There Will Be No Tolerance For Dissenters

Yep, it has been a week, so I am again well behind on documenting even more cases of homosexualist bigotry and intolerance. The militants are on a search and destroy mission, hunting down any recalcitrants who dare to not bow down to their agenda.

Anyone who even opens his mouth about this issue and offers a dissenting opinion will be taken to court and taught a lesson – big time. Here we have another batch of examples of how the activists operate. And once again, they would make the KGB or Stazi proud.

So let’s look at three new stories, the first coming from Scotland. There if you dare to say children do better with a mother and a father and warn against the homosexual agenda, you will be heavily fined and severely reprimanded by the courts. I kid you not. The story begins like this:

“The Court of Session in Edinburgh has fined a Scottish man £40,000 ($62,020 U.S.) in damages after he sent a message on Twitter calling a lesbian same-sex ‘marriage’ advocate ‘a danger to children.’ Lesbian Jaye Richards-Hill sued David Shuttleton, an antiques dealer from Barrhead, near Glasgow, for defamation because of his remarks about her homosexual activism.

“Shuttleton reportedly also sent messages to First Minister Alex Salmond and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon relating his concerns about Richards-Hill, a teacher and adviser to Education Secretary Mike Russell. Calling people who disagree with his anti-gay campaign ‘normalphobes,’ Shuttleton told the Daily Record, ‘It’s an absolute scandal that homosexuals have got such power in our community. It’s an absolutely scandalous abuse of our laws’.”

Did you get that? A $62,000 fine for simply stating truth: that homosexual marriage is definitely not in the best interests of children. Next thing you know people will be fined for saying that not breathing air or eating food is harmful to your health, or some other truism.

Today telling the truth is a crime in many parts of the West. For stating truth you can be arrested, fined or even jailed. How have we managed to come to such a place? The complacency and apathy of good people, coupled with the strident militancy of the activists is your answer.

But wait, there’s more. Consider this case from the US: “Last month a chaplain in Alaska was ordered to remove a religious column he had written because it supposedly offended atheists at his Air Force base. Now a young soldier says she was reprimanded for a Facebook post about homosexuality.

“A female Army chaplain’s assistant told Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes she was accused of creating a ‘hostile and antagonistic’ environment after writing a message on her personal Facebook page in which she called homosexuality a sin.

“The 26-year-old soldier, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said she took to her social media page after returning home from church one Sunday and watching a documentary about a minister who endorsed homosexuality. ‘I was frustrated with what I saw so I posted a Facebook message about it,’ she told Starnes.

“The Facebook posting in question said, ‘A lot ticked off, now to all my gay friends you know I care about you so don’t think otherwise. I’m watching this documentary and this gay guy went to a church and the Pastor was telling him that he needs to embrace his way and know that it is not a sin. Ok umm wow, dude it is. I’m sick of people making Gods word what it’s not. Yes God loves you as a person but He hates the sin. Tired of hearing about Pastors being ok with homosexuality.’

“The chaplain’s assistant, who believes individuals within her unit reported her, was ordered to the commander’s office the next day and was told she must either remove the post or face a reduction in rank and pay.”

There you go folks: to simply express your religious beliefs on your own FB page is now a crime in the military, and one’s rank and pay will be radically cut if one dares to stand up for one’s religious beliefs and convictions. Just what in the world is happening in our society?

And Christian small business owners are faring no better. They too are facing the full demonic rage of the activists. Check out this classic example of “tolerance” and “acceptance”: “Another business is facing retribution for declining service to a same-sex couple.

“Betty and Dick Odgaard, owners of Görtz Haus Gallery in Grimes, Iowa, are catching the ire of gay rights advocates after they declined offering their venue to Lee Stafford and his fiance Jared. Now the owners, who are Christians, are receiving vicious and threatening emails and phone calls — and they fear that their business could shut down because of the fierce reaction.

“It was less than one week ago that Lee and Jared entered Görtz Haus looking for additional information about holding their wedding there. After Dick realized that it would be a gay ceremony, he told the couple that they would not be able to hold their nuptials at the establishment — and that’s when the controversy erupted.

“‘It started with emails and we noticed the emails were from a person with a name that looked like a man’s name. We’re a little suspicious about it and … two fellows walked in and that’s where it all began,’ Dick told TheBlaze on Friday. ‘It was obvious what the situation was. I had to confirm it. I asked if this was a gay marriage celebration and I said we can’t take your money for this.’

