What a Labor Win Will Mean for Freedom, Religion, and Children in Australia

Australia will radically change if Labor wins the May 18 Federal election. This will be true in so many areas, but let me focus on just a few. A Labor victory will mean a massive win for all the radical social and sexual engineers and their hard-core policies. And it will also result in a massive loss for free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of conscience.

Children will certainly be among the big losers, as will all of society. This will likely be the final nail in the coffin for the values most Australians still hold near and dear. Religious freedom will certainly take a direct hit, as will related freedoms such as free speech, the rights of religious bodies to teach their core values and beliefs, and so on.

There are many ways one can document all this, but simply considering a recent website item will fully suffice here. One major homosexual and trans lobby group has been targeting the political parties, seeking to get them to fully fall in line with their radical agendas.

Equality Australia makes it perfectly clear that so-called marriage equality was NEVER something the militants would be happy with. They have always wanted and demanded much, much more. Simply turning to their homepage makes this perfectly clear: https://equalityaustralia.org.au/

This group has sent out a large questionnaire to the various political parties, seeking their responses to a number of questions. They have already received the Labor Party’s responses, and they are frightening indeed. Federal Labor was more than happy to answer the 18 questions of the questionnaire.

The answers provided make it absolutely clear that this Party is 100 per cent beholden to the radical social and sexual agendas of the militant homosexual and trans lobbies. They will fully do their bidding, no questions asked. There is no question that Labor is fully in bed with the radical activists.

Let me offer here parts of the replies given by Labor. Their opening words are worrying enough:

Thank you for the opportunity to present Labor’s position in response to the Equality Australia LGBTIQ election survey.

A Shorten Labor Government will deliver a fairer Australia for LGBTIQ people by tackling discrimination and giving a stronger voice to LGBTIQ Australians. These are all practical steps which take us further along the journey towards equality, providing a more inclusive and fairer Australia. Labor has a proud record of promoting and defending the rights of LGBTIQ people….

We were at the forefront of the struggle for marriage equality. After the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government forced an expensive, unnecessary and harmful public vote on the country, Labor went all-out to campaign for the YES case. Labor’s support and parliamentary work was crucial to the survey outcome and the enactment of marriage equality in 2017.

While the changes to the Marriage Act were a giant step towards greater equality, it wasn’t the end of the road. People with diverse sexualities, gender identities and sex characteristics still face discrimination and structural impediments to full participation in society.

Given Labor’s record, the community is looking to Labor to continue to stand up for the rights of LGBTIQ people and their children. Labor is committed to working with the LGBTIQ community to continue to make Australia a fairer and more equitable society.

Consider the utterly frightening response given to Question Three:

3. Will your party commit to introducing protections for trans, gender diverse and intersex people into the Fair Work Act? Will your party remove religious exemptions from the Sex Discrimination Act and Fair Work Act? Will your party reform the sports exemption in the Sex Discrimination Act that impacts on trans, gender diverse and intersex sportspeople?

….As it currently stands, LGBTIQ students and staff at religious schools risk being discriminated against, sacked or expelled. This state of affairs prompted a community outcry in late 2018, and Scott Morrison promised to tackle the protection of LGBTIQ students late last year. However, he failed to put a bill to Parliament that would deliver on this promise and he subsequently gave up.

Labor will not give up. A Shorten Labor Government will amend the Sex Discrimination Act to remove the exemptions that permit religious schools to discriminate against students and staff on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity….

Did you get that? Not only will religious schools be forced to take in any student with any sexual proclivity or leanings, they will also be forced to hire staff, teachers, principals and the like who also run the spectrum of various sexualities.

I have often warned about this. See just one such article: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2018/10/14/religious-freedom-not-for-religious-schools/

Equally shocking is Question Four and the Labor reply:

4. Will your party take a leadership role in tackling the harm caused by LGBT religious conversion therapy? For example, will your party raise the issue at inter-ministerial forums; improve regulation of counsellors and other health practitioners; ensure school chaplains are not engaging in conversion therapy; and regulate the publication of damaging conversion messages on radio and online?

Labor is committed to ending the practice of so-called “LGBTIQ conversion therapy”. Practitioners of conversion therapy insist, with no reliable evidence, that LGBTIQ people can be “cured” using a combination of physical and mental coercion… The Victorian Labor Government has already committed to banning the practice.

A Shorten Labor Government will work with survivor groups and coordinate with the States and Territories to develop strategies for tackling this practice, including a nationwide ban on “Gay Conversion Therapy”. There is no place in modern Australia for this practice.

Once again, understand just what is being said here. If Labor wins the election, it will become illegal throughout the country for anyone – be they pastors or counsellors or youth workers or Sunday School teachers or Bible study leaders, etc – to give any help and counsel to those who struggle with same-sex attraction and are seeking relief.

These people will NOT be allowed to get the help and counsel they are so desperately seeking. And anyone who dares to give that help will be punished by the full force of the law. And given that the Bible itself is a book about transformation, and the ability of God to wonderfully turn around lives and lifestyles, how much longer before the Bible is banned under a Labor government?

This too I have often written about. See here for example: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2018/12/11/the-war-against-conversion-therapy/

And see this piece as well: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2019/02/04/victorian-nero-declares-war-on-christianity/

But wait, there’s more. Consider the matter of funding. Labor loves spending tax-payers’ money on all these militant lobby groups and their radical causes. That is perfectly clear in this Q&A:

9. How will you support and build the capacity of the LGBTIQ+ community including specific populations, Indigenous, multicultural and multi-faith LGBTIQ+ people? Will you introduce grants and funding opportunities for LGBTIQ+ (including population specific) community organisations?

