Fighting Back Against Trans Insanity

The war on biology, on reality and on our children continues unabated as the trans militants keep pushing their nefarious agenda. One of the most recent outrages comes from Tasmania. Labor and the Greens there want to remove sex from all birth certificates. As one report states:

Tasmania is on the verge of abolishing gender from birth certificates so transgender people don’t have to ‘out themselves’ when they apply for jobs. A vote is expected in Tasmania’s lower house next month. Christian groups and feminists fear the bill has been ‘hijacked’ by the transgender lobby through a series of Labor and Greens amendments. Both Labor and the Greens amendments want to remove gender from birth certificates.

But as the militant trans activists get ever more outrageous in their demands, we are thankfully starting to see a pushback. One example of a rejection of all this has to do with those directly involved. Detransitioning is now a real growth industry, with more and more folks disillusioned with their sex change, filled with regret, seeking to undo the damage.

Consider this headline: “The new taboo: More people regret sex change and want to ‘detransition’, surgeon says: Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic says more people, particularly transgender women over 30, are asking for reversal surgery, yet their regrets remain taboo.” The report begins:

Five years ago, Professor Miroslav Djordjevic, the world-leading genital reconstructive surgeon, received a patient at his Belgrade clinic. It was a transgender patient who had surgery at a different clinic to remove male genitalia – and had since changed their mind.

That was the first time Djordjevic had ever been contacted to perform a so-called “reversal” surgery. Over the next six months, another six people also approached him, similarly wanting to reverse their procedures. They came from countries all over the Western world, Britain included, united by an acute sense of regret. At present, Djordjevic has a further six prospective people in discussions with his clinic about reversals and two currently undergoing the process itself; reattaching the male genitalia is a complex procedure and takes several operations over the course of a year to fully complete, at a cost of some euros 18,000 (pounds 16,000).

Those wishing the reversal, Djordjevic says, have spoken to him about crippling levels of depression following their transition and in some cases even contemplated suicide. “It can be a real disaster to hear these stories,” says the 52-year-old. And yet, in the main part, they are not being heard.

And even disgruntled UK academics are starting to say enough is enough. Over 50 of them wrote a public letter on this matter recently:

We represent a newly formed network of over 100 academics, most of whom are currently employed in UK universities. We are concerned, from a range of academic perspectives, about proposed governmental reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, and their interaction with the Equality Act….

We are also concerned about the suppression of proper academic analysis and discussion of the social phenomenon of transgenderism, and its multiple causes and effects. Members of our group have experienced campus protests, calls for dismissal in the press, harassment, foiled plots to bring about dismissal, no-platforming, and attempts to censor academic research and publications. Such attacks are out of line with the ordinary reception of critical ideas in the academy, where it is normally accepted that disagreement is reasonable and even productive.

Many of our universities have close links with trans advocacy organisations who provide “training” of academics and management, and who, it is reasonable to suppose, influence university policy through these links. Definitions used by these organisations of what counts as “transphobic” can be dangerously all-encompassing and go well beyond what a reasonable law would describe. They would not withstand academic analysis, and yet their effect is to curtail academic freedom and facilitate the censoring of academic work. We also worry about the effect of such definitions on the success rates of journal submissions and research grant applications from governmental bodies such as the AHRC and ESRC.

We maintain that it is not transphobic to investigate and analyse this area from a range of critical academic perspectives. We think this research is sorely needed, and urge the government to take the lead in protecting any such research from ideologically driven attack.

As this madness continues to spin out of control, it is encouraging to see some folks starting to stand up against the trans steamroller. Indeed, I am surprised that this insanity has been allowed a free run for so long. When you push such utterly bizarre stuff, challenging biology and reality itself, surely something has to give.