“From there, news spread that the Odgaards turned the couple away. Before long, phone calls and emails came streaming in. Betty said that some people have promised that the furor won’t stop until the business, which is a bistro, flower shop and a wedding destination, shuts down. Detractors have called Betty and Dick ‘haters.’ ‘I wish all people well. I have love for all people,’ Betty, who was visibly distraught on the phone, told TheBlaze.

“The family shared some of the e-mail responses they’ve received with TheBlaze. And the contents weren’t pretty. One angry e-mail said that the family is ‘finished’ and ‘doomed.’ ‘You are mean, rude, selfish, mother f***er racist sons of b**ches from hell,’ it read, with the writer later adding, ‘F**k you, f**k your God, f**k your religion.’ Another person who goes by the name ‘Micky’ wrote, ‘Betty, you’re very old and almost dead. How do you both feel, knowing that America, and the world, will be a better place without you?’”

Ah yes, more sweetness and light from the tolerance brigade. I am glad they are so into diversity, acceptance, and true tolerance. Just imagine if they were not. So there you go, another day, and three more hardcore cases of the homosexual mafia in action.

Novelists like Orwell and Huxley warned us decades ago of what a horrific police state would look like; one in which complete conformity would be demanded of everyone – or else. Little did they know that the main instigators of, and ringleaders in, all this would be those who scream about tolerance the most: the homosexual activists.

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44 Replies to “There Will Be No Tolerance For Dissenters”

  1. Unbelievable and frightening. I feel for the people involved so much.

    Jo Deller

  2. If this keeps up it won’t be long before the shackled box cars and the guillotines come out.

    Erik Ahlblad

  3. It’s totally 1984 and I cannot believe how quickly this happened. The Thought Police are out in force to find and eliminate members of society who challenge the gay mafia’s authority and ideology.

    Jo Deller

  4. now Bill,
    when we are faced with mountains that need moving
    —a seemingly impossible situation,
    * a prevailing head-wind,
    * no wine for the wedding,
    * no bread and fish for the multitudes,
    * no offspring to carry on the hopeful word,
    * a government intent on imprisonment of the cheerful,
    * a sinister storm which is about to sink the boat,
    ruin the livelihood,
    steal our breath,
    and swamp our enjoyment of the journey,
    * blinded eyes that have no intention of seeing
    * bullies like Goliath’s that rage with venom

    —aren’t we meant to have a tiny mustard-seed sized bit of ‘faith’, and to ask the Lord of all to create freedom anew, in the face of threats, might and mayhem
    —and isn’t the promise, to see the impossible mountain can be shifted?

    Trevor Faggotter

  5. Thanks Trevor

    Sure we all need faith in God. That goes without saying. But that should not detract from the point of this article. Religious liberty is very much at threat here, and it will take more than just platitudes to reverse it. Of course, we trust God to do the impossible. But he expects us to do our part as well. That means alerting people to the war we are in, and then working like mad to turn back the darkness. So we must engage in monitoring our freedoms, fighting the militants, voting correctly, and a million other things if we want to see freedom preserved.

    Wilberforce certainly had faith in God to overcome tremendous odds, but he also worked his tail off. It was the combination of trust in God plus very hard and committed work that resulted in freedom for blacks. We too must have great faith and also work real hard for our religious freedom.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. Thanks Jo

    Yes I was invited to be on that show, but knocked it back for two reasons:
    -it would have been the third time in a week flying up to NSW – my wife may have not been too pleased with that!
    -I have been on this show and others like it often in the past and it is just a hatchet job. Barely worth putting in all the effort for the 30 seconds of commentary you might be allowed. But a few good folk are on tonight’s show so a bit of truth will hopefully be heard there.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. The rate of change and exponentially increased hostility towards Christians on all forms of media is palpable and makes many people afraid to speak out. Often I am the only person on a huge forum expressing a Christian viewpoint and being attacked with intense fervour the minute I post.

    Even 2 years ago it was not this bad.

    Jo Deller

  8. Thanks Bill for your Culture Watch. Just one thing, I obviously need to add: I certainly wasn’t offering “platitudes”. There is more at stake than that.

