The Left’s War on Scott Morrison

Time to get real about Morrison Derangement Syndrome:

Let’s get real here: the media-led war against the Australian Prime Minister has nothing to do with bushfires and everything to do with the left and its long-running war against Christians and conservatives. And before some folks go ballistic here, let me say I am certainly not a die-hard Morrison supporter by any means.

But anyone with eyes open can see that this is yet another leftist witch-hunt orchestrated by our elites, our commentariat, and the lamestream media. They hate Morrison and want him out, so any excuse will do. And the current round of bushfires (something that happens each summer) is a neat excuse for the left.

If you are a conservative leader, you WILL be attacked. As Martyn Iles of the ACL recently wrote:

Scott Morrison is finding himself in the same position as Tony Abbott. Big sections of the media want him gone, and it’s ugly. Nothing he does will be good enough. Every step, every word, every act, will be ridiculed, contemptible, broadcast in the most critical light, and the anti-ScoMo narrative will build steam, relentlessly. He visits fire-ravaged communities, he’s a shameless self-promoter. He stays away, he’s a useless leader. He gets accused of doing nothing, so he puts out a social media video explaining what the government is doing, and he’s derided globally as tone-deaf and insensitive for “advertising.”

Much of this started when the Prime Minister went on vacation. Um, earth calling nutjob critics: just about every person in Australia takes a break over the Christmas holidays, and millions take vacations, including overseas vacations. Yet somehow the loons on the left want to make his family vacation in Hawaii the cause of our fires.

Oh, and some Labor leaders are STILL on their overseas vacations – but the left and the media are not calling them out. I wonder why. But as I say, this is nothing other than a leftist crusade to get rid of Morrison. So any amount of double standards and out and out lies will do.

Anyone watching our media the past few days sees this in abundance. As but one example, a Ch. 9 evening news story last night on all this was one long leftist attack on ScoMo, and it concluded with the nonsense that he needs to start taking climate change seriously. Yeah right. Arson is a major cause of these fires, as our police are saying. As one report states:

“Police are now working on the premise arson is to blame for much of the devastation caused this bushfire season,” reports 7 News Sydney. Authorities in the country have formed Strike Force Indarra, comprising of detectives from homicide and arson units in an attempt to find the culprits. Other causes for the fires include lightning strikes and a natural weather phenomenon called Dipole, again neither of which have anything to do with man-made climate change. Many bushfires are also actually caused by environmentalist ‘green’ policies which prevent land owners from clearing their own vegetation to protect themselves.

And even the leftist SMH is admitting that overwhelmingly our fires are started by arsonists. As one recent headline put it, “Arson, mischief and recklessness: 87 per cent of fires are man-made.”

One rural Queenslander speaks some common sense about all this, and is well worth listening to:

As predictable as always, conservationists and opportunistic politicians are blaming these fires on climate change. Before I get attacked for being a climate change denier – I am not. But I am also a climate change realist. If you leave your front door unlocked, you can’t complain too loudly when someone steals your TV. It’s the same with bush fires.

You can’t blame climate change when you’ve restricted access to millions of hectares of densely thickened eucalypt forests and wonder why they go up in smoke. You can’t blame climate change when you haven’t back burned this millennium.

You can’t blame climate change when there are no fire breaks or cool buffer zones installed around towns, houses and critical infrastructure. Some people haven’t seemed to notice that Australia is the second driest continent on earth, it gets very hot around this time of year, every year and our vegetation has evolved over the last 60,000 years to love bushfires. Big ones.

The Bureau of Meteorology have claimed that the “strong winds and high temperatures” are the reason for the catastrophic fires. No doubt wind and heat help flame the fires but they aren’t the “reason” or the “cause”. The real reason is Governments – local, state and Federal – over the past 3 decades have bowed to conservationists and green groups by locking up more and more of our national estate and sacrificing them to the flame every bushfire season.

He offers some practical advice here:

-Recognise that fire has always been a part of the Australian landscape but it’s the fuel loads when fires hit that is really important. A fire can’t burn if there is nothing or little to burn.