Labor believes LGBTIQ organisations have a key role to play in supporting and ending discrimination against LGBTIQ people and their families. That’s why a Shorten Labor Government will commit $3 million in grants of up to $300,000 each over three years for capacity building, community cohesion and/or advocacy to LGBTIQ organisations….

We will also support Joy FM, Australia’s first and only LGBTIQ radio station, through a $600,000 grant for its ongoing operations. Labor will also provide $10 million to the ground-breaking Victorian Pride Centre – the first of its kind in Australia. The building will be home to ten proposed major residents: the Victorian AIDS Council, JOY 94.9 FM radio station, the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, Switchboard, Midsumma Festival, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Minus 18, the Australian GLBTI Multi Cultural, Multi Faith Advocacy Group, and Team Melbourne, a peak organisation representing over 20 LGBTIQ sporting groups.

And of course the nation’s major display of nudity, debauchery and immorality will be fully and readily endorsed and supported by a Labor government:

10. Will your party provide funding and other support to Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to enable Australia to host World Pride in 2023, including funding support for their bid in October 2019?

In March 2019, Bill Shorten committed that if elected, he will be the first Australian Prime Minister to walk the full Mardi Gras March. Labor will work constructively with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on how to secure a successful bid.

One more issue: Labor is absolutely committed to the radical “Safe Schools” sorts of programs which are nothing but pro-homosexual and pro-trans propaganda fronts. They have made it clear that these programs will continue under Labor, complete with lavish taxpayer-funding:

18. Will your party commit to developing and supporting curriculum and programs in schools that are inclusive of LGBTIQ+ children and children from rainbow families?

Schools must be safe environments for students to learn and for teachers to teach – including same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students and teachers. Labor will continue working with teachers, students and schools to stop bullying and discrimination, ensuring a safe place for LGBTI students and children from rainbow families to learn by properly resourcing inclusion and anti-bullying programs and resources for teachers. Labor will continue to support national programs to address homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and anti -intersex prejudice in schools.

But you can read all their alarming responses for yourself: https://equalityaustralia.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/QSP0080-ALP-response-Rainbow-Votes.pdf

Make no mistake, a Shorten Labor government will be the most radical and subversive government Australia has ever seen. The entire Pandora’s Box of sexual radicalism and anarchy will be fully opened, impacting every Australian in shocking ways that we can now only imagine.

And this will be the death of freedom in Australia. Religious freedom will certainly be sacrificed at the altar of the radical sexual ideologies. Free speech, freedom of conscience, and the rights of small business, religious bodies, schools and so many others will be greatly curtailed.

This is Brave New World material – big time. Vote wisely my friends. Your very future depends on how we proceed on May 18.

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44 Replies to “What a Labor Win Will Mean for Freedom, Religion, and Children in Australia”

  1. They talk about sexual and gender diversity. They want no one to be excluded. The LGBTIQ crowd want no one to be excluded. Pedophilia is a sexual orientation. Bestiality is a sexual orientation. Incest is a sexual orientation. Does this mean that pedophilia, bestiality and incest should be legal and socially acceptable? Does this mean that these orientations are OK? Does Equality Australia support these orientations? What about necrophilia? Is that OK? I think that ordinary “normal” people need to think about this. If no one is excluded then pedophilia, bestiality, incest and necrophilia can not be excluded either. They will have to be “normalised” and made legal. Every orientation has to be accepted and affirmed. I noted that one of the organisations was called Minus18. Does this mean that this organisation encourages pedophilia or adults having sex with teenagers? If all the orientations are OK then they will have to be legalised. Will they be taught in sex education in schools? After all every sexual orientation is valid and OK. No one should discriminate against any orientation. Will sex education classes include pedophilia, bestiality, incest and necrophilia? Will it be legal to marry a child, an animal, a relative or a dead body? Will you be a “bigot” if you refuse to attend a ceremony for any of these situations? We need to be aware of what is going on. We are not allowed to discriminate against anyone. Please consider the implications of the current situation. Don’t let your dog walk alone where you can not see him/her.

  2. Thank you Bill for alerting us to more of the Total Insanity of the LBGTIQ……xyz Organisations Damaging Agenda. The Political Parties and the so called Educated???? Leaders of our Community have totally lost the Plot, and a lot of the community is losing Trust in them. In one way that is a good thing because eventually there will be a backlash against this insanity, like Mr Trump in the USA, and more resistance will follow.
    Thank you for your work. All the best to you.
    Tony and Suzanne Villani

  3. This is absolute evidence of the new religion with a new morality, and a new set of ethics.
    The Godly Judeo – Christian ethics are now the anathema to this new religion.
    That is their power.
    They have no fear of God.
    They have no respect for the God of Israel or Jesus the Redeemer King.
    There is not even any place for discussion with this new religion, let alone negotiation, for they have claimed for themselves the “absolute” moral high ground.
    This is none other than self worship where everyone must bow down and give honour to the feelings of the others.
    The “absolute” is not from a holy source but from rancid humanism, where love has morphed into permission to do anything, and never having to hear of censure or even discipline of any kind.

    I.e. Unless you disagree with them. In which case we get the censure and discipline.

    If a Shorten government is elected, the culture wars will escalate substantially and the casualties among our ranks will rise exponentially.

    We must act now.

  4. Labor is bad bad bad, but the Liberals aren’t much better.

    Religious freedom? ScoMo punted that to another review so nothing will happen till April 2020 as in the mean time we will still face persecution for our religious beliefs.

    But who else can we vote for?

    Australian Conservatives are a failure. If they can only get less than 25,000 votes in the NSW State Election, about 1/10th of a quota when a full quota is 4.55%, what hope do they have when a quota for a Senate seat is 14.3%?

