The New Inquisition

The thought police are in full search and destroy mode:

“Have you now, or have you ever in the past, written a comment on Bill Muehlenberg’s website?” This question is quickly becoming the number one question asked of all political candidates in Australia. At least it sure seems that way.

Not only that, but it now seems that every leader of a political party, every journalist, and every leftist activist in the nation are now daily perusing my website. Hmm, normally it would be nice to get so much attention. But of course here the sole purpose of this is to crucify anyone who has ever dared to comment on my website, or even admit to liking it or reading it!

Indeed, it now almost appears that I am the most powerful and influential person in Australia. Simply having anything to do with me and my website can make or break a person and his political career. Wow, I must be some really powerful – or really evil – dude!

My website is now being read by everyone in Australia it seems! Apparently entire hordes of government bureaucrats and political party hacks – along with plenty of rainbow warriors – spend all their time nowadays scouring my website, reading every single word found therein – and there are a lot of words there!

And they are checking out every single comment posted there as well – and there are a lot of them also. And all because truth has now been declared to be hate speech by the militants and the political elites. Imagine that: deciding that what was always considered to be fully normal and acceptable by 99.999 per cent of folks throughout human history is now to be considered to be something we can no longer say or believe.

To declare that children have a right to their own mother and father; to declare that there are actually only two sexes; to declare that it takes a man and a woman to produce babies; to declare that babies have a right to life; and so on – all these truths are now verboten, and anyone daring to utter such things WILL be hunted down and forever silenced.

Um, Brave New World much? Um, 1984 much? Even Huxley and Orwell could not have predicted just how insane and diabolical things would become in such a short period of time. Little did they know that the sexual revolutionaries would be at the forefront of destroying Western civilisation as we know it, and undoing two millennia of morality, common sense, biology and reality.

What in particular am I referring to this time? Well, the media today is all in a tizz because yet another Christian and conservative who is running for office with the Liberal party in WA has been discovered to be involved in great evil. Yes, he has dared to comment on my website. One of the media articles on this begins as follows:

Opposition Leader Zak Kirkup has again defended a Liberal Party candidate after close ties to a church with extreme beliefs emerged. Liberal candidate for Jandakot, Mihael McCoy, is a senior figure in his father’s Kings Chapel Church. His father’s beliefs include that Donald Trump was anointed by God and the Black Lives Matter movement is the work of the devil.

On Saturday Mr McCoy, who has been an associate pastor and on the board of the church, came under fire over his endorsement of posts by a Christian commentator that labelled the LGBTQ community as “Gaystapo”. Mr McCoy endorsed several posts by commentator Bill Muehlenberg on his blog Culture Watch criticising same-sex marriage. He regularly performs in a band at the church.

In one of the posts from 2011 titled Lessons from Pearl Harbour, Mr Muehlenberg hailed tennis legend Margaret Court, a fervent defender of traditional marriage, and warned Christians hadn’t taken the threats of the “militant homosexual lobby” seriously. “Bill well done,” Mr McCoy commented on the post.

“Margaret is a good friend of ours and without question, she has the weight of church history behind her on this issue. It’s worth noting that in all major areas of Christian theology and doctrine are consistent on this issue and God’s divine order for marriage.” In a different post dating from 2012, Mr Muehlenberg labelled the LGBTQ community “the Gaystapo” and accused them of having a militant agenda to gain power, domination and control.

Mr McCoy commented on the post to commend Mr Muehlenberg on “another excellent piece” before adding Satan’s destruction had “effectively used humanity against itself”. The candidate’s father, Dr Gerry McCoy, is the founder of Kings Chapel in Wellard. . . . Mr McCoy regularly sings and performs in a band before his father’s sermons at the church.

The homosexual press of course has also run with this story. It said in part:

While reporters pressed McCoy for his views, Liberal leader Zak Kirkup stepped in and shut down the questioning. It’s not the first time Kirkup has blocked a candidate from sharing their religious views about LGBTIQ people. Earlier in the campaign he stopped the media from questioning Victoria Park candidate Amanda-Sue Markham about her views on gay, lesbian and transgender people.  Markham’s husband is a pastor who has previous self-published a book that was critical of homosexuality.

Nor is the first time that comments on the Culture Watch website have been an issue during the campaign. Last week a party official described the site as “an obscure online blog”, after it was highlighted that historical negative comments about the LGBTIQ community were attributed to a reader named Phil Twist. Phil Twist is also the name of one of the party’s candidates for the upper house.

While the party spokesperson described the Culture Watch website as an obscure blog, people actively engaged in LGBTI political debate are very familiar with the site and it’s author. Muehlenberg often shares his negative views about the queer community and transgender rights. He has previously been a guest speaker at the Victory Life Centre in Perth, the church run by former Tennis player Margaret Court. Prior to taking a run at politics Mihael McCoy worked as a lawyer, alongside being a pastor in the church.

