Full-Tilt Dictatorship Planned for Victoria

Now the Dictator wants Victorians locked down indefinitely, with arbitrary arrests being planned:

There are few things more dangerous than an arrogant and out-of-control political ruler who has a messiah complex and a horde of cult followers. History tells us exactly where that leads to – think of last century in Germany for starters. And we are seeing it now played out in shocking detail here in Victoria.

Consider the latest and most alarming push by Dan Andrews for even more complete power and control over every aspect of the lives of Victorians – especially those who dare to ask questions of what he and his government are doing to freedom, democracy and human rights. As one news report states:

The Victorian Government is hoping to push through a new bill that would allow them to detain “high-risk” coronavirus spreaders. The powers would be applied to those who health authorities believe would negligently spread the deadly virus as Victoria works to bring its coronavirus outbreak under control. The rules, seen by The Age, would be a six-month extension of the ones made in April, taking the detaining powers to March next year. Anyone deemed high risk by health authorities could be forcibly detained under the extension of powers including conspiracy theorists or anti-lockdown protesters who refuse to isolate. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/victoria-fights-for-power-to-detain-highrisk-covid19-spreaders/news-story/33249f1a2311506b14c071c8399eb4b1

This should frighten every single Victorian, no matter how much you may see him as the messiah. Indeed, when you have even leftist groups warning about this swing into tyranny, then you know it is getting really bad. Liberty Victoria is meant to be on the side of, well, liberty, but it is mainly known for siding with the left, and with Labor. And that is true of its President, Julian Burnside. But he said this in part about the proposed changes:

Liberty Victoria is very concerned about the new powers sought to be introduced by the COVID-19 (Emergency Measures) Bill. In particular, we are concerned about how the new powers of what seems to be preventative detention will affect vulnerable people. We have previously publicly discussed these concerns in the media.  

There are already powers to detain in the Public Health and Well-being Act (PHW Act) and the Government has not explained why these additional powers are needed. We are deeply concerned about how the existing detention powers have already been exercised, in particular at the housing commission towers, as noted in our submission to the COVID-19 inquiry.

Liberty Victoria is opposed to police officers automatically becoming authorised officers under the PHW Act. The approach to COVID-19 should be a health approach and not a policing approach. We are of the view that only health workers or those with an expertise in health should be appointed authorised officers.

We are particularly concerned by cl 16 of the Bill, which seeks to expand police powers and introduce a preventative detention regime under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act. Little (if any) evidence has been put forward which justifies these powers. https://libertyvictoria.org.au/content/liberty-victoria-very-concerned-about-proposed-new-powers-introduced-covid-19-emergency

Many others have spoken out about this frightening move by Andrews and his Labor tyrants. Political advisor Ian Hanke, for example, speaks of “Daniel Andrews’ plan for indefinite detention – and more”. He writes:

The Victorian Labor government has introduced a bill to parliament that coupled with other measures is one of the most egregious attacks on civil liberties seen in war or peacetime. The Bill would allow people to be detained indefinitely and give sweeping powers to untrained people to become “authorised officers” with sweeping powers to arrest and detain fellow Victorians.  

Called the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Amendment Bill, it overrides all other laws and legislation with the exception of the Charter of Human Rights (which the government ignores as it is not binding), the State Constitution Act 1975 and the laws created by the Bill itself.  

The Bill confers an extraordinary power to the Secretary of the Department of Health to appoint public servants as “authorised officers” with the same powers as police. However worse than that is a provision which allows the secretary to appoint any of the following as an “authorised officer”…. 

The Bill outlines some of the roles and powers these “authorised officers” may be able to exercise under the State of Emergency powers. They include being able: to detain any person or group of persons in an emergency area for the period reasonably necessary to eliminate or reduce a serious risk to public health; to restrict the movement of any person or group of persons within an emergency area; to prevent any person or group of persons from entering an emergency area; and, to give any other direction that the authorised officer considers is reasonably necessary to protect public health. 

These powers given to untrained “authorised officers” could lead to shocking outcomes, particularly if citizens can be co-opted to assist. We have already seen examples of police heavy handedness in Victoria with police raids on housewives, the busting down of doors and so on simply because people have promoted on social media protests against the current health regime…. 

