Thanks Dan Andrews: Melbourne Madness

Dan Andrews – not coronavirus – is destroying Victoria:

He is not called Dictator Dan for nothing. He is not known for seeking to push all things Chinese (as in the Chinese Communist Party) on hapless and helpless Victorians for nothing. I refer to the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews who has almost singlehandedly destroyed this state, with one scandal, one outrage, and one bungled policy after another.

And he is at it again. His handling of the corona crisis has been a case study in ineptitude, incompetence and idiocy. For example, he was happy to have solo golfers and solo fishermen arrested for not “social distancing” but he allowed tens of thousands of angry leftists to march arm in arm, screaming out their protests about how certain lives matter.

So now we are in turmoil again. Now we have new heavy-handed restrictions, with more being promised. All this is due to a supposed new spike, a second wave, of coronavirus. But what is the reality here? The truth is, testing has been radically ramped up in Victoria, so of course we are finding more cases. We always knew there would be many more cases than those actually confirmed. So when testing goes up, cases will go up.

But consider the actual numbers. Of late there have been over 20,000 tests a day (25,000 on July 5 alone). So far nearly a million tests in Victoria have been carried out. And the results? We have 2,660 confirmed cases, 600 active cases, with just a handful in ICUs, and just 20 deaths. Those with the virus make up a miniscule percentage, and those who have died from it comprise an even more minuscule percentage.

The real numbers to be concerned about are NOT 75 new cases a day or 100 new cases a day, but those who are in ICUs and those who have died. Those numbers are extremely low. Yet the government is again resorting to draconian and over the top lock down measures, now imprisoning entire suburbs and entire housing project populations.

All this is the fault of Dan Andrews. So we now have had ‘quarantine hotels’ – but with amateurs running the hotels, including private security guards with little or no training, who got far too close to the inmates – even with some having sexual liaisons with them. And people were able to leave the hotels without even being tested.

We now have 300,000 people in lockdown in a dozen postcodes (some 39 suburbs) in Melbourne’s north and west. And many residents have been waiting 10 days or more for their test results. And there are 3000 residents in nine housing commission towers that have been totally locked down. They cannot be freed until they are tested – but only 400 had been tested so far!

Some 500 police are patrolling these nine towers. Only six hours’ notice was given to these poor folks about their lockdown. And the food packages being delivered to them have been all rather useless: cereal without milk; bread spreads without bread; food stuffs well past their expiry dates, etc. There is a whole lot of resentment there already.

What utter chaos reigns in Victoria. It is the laughingstock of Australia. All the other states have declared that Victorians will not be allowed into their states (although all sorts of Victorian football teams have been allowed in – hmm…)

But to get the real story, we need to put a human face on all this. Here is one report making the rounds on the social media:

Just spoke to a friend who is a resident at one of the housing towers in Flemington. I asked her what she wants people to know and this is what she said.

“The way they have treated us is unacceptable. Where is the respect? The respect for us as humans. We want you to treat us as you expect your family to be treated. We heard about the lockdown and thought it would start at midnight so I went downstairs to get some food for my family but when I got down just after 4pm they had already locked us down. It is really scary for us to have all these police there, we can’t handle it mentally.

Many of us have come from countries with war and we are scared. 500 police! We look out the window and see all these armed police. Why are we being treated like this? No one else is being treated like this. Why couldn’t they give us time to get supplies? Why can’t we go to the shop like everyone else in other postcodes that are in lockdown? People are being treated differently from one side of the street to the other side.

We want everyone to be safe and my family will get through this, the children are going to find it very hard not being able to go outside. It’s going to be hard but we will be ok. But some people will find this really hard and we worry about their mental health as much as we worry about the virus. They might not get the virus but the impact on their mental health will be very bad. There are some very sick people living here, people who have had a very hard time and can’t handle seeing all these police. There are people here with serious illnesses.

The food they gave us this afternoon was tinned tomatoes and pasta, some people don’t eat those things. They say they will provide for all of us but there are 3000 people, you can’t knock on every door and buy the individual things everyone needs.

*We are interrupted by a loudspeaker announcement declaring that food can be picked up downstairs by only one member of the household. They must wear a mask and wash their hands. Covid testing will be at 10am tomorrow. A 1800 number is given for people to ring if they need assistance.*

I’m worried about the people who haven’t been here very long. Some can’t speak English and wouldn’t be able to ring that 1800 number. The single women with children. The elderly people. They’re too scared to come out of their flats and it’s hard for us to support each other because everyone is scared of getting the virus.