One careful observer of all this has recently penned two articles offering us ten reasons why the trans revolution must fail. They are: 1) The transgender revolution is oppressive; 2) The transgender revolution is irrational; 3) The transgender revolution is unhealthy; 4) The transgender revolution is extreme; 5) The transgender revolution is dangerous; 6) The transgender revolution is unnatural; 7) The transgender revolution is an attack on children; 8) The academic world will not be able to sustain its suppression of studies that contradict trans-activism; 9) The world of sports will ultimately revolt against males competing with females; and 10) Governments will take action against radical trans-activism.

All ten of these are worth looking at, but let me share just three of Michael Brown’s points:

The transgender revolution is unhealthy.
Trans advocates tell us that failure to diagnose and treat gender dysphoria will result in depression, suicide, or other forms of self-harm. And I’m sure that, in some cases, post-hormone and post-surgery, many individuals are more satisfied with their quality of life. Others would point to the high percentage of suicides after surgery, along with the substantial number of people who experience sex-change regret.

But there’s more to be concerned about. A recent headline on a gay website announced, “Hormone therapy linked to dangerous health issues in trans women.” Yes, “Researchers set out to examine heart and circulatory health in transgender people, and found that transgender women face a greater chance of strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots compared to their non-transgender counterparts.” And what about kids who are put on hormone blockers before puberty, then put on a life-long regimen of hormonal therapy? What will the ill effects be?

The transgender revolution is unnatural.
There are fundamental, undeniable differences between men and women, which is why there is an increasing pushback against biological males competing against biological females. Even among some feminists and lesbians, there is resistance to trans women being accepted as females. And it is for good reason. A biological male will never be a female.

The world of sports will ultimately revolt against males competing with females.
As Kimberly Ross opined in the Washington Examiner, “There’s nothing more anti-female than letting biological men compete in women’s sports.” Earlier this month, “Canadian Rachel McKinnon won gold in the sprint portion of the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championship in the women’s 35-39 age bracket. Placing first in any sport, especially at the international level, is quite an achievement. But McKinnon, a philosophy professor and transgender athlete who competed against only women, is a biological male.”

In response to this victory, the third place winner, Jennifer Wagner, said, “It’s definitely NOT fair.” For good reason Katie Hopkins tweeted, “For clarity – this was the WOMENS world championships. “I repeat. Women’s. Congratulations to the brave faces of silver & bronze. The world is gripped by a febrile madness.”

At the end of the day reality will always trump radical ideologies and agendas. No society can last long if the bulk of its citizens prefer delusion and fantasy over truth and reality. The real world will always win when it is run up against. That is just the way things are.

If a guy identifies as a falcon, climbs a tall tree, starts flapping his arms, and jumps off, guess what? The law of gravity will prove his delusions wrong every time. He will end up on the ground dead or severely injured. It does not matter at all how he feels or what he identifies as. His mental problems will not make reality go away.

So as bad as all this nonsense is getting, thankfully we have the real world on our side. Reality wins and bogus militant agendas will always flounder. But how many more lives have to be seriously messed up and destroyed before the pushback sufficiently stops all this insanity?

Time will tell.

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  1. Thank you Bill. The world might be going mad, but reality remains reality..

    “There are 37.2 trillion cells in your body.”

    “In humans, each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females. The 23rd pair, the sex chromosomes, differ between males and females. Females have two copies of the X chromosome, while males have one X and one Y chromosome.”

    ? This (37.2 trillion) objective reality will trump any subjective concept of who a person decides he/she is.
    ? This objective reality will trump any amount of ‘reassignment’ surgery.

  2. Bill, another excellent article that is hard to add anything to. It’s astounding that many of us are faced daily with medical procedure options like to use chemo or radiation or non-invasive biological meds, major, major considerations and choices, all the while these folks are trying to decide if they need some extreme gender surgery. Good grief! But this is what happens when mankind willfully rejects the authoritative word of God, which clearly defines our gender identities and the purposes thereof, and seeks to gratify their own flesh and attain the praises of men. Bummer! Please keep the truth a-comin’, Bill.

  3. Thank God that our DNA always remains the same. Transgender is a sin and has no place in Christianity. It must not be viewed as acceptable in any way.