-Just by locking up a piece of scrub and calling it a national park does not make it so. By expanding national parks because it “feels nice” dilutes the resources to protect the areas of our environment that truly are special and endangered and creates a massive estate which is difficult to manage and maintain.

-One of the best forms of fire fuel reduction is low intensity cattle grazing. It’s low risk, low impact and puts people into areas that actually know how to manage the country and know how to fight fires.

Anyone who says cattle are bad for the environment and biodiversity should go and ask the millions of animals, birds and insects currently being incinerated in national parks and native forests.

Indeed, if we want to blame someone for so many of these fires, we could start with the Greens and their terrible policies which actually make things worse. As I wrote in my previous piece on these firestorms, the refusal to allow controlled burning and fuel reduction is a big part of our problem:

Some folks are so incensed with the Greens that they have launched a petition calling for the hyper-left Party to be de-registered. Hmm, sounds like a plan:

But the left-wing meeja are still intent on getting Morrison any way they can. Thus they keep playing and replaying images of some angry residents rejecting Morrison. Never mind that many of these are just leftist ferals and greenies who hate Morrison anyway, no matter what he says or does.

The classic case of this was when the Prime Minister went to Cobargo, NSW a few days ago. We have seen that clip played umpteen times now. And we have media has-beens like Gretel Killeen demanding his resignation. As Chris Smith said in a heated exchange with her: “These people were seen to say, ‘We don’t vote Liberal down here, come on, get out of here, P off, F off’. It was feral activity.”

And locals said they do not appreciate the handful of leftists claiming to speak for their community. Have a listen to this four-minute audio clip. They say it is a “shame” that this handful of “no-hopers” were given all this airtime. “This is not what we are” these residents are saying:

As another resident tweeted:

You see the few people who hi-jacked the Prime Minister at Cobargo were nobodies the real people have missed out, the Prime Minister didn’t flee he had better things to do than waste time with ferals, locals don’t even know these scraps and are upset they didn’t get to talk to him. Why are the media just focusing on these scraps? The media went to great pains of sending all their news international but didn’t send the truth. The media are attacking Australia.

But leave it to our bigoted and biased media to try to make the case that Morrison is evil, he is fully responsible for our bush fires – and every other bad thing that happens, including this morning’s burnt toast – and he must go immediately.

As I said, I am no diehard Morrison fan – he is not the strong, consistent conservative leader I would prefer being in the top job. However, anyone but Blind Freddy and ideological leftists know that this war on Morrison is just a media beat-up, run by Labor, the Greens, and the left.

The truth is these leftists are still angry that Morrison won the election last year. They are just like the Democrats and the left in America who also can’t stand the fact that Donald Trump was democratically elected by the American people.

So just as we have Trump Derangement Syndrome going on there, we have Morrison Derangement Syndrome happening here.

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  1. Thanks Bill, totally agree with you. Unfortunately I’m sheltered to a degree from the leftist media, as my only source of news is The Australian Newspaper and Sky News. Occasionally we switch to ABC news to see what the crazies are saying. Bill, I think a great communicator like yourself could start a campaign to have the ABC dealt with, we would be better off without them. Whatever it takes.

  2. Ya dead right calling it Morrison Derangement Syndrome – the template was set with TDS in the US. When you get calls from those in the “small l” liberal establishment saying Morrison’s gotta go- well unless he’s voted out by Lib. caucus, that ain’t gonna happen. No false impeachment farago in Oz. Remember when Abbott was pilloried for being a bush fire-fighter volunteer? A PM carelessly putting himself in danger for a publicity stunt? Can’t win with the lame stream alphabet media. Just for the record, while 1 life lost is one too many, there seems to be a dozen or so this season. Compare with cyclone Tracey (71 killed and where as Gough Whitlam?) Ash Wednesday (176 lives lost) so hardly a disaster approaching historical proportions. And the head lines around the world -Australia is Burning!
    Consider the facts:
    1,900,000 hA burning or burnt this season out of 770,000,000 hA =0.0024% or .25 of 1%
    Putting it in perspective -to say Australia is burning is like saying that if the pitch on the MCG was in fire, the MCG was burning. Pitch is 69sqm . MCG is 20,000 sm. or .0034% or .34 of 1%.