    CDP here in NSW is also unlikely to win a seat. They made a big mistake by putting a very divisive figure at the top of the their Senate Ticket.

    One Nation, or should I say “Sleazy Nation” after we found out what their Queensland Leader gets up to on overseas trip? Can’t vote for that.

    And for right wing voters that brings us to Clive Palmer. I’m a small business man and a subcontractor in the building industry. There is NO WAY I can support a man who walked away rich after putting one of his companies into liquidation and dudding his employees and contractors, and then tries to buy it back. In the building game we call that “phoenixing” and people who do it we call them “dogs”. I’m disgusted that the Liberal Party did a deal with him.

    So I really don’t know who to vote for.

    Help anyone?

  5. Hi Bill, thank you so much for your blogs.
    Why are the governments so intent on sexualising and brainwashing our children with so much sexual orientation indoctrination?
    And why are parents being undermined?
    It’s not like the money they are throwing into mental health will fix the issues. There is so much depression among our young people. Our children deserve so much more direction for the future.
    I pray that people will vote for the party that will families.
    Why is it so necessary for all this bullwaddle to be so prominent event in our workplaces. Does anyone work anymore?
    Schools should be for education and not sexual orientation and workplaces should be about providing the services and doing the work.
    There is too much time spent in some workplaces on people just socialising. No wonder there are so many royal commissions and review and litigations.
    Keep up the good work on bringing these publications, take care.

  6. Of course, in all of this, Mr Shorten claims to be a “christian”, being seen attending church on Easter Sunday last!!
    Whatever you reckon, Bill…

  7. All I ever read is that these groups desire “inclusion” and a “fairer” society. They decry discrimination based on beliefs and the choice to identify our own ‘gender and sexual orientation’ etc. Why then, does this not apply to ALL ? Why can’t I too choose to express my beliefs as a Christian?! The hypocrisy is so blatant and in your face it appears to have blinded people! If someone who is struggling with their homosexual lifestyle, and CHOOSES of their own volition, to seek help is told “uh uh, you can’t get any help actually” (cos we want you to stay just as you are) surely this is the height of ‘unfairness’! The group(s) who demand equality and recognition and support are the least likely to offer it to anyone not kowtowing to THEIR agenda. The spill over from this utter nonsense is sheer lunancy!

  8. Well vote Liberal, at least they are keeping all the things spoken above at bay. I am not against the Gay’s that are born that way, but all the other bits that go with it and those that like both ways I don’t agree with. Do not change something that is working.

  9. I received a phone call from Molly saying “Help, Mr Muehleberg is talking politics”.

    I was first confused then I realised that Molly and Milly would only know of a pastor who talks about religion or topics that relate to religion like morality or how we should live a godly life. This came at an opportune moment because it explained the reason behind issues that are going on at the moment within my local Christendom, so it was a thank you Lord for using Mr M to activate Molly to show me what I was ignorant of.

    I sometimes feel I need to shake some adults from their sleepwalking into the world and bringing it into Christendom. I am not shaking anyone on CW or those on these threads, not because some do not need it, but because you do not criticise those who are fighting on multiple fronts, you thank them.

    I think Christian voters need to get a whole lot smarter by taking the simple route where possible. I do not know the differences between the Uk’s political system compared to Australia’s, but I suspect Labor is a left-leaning socialist party. If that is so, it is by definition Immoral. You do not have to look at its policies as you know what is immoral produces the immoral. One of the problems befalling adults is they do not see the like between christ’s temptation in Luke 4, and what temptation a political party offer. We in the Uk have elections coming up for MEP’s in the May elections. When the candidates knock our door the men in my house are moved aside, as the labour party candidate needs to be told his party is immoral, and it can only be assumed he is too. Further, I tell them my dad and brother do not vote for the immoral, even if they are offered money stolen from them in exchange for their votes. I am not quite so friendly to the liberal candidate.

    The immoral should not be treated or judged in a way that they feel forgiveness isn’t available to them, so I give them one of my charity shop Bibles and close the door on him/her.

    My brother thinks I am rude to them, but then he feels that not voting even if there is no one to vote for that holds our values is some moral failure. That is so absurd you only have to use a simple analogy like going to a store to purchase bread, and the store owner gives you a packet of washing powder instead, as he has no bread. You would not buy or vote for the washing powder if you wanted bread. My goodness, my brother needs a shake.

    The labour party (Mr M uses the spelling ‘Labor’) should not be viewed as a party that you need to check what their policies are since as an adult you are likely to be tempted beyond your capacity to resist the temptation, no, you just shut the door on them.

    Back To Molly….

  10. Thanks Sarah. Just to clarify for any who are uncertain, here are the two leftwing parties in the two nations, with their proper spelling:
    UK – Labour Party
    Australia – Labor Party

  11. Under the current government and the Defence Force Chief they appointed, the Army is set to surrender to the progressives and introduce Muslim and Satanic “chaplains”.


    It’s high time Australian Law returned to textualist interpretation.

    The word chaplain comes from “chapel”. Legally no religion that doesn’t have a “chapel” can have “chaplains”.

    That goes for the school chaplains program too. Only Christians can be chaplains, so only Christians should be employed under this government program.

  12. It would appear there’s less than a coat of paint’s difference between what passes for the “social justice policies” of the ALP and the Greens. When The Grim Reaper and Hermes and Aphrodite become “patron saints” of “love and compassion” and alleged “champions of public health”, the scales of Justice can no longer balance at the point set by the plumb-line of Truth… Soon we will be brazenly assured that those perennial adversaries, Truth and Falsehood are mere illusions – projections of mankind’s ever-evolving collective subconscious!

