On Morrison’s Mandatory Vaccines

What should we make of Morrison’s push for compulsory vaccines?

Let me begin with some words of encouragement. The rather reckless talk of mandatory vaccines that Scott Morrison was pushing Wednesday morning received such a huge public backlash that by the afternoon he had to do a major backtrack and basically say. ‘Oh, I did not really mean it would be mandatory’. Never stop speaking out – your voice matters.

He had said that he wanted at least 95 per cent of Australians to take the vaccine, and he also said on 3AW radio that he would like the vaccine to be “as mandatory as possible.” Then by the afternoon he had changed his tune because of the massive outcry, playing down this desire for nationwide compulsory vaccinations.

As one report put it, “On Wednesday afternoon he clarified that he would only bring in measures to ‘encourage’ high immunisation rates. ‘It‘s not going to be compulsory to get the vaccine. There are no compulsory vaccines in Australia,’ he told Sydney’s 2GB radio.” Morrison had signed “a letter of intent with British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca. . . . But the lack of a signed and paid deal with AstraZeneca has led to Labor accusing Mr Morrison of ‘spin’, and he had to clarify later in the day that any ‘mandatory as possible’ vaccine would not be forced upon Australians.”

Let me say at the outset that I am not a gung-ho anti-vaxxer nor am I gung-ho pro-vaxxer either. As one Melbourne doctor put it:

People who are concerned/angry about what Scomo said today will be labelled “anti vaxxers” by the media. The truth is that there are many people who have no objection to the tried & proven vaccines (eg. Tetanus, measles) who will not want to be forced to have a brand new vaccine which has been produced in record time, where corners were cut in production & testing, where there is no long term safety data, and where politics rather than science is the main driving force behind widespread distribution.

Yes, and plenty of questions arise here, so I briefly offer here a number of considerations about all this. First, the idea of putting all our hopes in a vaccine is really fool’s gold. We have had flu vaccines for eight decades now, yet we still have the flu. Work on a SARS vaccine has been going on for a decade now but still with no real results. Existing flu vaccines are only around 20-60% effective, yet we had a Victorian health spokesman said we need one that is 90% effective to go back to normal!

Also, we must distinguish between ethically produced vaccines and those that are not. All prolifers should be concerned about the manufacture of vaccines using ethically-tainted human cell lines derived from aborted human fetuses. There are other COVID-19 vaccines that do not utilize cell lines connected to unethical procedures and methods. Sadly the one Morrison is considering is not the ethical sort. For more info on this, check out these pages:




And then there is this:

Perhaps it is no surprise that some of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies working on a COVID vaccine are using aborted baby cell lines in their research and all of them are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Oxford University/AstraZeneca – AstraZeneca just signed a $750 million agreement with two Gates Foundation-backed organizations.

Johnson & Johnson – this Planned Parenthood funder is also using aborted baby cell lines, and they have been a recipient of Gates Foundation dollars.

CDC – Even the United States government’s own Centers for Disease Control (CDC), has received tens of millions of dollars of Gates Foundation money… and like all the others above they are using “fetal tissue” in their COVID vaccine trials.

All of these groups are using aborted baby cell lines in their vaccine trials. And most of them are promising a COVID-19 vaccine within a year, even though scientists warn that it typically takes 4 to 10 years of safety testing before vaccines should be brought to market. https://www.lifenews.com/2020/06/11/bill-gates-funds-pharmaceutical-companies-using-aborted-baby-parts-to-make-coronavirus-vaccines/

As to the trials for the Moderna and Oxford vaccines that Morrison is wanting us all to get: they have very concerning side-effects:

Around one-third of people vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine without acetaminophen experienced moderate or severe chills, fatigue, headache, malaise, and/or feverishness. Close to 10 percent had a fever of at least 100.4 degrees, and just over one-fourth developed moderate or severe muscle aches. That’s a lot, in a young and healthy group of people—and the acetaminophen didn’t help much for most of those problems. https://www.wired.com/story/covid-19-vaccines-with-minor-side-effects-could-still-be-pretty-bad/

It is also quite interesting to see Bill Gates squirm when asked about these severe side effects:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It2IFcc2oY0&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3ruQ60DSyHISgckptyTE4N7Wks8WIeYojdbkeNgTKfpBX9a3de9PPXxLw  

Moreover, we need to be aware of this bit of sobering information: “AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries” https://www.reuters.com/article/us-astrazeneca-results-vaccine-liability-idUSKCN24V2EN

And what if there is no safe, effective vaccine? What if it is one, two or three years away, if at all? Do we just stay in lockdown forever? Do we keep Australia and New Zealand in a little police state bubble with no freedoms, no businesses, no travel, no sanity? Or do we rejoin the rest of the world in opening up and going back to normal? Consider this revealing quote:

