Dan Andrews, Tear Down This Wall

Welcome to East Berlin – I mean Melbourne!

So I live in a major Western city which is now in deep lockdown, with a police perimeter keeping people from going in or out. As of midnight, Melbourne, Australia, is the world’s new East Berlin. And Premier Dan Andrews is the new face of oppression and a war against the people.

Freedom is disappearing here just as it did in Communist Eastern Europe. A ring of steel surrounds my city, and I am utterly fed up with the clown who is responsible for all this. We need another Reagan to liberate us from these incompetent and deplorable Labor leaders.

Indeed, the first thing I thought about this morning was when the US President famously gave a speech on June 12, 1987 at the Brandenburg Gate near the Berlin Wall to commemorate the city’s 750th anniversary. Reagan’s closing lines were these:

General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate.
Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate.
Mr. Gorbachev – Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

Who will say to Comrade Andrews, “Tear down this wall”? I and 6.4 million other Victorians have the distinct displeasure of living under the most corrupt, the most morally bankrupt, the most out of touch, the most incompetent, and the most dastardly government in all of Australia.

Heaven help us all who are languishing under the sheer stupidity and arrogance of Chairman Dan. The rest of the nation is opening up with hardly any new corona cases, yet Victoria is going backwards – big time. Now 5 million Victorians are in lockdown, and 2.2 million children are out of school.

We now have a new Berlin Wall going up, with all the other states wanting nothing to do with Victoria and Victorians. All because of this dastardly Dan Andrews’ government. Yet this contemptible Dictator actually blames you and me for this latest draconian lockdown!

But he is the one who is clearly at fault. So now we are once again in stage 3 lockdown orders for 6 weeks, if not much longer. School kids will suffer, the economy will be smashed even further, and mental health problems will skyrocket. All this was avoidable, but our inept Premier refuses to take a hint of blame.

The Andrews government failed to manage incoming travellers, unlike all the other states. The Police Union did not want to babysit returned travellers, so private security guards with no training were hired to do the hotel quarantine job, instead of police or other proper authorities. They did it abysmally. Guards were having sex with the travellers. Folks could leave quarantine without doing any tests.

And we also have the communist style shut down of public housing blocks in Melbourne. And it all happened with no warning, no consultation, no communication – even the police did not know what they were doing. Yet we have only 70 some cases out of 3000 people in these towers after 4 days of testing.

Many of these imprisoned folks came here from elsewhere, looking for freedom. But now they have lost it all. They fled dictatorships, only to fall into the Dan Andrews’ dictatorship. And now their five-day lockdown has been extended to 14 days. These poor souls! Where are all the left civil liberties groups speaking out on this? Why the silence from all the usual suspects who carry on about the mistreatment of minority groups and others?

More questions spring to mind. Why should Dodgy Dan and his Labor Party incompetents still have their guaranteed cushy, taxpayer-funded jobs while so many ordinary Victorians will lose their jobs? There is no accountability and responsibility by this corrupt, aloof and arrogant government.

And keep in mind the facts; just 3 Victorians have died in the past month and a half from corona – two of them being well over 80 years of age. Yet we imprison the entire metropolitan area instead of doing the obvious: strictly quarantine the sick, and not imprison millions of people who are healthy.

There will be a $6 billion hole in the economy because of Victoria and its most recent stuff-up – a billion dollars each week. But Andrews thinks we can keep shutting down the Victorian economy at will, and the Commonwealth (that is, all of us Australian taxpayers) will just pick up the tab each time.

This is economic vandalism. Yet those who are fully responsible for all this are totally unaccountable. They are getting away with murder. The economic collapse is impacting millions. The hospitality industry is among those who have been the hardest hit.

Cafes and restaurants are some of the many small businesses being mercilessly hammered. Doing takeaway business just does not cut it for most. For example, in terms of sustainable income, 4 weeks of take away service equals just one week of table service. Many of these places will simply have to close down permanently – they just cannot continue like this.