I want people to know that we don’t deserve to be treated like this.”

How horrific. How many folks there will suffer in so many ways? For example, how many will commit suicide (and I happen to know of a friend in another state who has attempted suicide, his condition being greatly exasperated by the lockdowns).

As one fellow said about this situation:

Think about this: if the government can lockdown apartment blocks overnight, with police outside people’s doors, make testing mandatory and make people dependent on the government for their food, they can do it anywhere else. How long do you think it’ll be until those in the high rise flats are told “if you don’t get tested, we won’t deliver your food”? This is outright authoritarianism and I think Flemington is just the test site. They’ll roll it out to other suburbs next then the whole state. Either you fight back or make yourself subject to the state. Today, it’s high rise towers in Flemington; tomorrow it could be your house.

Yes exactly right. The complete and total dictatorial powers of Dan Andrews seem to know no bounds. He can do whatever he wants, and barely a word of protest is uttered. Thankfully a few voices are being heard on the abuse of power in Victoriastan.

For example, Greg Sheridan wrote a piece in yesterday’s Australian entitled “Desperate Dan has only himself to blame for this mess.” He writes:

Daniel Andrews is now clearly the worst-performing, most unsuccessful premier or territory leader in Australia in managing the COVID-19 outbreak, despite being the most authoritarian. The Victorian government’s failure is damaging for Victorians and for the whole of Australia.

The rolling lockdowns in ever greater parts of Melbourne, with disadvantaged people now confined in tiny apartments in horrible high-rise buildings, is the direct outcome of the government’s botched performance.

The most shocking technocratic mess remains putting untrained security guards into high-stress, technically demanding roles managing sometimes difficult people in hotel quarantine.

Other states used some security guards but they were always supervised by police officers or ­soldiers or other uniformed personnel. That made all the difference in the world.

All the way through this crisis, Andrews has spoken in the most melodramatic terms about the life-and-death consequences of everyday decisions.

If you go out shopping, people will die, no pair of shoes is worth a life, etc. And he positively excoriated golf, apparently the devil’s own pastime.

Yet when faced with managing a group of people — international returnees going into quarantine — who were almost certainly carrying a disproportionate rate of virus infections, and who were possibly traumatised by the struggle many had to get home at all and were therefore likely to chafe against a fortnight in a hotel room, the ­Andrews government chose the least-trained workforce it could possibly imagine for the job.

This is staggering incompetence. Anyone familiar with the security industry knows how meagre its general training is. Now the security officers, who were neither trained nor equipped nor well paid for the job they were asked to do, have been effectively silenced. But their union has spoken out.

Guards were given 30 seconds training, meaning they just signed a form saying they’d read a piece of paper, or sometimes three minutes training, for the hotel roles. And this on the watch of the Premier who set up a regime that fined ­people for going to Bunnings when Bunnings was legally open.

Now in its customary politburo style, the Victorian government has decided it doesn’t need to answer a single question, nor accept a single iota of democratic accountability for this debacle until an ­official inquiry reports, presumably when the heat has gone out of the issue.

But there were political failures too. The Andrews government was happy to name all sorts of institutions with breakouts when it suited them politically, even a school linked to an inactive case to support the government’s then ­desire to keep schools shut.

But the Cedar Meats abattoir — Labor donors and full of Labor mates — had their identity protected until it was dragged out by the media. This turned out to be a very significant outbreak. Surely common sense tells you that naming them early would have encouraged any of their casual contacts to get tested. A measure of a political leader’s quality is how stringently they will speak to their own supporters when necessary. Andrews notionally discouraged demonstrators, but his efforts to get people not to attend the Black Lives Matter demonstrations were pitiful.

Dictator Dan is a national embarrassment. He has got to go. But with so many people now suffering so greatly because of his moronic and inept policies, they really cannot wait until the next election.

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28 Replies to “Thanks Dan Andrews: Melbourne Madness”

  1. Great article, Bill. It’s just a pity that so many will be so angry with you for not agreeing that our governments (state and Federal) have done a terrific job of protecting the citizens of our country. Not that they are likely to read it. (I’m thinking of someone in particular who is not speaking to me at the moment for my stance on this issue.) Keep up the good work, and God bless.