White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday that the chances of scientists creating a highly effective vaccine — one that provides 98% or more guaranteed protection — for the virus are slim. Scientists are hoping for a coronavirus vaccine that is at least 75% effective, but 50% or 60% effective would be acceptable, too, Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said during a Q&A with the Brown University School of Public Health. “The chances of it being 98% effective is not great, which means you must never abandon the public health approach.” https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/08/07/coronavirus-vaccine-dr-fauci-says-chances-of-it-being-highly-effective-is-not-great.html

Indeed, the idea of a quick fix is an illusion:

CSL chief executive Paul Perreault has cautioned that more details need to be ironed out before the biotech giant can say what role it will play in the production of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine. On Wednesday Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledged the government would supply the vaccine free to all Australians, and if the Oxford product was shown to be successful Australia would produce it “straight away under our own steam”. But Mr Perreault struck a cautious tone. “I’m certainly optimistic that we can help, but there are a lot of technical issues we still need to work through,” he said. CSL has committed to produce the University of Queensland’s molecular clamp vaccine if it is successful and is in conversations with the Australian government and British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca on securing local supply of the Oxford vaccine. https://www.theage.com.au/business/companies/be-prepared-for-anything-csl-boss-warns-of-key-unknowns-on-vaccine-20200819-p55n47.html

And there’s always other, proven alternatives, such as the Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin drug regimens for treatment or prevention. Yet incredibly Australian governments are banning these! We have existing treatments that have been successfully used for many decades now, but we are not allowed access to them. Why?

But it is the mandatory aspect that is especially of concern. Given that those on the left are among those most often pushing so strongly for mandatory vaccinations, what ever happened to their sacred mantra, “My body, my choice”? All that goes out the window with state-mandated vaccinations.

And we know darn well if Morrison and others say, ‘Oh it is not really compulsory’ that it sure will be. Sure, you can “choose” not to, but then you won’t be able to do most basics of life: work, travel, get various government payments and benefits, and maybe even buy or sell. Consider what one Australian medical bigwig has said:

I believe a person who refuses to be vaccinated should not be allowed to travel interstate or overseas, nor be allowed to travel on public transport without a face mask. And when it comes to the private sector, businesses could refuse these anti-vaxxers from visiting their retail outlets, gyms, movie cinemas, restaurants, bars or nightclubs. As a precedence, state governments have previously banned children from attending childcare if they are not vaccinated. Similar restrictions could be placed on Australians who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccination. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/coronavirus-astrazeneca-vaccine-doctor-slams-covid19-antivaxxers/news-story/f16004f67ac400806ac9444f879f65bf

Hey, why don’t we just line up all these recalcitrants and shoot them already! Let’s stop pussyfooting around! The fascist mindset of so many of these folks is just bone-chilling. We have so many mini-Hitlers living and breathing amongst us, and they are oh so proud of their ugly authoritarian bent.

And Greg Hunt has just confirmed that there will be consequences for such recalcitrance:

Australians could face being turned away at the border and having their welfare payments withheld if they refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has warned. Mr Hunt said he would ‘not rule out’ banning Australians from entering the country if they had not received the jab as he fielded a series of probing questions from A Current Affair host Tracey Grimshaw on Wednesday evening….

New South Wales One Nation leader Mark Latham on Wednesday evening hit out at suggestions vaccine take-up could be made compulsory. ‘As predicted: the Dictatorship of the Health Bureaucrat, unelected officials where the control over our lives has gone to their heads,’ Mr Latham wrote on Twitter. ‘How about we wait until a vaccine is finalised – after human trials – and the impact on children, the elderly, pregnant women etc is assessed by medical experts, rather than Scott Morrison jumping the gun.’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8642881/Health-Minister-Greg-Hunt-reveals-tough-rules-people-refuse-COVID-19-jab.html

Some will argue that we already have various mandatory measures in place for public health and safety such as seat belts. But having to wear a seat belt is NOT in the same league as having something forcibly pumped into your body. Yes, both entail a clear diminution of our freedoms, but the latter is far more serious and potentially dangerous for the individual than the former.

Demanding that everyone be vaccinated for something that has a 99 per cent survival rate sounds like it is all about control – not medicine. Its like the meme making the rounds on the social media: “I had a joke about COVID, but there’s a 99.98% chance you won’t get it.”

The truth is, when the state forces people to receive a vaccine whether they want it or not, we have moved well beyond health care into the arena of tyranny. “But its for your own good” they will intone. Hmm, where have we heard that before?

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  1. Hi Bill

    I’ve got an idea. If people won’t vaccinate (the idiots!) they should be forced to wear something so we all know who they are. I dunno, maybe we could make them wear a bright yellow symbol on their clothes?

    Yeah, a yellow ‘syringe symbol’ would work a treat. I mean, back in the day these people tried it with a yellow star, which kinda didn’t work out so well, but humanity has moved on since then, right?


