More Attacks on Our Christian Freedoms

With almost monotonous regularity I document on this site how the homosexual activists and their PC supporters are working overtime to silence anyone who dares to withstand their agenda to remake society in their own image. Governments around the Western world are actively enforcing the homosexual agenda, with sanctions against any recalcitrants.

Consider the Victorian Labor government. In an effort to woo the homosexual vote before next month’s election, it is offering the miniscule homosexual community a whole raft of further privileges and special rights, while stripping ordinary Victorians of their own rights.

I like the way Salt Shakers began their story on this:

Vic Government to protect Christians

“The Victorian government is promising to set up a special government advisory group to advise the Victorian Labor government on issues concerning Christians, to introduce new laws to stop harassment of Christians and to give $400,000 for a peak group to represent their interests…

“No, I didn’t think so…

“However, replace the word ‘Christian’ with ‘homosexual’ and that is exactly what the Brumby Labor government is promising the homosexual community in a bid to win the very small pink vote in the November 27 election. Of course, what they are really doing is trying to be as ‘green’ as the Greens because the Greens are tipped to have a higher vote in inner Melbourne seats and some Labor seats are threatened.”

Exactly. The most persecuted group in Victoria and the Western world today happens to be Bible-believing Christians who take their faith seriously, and refuse to worship at the altar of political correctness and support the radical agendas of the social engineers.

This is how the pro-homosexual Melbourne Age proudly trumpets what the Labor government wants to do: “Laws against homophobia will be strengthened and the rights of same same-sex couples to adopt children will be reconsidered if Labor wins next month’s state election.

“In a pitch for the ‘pink vote’, Premier John Brumby has also promised to give the gay community a greater say in shaping government policy, improve the rights of couples to have overseas or interstate marriages recognised in Victoria, and provide more funding to stamp out homophobia in schools. Advocacy groups yesterday described the policy as the most comprehensive gay reform package Labor has taken to a state election.”

So John Brumby has just informed us that the desires of a tiny but vocal activist group is of much greater concern to him and the Labor Party than the wellbeing of our most vulnerable and defenceless – our children. That in itself should tell us just how morally bankrupt this government is.

In the interests of getting elected the Labor government is going to squash the fundamental right of every child to have his or her biological parents, or the closest thing to it. Instead, the special rights of around one per cent of the community will trump the rights of everyone else.

But wait, there’s more. Whenever you hear about government moves to stamp out “homophobia,” be aware that this is just codeword for one thing: the promotion of homosexual rights and the muzzling of any contrary voices. And given that the Judeo-Christian worldview has been quite clear on the unacceptable nature of the homosexual lifestyle, its adherents will be the ones most at risk.

Indeed, laws are being passed on a regular basis to muzzle the voices of concerned Christians and others about the ever-expanding homosexual juggernaut. The laws might sound good, and use terms like tolerance and anti-discrimination, but they are clearly designed to single out and penalise any voices which are opposed to the homosexual agenda.

Indeed, a number of years ago I was contacted by a medical doctor who told me he was being dragged up by a state equal opportunity court for vilifying homosexuals. The trouble is, he had quoted from my writings on the topic, so I was dragged into it as well.

Fortunately he was able to convince the tribunal that as a doctor who regularly cared for and treated homosexuals, he could hardly be accused of being homophobic and hating homosexuals. So in the end the case was dropped. But that was a long time ago, and today there will be many more such cases, and they will not so easily be contested.

Every week another believer is being hauled up before courts and tribunals around the Western world on trumped-up charges of homophobia and “hate-speech”. There are now so many examples of this that a full-length book could be compiled on all this.

Consider a Swedish pastor who simply preached on Romans 1 from his pulpit one Sunday morning; he found himself in big trouble with the heavy hand of the law in that country. He was sentenced to a month in prison for daring to suggest that God may disapprove of the homosexual lifestyle.

Thus even giving a biblical sermon is now under threat in our PC police states, where every incorrect word and thought is now going to be judged by the new thought police. This will continue to worsen, unless those who value freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and freedom of religion will be willing to stand up and let their voices be heard.

Unless we all smarten up, and real soon, there will be very little freedom left – certainly not for bible-believing Christians.

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6 Replies to “More Attacks on Our Christian Freedoms”

  1. I ventured to declare from the pulpit last Sunday evening, commenting on the CYC case on Phillip Is, that Rob Hulls was “a very evil man”. He is out to put the screws on Christians, and this kind of programme on top of what is already in place (the abolition of religious exemptions earlier this year) life is going to get very tough for Christians. The aspect I find depressing and infuriating is that “lefty” Christians will see no big deal in all this, and will go along with it. These are the people an earlier generation branded as “neo-evangelicals” – more interested in social issues than the Gospel of redeeming grace; more interested in this-worldly welfare handouts than preparing men for eternity; more interested in welfare for the poor than Biblical morals.
    Persecution will weed out these traitors and compromisers, but it will be distress and tribulation for true Christians in the meantime.
    “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His anger…” (Rev.14:9-10)
    Murray R Adamthwaite

  2. Let us not forget that the emotion hatred has been banned completely by the PC class. And if you, Bill, cause them to feel hatred or launch personal attacks on you, even though you might be the one on the receiving end, you will be the one at fault for creating public disorder and inciting hatred – even if it is against yourself.

    Let us not forget Harry Hammond, who in 2001 was one of the first to experience this shameful injustice.

    But is also a hatred of men–Harmans-latest-men-bashing-policy-just-odious–turns-morality-inside-out.html?ITO=1490

    And a hatred of anyone criticising Islam

    David Skinner, UK

  3. Yes I to would really love to get out there and knock some sense into some of these politicians but we have to hold fast to our Christian beliefs otherwise we will be the losers The gospel says that even the very elect will be tempted and may stray so these days will be shortened. The Bible is clear in this area do not be afraid of those that can harm the flesh but rather those that can take your soul. The tares are the children of the evil one and the good crop are the children of God. Nothing will be harvested until the crop is ripe so the tares and the good seed must grow together until then. Jesus also said I know my sheep and they know me.
    If the crop is harvested to soon there will be too much chaff amongst it.
    You cannot refine metal in a cool fire and you cannot filter the sediment from the wine unless the filter is fine. So What good would heaven be if it is corrupted by the slightest of evils. We must hold fast and yes we may have to pay a heavy price but not with our souls for through Jesus they belong to God.
    This is not the beginning nor is it the end but it is the beginning of the end. (Mr Churchill I think).
    Hang in there people.
    Dennis Newland

  4. How about we coin a phrase or two for our vitriolic opponents for example – “Christophobic”?

    Whether we like it or not sloganeering can have a piercing impact. Or do we demean our integrity by adopting opposition tactics?

    Ray Robinson

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