    As a pastor, I sure don’t think “it goes without saying” that faith is needful. Faith in Christ, continually needs to be awakened and stirred anew. It needs to be exercised. Indeed without it, people won’t pray. Without faith we certainly won’t be expectant of great things to come.

    Having awakened people to the ‘frightening’ aspect of a militant movement in our midst, then, people often want to know how they might proceed to participate in change for the better. Not everyone is a letter writer.

    What I am saying is that ‘real big bad bullies’ can be overcome. And that prayer and faith are crucial. As John needs to tell us in written words, ‘this is the victory that conquers the world, our faith’.

    Trevor Faggotter

  9. Thanks Trevor

    Yes – faith and action. That is always the way it works. And I am not talking about mere letter writing. Again, look at the life of a Wilberforce, or a MLK, or any other Christian who overcame great challenges. There was great faith yes, but also great action. It is not a case of choosing one or the other – it is both, always.

    And I would wager that for every word, sermon or exhortation Christians hear about actually doing something to challenge the evils of the day and be salt and light, they hear 100 about faith. So I will keep preaching both, since that is what Scripture demands.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. Well Bill,

    That would almost make a good second to last chapter for your book. Get it out soon before they ban it.

    Carl Strehlow

  11. Just one further comment to help clarify, if I may… when I read the article on the Iowa so-called ‘wedding’… I was very heartened to see that Americans hardly intend to support this harsh militant approach. Please Note:

    “Rasmussen pollsters found earlier this year that 85 percent of Americans believe people should be able to opt out of participating in same-sex “marriage” ceremonies if they so choose”.

    85 %. That is good news. That is freedom still struggling to find voice in the face of yet, inadequate legislation. It is not the bullies who should prevail, but the 85% who really want that restaurant to have freedom in hiring their facilities, in this situation.

    A bit of faith, and no doubt a fight to gain a hearing, should draw out the support that is actually there in Americans. (Otherwise, yes, anyone in the big 3 religions, will not be able to hire a restaurant/motel). Rights to sexual freedom would then ‘trump’ rights to religious freedom. That would, I think, be a violation of their constitution.

    So, I am hearing the alarm. But, more than that, want to draw out, far more faith than fear.

    Trevor Faggotter

  12. Bill. There is no doubt that the level of vitriol and hate in the language used in your examples above, replicated often elsewhere, indicates that no only is it sourced in Satan, but the fact that this has become a world-wide phenomenon suggest a coordinated attack upon the Lord, his church and Christians everywhere on the part of the principalities and powers. He (Satan) realises that his time is short and that the Lord’s return is indeed drawing nearer.

    There is another element which perhaps we should consider, namely, that possibly God is withdrawing much by way of his restraints upon sin and its ugly manifestations at this time.
    In this connection no doubt many of us ponder over a passage of Scripture such as 1 Thess. 2:6-12, and particularly v.11.
    Can there be any other explanation of the almost universal attack upon God and his church? (I leave aside militant Islam).
    We expect such a level of hatred and opposition from the homosexual community to some degree, but perhaps the greater condemnation should be borne by law makers, mainly in the West, – USA and UK and throughout Europe who themselves have abandoned God’s laws and substituted their own secular ‘laws’ instead.

    Even many non believers, as well as Christians, understand only too well that homosexuality and “gay” marriage is nothing less than a lie, and one that not only flies in the face of all accepted Biblical norms, but also of widely accepted moral standards which many non Christians also believe. Thus Paul’s reference to “natural” in Rom. 1:26,27,28 – or as the Amplified puts it: “God gave them over to a base and condemned mind to do things not proper or decent”.

    Graham Wood, UK

  13. Year – 1939, place – Germany, victims – Jews…solution – war waged and holocaust contained by 1945. New time – 2013, new place – entire planet, new victims – anyone who dares speak out the truth. Solution – ??? If we’re facing a global domination, only God can help us out of this one. The USA and western coalition has been hogtied and thrown to the ground.

