Trans Sport and the Assault on Women

My thesis is simple: if you say you care about women, you should be fully against transgenderism in sport. Put another way, if you fully favour trans sports, you really have a very low view of women. Yes it really is that black and white.

Men and women are different. Until just recently this was a no brainer. But now we have to make the case for sex differences. Plenty of important articles and books have highlighted the science on this. See for example the research found in a booklet I helped contribute to, 21 Reasons Why Gender Matters:

But with feminist ideology and now the trans ideology in full swing, we have to once again affirm basic biological and scientific realities. The truth is, we really are different. But many radicals are blind to all this. And we certainly see this clearly as the trans revolution invades the world of sports and makes life miserable for female athletes.

They keep losing on a regular basis to male athletes who now identify as female. And some of them have suffered in other ways, including trips to the hospital. So much for equality and fairness. So we have come to the place where we need to once again state the obvious: men and women differ in so many areas, including in how they do on the sporting field.

Many have looked at this closely of late. Concerning the differences as found in the world of sport, “Fair Play For Women” is one very important website that you all should be aware of. It is a terrific source of information, statistics and research. The site is found here:

Consider just one important area discussed: “Biological sex differences: bones & muscles.” This piece contains a wealth of information including the following:

What are the differences between male and female skeletons?
WOMEN ARE SHORTER, about 9% on average. Nigerians have the smallest recorded height difference between the sexes at 4%, while men of the UAE are 11% taller than their women.
MALE BONES ARE BIGGER AND STRONGER, in both size and density. Peak male bone mass is around 50% more than women’s, and women lose bone faster as we age. Black people have significantly stronger bones than whites: black women’s peak bone mass is the same as white men’s.
WOMEN AND MEN HAVE THE SAME NUMBER OF RIBS. We have 12 pairs, though some people are born with 11 or 13 pairs to no ill effect.
MEN HAVE BIGGER HEADS AND LONGER ARMS AND LEGS than women, relative to body size. Sources differ on comparative limb length but they all agree women have smaller, lighter heads & necks. Did you know a human head weighs about 5kg?
The biological sex of an adult skeleton can be determined with 95% accuracy by measuring the hip bones alone, 83% accuracy by the skull, and 80% accuracy by the long bones (femur & tibia).
WOMENS ELBOWS AND SHOULDERS are slightly different from men’s. Our arms bend a little further from our bodies and are more mobile at both joints.
FINGER LENGTH: Greater exposure to androgens in utero leads to a 4th (ring) finger that is longer than the 2nd (index), as often seen in men.
WOMEN HAVE A LONGER TORSO. Our skeleton accommodates extra reproductive organs and finds space to push things out of the way during pregnancy. It makes our legs shorter than men’s.
THE LARGER FEMALE PELVIS is better adapted for childbirth. It’s wider, longer, and held together by ligaments that soften during pregnancy, allowing the two halves to slide apart because of their narrow pelvis. Women’s slanted thigh bones put extra pressure on the knee joints, which have to rotate while men’s do not.

Others have also written on these matters. American Political Science Professor Scott Yenor looks at how men and women differ in athletics, offering plenty of details, and then he says this:

The results reflect the fact that women use lighter weights of shot, javelins, and discuses. Women’s Olympic shot are 4 kilograms (8.8 pounds), while men’s shot are over 7 kilograms (16.01 lbs.). Men’s discuses are 22 centimeters in diameter and 1.75 kilograms; women use a discus with an 18-centimeter diameter that weighs 1 kilogram. Men’s javelins must weigh 800 grams and be 2.6 meters long, while women must throw 600-gram javelins that are 2.2 meters long. Moreover, the Russian and East German record holders in the shot put and the discus throw broke the record in the late 1980s—before robust steroid testing….

The physical difference detected in track and field permeates all sports, most measurably in golf and basketball where we can conduct comparisons. Golf courses for the PGA Tour are 7,200 yards long on average; LPGA courses average 6,500 yards. Consider the 2014 US Opens, when both the Men’s and Women’s Open were held at Pinehurst No. 2 course in North Carolina. Presumably the fairways and the greens were quite similar, though some variation from the weather and wear on the course may have factored into the scores. The women’s course played 6,600 yards long; the men’s at 7,500 yards. The women’s winner was Michelle Wie at -2 (the cut was +9), while Martin Kaymer shot -9 to win the men’s event (where the cut was +5).

He concludes:

Sports scream: “Some playing fields can’t be leveled. Some competitors are better than others!” In this, sports speak the truth. There is no fine line between athletic accomplishments for women and men. Men are generally bigger, stronger, and faster. Where strength and speed and agility are the factors determining success, human beings watch men’s sports.

Sports bring out some of the differences between the sexes. Sports are valuable ballast in the American democratic regime. Would that we could acknowledge differences and celebrate them instead of burying them under a mountain of false hopes. Would that we could allow reality to govern our thoughts as they do our actions.