As one recent article said, plenty of small business owners now desperately want Andrews to go:

Small business owners are calling for Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to resign over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. From midnight tonight, Melbourne metropolitan and Mitchell Shire regions will go back into lockdown for six weeks due to a resurgence in COVID-19 cases across the state. Lamaro’s Hotel part owner Paul Dimattina told Sky News “Dan should have just put his hand up yesterday, when he made his announcement he should have resigned as well”. “He’s pointing the finger at all us Victorians when a lot of us have been doing the right thing,” he said. “He and his government have let us all down and it’s horrible. “Dan, please resign. Stand up, man up, enough’s enough.” Mr Dimattina said Mr Andrews’ handling of the Black Lives Matter movement contributed to the emergency situation the state was now grappling and small business owners like himself were suffering the consequences. “Stop pointing the finger at the rest of us, when you and your bureaucrats are to blame for this,” he said. https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6170006928001

And we know that 400 Victorians have already killed themselves this year – how many directly due to this lockdown madness? Recessions and economic turndowns always result in massive mental health problems and big spikes in suicides. Again, all because of government incompetence. Thanks Dan.

All the supposed big deal solutions have turned out to be so much rubbish. The other day it was reported that of the 6 million Australians who downloaded the corona tracking app, only 30 cases have emerged, and they were all discovered by contact tracing anyhow. So it is a real dud alright, and the concerns many of us have had about this – including privacy concerns – still stand, despite the hype from the alarmists.

There has been one rule for ordinary Victorians, but another rule for certain select groups: eg., ignoring the 10,000 BLM protestors; ignoring large-scale Islamic celebrations; ignoring the CFMEU mass meetings, and so on. Protestors and others get a free run, but golfers or swimmers or those teaching their children how to drive were all targeted. Ordinary Victorians suffered while the pals of Andrews got a free pass.

I and so many others have had an absolute gutful of all this. The truth is, those folks who insist on defending Dictator Dan to the death are either paid-up Labor Party hacks, or are completely clueless. I have no time for such brainless wonders and spineless sheeple.

I really have zero time for those who are in such a dense moral and mental fog. They can take their slavish and infantile devotion to Andrews and take a hike – I have had enough of it. And most Victorians have had enough. Yet Dodgy Dan passes the buck and says it is we the people who are at fault, and that his hands are clean.

There is no accountability here at all. Why is Parliament not sitting if the Premier has nothing to hide? Why does he refuse to man up and own this debacle? Why is he even being allowed to continue as the State’s leader? Why has he not yet been tarred and feathered and driven out of town?

Remember, Andrews and Co. are right now costing Victoria’s economy $1 BILLION a week. Add this latest buffoonery to all his other past disasters, including the $388,000 spent on red shirts ALP campaigners; the terrible belt and road initiative with China; the East West Link debacle that cost us taxpayers $1.1 billion; the branch stacking scandal; and so on.

This appallingly bad government has to go – it must be sacked. It is the worst government in Australia. I am absolutely fed up with it. And I can’t even leave it now. Chairman Andrews – Chairman Andrews, tear down this wall!

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  1. You might also like to mention the proposed ‘treaty’ with the Victorian Aboriginals. It was reported in the news late last year that only 2,000 out of some 30,000 even bothered to vote for an indigenous ‘assembly’ to start negotiating a ‘treaty’ with the Victorian government. Apparently, there isn’t much support among the indigenous folks, despite ongoing problems with poverty and health, etc.

    Who knows what will go in that ‘treaty’? We might get a bad deal out of it, just as we’re already getting a bad deal over that recent lockdown (second occurrence), Belt and Road with China, (un)Safe Schools, etc.

  2. The misinformation on which major decisions are being made that are crushing livelihoods, mental health, and the economy – with severe repercussions therefore for the future of us all – is alarmingly misguided and reprehensible.

    Very many doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, virologists, microbiologists and other experts across our world have spoken out expressing their concern about the skewed rhetoric that has been forced upon us all – but they have been silenced. Grossly exaggerated fear mongering by the compliant media, and by our poorly advised elected leaders, has resulted in ongoing isolation and social distancing etc, which is the worst possible strategy for combatting this or any other virus.

    Quarantining and locking down the healthy – which has never been done before in history – is preventing our populations from developing natural herd immunity through developing our own individual immune response to the virus through contact with it . . as indeed happens with every flu virus, of which Covid is just one.

    The ill-advised mismanagement of this flu virus has been the worst deliberate blow to the world economy in all of history, with shocking financial, mental and social problems in store . . while the death rate from the virus is far smaller than from regular flu, and in almost every case being very unwell elderly patients with two or more pre-existing comorbidities. These vulnerable people are the ones who should be sheltered.

    The incompetence that is playing out is surreal, and will only change if people take a stand against it. (Meantime governments are continuing to forbid even singing in churches!)