  2. Hi Bill. I have studied vaccines extensively for years from both Government and private sources and am yet to be convinced of their safety or effectiveness, so at this point in time I am reluctant to receive any – I guess that means I’m an ‘idiot!’ That may be so but there is then also, the moral dilemma re the vaccines (and as you have pointed out, the one our PM has just signed up for) is being produced using aborted babies tissue or cells. Vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs are billion dollar businesses, so it’s very difficult for approved drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and other inexpensive or more natural therapies to get a fair trial. A lot of doctors worldwide are using hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc and an antibiotic with great success so it begs the question, ‘why won’t our government first allow the use of inexpensive drugs that have been trialed, tested and used safely for decades, instead of being willing to commit millions of dollars for a vaccine that might never be developed or if it is might never be safe or effective? Governments have been trying for 30 years to develop a coronavirus vaccine without success. Truth is we might never get one and in the meantime people are dying. It makes no sense to not use something that many doctors are saying is effective. Already, where I live you can’t visit a nursing home if you haven’t had a flu jab without a medical exemption. It is in fact against the Nuremberg Code created after World War 2, to which I might add, Australia is a signatory, to coerce any one to be vaccinated. Voluntary consent is essential. I would also be very cautious taking a vaccine developed in China or by a company owned or sponsored by a person who is a eugenicist – not saying that the one you mentioned is any of the above! Bless you, Cheryl

  3. Side effects, some tragic, have always been a risk of even the long-term established vaccines. In our family, side-effects from the Gardasil vaccine for teenage girls have been devastating – if only we could go back and protect our girls from that vaccine with its life-shattering side effects.

    But for Christians there is very much more at stake regarding the anticipated Covid vaccine . .

    Curtis Bowers warns in his podcast, link following, that it is expected that a nanomicrochip called smartdust will be in the Covid vaccine, which can be scanned to track every detail about you.

    This mark makes it impossible for God’s people to take this vaccine.

    From his research, Bowers states that it is also likely that a permanent invisible dye will be in the vaccine, which, when a person is scanned, will immediately identify whether they have been vaccinated with the Covid vaccine.

    Universal vaccination with universal ID – with the hope that enough fear has been created that everyone will line up to take it, and with restrictions applied to those who don’t, including potentially restricting even renewing of driver’s licences for those who don’t take the vaccine . . ‘in the interests of public health’.

    As Bill so rightly states, restrictions/punishments are likely to be applied – in the same way as Scott Morrison introduced “No jab, no play”, restricting children from attending pre-school if they are not vaccinated. Greg Hunt has expressed this morning that “No jab, no play will certainly be on the table” for everyone for the Covid vaccine.

    Could this even be a trial run for the Antichist, who will be super-popular (as Scomo has become so popular with his exceedingly generous financial handouts to many, resulting in discouragement for many to return to their work) . . . and most people won’t pick up on what’s happening until it is too late.

    For those working in very many occupations including health, care, schools, and services to the public of any kind, best to start thinking of other ways to generate income to make a living for the way ahead . . .

    And best to start making a lot of noise!


  4. Im doing my God given christian duty spreading messages such as these. Very well balanced and written Bill.
    I too am not an “anti vaxxer” ive had most vaccines up to the hep b & c, but ive only had flu vaccine once, and it made me very sick. Never again, that was 20 years ago.
    But i do have a gut feeling, that government is hell bent on mandating covid vaccines, (scomo was just too upfront about his motives, and only backtracked when he realised)
    Life is going to be made very hard for those who refuse the vaccine, and especially for christians.
    I believe as we walk with God, we also need to get in the mindset that we may have everything taken from us one day.
    Positive of this is, its a great way to combat the idolatry that has engulfed us (especially myself which i need to repent of)

  5. Not only is HCQ a proven defence against Covid-19, especially when used proactively to protect health workers and vulnerable people with other health issues, but it is quite possible, even highly likely, that many Covid-19 infections detected by mass testing are actually other viruses (NOT Covid-19).

    This may explain reports of people allegedly getting Covid-19 twice a few months apart.

    It may also explain why flu deaths this year have reportedly fallen to zero after only 36 reported flu deaths early in the year. So is that an unbelievably miraculous reduction, or is it just that we are so obsessed with Covid-19 that we ignore the strong possibility that it is the result of known flaws in Covid-19 tests?

    We are well on track to have fewer deaths due (allegedly) to Covid-19 in 2020 than there were flu deaths in 2017 (1,100+) and 2019 (900+). So why the draconian lockdowns when we could use HCQ to do even better.

    Please see CovidHope.pdf at https://tinyurl.com/CovidAnswers for full details and references to all the above. This includes graphs and charts showing that so-called modern countries that discourage or ban HCQ have, on average, significantly higher death rates than countries which allow or encourage hydroxychloroquine use. There is also a diagram showing Bill Gates at the centre of a money trail directly linked to Faucci etc. It also includes links to: videos explaining the success of HCQ use that Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all banned; and links to a Yale Professor of Epidemiology supporting the use of HCQ. Please check it out and forward it to friends, media and politicians.

