will never see the sort of overkill we find with all things homosexual and transgender in general and the Mardi Gras in particular with these non-PC values. Never mind that the majority of Australians still identify as Christian, and still overwhelmingly enter into heterosexual marriages.

But the radical left narrative of the ABC will just keep ignoring the great bulk of Australians and their values, and will continue to push radical activist agendas. And they will do it with our money. And they will laugh at us as they do so, knowing they can get away with murder, and there is basically nothing we can do about it.

Well, I am here to make a suggestion aimed at doing something about it: It is high time to take away all federal – that is taxpayer – funding of the ABC. It does not need our lavish subsidies to keep pushing its radical agenda, especially when they keep targeting our young, vulnerable children.

Enough is enough ABC.

(Hat tip to Caldron Pool for first alerting me to this story: http://caldronpool.com/abc-promoting-gay-lesbian-mardi-gras-children/ )

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12 Replies to “Our Children in the Crosshairs – Once Again”

  1. I think you may have to be ready to write another book. Since your last one we had the US Supreme Court and several countries including Australia that have capitulated to the LGTB Juggernaut.

  2. Thanks Bill for alerting us to this appalling video. I just posted on the ABC’s Facebook this comment; So the ABC stands for inclusivity and tolerance. When are you going to show Christian children praising Jesus for His 2017th birthday?

  3. Hi Bill, Very good article. I knew it was very bad but it’s even worse than i thought. What CAN you do when even the Prime Minister and many in the government have capitulated to the gay agenda!? You’re spot on with substituting Christianity with mardi gras (I refuse to capitalise it)! It couldn’t happen in this cultural climate, even as you say, that most Australians are hetero and identify with Christianity! We have been relegated to the dinosuar age and told we are bigotted with outdated ideas and unworthy of any hearing at all. The fact of targetting the children is insidious and evil. How can you push against such a sickening tide of depravity and debauchery? I arrived in Australia from England in March 1978 but must have just missed the mardi gras, thank goodness. What can happen in 40 years!!! What about the next 40??? I hate to ponder it.

  4. I wish more people would wake up. It takes a very special level of scientific denial and lack of compassion for people to think that homosexuality should ever be promoted as natural or neutral, let alone good. But when children are being targeted with this lifestyle, and taxpayers are funding it, the word evil feels like it is insufficient.

  5. So sad that adults that don’t know who they are teach children about life children have rights to grow up and make there own choice in life when they fully understand. This is child abuse and abc should be ashamed.

  6. I have written a letter of complaint to the ABC and also my local politician. I agree funding the ABC with tax payers money should be revoked. I find the video offensive and the fact they are using under age children to promote homosexuality is disgusting as these children do not understand the full meaning of the word. To the innocent young children it’s about dressing up, partying and having fun. The Mardi Gras is not and should not be promoted as a family event, it’s rude, crude and far too much flesh on display and should be labelled for those 18+. I agree with Bill that society is on a steep decline and we are living in dark evil times and Christ’s return must be imminent!

  7. Thanks again for your work Bill. One only needs to go to the Center for Disease Control’s website; http://www.cdc.gov and type in Diseases of homosexual men and see all the variety of diseases that these men get and pass on to understand the health risks of this depraved life style. The ABC is becoming more and more militant as it promotes its left agenda; it should be sold off, all we need is a leader with a moral conscience and the backbone to do it.

  8. This is hardly surprising since Gerald Henderson has documented in the 70’s that the head of the ABC said that “some men will sleep with boys”. They have been trying to promote this agenda for a long time.

  9. This is a generation of snowflakers. They are reacting to their feelings than what is true and factual about themselves. It starts with their parents than it filters down to their children. I have a teenager just like it. Too emotional. We sit down many times with her and help her to go through the difficult times. To face it instead of reacting to it and being defensive. We say to her she has to persist and see it to the end. Parents are there to help their children not to encourage them the easy way out.

  10. So angry about this. I have tried to ignore this agenda as I have loved watching Sesame Street and Play school, with all my children, but I can’t actually believe how blatant this is. Homosexual agenda aside where is the logic in promoting a blatantly non-pg rated event on children’s television, using children. What ths?

  11. Thanks Bill, it is gloves off. Time for prayer warriors to keep the ABC as a priority. God is the only one who can lead us through. He is the only who can give us the correct guidance we need. I believe you will find 2018 will be a year of upheaval here but more so in the US and UK. Our enemy Satan is using every means he can to destroy families as he knows his days are numbered. Satan cares about no-one.
    If you are not aware many, many prophetic Christians are making us aware that this is a strong Year in the Lord for major change. Nothing will be comfortable. Prayer and the Word of God are our weapons.
    Stay strong in prayer for your children and those children who have poor parenting.
    Blessings and take guidance from the Holy Spirit.

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