Whoa, this McCoy guy is one really bad dude! Imagine daring to stand up for marriage and family! Imagine commenting on my website! Imagine playing in a church band! So lock that guy up already for crimes against humanity – or at least crimes against the Pink Thought Police and Hit Squad.

Just a week ago I wrote about another obviously terrible person because he did the same thing: he dared to have conservative and Christian views, and he dared to comment on my website. And for that the Libs have also had to go into ‘damage control’ because of his beliefs. (BTW, his name is not ‘Twist’ as the report above sloppily stated.) See more on this incident here:

Hmm, it was not too long ago that real crimes were needed to completely ruin your life in politics. If a guy was discovered to be a former axe-murderer, or serial rapist, or bank robber, that would tend to damage his political career path. But today the much worse crimes of being a Christian, of being a conservative, and of defending marriage and family will ensure that you have zero hope of making it in politics.

And be aware that these are folks who are running for the Liberal party – you know, the party that used to be known as the conservative party. But if Lib leaders have to do all they can to play down the views of real conservatives, then it might be time for the party to give up the ghost. It is now too often just a pale imitation of Labor.

Moreover, it is not just would-be politicians who are under the hammer from the Secular Left Stasi. Even medical doctors who have dared to post a comment on my website and share conservative viewpoints are being targeted. Last year I wrote about one young Asian family doctor who has lost his job for doing this very thing!

No one is safe today. It does not matter if you are a doctor or a lawyer or a pastor. Dare to hold the “wrong” views and you WILL be hunted down and silenced. Welcome to the new normal. Welcome to the leftist version of tolerance, acceptance and diversity.

While this war against truth, morality, freedom and reality is something that we should all be greatly concerned about, I guess there is one bright spot in all this. The fact that now countless folks are carefully reading my website in order to dig up more ‘dirt’ on others is a good thing.

As I have often said, exposing yourself to truth is always risky business. The truth has a habit of setting people free. Who knows, some of these bureaucrats, journalists and lefties might regret exposing themselves to all the truth bombs found on my site. If a few of them come to see the light as a result, I guess it will have been all worthwhile.

Of course in the meantime I ask those of you who are Christians to keep me and this website in your prayers. There are so many folks out there who want to see me forever silenced and this site completely obliterated. I will keep doing what I am called to do, but I depend upon your assistance and your prayer support to make it happen.

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50 Replies to “The New Inquisition”

  1. I am so thankful that you commented on something I posted on FB so that I would be directed to you and your writings here from your posts. I applaud what you are doing and put you on my prayer list as I know what you face with truth. And I hear you about 1984 which I read years ago and have on hand. I thought at the time of reading years ago that it would happen eventually and found it prophetic … but admit I hoped I’d be gone by then! But you and I and the rest of the truth seekers, speakers, writers and sharers were born for such a time as this. You give me courage to go on with what God has called me to do and I will renew the work on my website, blog and FB and other platforms I’ve moved to for more freedom. Thank you and God continue to bless you.

  2. Keep up the good work Bill. Just like in Jeremiah’s day, the culture needs to hear the truth, no matter how unpopular it may be.
    Paradoxically, the more they criticise you, the more people are exposed to the truth, enabling the Holy Spirit to work on their hearts.
    Your labour is not in vain in the Lord.

  3. Hi Bill,

    Praise the Lord for your faithful ministry. You remain in my prayers.

    I also pray that the Lord will continue to use your website to bring sinners to repentance to turn them to Christ.

    I hope that one day you’ll publish your blogs in a book, and if you do put me down for a copy!

    Yours in Christ, Christa King-Freer

  4. I’m so proud of the stand you make for Christ and Biblical living, Bill!
    You inspire me to do the same. I praise God for you and your perseverance against those who would try to shut you down, and I pray for you constantly.
    May God continue to use your ministry to save those who come against you, and to inspire those who admire your work. God bless you!

  5. Bless you Bill! We need more people like you who are prepared to speak the truth, regardless of the consequences! You are an encouragement to us all to do the same! You won’t be alone in the courts of the ungodly. Keep up the good work!

  6. “Have you now, or have you ever in the past, written a comment on Bill Muehlenberg’s website?”

    Yes. Today. Sunday 7 March 2021.

    And I have commented previously!

    And I will comment again!

    John Miller

  7. The plebiscite for same sex marriage was in 2016/2017, another world ago. Anyone still living by the laws of that world better watch out. Even though, as was said at the time by many, “nothing will change”.
    Some people talked about the great harm the laws of generations past did to the same sex community (yes, some of those older laws/practices were bad). Yet they seem to relish in the great harm it is doing to the 42.2% of people who voted against same sex marriage. All this to the continue detriment of the traditional family unit.