  6. Nick,
    You are missing the point. Read Bill’s article carefully please. 30% of the people vaccinated had a bad reaction. A poorly developed vaccination could potentially create a new and wisdespread nasty health issue. Guess what 95% of Australians are healthy and covid 19 free. Why create a new problem?
    Note also – Why is vaccination being presented as the only option when it will at best be 75% effective?

  7. Thanks so much for covering such an important issue Brother!

    You’ve addressed an issue that I am presently fighting against in a class action to the high court. I was a conscientious objector to vaccines from my teens. After doing my own research back in the early 80’s, I chose not to have my children vaccinated. It was not a popular choice back then but I stood my ground.

    However, in 2007 whilst working as a lifestyle facilitator for Jewish care, I took my first flu vaccine under work place pressure and within 10 minutes became very ill. I was off work for the rest of the week, but the real kicker was the continual severe respiratory illness that set in for the next six years. My younger brother took his one and only flu vaccine in 2008 and contracted pneumonia, giving it to both his son and wife.

    I was heavily vaccinated as as a child and spent the majority of my childhood in and out of hospital with pneumonia/pleurisy. I somehow made the connection between my extremely poor heath and the continual vaccinations and refused to have anymore in my late teens. I had been very well for many years until 2007.

    I have a medical exemption which has been refused by the many aged care facilities I work in as a professional singer because the government DOES have mandatory vaccination in place for those who work in aged care or health environments. If people truly understood what they are actually pumping into their systems and the high number of permanently damaged people as a result of these toxins they wouldn’t be so ready and willing to accept them! Regarding abortion, I am an abolitionist, so that alone would keep me from ever receiving a vaccination again. I simply know too much now to ignore.

    Below is the link to a story of a local woman, one of at least 15 in the past five years here in Australia, where people were permanently injured or paralysed after the flu vac. Unfortunately most GP’s are not even aware of what they are injecting into you. The warnings of adverse reactions include SIDS and Guillain – Barre Syndrome. Adverse side effects are far more common than is being talked about because the global elites stand to lose billions if the narrative about its safety is seriously challenged. Lastly, no one is held to account for anyone adversely effected. It’s outrageous, but it’s true!

    May God have mercy on us as we challenge these unjust intentions to force such evil upon us!


  8. Dear Bill,
    Maybe I’m to much of a dullard to figure the vaccination scenario out?
    If I’m NOT vaccinated “ I “ am at risk of succumbing to what ever the vaccination was against that I did not have.
    Is that right?
    The person who IS vaccinated ‘should’ be protected from the pathogen they received the vaccination for.
    Is that right?
    If this is patently wrong why the heck do we have vaccinations at all???
    I read where at Doctor ( if notable stance ) conducted a trail using young people. The group who received vaccinations were slightly more susceptible to flu like virus’s than the non vaccinated group over time.
    Now days the truth is very difficult to discover. And if you do find it – whose ‘truth’ is it?
    Great work Bill,
    God bless you
    Mark Bryant

  9. Hi there Bill, I’d just like to make a few comments on your piece. I’m a biochemist (PhD) and also a pro-life Christian.
    1. As a pro-life Christian I do understand the concerns of those who are concerned that fetal tissue or cell lines from aborted babies are used to produce vaccines. This article by a nuclear chemist who is a Christian I think helps the layperson to understand that no fetal tissue is in vaccines and offers a different perspective on the use of the cell lines: https://blog.drwile.com/vaccines-do-not-contain-fetal-tissue/
    2. Regarding the side effects of the Oxford vaccine, if you go to the original paper you can look at the reported side effects. I realise that the article might be difficult for a layperson to understand, but it is important to go to the primary source. The article can be found here: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)31604-4/fulltext?fbclid=IwAR0Os85dJzpGY_xI2gazxoTeb0QHzatKT3r240yUgdIjn63zAup8QHzrENE#seccestitle190 In the article the following is stated: “Local and systemic reactions were more common in the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 group and many were reduced by use of prophylactic paracetamol, including pain, feeling feverish, chills, muscle ache, headache, and malaise (all p<0·05). There were no serious adverse events related to ChAdOx1 nCoV-19.” Emphasis mine
    3. Yes, it is not good that otherwise healthy people have the non-serious reactions mentioned, but is this not worth the effort if it means avoiding Covid-19? Even though young people have a good prognosis for recovery, the effort of putting up with mild reactions is surely a good thing if it means our elderly and immunocompromised population are more protected by the immunity achieved. I get the flu vaccine every year. My arm is usually a bit sore for several days afterwards. I get it because I hate having the flu, have an elderly mother and a husband who has cancer. I haven’t had the flu since getting the vaccine yearly.
    4. Hydroxychloroquine is not as safe as many YouTubers would like you to believe. There are very good reasons why the Australian government has banned its use in the general population. Side effects including heart problems are good reasons to consider its safety: https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-safety-and-availability/fda-cautions-against-use-hydroxychloroquine-or-chloroquine-covid-19-outside-hospital-setting-or
    5. Many point to the 99% survival rate from Covid-19. What they don’t point out is that the survival is highly dependent on age and background health problems such as cancer and diabetes etc. For those over 80, for example, the survival rate drops dramatically. Even if you take the 1% mortality overall, that’s still a lot of people that would die if many in the community were to get it.
    6. I don’t believe that vaccines should be made compulsory. However, I do understand and approve of the requirement for a flu vaccination to enter an aged care home, and for health workers to also receive all vaccinations available. No man is an island – our choices affect others. If my mother was in an aged care home, I would want her protected. No vaccination gives 100% coverage, but any amount of coverage is worth it if it reduces the risk.
    They are just a few of my thoughts after reading your post. All the best and stay safe.