    Something smells very rotten and concerning indeed!

  3. Greetings from the UK, where lunacy on steroids still run rampant. It’s terrible to read what’s happening there, Bill….will pray for everyone, I believe God is now winding people up for the final confrontation. Suzanna’s right re the immune system, people are going to suffer more colds, sniffles and other infections now due to compromising our natural defence systems. I have long believed that governments have turned this coronavirus into a tool to bring down civilisation.

  4. Who was it that voted for this clown ? Oh, that’s right the metro areas of Melbourne, I wonder if this is not a lesson of what happens when you vote for a bunch of socialist leaning leftist elites???

  5. Dear Bill,
    I’m agreeing with every word you have written. We are a democracy, where are our civil rights. Those poor souls in the 9 towers are effectively under house arrest and they have done nothing. I’m angry, very angry. I pray sanity prevails soon. It complete madness.

  6. Just call it for what it is, it’s a new form if Nazism simple as that. The CCP have played their part to force the hand of a cashless society, and their investment is willing to do what ever it takes to push for the financial political increase of cryptocurrency. ??????
    Look at who is will to gain billions in gain from the push for a cashless society and then you I’ll probably see Dan the Dunce Andrews sitting at the top of the new wealth system.

  7. Thank you, Bill, for an accurate description of a very strange man. How can he get things so back to front? You hit the nail on the head by saying “strictly quarantine the sick, and not imprison millions of people who are healthy” and contrasting his actions with the historical words of President Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate is most insightful. Please never give up writing brilliant articles. At risk of creating work for you, a continuing theme on Andrews’ support of abortion, which is arguably even more destructive than his current debacle, would be a great read.

  8. Hi Bill,
    The Victorian government and health authorities need to be held accountable for the mismanagement of the hotels with COVID-19 cases. However, COVID-19 isn’t influenza or a “flu virus” as reported above in Suzanna’s comments, but it is a virus which causes “flu like” symptoms and these aren’t the only symptoms. There is a vaccination available for influenza, but there isn’t a vaccination for COVID-19 nor is there a vaccination available for other viruses, such as HIV. Also, no one wants to get infected with HIV, so the Australian government and health authorities should protect Australians from being infected with COVID-19. Suzanna stated, “the death rate from the virus is far smaller than from regular flu,” but according to the USA-CDC recorded, the disease burden of influenza is “between 12 000-61000 deaths annually since 2010” and this can be compared to the USA-CDC recorded, “131065 COVID-19 deaths” from 29th February 2020 (less than 6 months). Also, Suzanna claimed that “in almost every case being very unwell elderly patients with two or more pre-existing comorbidities. These vulnerable people are the ones who should be sheltered.” However, she doesn’t mention the people on the front-line who need to be protected and sheltered from the COVID-19 disease/illness. The USA CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) on the 9th July 2020 reported, “512 COVID-19 deaths” and “95 175 COVID-19 cases” in Health Care Personnel including doctors, nurses, paramedics & healthcare staff. On the 3rd June 2020, The ICN (International Council of Nurses) Executive /officer – Howard Catton said, “Nursing is looking like one of the most dangerous jobs in the world at the moment…” The Australian Health authorities & politicians could have decided to let COVID-19 spread throughout Australia as this strategy had been done in the USA, Sweden and Britain, but it would have overwhelmed the Australian healthcare system and this disease would have resulted in a significant amount of deaths. This strategy can be compared to the suppression/elimination strategy which has minimised deaths caused by COVID-19, as well as minimised the amount of COVID-19 cases. All countries have wanted to avoid the worst outcome from the Ebola epidemic which had destroyed the healthcare systems in the countries it had infected, as 50% of healthcare professionals died with this disease and the other 50% decided to run away from their job. It is important for Australians to understand the ways that COVID-19 is spread from person to person including via singing because prevention is far cheaper than finding a cure for the COVID-19 disease/illness.

    The bmj – online, published 12 June 2020 “Has Sweden controversial COVID-19 strategy been successful? Sweden went for herd immunity, but it is now paying a heavy price. “On the 11th May the World Health Organisation said that global studies had found antibodies in only 1-10% of the global population with similar findings emerging from Spain and France. The agency warned against any country depending on herd immunity as a strategy.” On the 20th May 2020, Stockholm had only found antibodies in 7.3% of the population, despite there were no lockdowns in Sweden.