    I greatly admire the work you do Bill, and hope it to continue for many years to come.

  8. If it’s any consolation a conservative site I’ve spent many an hour on to talk SF&F, politics, theology, jokes, and pretty much anything else of interest, was cancelled (hopefully not permanently) when some evil inclined individual chose to wrote a hit piece, though they called it an investigation, filled with misquotes, out of context screenshots, outright lies, and assorted bad logic. The Left immediately swarmed into action, as if just waiting for the signal, and demanded the service\provider be deplatformed because ‘Badthink!’ When conservatives responded by pointing out the flaws of the hitpiece, and the disturbing background of the individual who wrote the piece, the Left swarmed to protect the ‘victim’ of the “evil conservative’s” attacks.

    The West is going tribal and your right to continue existing is dependent on your membership in an approved tribe. In the eyes of the Left, conservatives, and especially Christians, are only good for plant food as far as I can tell. I don’t see any happy resolution on the horizon, not without divine intervention. 🙁

  9. The world has gone mad.

    Books by Ryan Anderson etal are cancelled for supporting traditional marriage.

    Meanwhile Babylon Bee has added 9 more books, beyond Dr Seuss, which need to be immediately banned:—-here-are-9-to-start-with

    At the same time there is a library of books for children ‘celebrating’ LGBTQ pride. Here is but one selection:

    The world has gone mad.

  10. Hi Bill, I agree with the other comments. Keep up with the good work you are doing! I don’t comment very often, but I do read your blogs which are always very interesting and challenging. Your opponents hate the truth. BTW, your haters don’t need an army of foot-soldiers scouring your comments looking for dissidents to crush. All the comments from your site, and others, can be easily copied and pasted into a large database. It makes it easier and faster to find the “incriminating evidence”.

  11. “Have you now, or have you ever in the past, written a comment on Bill Muehlenberg’s website?”
    Yes, although I will never be a political candidate.
    I stand on the Word with Bill.
    GOD bless you Bill and your important ministry too.

  12. … and don’t forget that the public purse is being constantly misappropriated through ABC and SBS propaganda and witch-hunts such as the corrupt and perverse attacks on George Pell, but why would people expect justice from pagans? It’s only really publicly funded propaganda that suggests that Christian civilisation is not the most just that we have ever been able to achieve but Christianity is banned from the ABC and SBS.

  13. Thank you Bill for being a strong Christian voice in world turned upside down. Sometimes it feels like we are in the Poseidon Adventure…having to go down to get up. As Christians, we know how this all ends, but in the mean time we must continue to voice the truth, be active in our communities to promote the truth, PRAY, and trust God.
    So Bill, may the Lord bless you spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. May the hedge of HIS will be around you, and “no weapon formed against you prosper.”

  14. Proud to have commented. No doubt these evil doers will be heading over here to the USA soon. A friend asked me: is Paraguay safe for believers? The answer is, of course, yes, so it the rest of God’s earth. It is far more dangerous for unbelievers. So Bill, thanks for being the brave faithful example for many of us all over the now-being-judged Western Church.

  15. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for standing up to these “goons” let’s identify them(:


    1) A generally low-ranking member of a gang or syndicate. Typically the recipients of street-level work. These are generally the most disposable members of an organization, built to take the fall in order to protect the higher-ups in the case of illegal activities gone awry that have attracted police attention.

    2) One who participates in vandalism, loitering, public displays of ignorance, outward obnoxiousness, and other non-socially acceptable practices justified by a directionless but nonetheless strong pack mentality and conformity with other similarly outlandish behaving individuals.

    3) An Individual of sub-standard wit or mental competency. commonly identified by a less than reputable character, bad personality, and/or poor taste in personal style.

    So there my friend is what God is up against, but here’s His word describing them;

    “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.”- 2Cor.10:3-6

    Thank you to you and your family and many, many friends, who are right behind you(:

    Cheers & Blessings

    Eric Hansen

  16. Thank you Bill for your hard work and your website. I’m not running for office but you site is at the top of my news rotation and I check it faithfully everyday. Keep preaching the word brother.

