Trans-sanity, the Coercive State, and the Taxpayer

Big Brother in action: when the state aligns with the sexual revolutionaries:

When the state gets in bed with militant activist groups and uses its powers of coercion to force people to participate in immoral and dangerous agendas, you know we are in a real bad way. Of course there is a proper place for the minimalist government – one that fixes potholes, maintains national security, and the like.

But the expansionist state is increasingly moving well beyond such activities, and is now pushing radical left agenda items, and those who refuse to submit are being targeted. And there are plenty of means by which the state can ensure that an unwilling citizenry will be made to go along with all this.

Economic power is one way this can happen. Indeed, here is a basic truism that you can depend upon: if the government wants less of something, it will tax it; if it wants more of something, it will subsidise it. We see this happening all the time with the interventionist state.

Almost all of the radical sexual revolutionary programs, policies and ideologies in vogue today are now heavily subsidised by governments – that is, by us taxpayers. Whether it is the militant homosexual lobby, the radical feminist ideology, or now the gender bender agenda, the state is deeply involved in promoting these things.

Consider the trans revolution sweeping everything in its path. If a young male thinks he is trapped in the wrong body, he can get all the help, support, and even financial aid he likes from the state. Taxpayers will have to foot the bill for transitioning and all that goes with it.

Taxpayer-funded counsellors, clinics, drugs and medical help and so on are all readily at hand. But this is all one-way traffic. If there is sex-change regret, and someone seeks to detransition, there is no such government help available, and no such funding. Sorry, you are then on your own Jack – or Jill.

So the coercive state is running with radical left ideology and making you pay for it. Are you getting upset yet? Examples of this are legion. As I wrote two years ago, we have shocking headlines like this making the rounds: “Australian Defence Force personnel sex-changes cost taxpayers more than $1m.”

The October 2017 news item opened this way: “Taxpayers have been slugged more than $1 million for Australian Defence Force personnel to undergo sex-change surgery and for treatment of gender dysphoria.” Hmm, I suspect most folks have no idea that their hard-earned tax dollars are being wasted on such madness.

Yes we expect some of our tax dollars to go to the defence of the nation – but we do NOT expect this money to go to moonbat social experiments in the military that do nothing to keep us safe, but do everything to implement radical activist agendas. And consider more radical proposals in Australia. Check out this shocker from a few months ago:

Transgender surgery, such as ­“facial feminisation” with a price tag of up to $70,000, should be made available in public hospitals and subsidised by Medicare, says a report to Victoria’s government. A “critically low” supply of trans-skilled surgeons is driving people overseas for costly surgery that sometimes fails and is difficult to repair in Victoria, says the 2018 report feeding into what Premier Daniel Andrews unveiled in April as Australia’s first Trans and Gender Diverse Health Care ­Initiative.

The report cites the “rapid ­increase” of patient demand in Victoria’s gender clinics at the Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Health. It urges more surgical training and says Medicare should recognise that “gender ­affirming” surgery is not cosmetic but helps a trans person lead “a productive and meaningful life”. The report says: “Many pharmaceutical and surgical procedures (for trans people) are not listed on Medicare/PBS schedules and require private funding, which can be expensive,” and gives the example of “craniofacial reconstruction” (facial feminisation, costing $50,000-$70,000) after puberty for trans females born male.

We find the same thing happening overseas. Recently we learned of some alarming proposals being made by Democratic presidential contenders in the US. Here is one of them:

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke said Thursday that churches and other religious institutions that oppose same-sex marriage should lose their tax-exempt status, taking the Democratic presidential debate into uncharted — and controversial — territory. The Texas Democrat was asked about the concept by CNN anchor Don Lemon at a 2020 candidates’ forum on LGBTQ issues co-hosted by the network and Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

“Do you think religious institutions like colleges, churches, charities should lose their tax-exempt status if they oppose same-sex marriage?” Lemon asked. “Yes,” O’Rourke replied. “There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone, or any institution, any organization in America, that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us. And so as president, we are going to make that a priority, and we are going to stop those who are infringing upon the human rights of our fellow Americans.”