  3. Thanks John and Tony. Yes, if Morrison really wanted to show some conservative backbone, he would immediately stop the taxpayer funding of that ratbag ABC.

  4. Thanks again Bill,
    Both the Guardian and Sydney Morning Herald are in a feeding frenzy today and the PM is the target. Really irrational and ugly,

  5. You are correct Bill! So sad it’s come to this! Hard to know how to handle these constant (often disguised passive/aggressive) comments coming from family members and close friends. When we try and defend Morrison there’s an onslaught of verbal tirade.
    Rational people are appearing to be brainwashed with this negative media narrative. Have to admit the intensity of the vitriol is rather frightening. There seems to be very few voices around to refute these vicious attacks. Can’t believe this has happened at a time when those with a public voice of reason are on holidays. Keep up the great work!

  6. Couldn’t agree more. Its vicious and its vile. Absolute dishonest snakes the lot of them using a national disaster for political purposes.

  7. Dear Bill, sadly the petition was removed. being of the left, that does not surprise me. is probably a better place. Given the left has taken onboard all their ‘policies’, maybe they should de register themselves like what Cory Bernardi did with the AustCon.
    Best regards,

  8. Thanks Pascal. Yes I noticed that. It had 34,000 signatures in just a few days, but the site at first claimed that “the statements in this petition may be contested.” Um, that would be true of most of the leftist petitions found on that site! But now it is down altogether with these words: “This petition isn’t available. Either the URL is incorrect, it violated our Community Guidelines, or the starter removed it.” No surprises here at all from this left-wing website.

  9. It seems very similar to Trump derangement syndrome. The PM can’t be impeached but what the Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus can do is report the PM to Police for the ‘assault’ on the pregnant lady at Cobargo. There is evidence on a video showing the PM touching the pregnant woman who obviously didn’t want to be touched by the PM. Scomo could be categorised as ‘under Police investigation’ (Dreyfus would use the term ‘criminal investigation’) then Dreyfus can demand that the PM step down until the investigation has been completed. He has form in this – Dreyfus has done it eight times already. BTW before youse dumb ugly lefties become enraged – this is a joke. ;-

  10. Copy Trump. Call the media out. Don’t let them breathe and cut funding to the ABC, then we will see results where the media without air might just get the message, remember what the ABC did to Campbell Neumann and his family.

  11. Good commentary Bill. While the leftist ideology is clearly being promoted, the media as a whole do not help the situation. Generally the media want viewers/listeners and the more way out and dramatic, the better. We need all media to report the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Or be held accountable for not doing so.

  12. Whatever PM Morrison does will be wrong and highlighted as such by the wacky left and their distortion experts in the media, but they are totally consistent when they whine on about climate change causing the fire. The realities are different. We have a stark choice; we may have fires in the winter, or we may have even bigger ones in the summer. Most would prefer the former, as did the Aborigines prior to white settlement, but for some perverse reason the greens appear to prefer the later. A few other things the greens might have a problem with but would be beneficial include allowing 4wd enthusiasts and stock into the national parks, removing trees to the height of the trees from the side of highways and one access to town roads. I think the Greens are bent on our destruction not just that of the PM.
    Thinking about the Greens; green means gullible and greens are vegetables. Would it be ok to have a political party called The Gullible Vegetables?

  13. Each state is responsible for its own forestry management. Environmental legislation has become singularly complex as a visit to the respective website dispute section reveals. The Feds are responsible in the way that they haven’t been across the States’ failure to manage the resource, but then politics in Australia these past few decades has become more populist and toxic, so the electorate must shoulder some responsibility for the way in which our democracy has had to operate, especially in the Senate. The PM announced a recovery program overnight and perhaps a Royal Commission, declaring that no State Government will be asked for financial input. Premier Andrews welcomed it with a long list topped at hundreds of millions of dollars. There we have it, while the States are in some measure culpable for their forestry management, they don’t have to pay for the recovery. ScoMo said it is about the human cost, more than anything. You can’t get much better than that. The whingers should stop calling the kettle black.

