I Identify as Unidentifiable

Police dispatch: Calling all units – warning, warning, danger! Armed robber on the loose after daring bank job with three people shot dead and five injured. Proceed with great caution.

Concerned cop: Thanks dispatch. So who are we talking about here” Perhaps a young male Caucasian – maybe in his mid-twenties, maybe with gang-related tattoos covering his body?

Dispatch: You lousy, intolerant bigot! How dare you even ask such narrow-minded, racist, sexist, ageist, transphobic questions. This is the new, improved PC police. We no longer judge people by their race or age or gender or gender preference or anything else. We are not so narrow-minded and discriminatory. We are inclusive now.

Concerned cop. Oh, well, thanks. I guess that narrows my search down to some 24 million Australians.

vic policeDispatch: You bigot. How dare you assume it was an Australian?!

While the above is a fictional account of things, it is now sadly very near to the truth. Long ago already many police forces and other security personnel abandoned the idea of identifying someone by his race. That is known as “racial profiling” and it is not politically correct. It is a real no-no nowadays.

So we can no longer identify crims by their race because we do not want to stereotype and be discriminatory. Now we basically have the police telling us we can no longer identify folks by their gender either. That too is verboten in the Brave New World of politically correct policing.

I kid you not. Consider this piece from a homosexual website:

Victoria Police is set to officially add a third gender option for non-binary people in its internal database. The police force is looking into alternative ways to record gender in addition to its current categories of male, female and unknown, according to The Australian.
The database could be updated to allow a non-binary category for people who don’t identify as either. Government agencies have been pushed to comply with new guidelines on the recognition of sex and gender, and lobbying from the LGBTI community has contributed to the proposed change.
“A piece of work is currently being undertaken to scope alternative models for capturing and recording gender in a more inclusive way,” said a Victoria Police spokesperson. “Relevant consultation with members of the LGBTI community has and will continue to inform this piece of work.” Senior police members recently met with the Victorian government’s LGBTI Justice Working Group to discuss the project.
“A word like ‘unknown’ is really at odds with what a person knows to be the case about themselves,” said Harriet Shing, joint chair of the working group. “Having a system that reflects people’s identity is about inclusiveness but fundamentally it’s about dignity and recognition.”

Um, it is fundamentally about the police becoming complete dolts, and allowing criminals to get away with murder. Good grief – what next? Will the police no longer be allowed to even describe what crime took place, for fear of offending someone?

Will we be offending murderers to call their crime murder? Will we be offending arsonists to call their crime arson? Will we be offending rapists to describe their crime rape? Indeed, will we be offending criminals to say they have committed a crime?

Why not just lay down your weapons, close the stations, and shut down the courts? After all, we do not want the poor criminals to feel bad. We do not want to make them think less of themselves. We just want to be inclusive and we just love on everybody.

But of course this whole gender bender agenda is a complete fraud anyway. Simply deciding one day you are male and one day you are female is a joke. Why in the world are our police departments falling for this delusion? If you are that open to delusion and deception, you are going to be lousy at stopping crime.

If I get arrested for rape, I can just identify as the rape victim, not the rapist. If I get arrested for theft, I can just identify as the victim and not the thief. If I get arrested for assault, I can just identify as the one assaulted, and not the one doing the assaulting.

And when I stand before a judge on a charge of assaulting a police officer, I will simply tell His Honour that I am in fact a policeman. All that makes as much sense as pretending people can now somehow transcend mere gender, biology, mere DNA, and mere reality. For heaven’s sakes, get a grip. Life is messed up enough without our police aiding and abetting this mass confusion.

I expect meatheads and moonbeams to deny reality, go troppo, and start accepting all the ludicrous PC agenda items out there. And we expect children to delight in fantasy and make believe. They exult in living in worlds created by their own imaginations.

But we do not expect our police services to do the same. But with the military already placating the transgender activists, this was bound to happen. I am just afraid to find what will come next. I don’t think it will look too good, whatever it will be.

Um, I identify as a normal, rational human being – stop the world, I want to get off.


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12 Replies to “I Identify as Unidentifiable”

  1. Indeed Bill, time to stop apologizing to these mutants and put them back in the closet where they belong.

  2. Transgender luvvies in the military? A Police ‘Force’ forbidden to identify crims? The phrases “the people were running wild” and “became a laughingstock to their enemies” seem as pertinent now as in Moses’s time:

    Exodus 32:25 Moses saw that the people were running wild and that Aaron had let them get out of control and so become a laughingstock to their enemies.

  3. I voted for Tony Abbott, twice, but I cannot understand why he took leave of his senses and decided to publicly support that man who started dressing as a woman and calling himself ‘Cate’ McGregor. The danger is to our flock who see this deeply religious man compromising his church’s teachings and his own values in order to accommodate a mentally disturbed friend. What do we say to our Brothers- and Sisters-in-Christ when they point to Tony Abbott to justify their indulgence of homosexuals and the transgendered in their lives?

    And while I am comforted by Mr Abbott’s strong stump speech for a NO vote in the upcoming plebiscite, I’m worried that the soap opera with his lesbian sister will distract and undermine God’s cause. I have also heard talk of his daughters will campaign for a yes vote, clearly defying his authority over them (they are all still unmarried).

    If a man cannot control his household he cannot run Australia. At this rate Cory will have my vote!

  4. No surprises here, many in our nation have abandoned God for created things. The flow on from rejecting the source of all truth is that all ability to handle truth is tainted. Unless there is change and whole nation repentance this sort of thing is only going to get worse.

    “For although they knew God, they did not honour him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened.” [Rom 1:21]

    God Bless you Bill, keep up the watch from the walls!

  5. In a post-modern world which is greatly enamoured of pantheism, all categories are unfortunately treated as equally illusory and open for deconstruction. Allegedly, the criminal may well be something quite other than what any sane policeman may care to describe the criminal as! May we look forward to that glorious new epoch when it will become a criminal act to enlist and identify as a member of the constabulary? Ah! Brave,brave New World!…

  6. Human’s have now become so irrelevant that we are now all being given a number, and increasingly for everything. We are even at the point where we are mostly regarded and acknowledged statistically by those who ‘govern’ us.

  7. Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton represents the limp wrist of the law rather than the long arm version.

  8. If the NO vote wins this round the LBJGEX will not be satisfied. The will push, push again & they will eventually win the match. This is just the start. Having won this they will gradually fight for total abolition of marriage. They already have restricted Christianity in schools. They will demand no mention of Christianity in public places. Any criticism of the LBJ will be banned. If you do any of these things you will be brought before the Discrimination Commission & could cost you your freedom, such as it will be, & your home & anything else that might be of value to you & family. Sounds excessive? could it happen, Many people think it could!!! A dark cloud is descending Australia. What of Islam, being under the same cloud & their attitude to the LBJ?

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