Put simply, this means you can be locked up and detained indefinitely at the whim of a designated officer. There is no provision whatsoever for a review of the detention. Ultimately a person may have to apply to the Supreme Court to grant an order of Habeas Corpus for release. These extraordinary powers are arbitrary and extreme. 

They are a draconian attack on civil liberties the like of which Australia has never seen before. Further because all laws are overridden there would appear to be little recourse to any excesses by an authorised officer or their civilians co–opted by them. These laws are so broad and ill-defined that you could be detained for almost anything. 

He concludes:

These laws will operate side by side with the powers that already have Melburnians locked in their own homes for 22 hours a day; where the first-ever curfew in Australia’s history is in place; where freedom of movement is banned; where police and ADF personnel patrol the streets to enforce mask-wearing; where $5000 fines are handed out if you attempt to breach internal state borders and so on.  

These proposed laws are unjust, unnecessary and unjustified. They are a direct attack on citizens’ civil liberties. Even if this Bill is not passed it says much about the mindset of the Victorian government that it is prepared to assail its citizens’ rights. This Bill is a direct assault on our democracy. It should be rejected by the parliament. https://www.spectator.com.au/2020/09/daniel-andrews-plan-for-indefinite-detention-and-more/ 

The most ominous aspect of this is the notion of “pre-crime”. Citizens who have committed no crimes can still be detained! As another writeup puts it:

Mainstream media are finally reporting on the Victorian government’s new bill to hand authorities the power to arrest anyone, even if they have not committed an offence. 10 News Melbourne reports: “[The] new law would give police the power to preemptively detain anyone with COVID or their close contacts even if they haven’t broken the law. All that’s required is that the officer thinks they might breach restrictions in the future.” https://caldronpool.com/pre-crime-victorian-government-pushes-for-powers-to-preemptively-arrest-anyone-even-if-they-havent-broken-the-law/  

Thankfully the Victorian Liberal Party is opposing this bill. The Bayswater Liberals for example put out this message:

Labor wants even more power, more control and even more restrictions over Victorians. The COVID-19 Omnibus Bill allows for the Andrews Government to appoint virtually anyone (including private security guards) as Authorised Officers with wide-ranging powers including entry, search, seizure and detention. It allows for Authorised Officers to preemptively detain a ‘high-risk’ individual who they think may not comply with the law. No reasonable Victorian could support some of the measures in Labor’s bill. That’s why the Liberal Nationals will be opposing it.

And Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien said this:

The Victorian Liberal Nationals will vigorously oppose this unprecedented grab for power. At a time of crisis, rather than bypassing Parliament, the institutions we rely upon for our freedom and liberties are more important. No government should write itself a blank cheque for such extraordinary powers over Victorians’ lives and livelihoods. State of Emergency powers must only operate under appropriate safeguards and scrutiny. Any attempt by the Andrews Labor Government to give itself such enormous powers, particularly in the absence of any enhanced accountability measures is dangerous to our democracy and your rights as a citizen.

The link to the above offers Victorians the chance to tell Dan Andrews what they think of these dictatorial powers. Please do: https://www.michaelobrien.com.au/have-your-say-labors-state-of-emergency-extension/  

This government has utterly lost it. Andrews is on the most reckless and most dangerous power trip perhaps ever witnessed in Australian history. He MUST be stopped now, before he completely destroys this state – and all of our freedoms.

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39 Replies to “Full-Tilt Dictatorship Planned for Victoria”

  1. We can’t live like criminals much longer, locked up for 22 hours. There will come a time when Victorians will grow restless, and I’m not sure what or how long people will crowd on the Melbourne streets it’s inevitable that war on the streets because you can’t keep people down-trodden much longer. I fear what the future holds for us.

  2. Yes Judith, this monstrous and diabolical imprisonment cannot go on for much longer – something has gotta give. I too am fearful for what is happening and will happen.

  3. Writing to Daniel Andrews is useless, he is blind and deaf. The only way this bill will be defeated is for citizens to go on the streets and protest, en masse. We must risk the possibility of personal loss now or have our freedom taken. Are we too afraid of losing a thousand dollars to stand up? If so we have lost the battle and will cower in fear from here on. Who will join me?

  4. This is indeed scary stuff. Surely, surely there is something within the Australian Constitution that will allow the Federal government to over-rule this type of Bill.