    Unfortunately, the closure of the boarders between NSW and Victoria has been a disaster for businesses, education, health services and jobs. Albury-Wodonga Border City should have been protected from the Melbourne COVID-19 Hot Spots which are over 3 1/2 hrs away. Health services are specialised on each side of the border, as ICU and cancer treatments are only available in Albury and maternity services are only available at Wodonga Hospital. The Victorian government could have prevented the closure of the NSW-Victoria border which didn’t have a problem with COVID-19 cases, but some Victorians aren’t concerned about the spread of COVID-19.

  9. Thanks Sheryl. But with 62 articles on corona totalling well over 100,000 words, I do rather tire of having to keep repeating myself on these matters! But let me mention a few things if I may. The whole point is this: What are responsible and sensible policies to deal with matters of life and death in a high-risk world? There is no such thing as complete safety. We ALWAYS take some risks and have trade-offs in life. We do that in so many other areas, and we should be doing it with covid.

    No one is saying covid is identical to the flu. What plenty of medical experts and professionals are saying however is that in many ways the two are similar, and corona may well be little worse, all things considered. But let me ask some important questions here:

    Do we know how many people die each year from car accidents? We should. And I do. The number is much higher than our corona fatality numbers. Do we think all cars should be banned until we can ‘find a cure’ or guarantee no more road accidents and deaths? If not, why not?

    Do we know how many people die each year from seasonal influenza? We should. And I do. The number is much higher than our corona fatality numbers. Do we think entire nations should be locked down until we can ‘find a cure’ or guarantee no more flu deaths? If not, why not? And bear in mind of course that we do know how many flu fatalities we have each year – and that is WITH a vaccine. It is far, far more than the mere 100 corona deaths we have had in a nation of 26 million people.

    Do we know how many people die each year from cigarette smoking? We should. And I do. The number is much higher than our corona fatality numbers Do we think all tobacco products should be completely banned until we can ‘find a cure’ or guarantee no more lung cancer deaths and the like? If not, why not?

    And you mention HIV. If we took a tough and sensible approach to that, we would have greatly reduced its spread, since it is mainly a behaviour-based problem. Stop the behaviour (overwhelmingly male homosexual activity in the West) and you greatly reduce the spread of HIV. Yet Western governments have made HIV the world’s first politically protected disease. But I have written entire books on this, so again, I do not wish to rehash all this here. So if you want strict covid lockdowns to slow the spread of covid, you should be demanding strict lockdown policies on all the other things I mention above.

    And I can offer plenty of data reflecting sensible corona realism, not alarmism. I can offer plenty of expert medical opinions and assessments of facts not only about Sweden, but Taiwan and other nations. But I have done that already repeatedly in 62 articles, so please look at some of those if you are interested.

    As but one bit of data seldom heard from the alarmists, the Australian Medical Association has said that as a result of these draconian lockdown measures and the resultant negative impact on the economy there will be an additional 750 to 1500 suicides per year. Do all lives matter? If not, why not? So we need to move beyond selective moralising. We should not be concerned for only some deaths and not others.

    Sorry, but I have never been a corona alarmist. I have said all along that prudent and sensible steps should be taken. But what Victoria is doing is neither. It is taking a one size fits all approach when a targeted approach to clearly identified at risk groups should be taken. And we are all suffering now because of this incompetent and arrogant government.

  10. Melbourne voted Andrews into government. Twice. Why complain now? It’s time to pay the piper.

  11. Bill- I met you at Koorong in Blackburn last year – have been reading your excellent articles for many years and been very blessed by them.

    Thank you for this latest offering – I know we are to pray for our leaders, and I do pray, I pray God removes this bully of a man and all of his cronies. I agree with everything you have expressed here Bill – I struggle to see dictator Dan’s face or hear his whiny little voice – he is corrupt to the core and must go!

    My heart goes out to all those shut up in those high-rise boxes.

    God bless you Bill.

  12. Actions have consequences. Melbourne is feeling the consequences of their action of voting in labor. I wonder if people will change the consequences at the next election, or will they vote (action) to have more of the same consequences.

  13. That is the worry Neil. There are so many died-in-the-wool Labor voters who will keep voting these clowns in, no matter how much they destroy Victoria. It is a real worry indeed. I would love to escape Victoria, but I can’t! They are even using drones to hunt down any Victorians who are swimming across to NSW! Welcome to East Germany indeed!