  14. Leftist crusade, or Leftist jihad? I tend to think of crusades as being something positive, ostensibly, and likely a defensive effort of sorts.

    Interesting that locals thought the Cobargo types shown by the MSM were Far Left ferals. I wondered if that might be the case based upon voting history.

  15. Brilliant and comprehensive article Bill! At the core of it, the Left are looking to vilify every visible, public Conservative and divide and conquer the rest of us. Let’s strengthen our resolve, unite and move forward. Enough is enough!

  16. Dear Bill,
    As discussed on 2GB this afternoon it is noteworthy that Daniel Andrews has been generally positive about the help received from the Federal liberal government, yet the NSW liberal government has been generally negative. This childish behaviour has to stop. Some NSW liberals may believe that the federal CO2 reduction targets aren’t strong enough but it’s about time that grew up and stopped trying to play politics when Australians are dying in this tragedy.
    Regards Phil

  17. Apparently those “ferals” attacking Scott M were not locals. They were brought in for the cameras. One local spoke to a media outlet and felt embarrassed for his town because the attitude they showed wasn’t how their town felt at all.

  18. They say he lacks leadership, a year after taking a divided Coalition and turning in an election victory within 9 months… that’s a leader I would follow.

  19. Those of us that have half a brain very quickly worked out what is behind the media attacks.

    A simple review of which section of the media tells you whether the comment is “fair play” or highly partisan. Sadly “Red Brigade” have not got over the last election loss.

    One only needs to look at the treatment of “ The Donald” & hyperbole has already started in UK against “Bojo”. It seems that when faced with a loss the only way forward the leftist engage in is mud slinging, lies & general misinformation on the basis that if you throw enough of it, some will stick, it seems they are unable to accept the umpires decision.

    Well let me tell you that lots of us have long & functioning memories, so we will keep our powder dry, ignore the diatribe & make our decision clear cum election time….thanks for the article.

  20. They hated Howard, they hated Abbott and still do, they, being truly conservatives. now they want Morrison gone. Morrison is a not a conservative like Howard or Abbott but he is better than all the lefty alternative, Shorten, Albo, and many more within the lefties in the LNP camp too.
    Morrison, sadly has been weak, and weakened himself by his responses to questions, questions like Israel Folau on his scripture post, condemned for his offensive post, stated he didn’t believe people went to hell, George Pell, and other things too.
    Then his visit to the drought affected areas, asked the question, the reason, did he think it was due to climate change-Yes it is part of the cause. Then again about the cause of the bushfires, yes climate change contributes to the cause.
    His Christmas address never once thanked God, or the reason we celebrate Christmas, no mention of the Lord Jesus. I think this is the result when he said he is not here to fight the culture wars, I call them righteousness wars. Appeasement never works, never appeases the enemy.
    He has backed himself into the corner set-up by the corrupt media, just like Howard, and Abbott, the difference with Howard, and Abbott, true conservatives, men who spoke with courage from deep held convictions, Morrison is not a conservative, or speaks with conviction, but seems to be doubled minded in many areas.
    The dents in him started to manifest themselves in him, he was welcomed by the non left, hopping to see the change needed to turn us around in energy, water, and freedoms, sad to say he has not shown himself to be the strongest we need right now.
    Until he moves to the centre right, he cannot win, until he demonstrates courage and conviction, and treats the corrupt lying media like Trump, he will sooner or later cave in. The corrupt and deceiving Media have him where they want him, weaker everyday. Then, what for Australia, a socialist Marxist coalition, Greens and Labor again. Would I prefer this, Morrison with all his weaknesses, is much better by far than them.

  21. How many of these greens are affected by their policies??? How many environmentalists have lost their homes because they couldn’t burn off vegetation?? It always seems like these people never have to live with the consequences of their policies.