  2. Australia scares me.
    Japanese internment camps over a virus with at least a 99.5% survival rate.
    Where do these despots come from?
    If it wasn’t for the sick and elderly and nursing homes you shouldn’t even name it a pandemic. 50% of people have no symptoms at all.
    One man here told his pastor, “I had no idea that anyone survived the virus” No, he said that.
    A victim of CNN.
    Who are the criminal media in Australia?

  3. There are a couple of things that Victorian folk could do:
    1. All Businesses in Victoria should sue Daniel Andrews & the Labour, Greens Parties in a class action! for damages and lost income!
    2. Have the Liberal / National Party Leaders go to the Governor General of Victoria and demand the Premier be stood down!
    The Governor General is the Queens representative and thus has a DUTY of CARE for the Queen’s Commonwealth Citizen’s!
    3. Victorian Businesses and populace should sue Daniel Andrews et al for lack of Duty of Care in allowing known terrorists i.e. Antifa / BLM to riot in Melbourne!
    Here is an interesting link:

  4. Thank you Bill for your correct summation of Chairman Dan, and his schemes and incompetence. As you stated a judicial inquiry has been called, neither he nor Ms. Van Diemen (who doesn’t know the difference between Captain Cook and Captain Arthur Philip) and the Vic. Police Minister can now sidestep answering any questions on the (non) Quarantine Hotel- appalling state of affairs so speak. Now this shocking complete lockdown on these vulnerable people.
    I and many of my conservative friends, we are imploring (and praying) for removal, not November 2022 but ASAP. How can this happen, as we know it can’t be the Governor-General? Bill, do you have any knowledge or thoughts on this?
    However, we also can see what has been undertaken in darkness is coming to the light and being exposed in so many ways.

  5. Thanks Bill,
    An appalling and shambolic Premier,
    I am deeply sad for those NSW hotels, restaurants and motels in southern and western NSW expecting and desperate for school holiday trade after a horrendous summer bush fire season. His incompetence causes much pain interstate. A walking dysfunction disaster area, Got to go soon,
    Phil Browne
    Ps – I certainly do not blame Muslims who have limited English knowledge for mistakes. They see 3000 people marching in Melbourne they would clearly think the danger is over. An idiotic socialist Government with mixed messages is the core problem.

  6. Thank you Bill.

    Yesterday in his press conference around the 30 minute mark Andrews said that the state would continue to go into off again, on again lockdowns until a vaccine is found and delivered to, and I quote, “Every single Victorian”.

    In Morrison’s advisory cabinet made up of bureaucrats with no medical qualifications sits one Jane Halton. Also on the board of CEPI amd who took part in Bill Gates’ Event 201 late last year.

    It is my belief that Victoria is the test case with Scott’s hearty approval and when a needle is found, these sort of lockdowns – with the full force of coercion, intimidation, threats, shame and public scrutiny – will apply to all who will not submit.

    We know that the Democrats in the States were pushing Trump to back down from his law regarding the use of fetal cells in vaccines. The question is, what will be in these needles?

    I don’t know about you, but this is looking just a little bit Revelationsish to me.

  7. Andrews is the first Victorian Premier in my lifetime that I don’t respect, and that’s saying a lot. I may be younger than some of your other readers, but I have vivid memories of the Cain and Kirner governments (1982-1992). I respected them as individuals, but not their governments. I neither respect Mr Andrews or his government.

  8. One word I have not heard used in relation to the Victorian government’s response (particularly yesterday’s) is ‘panic’. I am of the view though that the way the police were sent in with no notice to lock down the towers was a sign of exactly that – panic!

  9. Protests here before a new spike, mostly among young people, but you aren’t allowed to ask them if the took part in protests. How can they then contact trace??? Or know where a person got the virus from???? Of course it exposes that they REALLY don’t care about such things that is just an excuse.

  10. I’m wondering if this spreads to the rest of Australia, and no, I’m not taking about the virus, but the Orwellian nightmare taking place in Melbourne.