  14. Ah, but BLM antifa and others have proudly let everyone know, they are ‘well trained marxists’ and their openly stated goal is the destruction of the west and introduction of full blown communism. so their supporters are fully aware of their goal, and they agree, with their vote. Jesus Told us we would have to suffer under satan’s rule for a season.
    Reminds of a Holocaust survivor who said something along the lines of. they could take away our freedoms, lives etc, but the one thing they couldn’t touch was our minds, belief and spirit.

    Anyhow, I would only say, stick it out mate, stay strong in the Lord, then at the next election (if the communist party will let you vote that is) make sure to remind people of the pain they caused, exactly how they caused it, then vote them into outer darkness for life.

  15. Hi Bill, not sure if you have mentioned this but what have you made of Scott Morrison throughout all of this? He seems to side with Dan Andrews on the new restrictions etc. You’d think being a conservative he’d be the one saying ” tear down that wall” but today at his press conf was happy with it all. Just interested on your thoughts. Thanks

  16. Thanks Daniel. Yes, sadly, he has been a bit of a mixed bag at best, and too weak at worst. Earlier on he was urging the states to open up and especially allow schools and businesses and borders to reopen. But he has been far too chummy with Andrews and this debacle when he should be much firmer.

  17. My friends and I think you’ve totally lost your balance here. You’re being grossly inconsistent.

    “Remember that if you opposed Covid restrictions, you’ve voided your right to complain about the incompetence of Dopey Dan.
    And serve you right!”

    “This takes the cake. Bill Muehlenberg was a Covid19 skeptic and a loud critic of shutdown measures all along — and here he is now saying the premier was irresponsible for not taking more care to prevent the spread of the disease. So if the premier followed your advice before, Bill, would that have spread the disease more or was it all a scam?”

  18. Thanks Brendan. As my commenting policies make clear, I do not allow trolls. But let me call your bluff. Anyone who has actually bothered to read the 62 articles I have penned on coronavirus will of course know perfectly well that what I have said for 6 months now has been entirely consistent. Nothing has changed in my stance whatsoever. So it is quite obvious that you and your friends have some real problems in reading carefully and in thinking straight. And it is also quite evident that you are simply intent on pushing the same old tired pro-Labor and pro-Andrews spin here.

    Anyone who has carefully read my articles on this matter will know full well the following truths:

    -I never said corona was a scam, but I always said it is nowhere near as deadly as the alarmists and panic mongers are making it out to be;

    -I always said – and from day one – that appropriate and sensible steps may well be needed by our leaders to deal with it;

    -I always and consistently opposed a foolish one-size-fits-all approach to lockdown measures that help no one and harm most people;

    -I always said that very targeted and very specific lockdown measures of the truly vulnerable, such as the elderly and/or those with other underlying conditions was a sensible way to go;

    -I always said Morrison was right when he early on took some appropriate steps, such as stopping flights from China;

    -I always criticised politicians and leaders – be they Liberal, National, Labor or whatever – when they were going over the top in their lockdown madness and alarmism hysteria;

    -In this piece it is perfectly clear what I was criticising Andrews for, including his gross double standards in allowing thousands of BLM marchers to do their thing, while harassing grandmothers, golfers, those alone in the park, those wanting to see their mother on Mother’s Day, and so on; his complete and utter mismanagement of the quarantine hotels; his audacity to blame all of us while taking no blame for himself; etc. Indeed, what am I condemning him for in this article is quite clear: yet another idiotic blanket draconian lockdown! It is the same thing I have been criticising for 6 months straight now.

    So I am afraid you have received a fail on this, and must go to the back of the class. You and your buddies will have to try much harder to find something to attack me with. The claim that I am being “grossly inconsistent” here is simply laughable. Moreover, it is to bear false witness, which is a sin. And that is something which must always be repented of. But I won’t hold my breath on getting any apologies from you folks, alas.

  19. It’s always hard determining the truth by what the MSM report, and the news is especially contradictory at present.

    Virulent Victorians being banned from Queensland seems pretty popular in the Sunshine State. True it’s only 0.047% of Victorians who are diseased – with Melbournians comprising 91% or so of that, but it seems like the sheer risk factor is enough that no contact is wanted. Too bad grey nomads!!!

