Victoria: Anti-God and Anti-Life

“All who hate me [God] love death” (Proverbs 8:36). The two always go together, and we see this perfectly on display in the People’s Republik of Victoria. The Hyper leftist Labor Government under Daniel Andrews keeps on pushing a radical secular left agenda, dragging the state down with it.

In just the past few days we have had ultra-draconian laws being pushed through attacking the rights of Christians and the unborn. Within days of banning hymns and religious instruction in Victorian schools it has done a North Korea imitation by banning free speech for those concerned about the slaughter of unborn babies.

andrews, danAs to the first law which wars against Christianity, we have this news report:

Christmas carols: too religious for schools? While Jingle Bells is safe, Little Drummer Boy, may not make the cut. According to new Victorian education guidelines, children in state schools can sing carols in class, but only if they’re not hymns. State school students can sing Christmas carols in class time, but they can’t sing hymns.
And honey-dipped apples are allowed for Jewish New Year, but programs that use the Koran and bible are banned from class time. The Andrews government has released detailed new guidelines for special religious instruction in state schools, after announcing in August that it would scrap the controversial program from the curriculum.
Under the new rules, which come into effect in January, the 30-minute classes must be delivered during lunchtime, or before or after school. A ministerial directive says principals must ensure SRI providers do not entice students with treats and rewards. Teachers still have to supervise the classes and SRI instructors “must not attempt to convert students”.
The state’s largest SRI provider, Access Ministries, has described the new policy as “ambiguous and confusing”.
“When we sing a Christmas carol, that is based on a biblical story. Do you need permission to sing a Christmas carol?,” Access Ministries spokesman Rob Ward asked.

Yep, can’t have those nasty hymns which proclaim God’s love for the world and the need to love your neighbour as yourself. That is just too dangerous for the God-haters like Andrews. And his hatred of the unborn is just as great – as is his hatred of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

And in the wee hours of this morning the secular leftists in Labor (and sadly also in the Liberal party to a lesser extent) voted to hand a crushing blow to free speech:

Aggressive anti-abortion protesters have been banned from picketing around clinics in Victoria. A law passed by the Legislative Council early this morning after 12 hours of debate, will see 150m buffer zones created around all fertility clinics in Victoria.
The move was vehemently opposed by eight MPs including Liberal members Inga Peulich and Bernie Finn along with Democratic Labour Party Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins. The bill was passed at 2am this morning. The prolonged vote follows the legislation being debated until 4.30am on Wednesday morning. Sex Party MP Fiona Patten pushed for the changes.
The amendments to the Health and Wellbeing Act were put forward by Health Minister Jill Hennessy earlier this year. The bill was introduced after Sex Party MP Fiona Patten introduced a similar bill to the upper house last month that would ban people from protesting within 150m of fertility clinics. The Government chose to work with the Sex Party to ensure the legislation was passed.

This is a sad day for Victoria. This is a sad day for babies. This is a sad day for freedom. One has to applaud the courageous work of Finn, Peulich, Carling-Jenkins and others who defended free speech and the fundamental right of life for every Victorian baby.

Finn told the Parliament just hours ago that 12 months in jail for offering to help people was something more suitable to North Korea than Australia. Quite so. Indeed, he had been at the forefront of this debate. Part of his speech from two days ago is worth sharing here:

Next February I will have been a very proud member of the Liberal Party for 35 years. I must have joined when I was very, very young. I am a Liberal because I believe in freedom. I believe in freedom of speech, I believe in freedom of assembly, I believe in freedom of religion and I believe in freedom of choice. This bill offends all four of those freedoms.
To begin with this evening I would like to congratulate my colleagues in the Australian Capital Territory, the Liberal members of the Legislative Assembly in the ACT who have voted as a party to oppose a similar piece of legislation to the one we are debating now. They have voted to oppose that legislation on the basis that they, too, support freedom. I congratulate the ACT Liberals on the stand they have taken.
This bill is another example of the hypocrisy of the left. We hear so often from those on the left that they believe in freedom of speech. We hear so often from those on the left that they believe in civil liberties. We hear so often from those on the left that they respect other people’s rights to do this, that and the other thing. And of course they do — until somebody disagrees with them, and then that respect disappears out the door. That is something we have come to expect. They will not tolerate dissent, and this bill is another example of what I am talking about.
I have been a victim of this many times over the years when I have expressed views and been attacked — at times violently — as a result of this. I think the most public example of that was just two years ago when I led the March for the Babies through Melbourne. About 5000 or 6000 of us — families, old people, young people — were attacked. Many of us were physically assaulted. We were ambushed, in fact, by a group of thugs — hooligans representing the abortion industry in this state. I do not say that people in the abortion industry were actually involved. They are cleverer than that; they send others to do their dirty work. Those who were involved in the assaults and the savagery that day were the ones I saw riding bikes into old people, the ones who left a bruise on my daughter’s cheek that she had for two weeks after that. They were the ones who are apparently so very, very tolerant of different views and indeed would be very supportive of this legislation tonight.
So we come to the question of: who exactly is pushing this legislation? I have to say that I get a lot of emails. We have been getting a lot of emails about a lot of things lately. I think last night another group started on another thing, and I have been getting a lot of emails on that today.
I have to say that in my 16 years in this Parliament I have not received one single email or piece of mail — in the old days, by snail mail — or at any stage had any representation from anybody asking me to introduce bubble zones, as they are called, around abortion clinics.
Who then is pushing this? I think it is a fair enough question to ask. First of all, it is a hardline, left-wing government we have in this state. I do not think there is any doubt that anybody could argue in this case that we have as Premier of this state the most hardline, ideological, left-wing individual who has ever held the position of Premier of this state. This bloke makes Joan Kirner look like a softy.

He concluded his speech with these words:

I can assure the house that if this bill stands as it is, there are more than enough people ready to go to the High Court to strike it down, because this bill is a conflict. It is an attack on freedom of speech and an attack on freedom of religion in this state as well. I can assure Mr Dalidakis, Mr Herbert, Ms Shing and the rest of them over there that they cannot legislate away opponents of abortion. They can try, but it is not going to happen because we are not going to go away. We stand for life, we stand for women, we stand for babies and, tonight of all nights, we stand for freedom.

Thank God for Bernie Finn and the few others who stood for truth, for life, and for freedom. As Victoria gets increasingly dark with anti-Christian bigotry and anti-life animus, these brave souls stand forth as bright and shining lights. God bless you – you are champions.

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  1. The latest Victorian number plates say: “VIC – Stay Alert – Stay Alive” … and yet for many of the most vulnerable among us, this is not even an option. I am absolutely disgusted with Daniel Andrews and his anti-God, anti-Life agenda.

    Does he even understand the implications of the law he and his cronies have so callously passed?
    Surely freedom of speech and respect for life are two fundamentals we cannot afford to lose – as we have seen the results of this in other nations.

  2. Yes it’s truly sad what is happening in Victoria Bill. We were street preaching this morning in the city of Melbourne. It was truly a blessing and many heard the gospel of Christ. But we need to pray that this freedom of speech is not also affected by Andrews’ government. Thanks for your godly consistency in your reporting.
    Belinda Thorne

  3. Hi Bill
    Absolutely Appalling.

    Daniel Andrews is completely incompetent. He wasted +$100 million of taxpayers money cancelling a critical road project that will be needed within 5-15 years.I have heard the senior project manager speak prior to Labor coming to power and smashing the project.

    Andrews is a complete lunatic.