  10. Thank you Bill, your article was totally spot on! I’m actually shocked at how many people (Christians included) who think this “Vaccine” will be the magical thing that will solve all our problems! It’s like they believe it’s the coming Messiah that will save them! Thank you so much for your very informative article.

  11. Hi Bill

    For your readers’ benefit: yes, I was being sarcastic, although perhaps there is no place for levity when alluding to the wicked things the Nazis did. To be clear, I am appalled that Morrison would suggest compulsory vaccination. Maybe I will get the vaccine, but I will not allow my children to get it.

  12. given the left is the new ‘puritans’ they might have us wear a scarlet letter to brand us as being potentially infected.

    “Hey, why don’t we just line up all these recalcitrants and shoot them already!”

    Give them time Bill they’ll get around to this. they just have to shape public opinion that doing so is morally right. that won’t take long given the hysteria they can introduce to the populace. “these people want to kill your grandma we are defending her by killing them”

    I am reminded of the first part of a song (with my addition in parentheses) “In Europe and America (and Australia) there’s a growin’ feeling of Hysteria….”

  13. So many great observations and comments here, both in Bill’s article and the thread. I too was dismayed at Scott Morrison’s press conference yesterday. Long before all this started, I along with many Christians, rejoiced at Scott Morrison being elevated to the Prime Ministership. Now I’m not so sure. We all know that there is something terribly wrong with the narrative and more of the truth is being revealed now.
    We have our own ‘Deep State’ operating here in Australia. It began imperceptibly after the war with our ‘Doc’ Evatt and the United Nations. In the mid-1970s Section 51 of our constitution was conveniently re-interpreted to allow the Federal government to make international covenants and agreements that tie Australia to very powerful international organizations and finance. This has the effect of overriding our own statutes and common law. It has resulted in Executive governments making unilateral binding agreements without consulting the Australian population at all. Both Liberal and Labor governments have been doing it ever since. Australia borrows heavily from international banks and financial institutions and there are strings attached. I believe that’s why we are now corraled into the World master plan. Just go to the World Economic Forum website to see what they want to achieve.
    People don’t often realize that covenants and agreements are spiritual transactions. We mistakenly think that they are just ‘in the natural’ and that they don’t have any spiritual impact. But God warns in many places in Scripture to be very careful about who we enter contracts and covenants with. I fear Australia has opened the door for evil forces to come in and mess with our sovereignty because governments over many decades have aligned us with the wrong agenda.

  14. Great article. As a concerned Christian who won’t have a vaccination, I just have one question, which I’m asking God, and that is, what can I do apart from (as well as) pray about it and write letters to politicians etc? I believe the time has come for the church to speak out about it. Those of us who are awake and have seen the ID 2020 video and others, are aware of the Plan to include a nanochip In this world-wide vaccine, which will act as a personal ID and without which, in due course, we will not be able to ‘buy, trade or sell’. It is not just a question therefore of a mandatory vaccine, which is shocking in itself, but also of the Agenda of those who hold the real power in the world. It is all part of Agenda 21 and the planned New World Order.

  15. Thanks guys. As I expected, all hell can easily break out on topics like this. There are a lot of folks who have very strong views on these matters – from all sides of the debate. Heat can often outstrip light in these matters. That is why this is only my third article on the topic. For various reasons I do not intend to reply in detail to all the comments here – both pro and con. Mind you, I could, if time permitted, and of course plenty of info could be shared to counter some of the other info being shared here.

    Five years ago I did pen my first piece on all this, offering some generic points at least. For those who are interested, it can be found here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2015/04/14/vaccinations-the-public-good-and-big-brother/

    And my second piece is found here. https://billmuehlenberg.com/2020/05/08/the-state-mandatory-health-care-and-eugenics/

    As should be clear, my main concern in all three articles was to examine the issue of compulsion. The medical and scientific aspects will be debated ad infinitum, ad nauseam. And of course plenty of other sites already exist for that very purpose. Folks can head to those sites if they are so inclined to keep running with all this. So keep in mind my purposes in writing these pieces thanks. And also be aware that I of course have had to trash a number of incoming comments from all the usual suspects – the trolls, the haters, etc.