    Something like 12 postcodes or 39 suburbs in Melbourne were locked down. Despite this there were 288 new cases today. As I understand in most of these cases are inner city, and many of the new cases are linked with the Islamic school and public housing supercluster. Experts aren’t clear on which way the infection went and it may have gone back and forth. The government is trying to argue folk didn’t obey advice, though at least one academic is arguing that since the advice was only given in English it wasn’t understood.

    Melbourne has apparently now embraced a regional lockdown, and so folk are flooding to the Mornington Peninsula to enjoy a holiday, as that’s within the lockdown zone. Mornington has no cases, has the state’s 2nd highest population of over 65s, and doesn’t want potential carriers visiting.

    It seems like the government’s approach is consistent. Actual and highly likely cases aren’t quarantined, likewise events pretty much guaranteed to spread the virus i.e. left-wing marches and riots are ignored. Only once virus numbers explode are quarantines put in place, and vulnerable populations are treated exactly the same as carriers. It’s all very frustrating and I for one won’t be holding my breath regarding significant improvement in the near future. 🙁

  20. Hi Bill,
    Governments and health authorities around the world haven’t been confident about their decisions with the management or strategy of COVID-19 because epidemiologists, scientists and healthcare professionals are all learning about this new virus. This means the chance of getting the management of COVID-19 to achieve the best possible outcome is unlikely to happen, especially on their first and second attempt to control the COVID-19 disease/illness. However, the Australian governments and government authorities have been regulating for many years other harmful behaviours and practices which you mentioned including car accidents, cigarette smoking and the spread of infectious diseases – HIV and influenza. Australian governments and government authorities have changed management or strategies over the years to reduce the risk of death/harm, such as the introduction of mandatory use of seatbelts, and the ban on public smoking. Also, healthcare services have more recently introduced the mandatory Flu vaccination for health professionals in order to prevent the spread of influenza, as well as the Blood Bank has prevented the spread of HIV infections by screening blood for HIV.

    You have highlighted, “We ALWAYS take some risks and have trade-offs in life. We do that in so many other areas, and we should be doing it with covid.” Victorians have been recently taking some risks with COVID-19 as they came out of lock-down and this has resulted in a significant community spread of COVID-19 resulting in hospital admissions compared to every other state and territory in Australia. However, you didn’t mention the risks you’re prepared to take with this new COVID-19 disease/illness. I’m unable to find any statistics of deaths in Australia as a result of suicide related to COVID-19, but according to Budget Direct, “1, 146 people were killed in road related deaths, over 3 people a day” within Australia in 2019. Therefore, I believe it will be very difficult for the Victorian government and health authorities to please everyone with their management or strategy of COVID-19 because people are prepared to take different risks based on their age, sex, race, co-morbidities, religion etc. I don’t want to see 3 people a day dying from COVID-19 or 1146 people annually, but these statistics can happen for COVID-19 when people aren’t educated about the disease/illness, strategy/management and risks.

  21. Thanks Sheryl. But I still find too many unhelpful replies here, as well as needless weak excuses being made for the bungling and inept Andrews’ government. The truth is, we have of course known about various human coronaviruses since the 1960s – so although this particular strain is a newer type of this, it is not as if we knew zippo about such matters before this year.

    And alas you again make me repeat what I have said so often in the past. Part of the problem is the myth of experts. The truth is, they are not only as fallible as we all are, but they will disagree with each other and even themselves – repeatedly. I said all along that while we can listen to the “experts” we must also temper that advice with prudent political, economic and social input as well. Ours is a multi-pronged problem, not just a medical or scientific one. But I have written about this often already, so I do not like having to keep repeating myself!

    Consider the ever-changing modelling and prediction about things like fatality rates. The CDC is now offering an estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the figure is 0.26%. That of course is well down from earlier figures, and may change yet again. And I already offered the AMA figures on Covid-related suicides.

    And you are quite wrong to suggest that our rather loose approach to things like smoking, driving, homosexual sex and so on is in anyway as tightly regulated as the major corona lockdowns have been – not even close. Until we see a ban on car driving, smoking, male to male sex, etc. – all in the name of “if it saves just one life” – then you are just comparing apples and oranges. Far too many of our politicians and leaders have said life will NOT be allowed to go back to normal until we have somehow defeated Covid – as if that were even possible. Plenty have said we will continue to have restrictions until a “cure” is found. So you are quite wrong to claim that the other risky behaviours are being treated just like we have treated corona.