  11. Dan Andrews seems very good at shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. Compare his behaviour to other premiers and our Prime Minister who is up front , honest and is willing to apologise if he says the wrong thing! PS Pray for Hong Kong- they’re in a worse position than us. Where’s the media? Christine

  12. A Melbourne legal firm is mounting at least two class actions; one for the towerblock residents and the other for those affected by mandated flu vaccinations in aged care facilities. Go to their Facebook page and check out their videos.
    They explain how these lockdowns are flouting express provisions in the Biosecurity Act that protect the basic human right of self determination.
    Legal action is probably one of the only ways to get authorities to acknowledge that they have seriously overstepped the mark.

  13. You use strong language that is completely necessary. It is time for the silent majority to remove restraint and speak up loudly. We have to become the vocal MAJORITY. The implications for our freedom in Victoria are dire if a premier can enforce whatever he demands, backed up by compliant police. No one seems willing to raise their voice in protest. Thanks, Bill, for making this possible.

  14. Thanks Bill, I was wondering what happened to the covid app that was supposed to track and help trace if you were within 1.5 metres within another same app mobile for 15 minutes like Black Lives Matter protesters would have been. Or can’t they handle all the app responses?

  15. there’s probably a Liberal Activity Exemption Protocol that they can activated to prevent all the alerts when you engage in sanctioned activity. (probably would be active for those holding a political rally for him too [or anti trump event when seems to be allowed anywhere in the world]. I mean priorities you know.)

  16. Lynette E, the covid app apparently is ineffective and has yielded no results worth seeing.

  17. …despite the unannounced fact that our phones have the core recording part of the app loaded under “Google Services & Preferences”
    If you go to Settings and look For Google Services & Preferences you will see an entry called “Covid-19 exposure notifications” I have mine off, as I have not downloaded the Apps available at the Google Store to trigger responses.

    I recommend NOT downloading any Covid-19 apps, and if possible on your smartphone to switch off that notification “service”.

  18. Thanks John. Someone said they heard on the radio that of the 6 million Australians who downloaded the corona tracking app, only 30 cases have emerged, and they were all discovered by contact tracing anyhow. So it is a real dud alright, and the concerns many of us have had about this – including privacy concerns – still stand, despite the hype from the alarmists.

  19. Dear All,
    Am in agreement with everything said above.
    So, if we REALLY ARE genuine, we will make sure we are ALL MANNING POLLING BOOTHS at the next state election for the current opposition. Some will argue that the opposition are perhaps only “the best of a bad bunch”, but we have to do EVERYTHING WE CAN to get rid of Mr Andrews – Exodus 4:2
    Will I see you working double shifts with me at the polling booths?
    Thanks again Bill.

  20. It’s unfortunate we are back down in lockdown, businesses are struggling people are suffering due to all these crazy stuff ups. It’s crazy I was in Sydney 4 days ago now I am in lockdown again. Wish I could have stayed there. Feel alot more safer with better management of this virus.

  21. Thank you all for above info on the covid-19 mobile app. I didn’t download it but the Scott Morrison Govt was wanting people to download it as a way to get the economy going again. Scott’s polling has gone up so far during the pandemic, maybe because Anthony Albanese’s has gone down due to some of his ministers having ‘China’ connections. Therefore, I agree with Peter K above, we need to man Polling Booths as best we can as these politicians (poli-technicians) have taken over Australia and turned it into an anti-God society where our young people don’t know what is right or wrong anymore.

  22. A late comment from a W.A. resident. I’ve noticed that in all Dan Andrews press addresses/ conferences that he stands on his own. Other premiers usually have other leaders standing behind them such as deputies, health ministers, police commissioners etc.
    Does this convey a message?

  23. Dictator Dan and his incompetent entourage are clearly the worst politicians in my lifetime. What was the point of destroying lives over a “virus” that barely reached 1% of the population, elderly folk i Aged Care facilities WITHOUT their loved ones by their side when passing over. And was it their time to go or were they being “assisted?” It’s disgraceful, beyond reproach . As for the Commission flats in North Melbourne area, the “Towering Inferno of London in 2017 (?) comes to mind, with the just as incompetent Sadiq Kahn. Go back to 1932/33 where we have the Holodomor, the DELIBERATE man-made destruction of Eastern Europe because of the jewish-Bolshevik regime which they blamed on the Germans by calling it the holocaust (hoax), and brainwashing the English speaking world about those “Monstrous Germans”. C learly history is repeating itself.

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