Abortion, the Media, and the War on Truth

Another peaceful pro-life march, and another handful of demonised haters:

We have two things constantly going on in the West: we have reality and the truth on the one hand, and we have the mainstream media’s spin on things on the other. There is the real world, and then there is fake news. This glaring contrast is found in so many areas, but especially when it comes to something like the abortion wars.

There is the reality about what abortion is and what it does, and then there is the media – two completely different things in most cases. And for a perfect example of this, consider what just took place only a few hours ago in Melbourne. A prolife march was held in the city, and then there was the MSM coverage of that march – here we have the difference between night and day.

If you were actually at the march you would have experienced one reality. If you only learned about the march from what you saw on the evening news, you witnessed an altogether different reality – indeed, a fake reality, one created entirely by leftist journalists and news editors.

Let me run with the latter first. If you saw a short piece on the prolife march on the Ch 7 or Ch 9 news at 6pm, this is the clear impression you would have got from their coverage: several hundred people on both sides of the divide angrily abused and attacked each other, with non-stop chaos resulting.

Militant pro-abortionists were dealing with militant pro-lifers. Both sides were equally obnoxious, pugilistic and irate. The two clashed on the city streets, and the police had to deal with both angry mobs. That was basically the image you would have got of the afternoon from these two media outlets.

Now let me tell you what really happened. And I should know, since I was there, along with so many others. The actual reality of the event was light-years removed from these bogus media reports. What we had was 3-4000 calm, peaceful, happy and loving pro-lifers, and 25-30 screaming, hate-filled, cursing pro-deathers!

The pro-lifers had of course gotten official permission to have their peaceful and joyous march. It was all done according to the book. But a handful of ferals and professional agitators showed up, determined to prevent the march from happening, and to make it as difficult as possible for those who were there to enjoy the afternoon and to hear the speakers.

We had what seemed to be all the usual suspects: unemployed youth, perennial uni students, professional militants, rent-a-crowd types, and assorted riff-raff. As well we had – no surprises here – the Sex Party leader Fiona Patten and the “Safe Schools” Marxist agitator Roz Ward.

I saw Ward urging on her young charges, screaming and shouting abuse, along with the others. Most of the inane and ugly chants were so filled with ugly, diabolical filth and obscenities that I cannot print them here. They screamed at the top of their lungs, repeated non-stop vile bile, banged on their drums, shouted through their bullhorns, and did all they could to disrupt the peaceful march.

Thankfully the police did a terrific job of keeping these screaming banshees away from the rest of us. I felt sorry for the police who had to do this, including some mounted police on incredibly patient and well-disciplined horses who had to face these militant, obscene thugs for several hours. They all deserve a medal.

The march itself was the 10th annual March for the Babies, commemorating one of the darkest days in Victoria’s history: when a ghastly and gruesome pro-abortion bill was passed in 2008, allowing open slather on abortion, right up to birth. So horrific is this legislation that for ten years now we have been holding these peaceful protests to draw attention to it, and to hopefully see it being repealed one day.

As always the indefatigable Bernie Finn, Liberal MP from Melbourne’s west, led the proceedings. He was aided and abetted by young pro-life superstar Moira Deeming. These two folks are champions, bar none, and we all owe them a debt of gratitude.

After a march through downtown Melbourne for around 40 minutes, we congregated in front of Parliament House on Spring Street. Various speakers joined in onstage, including Heidi Bui, Nathaniel Smith, as well as Moira and Bernie. Beautiful weather blessed the event, and it finished, as usual, with a stirring rendition of Amazing Grace.

All of the men, women and children who were there came away more determined than ever to stand up for life and to defend the defenceless. They could see first hand the incredible contrast between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. They could see the utter reality of Proverbs 8:36 in action: “All those who hate me [God] love death.”

Indeed, one thing that really struck me once again – and I have been to a majority of these marches now – was the incredibly calloused, jaded and jaundiced nature of those on other side: those who were so utterly full of hatred and completely consumed with bitterness and rage. Just imagine what we had here: a few dozen activists screaming themselves hoarse – and for what? For death!

They were screaming continuously for hours as they celebrated, promoted, endorsed and championed one thing: death. They were there to push this with all their might: death, killing, murder, the destruction of vulnerable and innocent unborn babies. How does one get to that place of demonic rage and hatred for the most wonderful thing there is – human life?

How does this happen? What can turn a human being – one who once emerged from his or her own mother’s womb – into a cold, calculating hating machine. Their hearts seem to have been turned into stone. They have lost their humanity. So hardened are they that it seems that about all we can do is pray for them.

When I walked past Ward and her minions screaming the most hideous and foul abuse, I said back to them, “God bless you. God bless you.” All we can do is pray that God will break into these hearts of stone and give them hearts of flesh. This is not just a political or cultural battle. At the end of the day this is a full-on spiritual battle.

We are dealing with principalities and powers here. We are dealing with dark forces that need spiritual attention. Please join with me in praying for these folks. Some yet might come around. It will be nothing short of miraculous if we see some of these turn from being hateful champions of death into loving champions of life. But our God is a miracle-working God.