  13. Thanks Bill for finding and exposing this deal with the Devil by Labor.
    Little wonder sodomy has been condemned in the Bible, by previous generations and other cultures; no good comes from it.
    Here we have Labor happy to jump into bed with and be sodomized by the LGBTQI.
    The unfortunate victims are our children, country and culture.
    You have been warning about this for years, and full credit to you.

  14. Michael.
    Yes it is pretty abysmal from nearly any point of view for us.
    We indeed are reaping the now long term rejection of Godly standards.
    This means that those who clearly want to make a stand are immediately cut down.
    Even “moderate right” Cory Bernardi cannot get traction.

    Please allow me though to make some, what may be, helpful observations.

    1. Clive Palmer himself tells a significantly different story to the one commonly described.
    If his version is true, then we need to cut him heaps more slack and give him much more credit.
    However it could be a long time before his effort gains enough credibility to make any real difference. Besides I don’t know about his stand on moral/spiritual issues. We will have to wait and see on those. Brian Burston has some three years experience in the Senate having jumped ship from ON.

    2. CDP and RUA will likewise not make any difference that I can put hope in.

    3. Labor and the Greens should be beyond consideration and should be put last on both the reps and the senate vote to make sure that there is the least chance for them getting in.

    4. In reference to this voting tactic, of putting the least wanted last, have a look at “The Pickering Post” blog that has four very helpful articles published in the last month or so, on understanding our electoral system and tactics that are meaningful. https://www.pickeringpost.com/

    5. Regarding the Coalition of Lib and Nat, as John Howard reminded us they are a “broad church”. The range of views held by party members, and by their members of parliament can be fairly said to reflect almost all views within our society. This makes the coalition both strong and weak. The key is that so much of their policy is constantly open for debate and even dissention. This has brought the oft comment that they are not united. There is on most issues a conscience vote even on the floor of the house. This is vastly different to Labor where once a policy has been settled, members must vote even against their conscience.

    6. It will be either the Coalition or Labor/Green that is likely to form a government. There may be some smaller party/parties that get the balance of power, but even if you are Antony Green you will be hard pressed to guess if and who that might be.

    6. I believe that we should choose the “least worst” (W Churchill), and then try to make sure that they really do understand the issues that are on our hearts.

  15. And you might like to draw attention to quota by gender (and perhaps other kinds of sexual orientation) in the workforce. Many Australian employers already do this. There have already been cases where an employer purposely insisted on females only in certain job vacancies so that the proportion of females in that line of work would thereby increased. This was with the blessing of the “human rights” bodies. These things have occurred in the so-called science and technology areas where males are in the majority.

    In other words, we’re not just seeing more people get into weird sexual behaviour and reaping the consequences of that; we’re seeing a deliberate to enforce equal numbers in numerous lines of work these days. Where’s the justice in that?

    Male and female are different in numerous ways and that is well documented. We don’t need a medical textbook to tell us that. For those who don’t want to touch a Bible, there’s the book “BrainSex” by Anne Moir and David Jessel, which tells all about these differences very clearly. It may still be in print. The czars and commissars of “equality” cannot or will not see the differences between the sexes, which are obvious to blind Freddy (and blind Freda).

  16. First is was tolerating them then accepting then celebrating soon we will have to tell them how their “love” is purer, nobler, and better than our (heterosexual) love and maybe even more godly. they don’t stop. I would be surprised if we see trans making us go the same route making us tell them how females with penis’ are more of a woman than females with vaginas (like Caitlyn Jenner being “woman” of the year) and that males with vaginas are more of a man than males with penis’. or even that Eve had a penis and Adam a vagina before the fall when God switched them. If they could heterosexuality would be made illegal and “cisgender” would likewise be illegal. soon pedophile will receive the same course – tolerance, acceptance, celebration, reverence (being a nobler and purer and better love and maybe even more pleasing to God). soon all perversion will be allowed and it will be the NORMAL people (heterosexual cisgendered) who will be the outcasts. I would be surprised if one day they have the right to have sex with whoever they want irregardless of whether that person wants it. they always se we want just this and that is all but as soon as they get it they want more. they say we are second class because we dont have X so we give them X and then all of a sudden they are second class STILL because they don’t have Y we give them Y and then they are STILL second class because they don’t have Z and on and on each time we give them something so they aren’t second class they find another reason they sell are. they are like little kids who just keep demanding more and more because they know you will give in and give it to them. time for society to grow up and say that horrible unpopular uncouth word – NO!!!!

  17. The moral reasoning in society is so damaged you are going to have to work from a checkbox list


    Labor= left = socialism so check the box, DO NOT GET MY VOTE.

    Parties who run on, diversity is the standard to achieve, they are globalists, check the box, DO NOT GET MY VOTE.

    All that should concern you is their worldview.

    If a socialist, globalist party offers you stuff beneficial to Christianity and you are tempted to vote for them then you are a state prisoner since you are looking to the government for your freedoms, there is no nice way of putting this, but stupid would be the best description of you.

    Remember this simple analogy- children in a family live under socialism, that’s why it appeals to the young (mum puts a gun to dads head and says, the kids need feeding and clothing give me your money) if you are not a socialist when you are young (like me, Sarah) then it’s said you have no heart. If you are socialist when you are mature, then you have no brain.

    Single women and unmarried mothers vote in large numbers for socialism in one form or another. Married women in large numbers vote for forms of capitalism. The reasoning is simple Married women who have families want the money coming into their home to benefit their family first, then their relatives, then the wider community. The reason for this is because they realise, sometimes the hard way, that actions have consequences and others harmful consequences should not impinge on their families flourishing since her very being is to ensure HER family flourishes (brought to maturity). I (Sarah) differ than most young people in that I have been a mother to my two adult children as the only female in my home. The adult children go by the names daddy and brother.