  5. I’m speechless!
    Surely this will wake Victorians from their slumber.


    Let’s single out the family, relations, friends and neighbours of senior police and military officers in Victoria and ask them what they think — and compare their views to their counterparts in NSW, WA……. after all they are civilians in Victoria also…….police are the people and the people are the police……..police and military are drawn from the civilian population…..

    Dan Andrews is going to be figuratively hung in the streets of Melbourne —- for the exact same reasons Mussolini literally was.

    Governance in Victoria is now a zero sum game. Bring it on Andrews!

    Thanks again Bill and God Bless.

  7. Dear Bill, I saw a Facebook post earlier today by ex Geelong great, now for 35 years a Christian, Gary Ablett senior. He was warning people to repent and get right with God as Jesus Christ will return soon.
    Herald/Sun said he is losing his marbles, poor Herald/Sun they will wish they had listened to Mr Ablett when this world is no more.
    Philippians 2: 9 -11 mmm will their knee bend? – I think so.
    Ablett did say for Christians these are exciting times- how difficult to be excited when one lives in Victoria & think Gary Ablett lives in Victoria. Better get back to studying those promises??
    Cheers Mark Bryant

  8. Dear Bill,

    Law Professor Augusto Zimmerman reads your posts. Is it possible please to ask his comment whether our Federal Government has constitutional authority to over-rule Andrews’ undemocratic agenda for >6 million Victorians? And if the Commonwealth has that authority, why is it not happening?

    A deeply concerned and respected Christian British commentator, who is also watching what is playing out in Victoria, has written a passionate rallying call and challenge about “the true extent of the evil, cruel and psychotic nature of the people who have propagated the COVID scam. Those of us who continue to acquiesce to the lies being fed to us and wear a mask? Congratulations! You’ve past the first totalitarian Compliance Test with flying colours. Next comes the vaccine. Now what will you do?

    “This is a training programme to try to get you to see that when populations live on auto-pilot and do not stand up for their freedoms, you get this mess. Continue on this path and you are heading for a never-in-history level of grief, loss of freedoms and tyranny that you cannot now imagine. When government goes bad, you’re cooked at that point. GET UP OFF YOUR KNEES AND BECOME COURAGEOUS, or you’ll disgust yourself for the rest of your life!”

    Vital, of course also, that we all pray without ceasing!

  9. @ Mark Btyant

    “….Philippians 2: 9 -11 mmm will their knee bend?….”

    White privilege descends from praying to a black man from Galilee.

    Black on black violence….fatherlessness…..joblessness…..poverty…….low self esteem……

    Yes those on the left should go back to ‘bending the knee’ but not to themselves or others……that’s never got them anywhere, other than where they are today.

  10. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for your very comprehensive (somewhat frightening) article

    Looking at this new proposed Omnibus Bill in the natural is incredibly scary. I feel like I am living in a dystopian nightmare when I see the ‘Storm Troopers’ and the management of people in Victoria, the continued lockdown. Dictator Dan seems to be going ‘Hell-bent’ on steroids to complete totalitarian control.
    I cannot believe it has got this far. Surely our PM will step in! There must be something in our Constitution that can overrule the madness of this Omnibus Bill passing.

    All I can say is ‘Come Lord Jesus, come,’ We Victorians are in great need of your Divine intervention.

  11. To Mike Marshall,
    The Bible is NEVER wrong:
    Wherefore God also hath highly exalted Him, and given Him a name which is above every name :
    That at the name of Jesus EVERY ( my emphasis ) knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth :
    And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    Those that refuse to bow to Jesus now will bow to Him in the end.
    How great is our God.
    Cheers Mark Bryant

  12. Through you, Bill…
    David Forster – just as well this bill is not yet law; you would have received a knock on the door by now if it were.

  13. The police have guns, the citizens don’t thanks to John Howard.

    At least USA is in front of us on that one.

    Really, it is probably a sign of what is to come for genuine christians.

  14. Don’t count on it Peter Coventry. People have said that about US citizens during Obama, W Bush, and Clinton and no-one woke up.

  15. I’m sure this will NOT apply to politicians. We know they will commit future crimes but we can’t arrest them. The elite never subject themselves to the laws they pass for others.

  16. Thank you for your work, this is first time that I read it.
    David Forster yes I feel you are really right I did with others first lock down Battle of Trafalgar heard about through Bush telegraph. So I will be with you, but we need a very big rally.