    Praise God with have Baird in Sydney. Sydney is moving ahead while Melbourne stagnates and goes backward morally.
    I love Melbourne and was born there so I am heart broken on what is happening


  4. Apart from a visceral hatred of God, follow the money. Who is funding the abortion industry and what is it worth?

    David Skinner Uk

  5. On Wednesday 10th Jan. 1649 the most fateful lawyer’s brief in the history of the English people and perhaps that of many nations was delivered by parliamentary messenger to all parties concerned, resulting in the trial of King Charles Stuart. The brief written by the lawyer, John Cooke, said,
    “To the end that no chief officer or magistrate may hereafter presume traitorously or maliciously to imagine or contrive the enslaving or destroying of the English nation, and expect impunity for so doing…..”

    Perhaps treason is no longer a crime but this exactly what Daniel Andrews is guilty of? We need another Oliver Cromwell.

    David Skinner UK

  6. I was born in St. Kilda, Victoria during WW2. I have seen many changes in my lifetime – some really good, such as equal opportunity for girls to be educated in Universities, but there have been some bad changes also. The legislation which was passed in the Victorian Parliament banning Christmas Carols with a religious content is unbelievable. What on earth do these dhimmies think they are doing. What is Christmas without the baby in the manger – The Hope of the World, born into a humble family – not with riches and privilege, but hard working and simple folk who were obedient to the Will of God. Christmas without Christ – just another holiday.
    Dear God, please lead us so that no matter what, we will be guided at all times by You!

  7. I don’t expect this will see the light of day, so be it.

    Not allowing religion incursions into our public schools is not about taking rights away, it’s about making schools equal for all. If a child wishes to pray they can privately as the bible says is the correct way to do it. Religious instruction belongs in church or at home, not in public schools.

    Abortion is a private matter that no church should have any say on.

    I hope these changes eventually occurred in all states.

  8. From that photograph I feel the pain and dismay. According to Wikipedia Andrews is a self-described devout Roman Catholic and when he was Health Minister during the passing of the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008, he sought council from Senior church clergy who advised him that the Act was contrary to church teaching. He replied he did not intend to be a Catholic Health minister rather a Victorian Health Minister. A devout Catholic shaking his fist at God is a strange thing. He has betrayed his faith and rebels against God. I saw pictures of him in other websites being very friendly and respectful towards the Jewish and Muslim religious rites. God does not bend to the wishes of human frailty – it’s the other way around.

  9. Thanks Peter, but let me call your bluff. Australia is still overwhelmingly a Christians nation (that is, the majority of Australians identify as Christians), and it was the Judeo-Christians worldview which mainly gave rise to Australia and the West, as well as modern education. Offering optional classes on this Christian heritage is perfectly sensible, and no one is being forced to attend if they do not want to. To pretend one can have a proper education without reference to religion is of course simply silly: we would then need to exclude most fields of study and have a very narrow curriculum.

    And saying that abortion is a private matter is as sensible as saying that rape or arson are purely private matters. You might as well argue that the church should have nothing to say on the Ten Commandments (remember the one about not committing murder?). Sorry, but such confused and unbiblical thinking helps no one here, and is indeed responsible for so many of our current woes.

  10. What is Christmas without Christ? Or Easter without the Cross? We are heading for a state with a whole bunch of meaningless festivals / seasons, and a nation devoid of any purpose or moral stand.

    Even Richard Dawkins admitted:

    “There are no Christians, as far as I know, blowing up buildings. I am not aware of any Christian suicide bombers. I am not aware of any major Christian denomination that believes the penalty for apostasy is death. I have mixed feelings about the decline of Christianity, in so far as Christianity might be a bulwark against something worse.”