    This is how utterly none existent your due diligence has become. You send your children to be taught by the immoral and then wonder why you have immoral children. You send teens to be educated by a liberal on how to interact and teach the little ones in your trusted care and then wondered how liberalism had invaded your church. There is something very fallen in those who expect the least to be your gatekeepers.

  18. Michael I think you’re oversimplifying the situation. Resident Australians have to vote, it’s that simple, and if you don’t like your choices then it’s your responsibility to order them from least bad to most bad, or step up and stand yourself. Of course you’ll still need to vote, but at least you can #1 yourself for whichever level you’re standing. 🙂

    For those who aren’t familiar with the Australian system this may help: https://www.aec.gov.au/Voting/How_to_Vote/.

    For those who just want the short version, Australian citizens have to vote for both Senate candidates and candidates for the House of Representatives. To vote for the House of Representatives you number each candidate from 1 to however many candidates there are. For the Senate you can either vote for parties – numbering above the line, or for candidates by numbering the individual candidates below the line. A ‘recent’ change in law means you don’t have to number them all – only the first 6 parties or first 12 candidates whereas you might previously have to sort more than a 100 choices! Sound complicated? Ah but wait there’s more! If no party\candidate reaches the threshold needed for a seat then that with the least votes is eliminated. These ‘eliminated votes’ are transferred to their second choices and the process continues until the threshold is reached. For HoR electorates this is 50%. For the Senate however there are usually 6 seats available each election with voters in each state comprising a single electorate. Those votes that push a Senate candidate over the threshold are removed from the count as I understand it and this process continues until all seats are filled. If it seems a wee bit complicated that’s because it is!!!

    Back to Michael’s point though about the Australian Conservatives being a failure, CDP equally unlikely to win, One Nation unvoteable because of one candidate, Palmer unacceptable, Labor bad, Liberals little better, and who to vote for.

    First split the Senate and HoR races. They’re different. Assuming Wikipedia is correct you have 105 Senate choices: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candidates_of_the_2019_Australian_federal_election#New_South_Wales_2

    Will you vote above or below the line i.e. by party or by candidate? I recommend candidate as that allows more control over where your votes go. Either way I advise a 2 tack approach. Work out which parties you absolutely can’t support, and mentally number them, or their candidates in reverse order. Conversely take those parties or candidates you’d like to see in, even if they’re guaranteed to not win, and list them in the order you wish they’d win. Worst case scenario your preference vote will get to the Coalition-Labor divide and be used there. This at least allows you the choice of the lesser of 2 evils. Do likewise with your HoR vote. I don’t know your electorate – and for privacy sake you probably don’t want to post it, but it looks like NSW seats all have the choice of: Greens (Far Left) Labor (Left), Coalition (Centrist), and 1-7 other choices. In Warringah for instance – former Prime Minister Tony Abott’s seat seems like a good option for a case study, you have the 3 basic choices, and candidates from the Animal Justice Party, Christian Democrat Party, Conservative National Party, Sustainable Australia, Palmer Party (UAP), and 2 officially independent candidates. If you don’t like Leftists – and I’m keeping this deliberately simple, then list the Greens and Labor candidates last and second last. You then probably have to decide whether the AJP candidate is further left of the SA candidate, Steggall (a left-wing independent), and the other independent Moylan (some activist I’ve not heard of). Once you’ve figured out your bottom ranked options you’re left with your top options. Do you love Tony Abbott? If so it’s easy – place him #1. If not then is he better or worse than the CDP, CNP, and PA choices? Ranking those gives you your 1st through 4th options, though odds are your preference won’t get past Abbott given the whole Liberal-Labor 2PP thing in most electorates.

    Does this help?

    I’m still working out the exact order for my own electorate – admitting I’m not in Warringah probably isn’t revealing too much, but I’d probably prefer a minor party candidate or 2 – depending what I read, with my 2nd or 3rd pick being the Liberal-Labor 2PP option. Ideally I’d prefer an alternative to 2PP preferred but I believe my local MP is reasonably respected – done a decent job, but most people vote by party not the local candidate’s job performance. Whether the seat changes hands thus will depend on what swing occurs. I’ll need to research the Senate as there’s parties I’ve never even heard of before. Most of their candidates will be unknowns making them impossible to judge, but their odds of winning a seat are pretty low anyway. For Coalition candidates I strongly recommend you research them individually as they’re just as likely to be left-wing as conservative.

    Oh as regards your second post regarding Christians voting One Nation after the Thai incident, I’d contend there’s a 3 things to consider. First what a candidate does may not be representative of the party. If you don’t like what a particular candidate says or does then rank him (or her) low in your preferences even if you do like the party. If you like a candidate but not their party, then it gets much much trickier. Will them winning the seat mean you have a good local representative, the party you dislike winning government, or both? Minor party candidates are likely a safe bet since they won’t have much effect unless Australia gets a minority government. And that’s the the third and final point. Unless Australia votes a minority government then minor parties will have very little effect on anything. The exception to this sadly is the Far Left Greens who are vastly overrepresented in academia, bureaucracy, and the MSM, with the result their views and opinions are given vastly excessive ink and airtime and consequently shape government policy more than they should.

    Hope this helps everyone. Of course given the length and political focus of this piece it may or may not get past Bill. 🙂

  19. Dear Miss Molly Mountford & Miss Sarah Clark, the Liberal Party runs on “diversity”:

    “As the Prime Minister has said, the Morrison Government does not support LGBTIQ+ conversion therapy. The use of conversion therapy has long been discredited with no scientific or medical evidence to support its use.