A sensible approach to equality in sports would be to acknowledge differences between men and women. Men are more interested in sports than women. Men are better at sports than women. We acknowledge the second reality through the very existence of women’s sports. We acknowledge the first reality in how we act.

And of course female athletes themselves are speaking out loud and clear on all this. I have written before about champions like Martina Navratilova who has taken a beating for stating the obvious: having transgenders in sport is in fact “cheating.”

For daring to say such obvious truths, the leftist media and all the usual suspects have slammed her. There have even been homosexual groups that have given her the flick for her comments. See here for more on this:

But Navratilova is not the only one speaking out. Recently a former British swimming great said that transgender athletes should not be allowed to compete in women’s sport. Sharron Davies, a two-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist, said this in part:

It is not a transphobic thing – I really want to say we have no issue with people who are transgender. Every single woman athlete I’ve spoken to, and I have spoken to many, all of my friends in international sports, understand and feel the same way as me. Unfortunately, a lot of people who are in the races [now] are in a very difficult predicament when they can’t speak out. It maybe falls to the people who were competing [in the past] who would understand the predicament that is being faced at the moment to try to create a debate, and try to explain how we feel there needs to be a fair and level playing field.

Finally, consider the words of a four-time Olympic champion from Brazil. Beach volleyballer Ana Paula Henkel has been quite vocal in calling out this war on women in sport. A year ago she wrote an “Open Letter to the International Olympic Committee” on this matter. It is well worth quoting from at length:

At a time when political militancy condenses and reduces thinking to ideological soundbites that deny reality, it’s not difficult to identify the trap where sports entities have fallen and which can take away all women’s sport. We know of sports strength to elevate the human spirit above conflict and war, especially every four years, when, during three magical weeks, we witness that which is best and most noble in all of us. We need to defend that legacy.

The truth most obvious and most respected by all who are involved in sport is the biological difference between men and women. If this weren’t the case why the need to establish categories separated by sex? Why is the men’s volley net set at 2.43m height and the women’s at 2.24m? A good sense superficial analysis of men and women’s physical traits in basketball is, enough to understand these categories are not interchangeable.

Swimmer Allison Schmitt set the 200m world record at 1:53.61, an admirable feat, but when compared to Michael Phelps’ 1:42-96 in the same modality, it only evidences the physical differences between men and women. Women’s under 17 football teams are used to training and losing against men’s teams. There is an infinity of examples about how it doesn’t make sense to mix men and women in sports where physical strength makes a difference to the end result.

Is it fair, to simply pretend away these undeniable biological differences in the name of a political ideology which will serve to restrict a space so hard won by women who struggled for it for so many centuries? How to accept “biological” men in fighting competitions, pitilessly hitting women, and then gaining acclaim, medals and money for it? Have we all gone so crazy as to permit such degradation?

And some more words of warning from Henkel:

Ever since my adolescence, I needed to prove, scientifically, that I am a woman to compete and, later, to maintain my achievements, titles and medals. How many women did not lose titles or were banned from sport specifically on account of this hormone which is offal in a normal male body? There used to be a mutual trust between athletes, entities and federations to keep sport clean, fair and honest, with no shortcuts nor trickery. This is now a relationship one step from being broken.

The sample material taken years ago for anti-doping tests of all athletes, is still kept today and can be, at any moment, accessed and tested again. A new measurement that proves testosterone levels incompatible with a female body can take away titles, achievements of years or decades ago, retroactively. This level of rigour has been completely abandoned to accommodate transexuals who, not long ago, were men, some of whom having competed professionally as men. What would a female transexual sample show? This is completely unacceptable.

There is a just and pertinent conversation to be had about the prejudices surrounding transexuality and homosexuality. Transexuals inclusion in society needs to be accepted, but this rushed and heedless decision to include biological men, born and built with testosterone, with their height, their strength and aerobic capacity of men, is beyond the sphere of tolerance. It represses, embarrasses, humiliates and excludes women.

We currently look on as sporting entities blind themselves to human biology, in an attempt to hoodwink science in the name of politico-ideological agendas. We currently look on a moral perversion against women and the complicity of sport authorities around the world in a supreme form of misogyny. A declaration of good intentions, on the part of entities responsible for protecting scrupulous and correct sport, is not sufficient to justify such sizeable absurdity.

Absolutely. But the militants, the activists, and the reality-deniers do not seem to care. They appear to be hellbent on seeking to destroy women’s sport, and even women themselves, as they push their radical gender-bending ideology.

[1987 words]

10 Replies to “Trans Sport and the Assault on Women”

  1. I thought the answer would be fairly logical. Create a new category of sport. Gender is re-assigned you give up the right to compete against either women or men. To make it fair you can only compete against other reassigned gender individuals.