    As I must again point out, all sorts of things in life have much higher fatality rates – and these are often preventable. Yet we do NOT lock down entire nations each flu season, we do NOT ban all automobiles, etc. We live with risks and trade-offs all the time. And I remind you that we have had just over 100 corona deaths, with only a handful of patients in ICUs. So I prefer dealing in the actual figures, not in fearful possible figures and worst case scenarios. I have dealt with far too many of those bogus numbers from the alarmists over the past half year thanks.

    But again, I have spent many thousands of words on all this in previous articles. I do prefer that you go back and read them if you are not just asking rhetorical questions here. My point remains: I have real problems with those who seem to agonise over one type of fatalities while seemingly less concerned about others. Either be consistent here and take radical steps in seeking to eliminate ALL high-risk and dangerous behaviours, or stop the selective moralising.
    But since we are once again just covering old ground, we might leave it there, thanks.

  22. I am sorry to hear of the situation that has arisen in Victoria. Like Susannah I smell a rat and suspect Despot Dan is working to a different agenda – the new world order for “depopulation and sustainability”. His aggressive attitude is totally uncalled for.

  23. Hello all,
    After the 2018 state election, I made a couple of maps to show the election results.
    That for the Melbourne area is at: https://tinyurl.com/yakncqy4
    Note that there seems to be some correlation between the strength of the ALP vote and the number of second wave coronavirus cases …

    Down here on the Mornington Peninsula, we are included in the ‘Iron Curtain’ / ‘Melbourne Wall’ even though there are no active cases. The local shire mayor (also a Christian) is against this, and it is something I agree with; it would be better to keep the cases from Melbourne off the Peninsula.


  24. Dear Bill, Thank you for the article.

    I was in the CBD district in Perth the other day after a few months and was quite shocked to see the run down state of it. Apparently the CBD district wasn’t doing well BEFORE the pandemic but the pandemic seems to have been the last straw and killed it off altogether. Empty shops, less people it was so sad because Perth was such a lovely, flourishing, clean city. I dread to think what Melbourne will look like after the second lockdown. Even worse probably! No country can survive being strangled like this for too long.

    Therefore, I can’t help wondering if this WAS done deliberately to bring down western economies in order to speed up a world dictatorship. Of course I will be branded as a conspiracy theorist, a nut case, for thinking like this but I don’t care a jot. I have plenty of common sense and it makes plenty of sense to me considering what has been going on in the world for the last few years wars, mass migration, extremist politics of the left and right, weak leaders etc. There are also enough power hungry millionaires in this world posing as philanthropists funding their own misguided agendas which will end up destroying the freedoms western democracies have enjoyed for decades.

    I think we need to pray very hard for God’s mercy.

  25. Dear Bill,

    I forgot to include the most important thing which has been going on in the world these last decades. De-Christianisation and actual attacks on Christianity which have escalated since the Pandemic. Another church in the US was set on fire in the last few days and of course there has been the attacks on the statues.

  26. Hi Bill , Another excellent article but I must admit that I do miss the days before Covid 19 came along in our communities – when nobody died….
    Dave West

  27. Thanks, Bill for your article. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to not get hot under the collar about all this. Daniel Andrews is now talking about bringing in even more restrictions if we don’t ‘behave ourselves!’ It’s really distressing to see our health authorities not looking at studies that clearly show that hydroxychloroquine used in conjunction with zinc and azithromycin is very effective in reducing the severity if given to patients in the early stages of COVID 19. Fraudulent studies funded by pharmaceutical companies have muddied the waters, but there are doctors all over the world who have successfully treated patients and kept them from dying using this protocol. It’s safe, effective, and cheap. The addition of zinc apparently is the gamechanger. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8309337/Zinc-hydroxychloroquine-effective-COVID-19-patients-study.html http://joannenova.com.au/2020/05/hydroxychloroquine-lancet-study-of-96000-covid-patients-ignores-zinc-wasnt-randomized-has-12-death-rate/
    One can’t help but think that they don’t want to heal people with existing treatments – they want us all to take the vaccine when it comes.

  28. Yes but since Trump touted hydroxychloroquine they have to oppose it. you know orange man bad. (I think Trump could cure cancer and they would fight for cancer’s right to exist just because Trump found the cure.) I think the elite want to depopulate the earth anyway. as it was put in the dickens classic a Christmas carol “decrease the surplus population”.

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