    “Hearn’s views have ‘no place in the Liberal Party’: Tudge”

    Dear Andrew,

    Today the Liberal Party has just fired a candidate (friend of this blog) for saying basically what Israel Folau said. He was forced by the party to say “My comments were wrong and I apologise unreservedly for making them.”

    That’s what Rugby Australia is trying to make Izzy Folau do. What’s the difference?

    I think I’m going to get my name crossed off, take my ballot papers and do a donkey vote. I think a lot of Christians will. In fact “a pox on both your houses” is the only Christian response unless you have a local candidate you know personally and you know they’re a committed Christian.

  20. Shorten is so confident that he’ll be the next PM that he is as carefree about the truth as someone once said “that there will be no carbon tax under a government i lead”
    I reckon this man practices lying while he sleeps. Since when has perpetual lying considered a virtue, and what the heck has gone wrong with the media’s moral compass?
    Habitual lying has the same outcome as someone with their head stuck in a lions mouth, it’s just a matter of time.

    Bill. Injustice has a way of consuming those who practice injustice.

  21. Are you people calling yourselves Christians? My understanding is that Jesus accepted and loved everyone. What does it matter how someone is born. They are all God’s people. It amazes me how judgemental many Christians can be. Open your hearts like Jesus did and accept all people.

  22. Thanks Rhonda. But if you actually took a closer look at the Scriptures that would dispel many of the faulty and unbiblical notions that you are clinging to. Actually no, Jesus did not accept everybody. He constantly divided the crowds, enraged the masses, and turned people away because of what he said. Only those who came to him in faith and repentance were ultimately accepted. He of course spoke more about hell and judgment to come for those who do not get right with God than anyone one else in Scripture. But I have written about this in more detail elsewhere, eg.: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2012/07/05/time-to-re-read-the-gospels-and-rediscover-jesus-part-1/

    And you of course have simply bought the lie that homosexuals are born that way – something even honest homosexuals admit is NOT the case. See here for example: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2013/06/07/more-born-that-way-baloney/

    Lastly, we are of course not all God’s people. Jesus made this crystal clear as well, as does all of the Bible. See here for more on this: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2017/06/07/two-humanities-two-destinies/

    And simply affirming what Jesus said and what the Bible teaches does not make one judgmental. The truth is, you may need to brush up on your understanding of what biblical Christianity actually teaches. Actually reading the Bible would a good way to get things right here.

  23. Wouldn’t Jesus stand for helping the poor. Wouldn’t he want us to have strong social policies to protect those who are on the fringe.

  24. Thanks Timothy. This article of course was not about economics but about how Labor will further destroy this country in terms of its hyper-radical policies on sexuality. So you are a bit off track here! But let me briefly speak to your concerns. That Jesus is concerned about social and economic matters and our wellbeing goes without saying. But that is not the point. The issue is what political and economic policies will actually help the poor, and which will harm them. A very good case can be made that leftist economic policies do not help the poor, and make matters worse. But those matters I have discussed in detail elsewhere. Here is one such article: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2017/11/12/socialism-social-justice-church/

  25. >Mr Mason, Mr Taouk.
    Your comment to Mr T.
    “Michael I think you’re oversimplifying the situation. Resident Australians have to vote, it’s that simple, and if you don’t like your choices, then it’s your responsibility to order them from least bad to most bad, or step up and stand yourself. Of course, you’ll still need to vote, but at least you can #1 yourself for whichever level you’re standing”.

    And your comment to me (for those who do not know how the Aussie system works.)

    “Australian citizens have to vote for both Senate candidates and candidates for the House of Representatives. . . “.

    When you say, have to vote, do people have to vote, i.e. go to prison if they do not?

    I think I have to question the morality of your advice to Mr T.

    In that would it be moral to tell Mr T he had to vote for Stalin, Hitler, Polpot, Mao, Kim Jong-il or rank them in the order of his least favoured. Resolving the issue by suggesting he stands and vote for himself is problematic in that he may consider taking part in such a system isn’t a condemnation of it but support for it. He, of course, may feel he is not suitably qualified to do so. It is reasonable to criticise a restaurant without becoming a chef after all.

    Having multiple parties that are all left except for their names is undoubtedly just the same as picking Polpot over Stalin as only the name is different.

    My advice to Mr T would be if there are those with high moral standards to vote for then your way forward is to vote for them. If there are no candidates with high ethical standards then, cast not your vote to the swine.

    I, of course, do not consider you were trying to make Mr T, Immoral, however, I think you didn’t see where what seems just a procedure one does every few years leads, given where it has led to date.

    Alice has been complaining everyone has had a turn on Mr M’s threads but her, therefore, I invited her around to help formulate a post with me. She has spent the whole time trying to flirt with my brother who is too old for her, so he is having none of it. If that wasn’t bad enough, she told him she makes the best, cupcakes. We are now going to have to have a competition to make sure my dad and brother know I’m the best. I doubt Alice has ever made any cakes but even if she has when my dad and brother vote on who is best they will know who they have to live with and who has to be home by 9. It’s in the bag…

  26. Good day Bill. I have compiled an email to a pastor who dedicated the sermon this past Sunday to “transgender dysphoria”. This was the 3rd visit to this congregation (we are ‘in between” churches as you would notice in my email). I have cited you (with links) several times. I will not send the email without your approval. Please scan through the contents (know you are very busy, but also do not want you to be incriminated) of the email:
    Dear Geoff

    My wife and I have attended a number of services in the Adelaide Trinity Church recently.
    You could say that we are on a “mission” to become part of a congregation who does not embrace:

    1. Agenda 21 of the UN.
    2. Cultural Marxism.
    3. Political correctness.

    We are therefore saddened and disappointed by most of the Christian Churches in AU we have attended in the last 12 years (we have migrated from S Africa 12 years ago) which:

    1. Supporting the Victim industry.
    2. Supporting same sex marriage.
    3. Allowing politicians to deliberately reduce freedom of speech (and Christian religion for that matter).
    4. Double standards regarding religion (AU flag half-mast after Christchurch shootings, nothing for the Sri Lanka attacks).
    5. Falling for the new religion: Climate change cult (Gaia worshippers).
    6. Etc., etc.