  4. Thanks again Bill.
    A 2017 Israeli study by Shmuel Pietrokovski and Dr. Moran Gershoni studied 20,000 genes, sorting them by sex found 6,500 genes with a bias toward male or female. They found that 21 percent of the human genome is based on sex.
    An encouragement for parents and grandparents – I have just discovered Superbook, (I was going to say spellbound but thought better of it. I think our culture is bound by an evil spell!) DVD animated bible stories. My 4 granddaughters were enthralled by the episodes on Esther and Ruth. It is an absolutely brilliant resource. Go to or find a Christian library.

  5. The revolution against “the binary” is doomed to an ongoing dialectic seesaw until “gender diversity” is replaced by yet another psycho-social construct that boldly declares the apotheosis of the human species to the realm of the post-human “super-person”!

    Can our chromosomes, X and Y really be the next oppressors of the vulnerable amongst homo sapiens sapiens?

    Who dares write the obituary ofSapientia?

  6. Thanks for telling us of this small glimmer of hope, Bill. I am so impressed by the breadth of subject matter you manage to research and articulate about so well.
    We should hope and pray that, nurtured by the remnants of commonsense remaining in this crazy world, the folly of transitioning and it’s consequences gathers momentum.
    And we can assist in that happening by speaking up and telling people about what’s going on, even if they insist on keeping their heads in the sand.
    As Rowan Dean recently said, in years to come there will be a government enquiry into how on earth our society and children were allowed to become so screwed up under our watch. But as you point out, how many children and families will have paid the price caused by this evil stupidity?

  7. if I were Rip Van Winkle and just woke up from a 100 year sleep, I think I would get on my knees and pray to God for sanity and then go back to bed and give it another 100 years and wake up and hope and pray that this absolute madness has abated.

  8. Bill,
    Unfortunately, government authorities have attempted to normalise mental illness in Victorian schools. The Victorian Labor government has forced a compulsory gender-bending programs in all Victorian schools, and teachers are currently educating students they might not be a boy or a girl. The Victorian Labor government are now going to introduce mental healthcare professionals into all Victorian public schools because of the significant number of students who now have anxiety and depression. Victorian Psychiatric hospitals were closed down in the 1990s, and Victorian schools have become the new type of psychiatric hospital.

  9. What overbearing burden of sin and self loathing must a person have to want to destroy their own genitals? The satanic, psychological oppression and yoke these people must be under makes you wonder what sort of abuse or mistreatment or satanic imbuing could result in someone treating themselves with such absolute and complete disdain. It so fully makes me wish they could come to understand that they can be made free, just as others have in the past, but instead we see society doing Satan’s bidding and promoting the obviously demonic oppression of mankind. If only people could just begin to understand the true human rights abuses they are facilitating by succumbing to the forces of evil. Do we not see the obvious parallels between this and the other demonically oppressed societies where we have seen genital mutilation and sexual deviation practiced? How is it that this generation has so little understanding of what real and true human rights abuses are actually all about? How is it that Christians are unable to see the exact refection of the perversion of God’s plan for sexuality, as shown by the fallen angels in Genesis, now taking hold in society? How is it that people, who claim to be Christians, cannot see the clear origins of these things that would have us deviate from God’s plan for release and freedom and force us to come completely under the slavery of sin?

    Lord God, let Your will be done. Please open people’s eyes and help us reveal the truth that is now being covered by the never ending promotion of demonic lies that our society has embraced through deliberately keeping their own eyes in darkness. Help us find ways of revealing the deception for what it is and break through that covering of darkness.

  10. Thank you for this writings of common sense and reason Mr. Muehlenberg.

    PreTeens, Teens and Young Adults are getting caught in the crossfire of transgender ideology. Please consider signing the open letter addressed to the American Association of Pediatrics requesting they reassess their affirmation only policy when treating people with gender dysphoria.

    You do not need to be the US to sign. Every signature counts. We need your help.

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