  22. Yes Paul, I suspect that most of these folks live in the inner suburbs of the big cities, sipping on their lattes as they try to tell those who actually live in the bush how they should conduct their affairs. It is like what Thomas Sowell said about most politicians (who are also mainly inner urban dwellers):

    “The fatal attraction of government is that it allows busybodies to impose decisions on others without paying any price themselves. That enables them to act as if there were no price, even when there are ruinous prices – paid by others.”

    And again: “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

  23. Totally agreed with your article. “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is very real, not only in US but now clearly expressed in Australia, rightly called, “Morrison Derangement Syndrome”. This will not go away until the next election and even that, it will continue should Scott Morrison wins another term. The Left will never be happy unless one of their own holds the top job.

  24. It’s the Journalists which are predominately Card Carrying Left of Lefty Unionist, who are Pushing Labor / Greens Propaganda, Mistruths and Outright Lies.
    That’s why I don’t buy Newspapers or watch the ABC, SBS or listen to the ABC.
    That’s why I’m so glad that the Voting Public can see through the Crap being Peddled by Labor / Greens Activists.

  25. Fully agree with you. Good to raise this awareness so many won’t be sucked in by this climate change hype n the Greens lie. Let the truth be known to set us all free from lies lies n more lies from the Leftists.

  26. Well put Bill. I’m so sick of the Media’s attempts to prove their leftist ideas by showing inflammatory footage over and over again. It’s gossip mongering on a global scale! The media is a powerful tool and in the wrong hands, an evil tool, as it is in this case.

  27. I think we need to disentangle ourselves from supporting particular political leaders when it comes to debates about public policy. And for the record, although I am a true red socialist lass from Yorkshire, I do applaud John Howard and Kevin Andrews for acting so promptly to repeal the Northern Territory’s euthanasia legislation when they entered government and for Tony Abbott’s equally noble crusade against the abortion pill while he was federal Health Minister. It’s rather like the current debate over President Trump and the questionable endorsement of every one of his actions by some conservative Catholics and evangelicals. The fact is, not all conservative Republicans or evangelicals do endorse the Trump presidency. Can you honestly say that Mario Rubio or Ted Cruz wouldn’t have made good, effective pro-life Republican presidents if they had won the nomination in 2015 instead? Merely because a specific political leader is of one’s chosen political philosophy, that does not mean he or she is or was infallible. Maggie Thatcher certainly wasn’t when it came to pro-life politics in the United Kingdom, nor is Boris Johnson, as you’ve acknowledged. By all means, praise someone when they have undertaken actions that uplift pro-life or pro-family values, but we should never be ‘court Christians’ or sycophantic camp followers. And yes, I acknowledge that is equally true on the political left in my own case.

  28. Thanks Rhona. But as anyone can see who has actually bothered to read my article, I said more than once that I am not a major Morrison fan. So there certainly is no sycophantly here on my part. I simply made the quite truthful claims that to blame Morrsion for all the world’s ills, including our fires, is ludicrous in the extreme, and a clear case of pushing leftist political agendas, as well as bearing false witness.

    And if you were at all familiar with what I have written on this site over the past few years you would know that A), I was very strongly opposed to Trump early on, and B) I was fully behind Cruz. As to 2020, and the choice between Trump and one of the nutter hyper-left Democrats, my choice will obviously be easy enough to make.

    As to your confession of being a “true red socialist,” yes that much has been obvious all along. Your continued downplaying of biblical truth in order to elevate secular socialist ideology has been all too apparent here throughout your many comments. If one wants to be a gung-ho socialist, that is one thing. But then do not claim to be a biblical Christian as well. They two are not at all compatible, as I have argued many times now. See these two pieces for starters:

  29. True they always base their decisions on how it makes them feel. Like closing all the insane asylums so people could have dignity was all about them feeling good about themselves that they were helping people. Yet many became homeless, some dignity, many no longer had needed medication some were violent, of course these do gooders would never run into them, overall their condition was worse and society’s was worse but hey the left feels good about itself.