    I have read various articles by Christian academics and writers on the transgender phenomenon. Herewith links to a few:

    1. How should Christians respond to the Transgender Phenomenon by Robert A J Gagnon ( https://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2015/10/how-should-christians-respond-to-the-transgender-phenomenon ).
    2. The Gospel Coalition – Rob Smith ( https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/responding-to-the-transgender-revolution/ ).
    3. Bill Muehlenberg website ( https://billmuehlenberg.com/?s=transgender ).

    And just recently ( https://billmuehlenberg.com/2019/04/30/what-a-labor-win-will-mean-for-freedom-religion-and-children-in-australia/ ).
    This scary stuff from the ALP. Calling a man a woman or vice versa in Church is going to be the least of our problems.

    You have presented the case for inclusiveness to trans people very well. Unfortunately you have only cited Yarhouse during the service.
    I won’t know if you’ve consulted other Christian academics, writers or psychologists studies or views on this subject.
    You have mentioned on a few occasions during the sermon of the “slippery slope” and “culture wars”.
    The other writers are of the opinion that Yarhouse is leaning towards the slippery slope here. I agree with them.
    I have copied some of the contents of the other authors which do not agree the three “lenses” approach which Yarhouse uses to put his case forward.

    Gagnon – “In allowing those with transgender desires “to identify with aspects of the opposite sex,” even at a church service, won’t the church be contributing to the distress and confusion of their children?”

    Smith – “Deuteronomy 22:5:
    A woman (Heb. ’ishshah) shall not wear a man’s (Heb. gever) garment, nor shall a man (Heb. gever) put on a woman’s (Heb. ’ishshah) cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination (Heb. to‘evah) to the LORD your God.
    There can be little doubt that this text condemns cross-dressing in the strongest possible terms. This is clear from the use of the Hebrew word to‘evah, which means “detestable, repulsive, or loathsome” and is applied to any act that is “excluded by its very nature” or is regarded as “dangerous or sinister.”29 It is thus the word applied to various idolatrous practices (Deut. 7:5; 13:14), homosexual intercourse (Lev. 18:22; 20:13), and other violations of the created order (Davidson 171).
    Allberry – “Our culture says: Your psychology is your sexual identity—let your body be conformed to it. The Bible says: Your body is your sexual identity—let your mind be conformed to it. (Cited in Transgender 43).

    Muehlenberg – “There is nothing loving or Christlike about telling a male he is female, or a female she is male. What is loving is pointing these folks to Christ and the healing and restoration he freely offers”.

    As you (and Yarhouse) have emphasized many times; this is a controversial and sensitive matter, therefore “cherry picking” will be harmful.
    This subject (and all the other LBTGQI…….) has to be studied holistically based purely on biblical truths.
    I am currently reading (actually an in depth study) of Christian Ethics by Wayne Grudem. This subject is covered in this book as well.
    I have not got so far yet (book is 1300 pages).

    So Geoff, do not see this as criticism. This is your view on this matter and you have delivered the sermon passionately and you believe in what you have conveyed to the congregation.
    My wife agrees with your view and was very impressed with the presentation and contents.
    We all pray for wisdom in our every changing world with all its challenges. We cannot predict what the future will bring on the decisions we make today.
    Hopefully Adelaide Trinity made the right decision to embrace the trans community and that this Christian gesture will change the hate the LBTGQI community has displayed towards anyone who does not agree or support their life choices.

    Best regards,

  27. “Wouldn’t Jesus stand for helping the poor. Wouldn’t he want us to have strong social policies to protect those who are on the fringe”.

    Ahhhh, No, Mr Hills. My goodness, morality does not work that way.
    You will need to explain who is on the fringe and why you think they are there. However, that aside you help via charity. Christians normally do this via their church, they voluntarily give and those helped are helped to the maximum since if my dad gives say £10 towards the charitable work of the church £10 goes to help those in need. There is a further benefit in that they not only receive materially what they need but the hand of friendship too. The spin-off is that we get their vote, not the government who forced my dad to provide for the government charity that the government sucks at.

    Socialist governments have a vested interest in keeping the poor dependent and stealing from my dad. On the other hand, a church charity has a vested interest in converting the receivers to givers.

    Your error was to consider a Robin Hood character as good. Robbing from the rich to give to the poor is immoral because robbery is immoral. You do not help the poor by giving them stuff you help them by making them self-sufficient. The tiny minority that can’t become self-sufficient will need supporting by a charity.

    Charity by definition is moral as it seeks Good without coercion. Socialism by definition is immoral as it’s self-serving with coercion.

    When you are forced to help the needy there is no virtue in that. When you give sacrificially and willingly to help the needy that is not only virtuous but reflects your real concern for those in need. That type of virtue wants more for those in need than making them dependent on a government with your help.