  16. I am absolutely amazed at all the info & comments I have just read! I have long believed that our Premier long ago sold his soul to the foreign devil we all know about-& have no illusions about!
    Our Premier has thumbed his nose at our God & Savior Jesus in so doing & has put himself-& Victoria-under God’s righteous judgement!!
    I have read all comments (& all articles) & believe that it is time for us all to be in intercession- Perhaps Bill, you could suggest a daily time where we could come together in our own homes-& storm Heaven with our petitions? God bless you Bill for your hard work, & every one who has been stirred by the Holy Spirit to respond!
    If My people, who have been called by My Name will humble themselves & pray,& turn from their wicked ways & seek My face, then will I hear from Heaven, forgive their sins & heal their land! Australia, the great south land of the Holy Spirit!

  17. Lesley Madden, please read the links I sent earlier.

    These highlight another link to: https://www.newsweek.com/key-defeating-covid-19-already-exists-we-need-start-using-it-opinion-1519535 Harvey A. Risch, Md, Phd, Professor Of Epidemiology, Yale School Of Public Health who shows that the heart-risk of HCQ is 9 per 100,000.” Further, he explains that even that low risk is derived from the higher long-term doses used for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments, which are not relevant to the recommended Covid-19 dosages.

    Risch also adds WTTE: “hydroxychloroquine given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, (is) highly effective … in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and … zinc … demonstrate(s) clear-cut and significant benefits to treated patients, (while) other very large studies (demonstrate) medication safety”.

    I also note your reference to The Lancet defending a vaccine. Now I am vaccinated every year for flu and have never had any reaction whatsoever, and never caught flu. But, hmm, The Lancet gets advertising money from pharmaceutical companies and earlier this year The Lancet reported that hydroxychloroquine was dangerous. Now, hmm again, when Trump plugged HCQ the market valuation of Pharmaceutical company Gilead dropped $21 Billion, yes with a B. Hmm again! There is no big money to be made with cheap safe reliable drugs that have been on the market for decades. But The Lancet, along with The New England Journal of Medicine got egg on their face opposing cheap safe HCQ and had to retract their articles when critics complained of fake data.

    So everyone, please read CovidHope.pdf as linked in my earlier post.

  18. Hi Bill, once again on this…it’s not I who hold the intelligence on your site, it is you and ‘some’ of the respondents. Today I find myself excited that I have it correct on my earlier post – whose truth do you believe????
    Fortunately I know whose Truth I believe.
    Great discussion and fantastic work drawing it out Bill
    Mark Bryant

  19. Hi Bill
    I’m trying to email the article it by clicking on the link but it doesn’t seem to work – I would like to send it on- I’m old school- please help
    Excellent article

    Jim Evans

  20. Thanks Jim. Just click and copy the url above the piece, and then click and paste it into an email. If that is still problematic, ask the kids or grandkids!

  21. This is another red rag to a bull show, another issue to bring division in a nation. In rolled safe schools with a fluid gender then came BLM and now the Vaxxers against anti vax or vicer versa. The more the fascists divide a nation and we turn on each other (just has Hilter divided Germany then rose to power) the easier it is to control us. We all need to Love and Respect each other and stand unified with our personal differences. Or we are all going under the communist agenda where there is never an opportunity to peacefully express our views. There are never any idiots just others that are on a different road for the time being but that road is in the same Nation and that is the common ground.

  22. What they are doing is demonizing a minority. They are setting them up to take the blame for anything bad that happens. It’s not a good development that is occurring in our country.

  23. Hi Bill,

    A very important discussion. Thanks for taking it on.

    Blessings on the frontline,

  24. Brilliant Michael – a powerful summing up of this enormously important discussion.

    All who have discerned the darkness descending are responsble now before God and for the sake of our fellow citizens not to slumber . . .

  25. No biblical Christian can support the use or personally use, vaccines that have utilised aborted baby cell lines. In researching an article I’m writing, there are a percentage currently being created as such in Australia. For such vaccines to be mandatory is unconscionable and we must civilly oppose such commentary before governmental preferences become policies. God’s way is the only way and we must abide in Him.

  26. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the important info on the companies producing vaccines. Scott Morrison should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for the statements he has made on the subject of vaccinations.
    This will be a test of the Christianity he is supposed to profess. The last thing Christians should want is a vaccine which uses aborted fetuses. Forced vaccinations also smacks of totalitarianism.
    It sounds suspiciously like he is courting the popular vote by getting access to a vaccination as quickly as possible because he knows the population has been thoroughly frightened by all the propaganda surrounding Covid 19 and it makes it look as if his government is working hard to keep Australians safe. However, not everyone will swallow that and think caution is needed and many would not trust a vaccine which has been manufactured with such speed.

    Scott Morrison should realise that handclapping and singing hymns on a Sunday is not all there is to Christianity. It needs the courage to stand up and be counted as his predecessor John Howard did in defending the unborn. It was during a debate with Paul Keating when the feminists, helped by the MSM, were lobbying relentlessly for abortion on demand and the question was put to him. He fearlessly opposed it whilst Keating the so called Catholic dithered pathetically.