Of course it is not just removing tax relief, or forcing taxpayers to pay for radical activist agendas that most folks would strongly disapprove of that is allowing the hyper-left to take over our societies. Coercive government policies of various kinds will also do the trick. Consider one recent example of this from the UK:

Judges have been ordered to hand out tough jail terms in a crackdown on transgender and homophobic hate crimes. Offenders found guilty of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexuality should get at least six months in prison, new sentencing guidelines state.

And there should be a six-year jail sentence for those convicted of the worst cases of intolerance against gay or transgender people. The instructions, released yesterday by the judge-led Sentencing Council – the statutory body that recommends punishment levels – mean transgender hate offences will receive harsher sentences than domestic burglaries.

Bear in mind just what these activist bodies mean by “hate crimes”: basically anything thought, said or done in opposition to these radical agendas. In other words, an article like this would be considered to be a hate crime. So I could be facing prison time in the UK simply for writing and sharing a piece like this!

And consider a very troubling proposed policy in Queensland. As the Australian Christian Lobby has warned:

After years of telling school kids their gender is fluid, the Queensland Labor Government now wants to force counselors, social workers and all medical professionals, to assist kids who are confused about their gender to undergo irreversible gender transitions.

Labor’s draft Bill is so dangerous I am asking you to take urgent action today. Just as the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ program was delivered under the guise of an anti-bullying campaign, Labor’s new law is being promoted as an effort to ban ‘gay conversion therapy’. But the Bill does much more than that.

-This Bill would make it a criminal offence for a medical practitioner to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach if a patient presented and said they were confused about their gender.

-This new law would mean the doctor or medical professional would be compelled to put that patient on a pathway towards irreversible sex change surgery or harmful hormone treatments.

There are countless ways in which the state can force people to do the bidding of the leftist militants. As this gets increasingly worse, all concerned citizens – including concerned Christians – must think about how they might respond.

The issue of civil disobedience arises here, and I have spoken about it often now. See this piece for example:

The sad truth is, the days of limited government now seem to be over. Everywhere we see big government getting bigger, especially as it sides with left-wing social engineering agendas. And the radical sexual revolution is a major part of all this.

Prepare for things to get even worse in the days ahead – unless we all start speaking up NOW.

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13 Replies to “Trans-sanity, the Coercive State, and the Taxpayer”

  1. It’s absolutely ridiculous how transgender madness has taken over even places like the Royal Childrens Hospital where you would hope you could take your child if they had gender dysphoria and they would get all the psychologial and psychiatric counselling they would need to be reconciled to living happily in the beautiful body God has given them! Unfortunately, this is not the case with an exponential rise in the number of kids being “treated” by transitioning and then puberty blockers etc etc. I just checked the Gender Clinic website and found this and I quote: “Treatment aims to support individuals in affirming their gender identity, with a focus on physical and psychological wellbeing.” Parents be warned…don’t take your children there!

  2. This whole sorry saga is nothing new as history recalls what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah.
    The western world was hoodwinked into believing those who are corrupted that a woman was trapped in a loveless marriage and easy divorce (no fault) was born and that was the beginning or the death knell of marriage which has ended up with same sex marriage.
    The Family Court was never any such thing. It was purely set up to destroy marriage as any person who struggled to protect marriage can tell you. The family court was more likely to protect the one who petitioned for divorce that the one who wanted to protect the marriage. The question begs – why is that? I submit the answer is that it was necessary to divide an conquer – a divided home cannot stand.
    Now we have the lunatics questioning our faith and I have no doubt that God is interested as to who stays firm and who recants.
    Any Christian who recognises ex wife or ex husband has already turned their face from God as it is God who joins together in holy matrimony and no human hand can divide thus by accepting divorce we turn our face from God. Now count the divorces and then try and claim we are faithful to God or that we are Christians.
    John Abbott

  3. Is this something to do with creating new markets for the medical and associated professions?
    Is it also about further empowering the power hungry, or further weakening the already weak States ready for the Reds of Russia and China to dominate?
    Sorry these are questions not solutions.