And while you are at it, please pray for the media. We need a major breakthrough here as well, with all the lies and falsehoods rooted out, and truth and integrity being presented instead.

Thanks to all of you who came to stand up for the unborn today. Bless you. I hope to see you next year.

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  1. Congratulations on attending the March today Bill, and thanks for telling us what actually happened as opposed to the Left wing propaganda from our MSM.
    When one witnesses the likes of Roz Ward or the Extinction Rebellion crowd one tends to give up hope in humanity.
    Fortunately, it is people like you and the ACL who give us sufficient hope to make it worth getting out of bed each day.

  2. I was there Bill. Sorry I missed you. Yes they were feral and loud but we were peaceful and louder!

  3. Thank you, sir for giving us a detailed and truthful report of the Pro-Life March in Melbourne today. We didn’t hear a word about it on MSM up here in North Queensland nor did we hear anything about the Brisbane March either. We agree with you wholeheartedly. It is a spiritual battle and the only thing we can do is pray. David only had a stone and a sling and God did the rest.

  4. Good to catch up with you briefly Bill..its battleground when the forces are are displayed..you summed it up well.

  5. The politics of death so much in favour in our benighted Western democracies is surely a sign of another death – one which is rapidly turning the West into a spiritually and ethically dead civilisation.

  6. Good article Bill.

    When Bernie thanked the police there was an overwhelming roar of appreciation from the crowd.
    Bernie made a comment to the police along the lines of, today must have been a much easier day for them than the last week of dealing with the “extinction rebellion” protestors.
    I noted a few of the police grinning and nodding their heads in agreement. As we walked to the train station I thanked a couple of young police. Again broad grins and , “no problem” was shot back.

    Even if Roz and her “mates” dont relent, I sensed that the Holy Spirit has certainly sown some seeds of eternity in the searching hearts of some of our men and women in blue as they listened to the pro-life message and noted the behaviour of the mainly Christian crowd. We would do well to also keep their salvation before the Lord.

  7. A Prayer for an End to Abortion

    Heavenly Father spare our nation from the scourge of abortion.
    Protect the lives of children in the womb.
    Give hope and strength to their mothers.
    Stir love in the hearts of fathers to support and cherish mother and child.
    Cause our elected leaders and the courts to recognise and protect the personhood of unborn children.
    Lift up church leaders to proclaim a Culture of Life.
    Lead parents who had abortions to repentance and healing.
    Bring about the conversion of the abortionist, of those who deny the birthright of children and of those who are indifferent.
    Grant me the courage and the energy to be a Defender of Life.
    I ask this through my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for his sake. Amen

  8. Good write up Bill!

    As a female it bemused me a little to see some overgrown boys in the counter protest yelling “women must decide their fate!” – flying in the face of the reality of how many abortions are because a female was pushed into it by a male…

  9. It is quite confounding when you see just how biased the media has become. The pro-life rallies in Sydney were similarly misrepresented by the media but when you recall around a million people took to the streets and protested in France about the redefinition of marriage there and yet there was initially nothing from the ABC until eventually, as I recall two days later, they made a very quick, misrepresented and deliberately underwhelming mention with the caveat that France is a very Catholic country, you know that what you are seeing in the media is nothing like the reality. I recall there was a demonstration with less than a dozen people for the other side of the argument that was given huge coverage and much greater coverage and respect than the Paris protest. One million divided by 12 gives a bias level of over 8,000 times. What does it take to get the ABC to obey its lawful mandate? How bad does it have to get before something is done?

    What is hugely concerning, of course, is that people’s opinions are massively manipulated by the media and the false view of reality they create. Most people simply have no idea how, by how a story is introduced and framed, how pictures and footage are shot, what is focused on, the physical point of view, how editorial comments such as “France is a very Catholic country” and other techniques, are used to overwhelmingly control the impression people get of what occurred. This, of course, then controls public opinion and undermines democracy just as having a plebiscite with only one side of the argument allowed, very obviously did.

    The main problem, however, is that this is not just isolated cases. What we are facing is constantly-repeated, daily-reinforced misrepresentation and dogmatically-controlled, humanly-created false reality with the deliberate and known effect of controlling public opinion.

  10. Thanks Bill an excellent article

    It’s amazing to me how every year the March for the Babies is misrepresented and mailigned in the media.
    I believe that it’s intentional to scare people away from attending.
    If they can portray the march as something that it is not, those people of faith who do not question news coverage would never attend.
    I know the march is safe because my husband and I take our very young family every year.
    The focus of the march has always been on loving those in a horrible situation whilst also loving the unborn.
    There has never in all my years attending been anything close to any sort of condemnation or abuse of the pro death supporters. Every year they pray for these people.
    I believe this portrayal of pro lifers as being hateful is deliberate brainwashing to stop Christians and other who are pro life from attending.
    However this article is excellent at infusing truth into a media sphere which is full of blatant brain washing.
    Well done Bill we will see you again next year ?

  11. Well done to all who attended the pro life march. Another very important prayer request, is that we remember to pray for all the children of separated or divorced parents.
    Matthew 19.14. NIV. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

  12. Another great article; straight talking Bill using his God given talents to do God’s work. It is really sad, the so called professionals in the MSM, who also have God given talents, refuse to do likewise.