    Dee Graf

  14. I think brother Graham (Wood) meant to quote from 2 Thessalonians 2:6-12 and not 1 Thessalonians.

    Malcolm Witney

  15. These examples of intimidation and suppression of free speech following a tip-off to the “Authorities” are eerily reminiscent of the culture of fear sparked by the Russian revolution,culminating in Stalin-era communism. More and more these days we hear faint echoes of the controversies of that bygone age, the class war, the ruthless imposition of equality, the campaign of repression known as The Terror and The Purges. In those days anyone found to be an Enemy of the People or critical of Stalin could be summarily shot or sent to hard labour for up to 25 years. Millions were persecuted in this way for thinking the wrong thoughts.

    This was a disastrous period of history and we should learn from it how to avoid it happening again. I am currently reading Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s novel, The First Circle, in which he conveys the horror of that totalitarian regime. In his own lifetime, despite having been decorated for bravery for his efforts in the Red Army in WWII, he was arrested for criticising Stalin in a private letter. He himself was incarcerated in a prison camp, or Gulag, in 1945 for eight years so he is a man of some wisdom on this subject, acknowledged by Presidents Gorbachev and Putin. In his wisdom he has said we must understand the past to have a meaningful future; a political party should not seize power at the expense of the rest of the people; a unifying idea should never be created artificially and imposed top-down by the powers that be.

    Fortunately we are nowhere near the disfunctional excesses of brutality and mass extermination that existed in that regime. We expect freedom of speech as the norm. Maybe we should be more appreciative of that freedom. It’s just the increasing signs of intolerance of ideas, enforced from the top-down, the reporting of people who don’t think the right thoughts to the powers that be and the use of the power of fear that is all a bit worrying as to where this is all going. It seems that God is in the way of what a secular society wants and therefore all that we once held sacred is now to be vilified under false accusations of hate.

    Rachel Smith, UK

  16. I must admit, I still experience emotional vertigo when I consider the quick change from Christianity and those who follow it being highly respected in my childhood to them now being held in derision and contempt but am glad I had the privilege of experiencing the former in my formative years.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  17. Well, looks like Tony Abbott has just become the recipient of tolerance after his gay marriage is the “fashion of the moment” comment. It seems to be headlining most news sites as though it were a critical issue or event.

    Good on him for seeing “gay marriage” for what it is. Hopefully he does not cave as the media pressure seeks his head.

    Simon Fox

  18. Hi Bill

    I caught this episode of Insight, and yes, you are absolutely right; it was essentially hijacked by the pro-SSM side (they are probably lauding a victory). The comments from conservatives or traditionalists were few and far between, then lambasted, with little or no right of reply. A young Liberal member tried to bring the rights of children into the debate and Penny Wong bombarded him with emotional and vitriolic diatribe. If I had an opportunity to ask Penny Wong, I would ask: what version of the future may eventuate without children’s wellbeing made paramount? If we don’t put the needs of our children ahead of our own, there is no future.

    And a gay celebrant tried to argue that because 3% homosexual tendencies exist in nature, then it is okay for it to exist in humanity. The defenders of SSM are quick to state: “I am offended by your remarks. That’s homophobic!” Well, I am deeply offended to be compared with animals. We are not animals. The pro-SSMers obviously have a very low opinion of humankind to constantly want to compare us humans with the animal kingdom. If we determine our behaviour upon the behaviour of animals, then we can justify being Wild and Free.

    Matthew Patchon

  19. I think brother Graham (Wood) meant to quote from 2 Thessalonians 2:6-12 and not 1 Thessalonians.
    Malcolm Witney

    Correct Malcolm. Thank-you!

    Graham Wood, UK

  20. Rachel. Good post, and I agree with your comments about the eerie re-echo of past Stalinism beginning to be be heard in the UK today.
    As for Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. What a man! I hope your reading of “The First Circle” will excite you to read more of him. IMO he was perhaps the most important and influential writer of the 20th century and I have read nearly all of his works. Talk about the “pen is more powerful than the sword”, for this is pre-eminently true of AS.

    In some measure I think his “Gulag Archipelago” and his other writings paved the way for prising open the Communist political system through ‘glasnost’, and did more to emancipate the USSR from the grip of totalitarian Communism than any one other single factor.
    I think too that he suffered as a Christian as well as a political dissenter for he was certainly a believer
    Graham Wood, York UK

  21. A simple Biology lesson will show any one that homosexual marriage is completely crazy and unnatural. It defies logic and is a lie that so many people are willing to go to the nth degree to defend…

    Jo Deller

  22. There is nothing new under the sun. All is vanity saith the Preacher.

    We have already seen what happens to marriage when Homosexuals are allowed to marry in Scandinavia. Basically there are less that 50% of the population even getting married at all, most just co-habit and thus we are basically seeing the breakdown of families.