  4. Thanks for telling us, Bill. Thanks for your relentless efforts.
    This is extremely disturbing news. Sinister stuff.

    My prayer is that the Australian society itself, will buck the system, and say that they think this to be madness. And enter the fray. And say, ‘no, enough is enough. Stop this folly’.

    It is as if the society direction has been hijacked. Whether, through lack of energy, lack of alertness or whatever, society seems to have just rolled over and become too weary to bother.

    Living Lord, in your mercy, may there arise many opposing voices, calling for a recovery of a sense of normality, of God-givenness, and a quelling of the ‘crazy, destructive agenda’ among our society.

  5. I hope this is not off topic. But all this began with the Sexual Orientation Regulations which began in 2006/7 which state that “it is unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation in the provision of goods, services, education, disposal and management premises and exercise of public functions”.
    So that if you are an MP, Magistrate, policeman etc who refuses to provide goods and services that promote LGBTs values and morality, you will be fined, shut down or even threatened with prison.
    This will inevitably remove from the public space all Christians and other moral public servants .

    What this legislation hides is that that it is perfectly legal to discriminate on the grounds of Christian beliefs and moral values, in the reception of goods and services such as those that promote traditional and natural marriage, family values and morality.
    In other words your choice will be to either receive queer goods and services or none at all. You can chose either to eat and drink poison or starve.

  6. I’m going to “call a spade a spade”.
    It’s not “gender affirming”, or “gender reassignment” treatments or surgery.
    It’s chemical sterilisation, “the chop”, or sex change surgery, male & female genital mutilation – FULL STOP!
    (You can easily tell I’m not politically correct)

  7. “irreversible gender transitions” has to be the worst internal contradiction we have seen in a long while.

    If gender is fluid so that transitions are possible then further transitions should also be possible. To claim that a particular transition is irreversible gives the lie to the whole argument.

  8. JA has a point. If a male transitioning to female is supported, then, having now become female, why is it that the same person not supported to transition from female to male? Perhaps don’t use the word “detransition” and leave out “back to”.

  9. How come Body integrity dysphoria is considered a mental disorder [1]and female genital mutilation, FGM [2] are considered a crime and yet amputation of breasts and mutilation of genitals in the name of transsexuality are regarded as normal, natural and a good thing?
    Even more bizarre is the fact that to aid someone to break free from same sex attraction to being opposite attracted can carry a prison sentence.
    But why indeed stop at breasts and genitalia. Perhaps the removal of all limbs, and external organs such as eyes and ears will be offered to our children on the National Health Service.
    I vote that all medical and psychiatric practitioners who perform trannsexual operations be made to undergo the same treatment on themselves before they operate on others.
    Therefore they should do to themselves whatsover they would do to others.


    David Skinner UK

  10. Norrie Welby who transitioned from a boy to girl at the age seven and then later detransitioned back to man and then applied later to transition to being no gender at all. However is not allowed to marry his male lover. Perhaps the male lover should also be neutered and then when they turn up at the marriage registry office, either one can choose to self identify as a either a man or woman – just for the occasion.
    David Skinner UK

  11. The economics of state sponsorship of state-subsidised alternative sexualities necessarily impinges on the entire public sector health budget as a whole: What is spent on pharmaceutical, surgical and psychological infrastructure for the “re-engineering” of human sexuality is taken away from other areas of government funding of health and human services.

    In a country where services to the elderly and to people with disability are already under investigation by two Royal Commissions, and abortion and pharmaceutically-assisted suicide are well on the way to decriminalisation and regulation by the state, someone will have to pay for the new “additions” to “reproductive health” and “gender-diversity” service delivery… presumably those who can least afford to pay … society’s most vulnerable cohorts. The fiscal “bubble” integral to social engineering cannot expand indefinitely. It must ultimately burst and leave a spectacular, grisly mess.

  12. David Skinner is spot on!
    Apply the “Golden Rule”.
    If these medical, surgical & psychiatric practitioners had the same transsexual procedures performed on themselves, & seen the adverse effects, then they, in good sense & conscience would not inflict it on others!

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