  27. Hi, Bill – Re BIOCHEMIST (PHD) LESLEY MADDEN comments above are quite misleading, erroneous and dangerous at best. Thankfully “lay persons” can listen and read what other biochemists and epidemologists are saying on the covid-19 issue.

    For example Lesley (who professes to be “pro life” and “Christian”) have us believe “no fetal tissue is in vaccines” and puts up a link by a “Christian nuclear chemist”. However, aborted unborn babies are indeed being used in vaccines and for vaccine research, as these requires “fresh meat”: eg see https://biblescienceforum.com/2020/06/01/using-aborted-babies-for-vaccines-is-never-justified/
    As for hydroxychloroquine being unsafe. This is ceratinly does not appear to be the case. Why is it that top medical journals, Lancet and BJM recent hydroxychloroquine studies were found to be massively fraudulent.

    Why is it that doctors who are treating patients with covid-19 are having amzing success with hydroxychloroquine and zinc:

    See eg 9 FRONTLINE DOCTORS SPEAK OUT ON HCQ AND CENSORSHIP https://www.bitchute.com/video/2JPy7qZiXvNr/
    And also:
    Dr Simone Gold https://www.bitchute.com/video/Z3ZmLJ4QZ13w/

  28. Hi Bill, another great article! I also took on board the various comments, including Nick Davies’ comments.
    It reminded me of the Jewish Ghettos in Germany.
    What the Nazis called ‘der gelbe Stern’ and the word ‘Jude’ (Jew) in the centre…the yellow star, purely for the Jews.
    The posters told the German public, regarding this emblem, “Wer dieses Zeichen trägt, ist ein Feind unseres Volkes (whoever bears this mark is an enemy of our people); this was a part of the German/Nazi National Socialism ‘Zeitgeist.’ This was the type of message that was being put out, in a modified form – in the UK – for non-wearing of masks.
    Might a variation of this come to Australia, the UK, the USA, regarding the vaccine??

  29. We need to pray that the PM listens to the right advisors, both Spiritual and political. It is hard to believe any Christian leader would make a statement about mandatory vaccinations – what was he thinking? Is the lesson about the mark of the beast skipped over at church these days?
    Better advice needed before making public statements like these.

  30. Thanks guys. I have not been running with all the comments that have been sent in here. As explained in my comment above, the main issue of this article was on the matter of compulsion, and the medical and scientific issues can be debated on plenty of other sites. But we do need to keep thinking and researching prayerfully and carefully about these things. For example, I do hope that folks carefully read the four links that I offered in my piece on the issue of foetal cells being used in the development of many vaccines. There are many more such links that could be offered here. The truth is, there are plenty of fully qualified medical and scientific experts (including Christian and prolife PhDs) who DO believe that we must be very cautious here and not think that all vaccines are somehow ethically proper – certainly for any prolife Christian! The same can be said about so many experts offering positive assessments of things like HCQ. So we all need to keep studying and reading and not take the word of any one person – including myself – as the last word on these very serious matters. OK?

  31. I always knew that fear will destroy our democratic system.
    People demand the protection of democracy until they are afraid and now they are terrified.
    First we had terrorism. This gave us, supported by the coalition, the following:
    1. People able to be arrested and locked up for a period of time without any evidence that would convict them being available
    2. Every person’s mobile phone metadata has to be stored in case you turn out to be a terrorist. Again you are identified as a potential criminal without any evidence.
    3. Our spy agencies have been given ever increasing powers to spy within our country.
    4. Surveillance cameras everywhere
    Second we are no longer able to publicly express our bible based definition of marriage outside of our church buildings but as you will see, the church buildings are shut.
    Third we had disease
    1. Goodbye freedom to associate
    2. Goodbye church services
    3. Goodbye freedom of movement
    4. Hello enforced lockdowns
    5. The threat of forced vaccination

    Our police have become an instrument to enforce the destruction of our freedoms and most approve. Those who disapprove are considered reckless.
    There is so much fear at the moment that it would not surprise me if the majority start to say that those who do not get vaccinated should be locked up.
    Our current PM endorses forced vaccination, although he walked that back due to the initial backlash.
    It concerns me that our current PM who professes to be a Christian is so determined to force people against their will to do something for the so called greater good.
    Lot would have had to go into hiding to have maintained his righteousness in our so called free society

  32. That unfortunately is the problem with democratic societies the enemy has as much freedom as you do. And he used it to advance his position, agenda and his people and to take away your freedoms while retaining his. We forget freedom isn’t past on in DNA but must be taught to each generation and sometimes fought for when the enemy starts to take it away. The time to fight however is when they START taking your freedoms NOT after they are mostly or completely gone. Too many Christians and conservatives just sit back and take it trying to be nice like a pledge at a fraternity – thank you sir can I have another – we must “turn the other cheek” after all. We allow people to walk all over us for decades then one day wonder what happened to our country. Too often we allow a change that is little thinking it is just a little change we are still the same but little changes add up. (It is the one place an evolutionary model makes sense) As the saying goes if you open that door, even once, you’ll never shut it again.