  13. Thanks for all your good articles Bill. I think there was something very heavenly in that crowd yesterday. We must have been doing sacred work as the dark forces were building up into a frenzy. I really feel that with prayer that we will have conversions to the side of life. The tide will turn.

  14. Thanks for the video, Bill. The chant “Get your ovaries off our ovaries” didn’t even make sense! And I really don’t know why they weren’t arrested for hate speech for chanting that the pro-lifers should have been aborted. Or are only Christians allowed to be accused of hate speech?
    God bless all the pro-lifers at that march.

  15. Thanks Naomi. Actually the folks who made that video got the phrase wrong – the activists were chanting the old chestnut, “Keep your rosaries off our ovaries.” As if concern for the unborn is only a Catholic concern. It is a human rights concern.

  16. Thanks for this write up, and for the commentary on the mainstream media’s depiction of the march.

    The media is certainly biased to the pro-abortion view as you say. If they chose a neutral stance when reporting abortion, they would be perceived as being pro-life. Imagine a news-type show talking about abortion one day. Say they decided to introduce the topic by giving some plain facts about abortion, including what a foetus is and what it looks like, and what abortion is exactly, all with only dry scientific narration. Such facts would be so abhorrent to an ordinary viewer that he or she would naturally lean toward opposing abortion.

    The media do not do this, however. They speak equivocally about what abortion really is, and seldom if ever show an image of a foetus, let alone an aborted foetus. They hide facts, such as abortion regret, or numbers of abortions, or why most abortions occur. They did not even report the March for Babies accurately. All this prevarication and falsehood — and it’s been going on for decades now — has contributed to a distorted, incorrect idea of abortion among a lot of ordinary people, and is in turn is the only way those people can accept and even support something which is reality is utterly repulsive.

    The media can’t even claim they are hiding the gruesome facts about abortion because they want to protect sensitive viewers from shocking themes and images. The media show such images when they want to. Some examples include that image of the poor dead child on a beach in Turkey a few years ago, or the fireman cradling a dead child after the Oklahoma City bombing.

  17. Some women (sadly) are now the primary advocates for death; Fiona Patten, Roz Ward and Emily’s list.

    Women should be the primary nurturers of life.

  18. The tragedy of the pro death movement is their vicious vitriol of poisonous word vomit that influences the media, and spurs them on to print lies about the pro lifers.
    Funny though no children present on their side of the fence, where could they be???
    No joy no love no kindness no care.
    In their cold hardened hearts. So so sad.

  19. One lie leads to another and another…like men can be women and vice versa…

    All human vices resulting from sinfulness

    God please forgive our sins in Jesus’ dear name and for his sake who went to the cross and gladly gave his life to give us hope of a future with God when we simply believe in him. Thank you Lord that you soften hard hearts because you don’t want anyone to perish but to be blessed with life eternal! Thank you Jesus the grave has no victory because of your love for those who love you.

    Thank you Bill

  20. We must remember that SkyNews IS a fair reporting Broadcaster with MANY Presenters on our side, even if they are not professing in Faith! To them the principal of Free Speech & the Foundation of Respect & Dialog ARE worth defending. Forget MSM, they will NEVER tell the Truth!

  21. I have there and also saw Channel 7 & 9 news reporting. Totally agreed with Bill’s observation on this event. Another example of bias reporting.

  22. If abortion is so right and healthcare why do they militantly try to hide it? If it were healthcare it would be shown on every media channel. But because it is not actually treating any disease (yes, pregnancy is not a disease folks) they aggressively censor all the details. Connecting the dots to how an abortion actually occurs is not their strong point. Why do images of even a picture of a baby in utero trigger them so much and they often go into a total meltdown. Is because abortion pictures either an aborted child or a endoscopic image protests itself. It is a strong challenge to their conscience and exposes their lies. The mask is lifted so to speak. Instead of chastising pro lifers and going into a complete vicious tirade they should be thanking you for the publicity IF it were a medical procedure.

  23. Did anyone else notice the media’s reporting of this? It labelled the marchers as right-wing!!! Yet they did not show the totally unhinged radical pro-choice crowd of about 30 individuals yelling f*** you fascists and so on. And in the middle of them was Roz Ward the leader of Safe Schools, the Marxist. She was yelling genocide and fascists. Excuse me? The ideology she follows slaughtered tens of millions in the 20th Century and since Roe v Wade about 63 million have been aborted, almost the population of France. The media will not touch it. I have tried but no interest. The left media will not touch it.

  24. Bill, I have seen videos on YouTube where scientists, ex clinic workers and others talk and out of no where pro choicers abuse, ridicule and make threats to those speaking and the listeners. They were well credentialed scientists speaking about new discoveries in the womb and latest research. Also there were surgeons who have performed surgery on unborn humans. And what happens?- they are smeared, cop abuse and intimidating behavior. These are not even people in any pro life groups, simply scientists and surgeons etc. Those who speak of horrors and the clinics get persecuted.

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