    Ian Nairn

  23. Thanks for your comment Graham. Following on from my new interest in Solzhenitsyn (prompted by one of Bill’s recent articles, which in turn prompted me to delve into AS and the world he recreates).I knew something of the Bolshevik Revolution and I had heard of Big Brother but nothing prepared me for what I found out! I could hardly put down The First Circle, because of the sense of parallel behaviours we see emerging today and the great evil that followed. I look forward to reading all his other books as well – there is so much to learn!

    Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, whose reforms led to the end of communism in Russia, was quoted as saying in a BBC News tribute to AS on his death in 2008, that he played a key role in undermining Stalin’s totalitarian regime. He also said his works changed the consciousness of millions of people.

    Rachel Smith, UK

  24. Imagine if a 60, 50 or 40 year old man or woman were to appear on a show like Insight with a 16 year old child saying that they want validation/respect/recognition for their relationship. They could even be related. There would be an outcry and “the child’s best interests” would be bandied about. Many right minded people would agree with that concern.

    Yet when same sex marriages are criticised as not being in “the child’s best interests” there is no discussion allowed.

    Jo Deller

  25. Hey Bill – What gets me is rape in prisons does not seem to concern authorities. It appears to me to be accepted practice, that homosexual acts in prison is part of the punishment for your crime. I think those sort of known acts should result in longer sentences and little prospect of early parole.

    Michael Mercier

  26. Just saw this on the site – -AAP

    GAY marriage activists will be naming and shaming wannabe MPs who do not support marriage equality in the lead up to the federal election.

    AME National Convenor Rodney Croome says the campaign will hopefully result in a greater number of pro-marriage reform MPs being elected to parliament.

    NOW imagine the outcry if the words were changed to “Christian Activists will be naming and shaming…etc”

    Why is it OK to bully people who don’t agree with gay marriage by “naming and shaming”???

    Jo Deller

  27. I recently heard Kevin Rudd using that abusive hate term “homophobe” towards anyone who did not agree with his push for same sex marriage.

    Any such hate language from the politically correct Left is always ignored by Australia’s consenting media. It’s all just part of the widespread thought control that’s gone on for the past few decades.

    The homosexual mafia, like most of the Left and politically correct mainstream media, always deny any fair public debate. Hitler’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebels would have been proud to exert the same extent of thought control as the homosexual mafia and politically correct Left do.

    Harold van de Wiel

  28. thank u Jo D. Where does it say gay activists will be ‘naming and shaming’…. I couldn’t find it on the news link u suggested?

    Trevor Faggotter

  29. I think the western media is mainly to blame for giving these homosexual activists way to much air time….

    I am personally sick to death of the media putting gay marriage up there as a key issue in the election., It is not relevant as far as i am concerned…. The left keep going on and on about it…..

    I appreciate Tony Abbott actually stating his views and standing up against this gay marriage agenda….. Rudd on the other hand should be ashamed of himself, especially considering he is supposedly a practising Christian.. ( Who obviously doesn’t read the scriptures )

    The true definition of marriage will only ever be between a man and a woman in God’s eyes…

    Andrew Strachan

  30. That’s the problem with the internet, things can just disappear without a trace. At least if you burn books, there is a pile of ash to prove that it happened. The internet makes it easy for the thought police to claim “it never happened” just like in 1984 a WA Liberal state MP Nick somebody just stuck his neck out explaining via the example of incest why it isn’t okay for anybody to have a sexual relationship with anybody else, but there are guidelines governing these things. He received the appropriate ridicule on the ABC, pray he won’t retract his comments though, I thought it was a good and logical explanation.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  31. Interesting how the Gay Lobby has purloined the rainbow, a symbol or token of Christian hope.

    Especially when you consider that Noah was instructed to to bring mated pairs of every kind of animal, “the male and his female”….definitely not any same sex couplings.

    Jo Deller

  32. It’s tyranny of the masses on some forums. Bullying is rife whenever you say anything that shows you question gay rights especially if you have a Christian perspective.

    Jo Dellar

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