    You start fighting your enemy when he goes for his sword not when he has it at your throat ready to kill you! Easy living is not good for the church she get too comfortable and forgets the struggles it took to get that easy life and changes willing to do anything to keep that comfy life.

  33. Hi Bill,

    This is LENGTHY Video about the COVID 19 pandemic but it’s very interesting and alarming

    It discusses:-
    1) the biases in the so called “independent fact checkers”

    2) President Ronald Reagan signing legislation protecting vaccine manufacturers from legal claims for harm done to humans by their vaccines. The Prep Act means in the US, if you become sick as a result of a covid 19 vaccination you have no legal right to claim no matter if you lose your ability to work.. see 1.05.25

    3) who Bill Gates really is (his background, the antitrust case against Microsoft in the late 1980’s, his actions as CEO of Microsoft, his donations to the WHO & GAVI, etc.) and his contact with Jeffrey Epstein

    4) Tragically discusses the deaths of girls and paralysis and serious problems for multiple girls vaccinated with the HPV vaccine in India. A scathing report on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & the Foundation being thrown out of India before being allowed to return due to political influence gained by India’s leaders through a relationship with Bill & Melinda Gates.

    5) How the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has paralyzed 490,000 children in India from 2000-2017 with their oral polio vaccine yet how this has been effectively covered up and fact checked as “”Fake news.””

    6) at 1.04.44 mark an expert claims it has in the past it has taken 7 years to develop a Vaccine yet Moderna is now testing a COVID 19 vaccination on 30,000 Americans after 5-6 months development. Something is not right here folks.

    7) at 1.06.44 mark , 80% of participants using a Moderna Vaccine developed a systemic side affect. Bill Gates strongly argues the side affects were not super severe so deliberately tries to dismiss these issues.

    Noted that Bill Gates is not a DOCTOR nor does he have ANY MEDICAL TRAINING. So why has he become the US “GOTO EXPERT” on the health aspects of vaccination.

    Would you go to your software GEEK for serious medical advice?



    Philip Browne

  34. Thanks guys. And check this out: Just moments ago I read this. It comes from a brand-new book about “Ten Courageous Christians Who Supported Jews” during WWII:

    For the Jews, further restrictions soon followed. From July 1942, Jews were banned from parks, theatres and cinemas, cafés and restaurants, swimming pools, racecources and campsites, museums and libraries. They could travel only at limited, inconvenient hours and occupy only the last carriage of railway trains. They were not permitted to use the main streets or to leave home after 8 p.m. Jews were barred from almost all public places and could shop for only one hour a day. In effect, they became invisible in public. (Tim Dowley, Defying the Holocaust. SPCK, 2020, p. 34)


  35. Hi Bill

    I have come late to the issue of vaccines. There have been so many pressing issues recently, but the idea of mandatory Covid vaccine has finally grabbed my attention and upset me.

    Here are three links I currently consider important and highly informative on the issue.

    The first is from Dr Simone Gold MD, JD, FABEM (who as I said has been slandered and censored over her position on hydroxychloroquine, even though there is now overwhelming evidence that she is correct.) In the second half of this video she provides secular based information on the pointlessness and dangers of the current vaccines, which includes the one marked for use in Australia.


    The next video is the one that really really upset me. It upset me moral grounds. This video was produced by LifeSite News, which is a Catholic pro-life group. The video consists of Pamela Acker, one of the world’s most knowledgeable people on vaccines being interviewed by John-Henry Westen who is one of the co-founders of LifeSite News. (There are no graphic images in this video.) As I said, Pamela Acker convinced me completely by her expertise and knowledge of this area. This fits right into the space that a friend Dr Greg Pike B.Sc., Ph.D. has had in his role at Centre of Bioethics and Culture; although Pamela Acker has considerably more hands on experience related to practical research experience in this field. As a result of watching this video, there is no way that I would touch any vaccine that used human fetal DNA with a forty foot barge pole. I was utterly convinced by the testimony of Pamela Acker on this video. As I sensed while watching this video, we are no better that the Communist Chinese with their organ harvesting. In fact, we are worse. At least the Chinese deny it and are embarrassed by it. I was so angry I had to stop. (I watched the rest later.) The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is the one the Australian government plans to roll out. This vaccine uses human fetal DNA. I am totally appalled.


    The next link demonstrates the extreme lack of information the Australian free to air TV and radio communicate, with regard to the dangers of the vaccine. The following link below takes you right into the CDC, (i.e. the United States of America’s department – “Centers for Disease Control”) vaccine ‘Adverse Events Reporting System’, Covid-19 updates. It shows 11,249 adverse cases listed: including 501 deaths, and 2,443 people requiring urgent care. (You can gain a lot of information from this site by clicking on various items).


    Bill, if you would prefer to use this information to write your own blog to update what is going on, you are very welcome to do so. I think this material is worthy of much more attention than my own reply to very good article you wrote back in August 2020.

    Thanks for all your doing.

    Cheers, Chris McNicol

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