  2. Peter, I agree. Male to female trans and the even fewer female to male trans athletes should only compete against themselves in events in the Special Olympics or other sporting competitions. They are ‘manufactured’ athletes required to take hormones in order to compete against athletes who are banned for taking those hormones.
    The other element is why don’t these sporting bodies survey their non-trans athletes to find out what they think and want? Instead they impose their Marxist gender bender agenda without public or stakeholder discussion.
    Athletes fear speaking out because they instantly get labeled a transphobe or hater by those who refuse or don’t have the ability to discuss the issue. If they rock the boat, the sport administrators will overtly or covertly sanction them out.
    Finally, male to female trans athletes tend to get chosen over natural girls/women, so natural girls/women lose opportunity. Then when the male to female trans win events over girls/women, women lose out again, losing prestige, awards, money.
    Whether it is active or passive, it is a form of misogyny because it is men (who identify as women) taking all those things to which only natural women are entitled. It is a form of ‘get to the back of the bus if you are a natural woman’ type of discrimination that Rosa Parks would identify with.

  3. The first time I was confronted with this issue was personal. I have a son who believes he is transgender. He took me to a women’s football match one evening when I was visiting him interstate but I was unaware that he would actually be playing in one of the women’s teams. I was completely unprepared for this emotionally and don’t know how I managed to last the evening. I was confused and puzzled by the fact that my son himself seemed totally oblivious to how unfair this whole thing was.
    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. From a distance in the stands where facial features are not so clear, the bodily differences were exceptionally obvious throughout the game. It was easy to pick him out by the way he played and moved around the field. I was so unprepared by what I was seeing that I moved away from the rest of the team’s supporters so I could cry in private.
    What shocked me most was the support it seemed to have from his team and their supporters sitting nearby – of course he was winning the game for them – outplaying the opposition for them virtually on his own. He was always a good footballer and it showed up even more so in this debacle of a game.
    As I sat crying in my dark corner, I almost prayed that someone on the opposite team (or supporting them) would make a complaint to get him sent off. I checked the scores for the rest of the season to see him consistently make best player and their team consistently winning for a time. I no longer check and do not even know if he still plays. I don’t ask.

  4. Umm that is a picture of Mack Beggs.

    He is a young transgender man who was forced to compete against girls at high school (even though he didn’t want to) because the rules stated that he had compete in the category defined by his birth sex . He is now in collage where he is happily competing against other young men.

    This is what will happen if transgender people have to compete by birth sex.

  5. Thanks Lisa. Yes I was going to post a comment to that effect. I chose the pic knowing that fact but ran with it simply because it is so graphically illustrative of the dilemma under question. There are of course females seeking to transition to male in sports, but most of the attention has been on the other direction. In this case, she was born Mackenzie and she now wants to be a guy. She started taking testosterone and became much more masculine, making her an unfair competitor with other girls. But even though she may want to take on those born male, and might be happier there, there are still all the old and important questions of steroid use and unfair advantage and so on that need to be dealt with. Sporting bodies have long looked at such troubling matters. And that is still my main point of course. I agree with Ryan T. Anderson who penned an entire book on this issue: “High school girls and boys should not wrestle against each other. High school girls should not take testosterone. High school girls who are taking testosterone should not wrestle against other girls.” My review is found here:

  6. The Transgender men seem to want it both ways– to be accepted as a woman but then use all the attributes of a man, greater strength, more aggressive and more competitive. The women and girls are going to have to ask themselves is it worth competing in a sport that doesn’t even ensure the best woman stands a chance of winning in her chosen sport.

  7. Lung capacity, muscle size, bone length… the marines and IDF each have a list of over 30 differences. Largely just the differences to do with stamina, endurance, speed and strength.

    Elite sports people know this too, and knowing you will win is not belief in being a woman – it’s simply cheating, and appearances of seductiveness is known as trickery; nearly all male to female transitions are for a sultry and seductive appearance.
    Women and men are both being belittled by deviants and those who enable them.

    As my mother once said “….and that is why the word ‘asylum’ is on the outside of the building.”

  8. Haha – The other day I went to post on the Parkrun forum and found I was still banned – from months ago. I had complained about a man (by birth and DNA) running as a “women” in a Queensland Parkrun. I was commenting on Parkrun’s pro-trans item about the guy and how wonderfully inclusive it was. I happened to say that guys competing as girls will destroy women’s sport. That got me banned.
    Guess who suffers from all the lefty madness? Women! They lose their sports, their toilets, their change rooms and who knows what else?
    Maybe this would fix the problem. Get men to suddenly flood the female sports to force the idiots in power to stop pandering to this silly band of mixed up gender benders.
    Ideally though, women need to protest, but since women are more agreeable than men (Jordan Peterson quote) it is the blokes in drag who are dictating the new rules.

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