    Cited in: Gledhill, R., Scandal and schism leave Christians praying for a ‘new Reformation’, The Times (UK), 2 April 2010

    David Clay,

    Darwin, NT

  11. Let us all stand up for the right to free speech, and our liberty to tell our fellow man/woman when they are on the wrong path. ‘I hold before you Life and Death, Good and Evil, Choose Life’.
    Let us also be prepared for a little opposition in the process, St John the Baptist lost his head, and Jesus himself was crucified, not to mention the countless others who have tried to promote the cult of Christianity over the years.
    Let us all hold on to what is true, as Pilate asked. “what is Truth” Of cause those who are versed in scripture well Know that the good lord answered this himself by his life death and resurrection. “I am the Way the Truth and the Life”
    Also be at peace my fellow Christians (and those of good will) in that this Jesus overcame the world, Let us all stand in his grace as we counteract the errors of this world today.

  12. I attended my son’s Kindergarten Christmas concert last week and there was plenty of tinsel, sequins, music and fun as each class got to present one Christmas themed song. These songs were all so far removed from the real meaning of Christmas that it was a joke. I was hoping at least one class did a traditional Christmas song but only Feliz Navidad in Spanish possibly came close. ( joke)

  13. “And honey-dipped apples are allowed for Jewish New Year, but programs that use the Koran and bible are banned from class time.”

    So the Koran (or Quran which is Arabic ?????????? from “read” or “recite”) gets a capital letter, but the Bible (Latin Biblia, meaning book) gets lowercase. Both are obvious proper nouns.

    One doubts that Henrietta Cook, “Education Reporter at The Age” is really that bad at basic grammar. But then again, it was published in The age.

  14. I always write God and Bible in uppercase deliberately. The other day I was at Government House with the NSW Governor for a ceremony involving one of my children and another family I randomly met there started chatting to me. We discussed how beautiful Government house and gardens are and I said that it reminds me of the quote in the Bible from John 14:2-

    In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

    The husband looked at me wide eyed and then said happily, “Are you a Christian?, we are Christians!” and it was as though we are a rare minority group now. I’ve had that happen a few times and it still gives me hope. As the non Christian friends and family delete and/or block me, new Christian ones take their place.

    What is Christmas without Christ? Meaningless.

    It’s funny that some teachers are loth to offend any other religious group in any way due to cultural sensitivity but are blatantly OK with offending Christians and ignoring our “sensitivities”.

    NSW still has a few Christians in politics looking out for us all. May it always remain so.

  15. Daniel Andrews Labor government, ideologically driven and a one term government. The reason why they are pushing so hard to get their legislation through in this term. Another example of how dumb the electorate as a whole is and why the two party democratic system does not work.

  16. Tonight’s news of a gunman shooting people inside an American Planned Parenthood “reproductive health facility” is tragic: Such violent anti-abortionists serve only as de facto agents provocateurs for the Pro-Choice cause. Abortion itself is a violent activity, even without its opponents resorting to violence, too.

    That said, one cannot help wondering whether or not we are meant to believe that the 3 adult lives lost in the incident are somehow more valuable than the many more pre-natal infant lives “eliminated” by Planned Parenthood facilities across USA.

    When the faith of Christ is on the verge of becoming a proscribed entity in public educational facilities, we may not be surprised that freedom of speech and assembly is also now proscribed in certain public places to protect certain business enterprises obsessed with eliminating the unplanned from human procreational experience.

  17. The Lara Giddings government in Tasmania, which introduced such a law in 2013, was thrown out at the next election.

    I met Miss Giddings on 14 June 2013; I told her that I’m glad my mother wanted me. Why?, she asked. Because otherwise I would have had my arms and legs ripped off without anaesthetic while I am still alive, I replied.

    Please, don’t think you’ve done something because you read articles on the net. Speak, write, act, put up signs on your car window etc. Express your outrage to your MPs.

    This is not just another issue – everything else applies only to people who’ve been allowed to be born.

  18. It is very true that all those who hate God love death. That is why I support all upright Christians and all others who oppose abortion. The Bible says that ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill!’ I’m also very much opposed to the banning of Christmas Carols in State Schools, for Christianity is the very bedrock of modern Western Civilization. Unbridled secularism is a monstrous evil, which is just as bad as the heinous acts of Islamic State.

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