    Another good quote:
    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” -C. S. Lewis

    We’re doing this to help you. We’re your friends. With friends like these……

  30. God bless you Bill ! Your last sentence in your above article Crowns the truth most accurately. A most apt identity of this relentless war of the left … Derangement Syndrome.
    And in summary… ” this war on Morrison is just a media beat-up , run by Labor, the Greens , and the left. ” … Just a bunch of self destuctive Losers ! Born with the DNA characterised by shooting themselves in their foot perpetually.

  31. Thanks Bill, Keep it up. Whatever Mr Morrison does is going to be criticised by the Left. It’s disgusting!

  32. What I want to know and I have asked many people on twitter who seem to be struck down with derangement syndrome, what are YOU doing to help those that need help in the bush fires? So far, no one has said they are doing anything other than whinging and whining about those who are doing something.

    Most of them are just shooting from the lip to help them cope with the fact that their chosen messiah, Bill Shorten, and his rancid policies were rejected by the people so they have adopted the idea that you never ruin a good story by telling the truth and hope that they can gain government by lies next time.

  33. These people won’t read both sides of reporting. A couple of my mates think that Fox & the Murdoch Press is poison (even 6PR Perth) & they refuse to read or believe anything for these sources! How sad it is that they can’t read from all sources & form unbiased opinions.
    It’s also a bit sad that the sensible majority stay silent to avoid angry vitriol from this derangement syndrome people. But thank goodness the sensible silent can see thu the nasty attacks & will vote so again in the future. I believe in climate change but absolutely deplore the PM haters as well as those who will close down all Coal without an absolute reliable energy source. Blind Freddy can see we will just go broke for no gain which won’t help our next generation. Nuclear has to come into the equation as Aus does not have many Hydro opportunities nor Thermal like NZ does. We could have a couple of Nuclear Stations up & working before any humugeous Batteries are invented – big enough to store base load power for Industry, Hospitals & Desalination Plants (which are very much needed for Water security)

  34. Thanks for the Video Bill,
    This article from the ABC shows the kind of cretins we and Scott Morrison are dealing with. AKA “University Students for Climate Justice (Melbourne).” On a day of expected high temperatures , and limited and very tired Police Resources on Friday the Assistant Commissioner Time Hansen has told these activists to reschedule their protest planned for the CBD. But to no affect. These village idiots will continue and try and cause as much disturbance as they possibly can and blaming Scott Morrison for, of course, every Bushfire across Australia. Really is scandalous, irrational and foolish. Really disgusted


  35. Correct however, Abbott went through 10 x what Morrisson is going through. Surely the list of representatives that were on holidays included those whose back yards were burning. Interesting list to see.
    Leads me to an article from the SMH in 1968 where the use of a particular word sparked fury in the HoR. Here is the line ” With terrifying speed a holocaust swept the lower Blue Mountains” and here is the article.

  36. He dared to tell snowflakes to rethink something???? A pox on him! Doesn’t he know they are, by their own description, “the next greatest generation”???? Would he have told WWII vets to rethink something???

    In all seriousness you can’t reason with these people. To reason with them requires them to have a brain which would require them to have been taught HOW to think in school not WHAT to think!

  37. The power of the ad-hominem attack is alive and well here.
    The seemingly benign comment “but you are from the previous generation” has been used against me to explain why I thought like I did.
    We are dealing with some research into how cults work, and I had made to comment that there is much in our modern society that is cultish in its behaviour, esp. in its ability to shut down discussion.
    The immediate amazing example comment was right then and there.
    It was only well after that comment was made, that I realized that is was as strong an ad-hominem attack as any.
    I have to think more quickly on my feet, and learn how to buy time on the discussion.
    “Stop right there young man” might be appropriate.
    I am no where near combative or angry enough, I think.

  38. Bob Carr has a lot to answer for as well as the Greens. Most of the fires started in National Parks locked up with huge undergrowth all waiting for a fire. No one could get in to clear them. Shame on those!

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