  28. The Australian people who pride themselves on being a free people, need to stop indulging in their petty distractions of drinking, sport and gambling and look hard at Britain where the LGBTs have had the freedom to ride rough shod and trample over the rights of everyone else for two decades.
    Since same sex marriage was legalised in 2013, the proportion of LGBTQs who are in same sex marriages, civil partnerships and co-habiting relationships with dependent children is miniscule compared with the number of straight, married and co-habiting couples with dependent children. The Office of National statistics put the number of straight households with dependent children at 6,184,000 compared with 18,000 same sex households with dependent children. This means that in order to include gays in civilised society, the LGBTQs (who represent only 0.3% of all households with dependent children) have been able to redefine and degrade marriage. Faithfulness and adultery as grounds for divorce no longer apply since gays do neither monogamy nor faithfulness.
    For instance Homosexual Professor of Masculinities, Eric Anderson, at Winchester University has for years been free to proselytise on mainstream media adultery and fornication [1].
    In an article entitled, ‘Why men must be free to embrace their inner slut,’ the Evening Standard, quoting Anderson, said,
    ‘He’s frankly delighted that porn helps make monogamy seem even more obviously boring and untenable: “I suggest that the pornification of society, the early age at which we begin sex, and the marvellous psychosocial effect of the internet have made us all grow somewhat desensitised to monogamous sex. But instead of problematising the pornification of our culture, I celebrate it, suggesting that it both liberates and improves our sexual selves.” To this end, he supplies a long list of handy websites for “those looking to hone their masturbation skills”’. [2]
    The statistics show quite plainly how the lusts and narcissism of this tiny minority have been able to dominate society:
    The total population of Britain is 66 million people.
    6,184,000 straight, binary households composed of one man and one woman equals 12,368,000, married men and women, this equals 19% of the total population. Bearing in mind that according to the ONS if only 1-2% of the population are gay and the straight population is 98% of the total population and the latter are potentially capable of creating families…then the 18,000 LGBTQ households who represent 36000 gays same sex partnerships (assuming there are not more than two partners) represent only 0.0006% of the total population. The tiny proportion of LGBT families are being held up as the model to which all children should aspire in their future family relationships.
    Peter Tatchell the most lauded homosexual in Britain has said,
    “We shared a radical idealism- a dream of what the World could and should be- free from not just homophobia but the whole sex- shame culture, which oppressed straights as much as LGBTs. We were sex liberationists and social revolutionaries, out to turn the world upside down…. It questioned marriage, nuclear family, monogamy and patriarchy…Erotic shame and guilt would be banished. There would be sexual freedom and human rights for everyone- gay, bi and straight. Our message was ‘innovate, don’t assimilate.’” [3]
    What the LGBTs want is not equality, but that we should be the same as they are. They do not want to be insiders, included in civilised society, but that we be forcibly included in their dysfunctional, degenerate and disintegrate world. If we are not willing to do this of our own free will, they will force us into it. They have made a start on our children by bringing in compulsory relationship and sex education (RSE). Parents are not allowed to withdraw their children from LGBT indoctrination or be party to what their children are being taught.
    We are no longer a free nation. We can no longer speak the truth in public. There are issues such as homosexuality, abortion, feminism and religion that no one dare even mention. The role call of those who have been publically humiliated, lost their carreers, business, been fined, arrested, threatened with prison and had their children taken away by the social services grows longer every day. Australians, by indulging the LGBTs you are welcoming your own oppression.
    i) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt6AGxc7LBM
    ii) https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/masculinity-today/201203/the-monogamy-gap-men-love-and-the-reality-cheating

    [2] http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/books/why-men-must-be-free-to-embrace-their-inner-slut-7545039.html

    [3] http://www.petertatchell.net/lgbt_rights/london-gay-liberation-front-manifesto-1971/

    David Skinner UK

  29. Francois you mention Sam Allberry approvingly. I believe this to be a huge mistake. Sam Allberry and Living Out are far more dangerous than the “Christian” gays that one can spot at two thousand paces. Allberry claims to be “abstinate” and eschews same sex marriage and yet he opposes reparative therapy and believes his same sex lusts and romantic feeling make him a better a Christian and more like Jesus. If that is the case may God send down his blessing of homosexual desires on all of us!
    David Skinnner UK

  30. This is why we Christians need to get better at ‘praying without ceasing’ for the only way to help people without legal repercussions, will be by engaging the power of prayer over a person in the privacy of our prayer closets. Prayer knows no boundaries.

  31. I’ve found a very simple way to vote which requires little study.

    Find a “Greens” how to vote card and do the exact opposite.

    All the full on leftists end up with the lowest preferences and the most Christian and conservative parties end up most preferred. Furthermore, and probably most importantly, Liberal end up preferred over Labor.

  32. Sophie York of the Australian Conservatives a NSW Senate candidate should be voted in.
    I agree with Cory Bernardi’s assessment of her that she is extraordinary.
    You may need to vote below the line to get your vote to be most effective.
    If so, its a minimum of 16 in number order.

  33. Dear Bruce,

    I have Mrs York at [2] on my BTL Senate vote in NSW.

    [1] Annie Wright. (CDP GROUP P #2)
    [2] Sophie York (Australian Conservatives GROUP M #1)
    [3] Riccardo Bosi (Australian Conservatives GROUP M #2)
    [4] Maree Nichols (Rise Up Australia GROUP A #1)
    [5] Vladimir Shigrov (Rise Up Australia GROUP A #2)
    [6] Leon Toop (Rise Up Australia GROUP A #3)
    [7] General Jim Molan (Liberal & Nationals GROUP D #4)
    [8] Daniel Hanna (Democratic Labour Party GROUP AA #1)
    [9] Benedict O’Brien (Democratic Labour Party GROUP AA #2)

    I hope she and Lyle get in. This is AC’s last chance to after a really bad performance in the NSW election.

    I am still looking for 3 more good candidates to get to 12 BTL if anyone has any suggestions.

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