  17. Hi Bill
    I am a so blessed to read Culture Watch every day as you are one of the few voices in Australia that are prepared to stand against and expose the “darkening evil” that is pervading Western Countries today.
    The greater tragedy today is the Christian Church is losing the conviction to preach the Gospel where Jesus says”I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.”
    My extended family live in the Macedon Region north of Melbourne and we as a family believe the following:
    That God created man and woman to be fruitful and multiply and have children.
    We believe that all children are created by God, precious in His sight and should be cherished in the mother’s womb and have unalienable rights to come into this world and to be loved by their mother and father.
    We believe that they should be taught Christian values that will keep then in good stead to guard them from the destructive leftist agendas that are trying to tear down the foundations of what God has instituted well over five thousand years ago.
    Keep up the good fight Bill.
    Terry Hill, New Gisborne

  18. You sound like you are now Australia’s El Rushbo, the Maha Rushie of down under.

  19. Thanks for your posts Bill , absolutely invaluable to help prosecute challenges to reckless negative social engineering and other moral issues of our times, helping me establish a correct biblical worldview and keep this amid immense increasing pressure to go the way of many

  20. Keep up the great work Bill. Australia, families and our kids desperately need people like you.
    I hope the increased interest in your website, even from the Dark Side, exposes more people to rare decency and common sense, and can benefit you in the process.
    (PS Could you please ensure I’m on your mailing list as I haven’t received any Culture Watch emails for some time? Thanks.)

  21. Could be an idea to make a pdf ebook with every article ordered with a contents, that could be electronically distributed. You could find someone on Fiverr to do it for a reasonable cost.

  22. I am adding my name to the blacklist by loving your site. I’m not running for government, but I am a mother and could be psychologically damaging my children by teaching biblical morality.

  23. My response will be to wear it as a badge of honor then.
    I had wondered about a political career but the prospect of brain reduction surgery filled me with dread.
    The good news is that we’ve read the end of the book and we know who wins in the end. Our job is simply to keep reminding the powers of darkness of their future.
    God bless Bill.

  24. If only we had a commentator stateside of such noteritety as yourself…..but then you may being cancelled here by our technocrats as you are not featured as often in my in basket nor on Facebook. Too soon to tell as just coming our of our deep freeze in Central Texas.

  25. Bill is called by Christ who is the truth to be the culture and truth warrior with God’s courage to proclaim God’s message and Christ’s truth with His authority to the world at large. Philosopher John Hus once said, “Therefore, faithful Christian, seek the truth, listen to the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, tell the truth, defend the truth even to death.”

  26. I’ve always supported traditional marriage. I guess that makes me an extremist!

  27. Years ago someone asked Robert Kennedy what is the most important virtue in a politician. He said “courage”. That virtue is so lacking in our modern politicians. Keep up the good work, Bill.

  28. Keep up the good work Bill!
    You speak Truth, the Good News with boldness and love, and you are most definitely in our prayers… Thank You and keep up the good fight, Bless You.

  29. Hi Bill,
    I for one love to read your thoughts on many a topic. I believe that you present and resound with a unique, Biblical, educated and historical perspective on many topics. Thank you for continuing to be a constant and resounding voice for the undercurrent of Spirit-filled believers in our nation. I stand with you and pray for a great turning of the hearts of men, women and children in our nation, towards our Great King, who is above all Kings. May His Kingdom be established in our hearts as we read the truths in your writings. Amen.
    Much love you you my friend.

  30. Attempts to refute your calling militant homosexual activists a “gaystapo” by acting like a gaystapo, somewhat confirms your point I should think.
    In any case, it’s clear how much the militant homosexual lobby really hates those who disagree with them, and especially how much they hate those who don’t hold to their obscure religious views. Unlike you Bill, it’s clear they hate the person and not just their views.

  31. Like so many who have commented on your site Bill, I am so proud to have my name associated with such a well rounded, well researched and a blessing that CultureWatch is…… Will continue to pray for your family and everything that you do…… Also will pray for all others that are looking to bring down your site by reading every article, that the scales will be removed from their eyes….. This just might be the fire that starts a revival….. You do an amazing job….

  32. Put me on the roll too Bill, I rather please God than the those who don’t believe the Word of God. Jesus said, those who do believe that I am the Son of God have condemned themselves already. Please stay sane and do the same for us, you are a voice in the wilderness crying out the truth. Pity I’m not looking for a political office, but reading Erwin W. Lutzer’s book “We will not be silenced” and Pastor Greg Locke “This means War” – We will not surrender through silence.
    Church and especially it’s members need to rise up and shout.
    Can I recommend the 24/7 Bible reading here 23rd – 27th March in the Library Square in Melbourne, Come and help us shout.

  33. Hi Bill,
    Jesus said that if anyone stands with him and holds to the truth of God’s word they will be persecuted. We have seen this occur over and over throughout history. Here in the west we felt secure from the persecution because we were an educated lot that stood on the values of freedom. But the evil one never rests, and while we slumbered in our security, he continued his evil plan. He has twisted the minds of the young (who have grown into adults) who think freedom also includes freedom to do whatever they like, even to revel in the excesses of evil human behaviour. And now if anyone speaks out against their twisted imaginings that person is viewed as evil; they do not know the truth because their minds are continually evil. Now believers in the west will experience the persecution that has been the bedfellow of our brothers and sisters from the persecuted church over the centuries.

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