  17. We have lost almost all hope of regaining our freedoms. And how swift and easy and without any resistance did these criminals effect their plan. Short of a full ‘Political Cleansing’ from top to bottom it won’t matter who follows the previous tyrant.

    I would like to see a Live Virtual Government system set up online that ‘We the People’ can access and vote on issues in real time. Where the general population can vote on issues they effect them directly like a lock down. After all this is a democracy there should have been consultation with the people. We the People are the EXPERTS not some doctor we have never heard of before? Why should we trust 1 expert when there are MANY in the field of medicine. Lets here from them all and then we can vote. I despise the place we are all headed to.

  18. biggest problem in todays political world is meet the new boss same as the old boss. (sometimes with the caveat ‘but worse’)

  19. Dear Bill – A very interesting Video. Victoria is now the “thug” Police State . Bullying pregnant women. Smashing into people’s residents . Smashing people’s car windows. Well done Dictator Dan Andrews. We have the new Geheime Staatspolizei, abbreviated Gestapo, the official secret police of Nazi Germany controlling thought and action in Victoria. EXCEPT It is not SECRET. the abuse of persons freedom is very much in your face. It is seen by VICTORIAN POLICE as fully acceptable. That is the tragedy. The Police have been corrupted by the State , The first 5 minutes of the video is just sickening. Explanation for the Abuse of Power occurring in Victoria, Australia – Outsourced Police Force & Strong Cities Network Funded by Soros & Globalists.

    Premier Andrews is profoundly dangerous and we seem to have a Prime Minister who is not prepared to pull this maniac into line. Apart from Craig Kelly and the Victorian opposition leader there sadly appears very few that are prepared to call these actions completely reprehensible in a FREE country. IMHO It is only a matter of time before an innocent person will be murdered by the Victorian Police. We already have a man a Mr Atkins (32) who has bipolar disorder, in an induced coma following the Police man kicking his head. There is no official by Andrews, by the Police Force. How bad is this brutality going to get.

  20. Yes Bill, this is deeply Sinister (which also means; to the Left, of the Left, preferencing the Left…). Gandhi led the People in Non-Violent Civil Disobedience against a Gov. that would NOT listen & which had installed measures like Andrews. He is a COWARD; just listen to him at this weeks Comm. Hearing. I’ll pre-quote; “I didn’t do it; It wasn’t my decision; What I said was truthful & accurate”. On & on with the contempt & LIES!! He called us who disagree with this Stasi Authority ‘stupid’ & there is little to nothing we can do! WHY!!! We need Non-Violent Civil Disobedience ON MASS!!! The Union owned & directed Police are, as evidenced at the Market, waiting, wanting & pushing for conflict. They will probably get it! Breaking Point just ahead & they won’t see it!!! Contempt!

  21. I think it was the nazi Goering who said – ‘To control people, whatever form of government you have – dictatorship, fascist, marxist, communist, theocracy, democracy, monarchy – it doesn’t matter – just instill fear into the population – and you have them.’ I guess what is happening in Victoria is the result of decades of the Nanny State. Is it too simplistic to say it all began when you couldn’t sell Vegemite Rolls at the school tuck shop anymore – too much salt! – you’ll kill the kids! Just keep up that constant level of anxiety and fear – and you have the sheep in the palm of your hand. Or is that, locked down in their pens?

  22. What’s disturbing is that even as Victoria is trying to pass legislation allowing it to indefinitely detain those guilty of ‘crime think’ it’s refusing to impose the fines\jailtime merited by lockdown breaches on the family guilty of creating the new cluster. One wonders why. What is the basis for their Privilege? Those who protest the lockdown, or even merely propose such a protest, are being punished despite not spreading the plague. Seems like ‘justice’ in Victoria is one-eyed.

  23. Yes quite right Andrew. And we know full well why we have all this hypocrisy and double standards: Andrews is happy to pardon his Muslim buddies while he cracks down on freedom lovers. It is all about politics, and all about complete power and control. It is time for this tyrant to go.

  24. Where in Gods name is Scott Morrison and why is he not doing something about Andrews and his new laws ? I was always aware that in a state of National Emergency the P.M could override State Borders and this proposed new bill coupled with the antics in Qld, N.T and WA would surely rate as a National Emergency, What do we need to happen before our Federal Government gets off it’s butt and does something, do we need to see bloodshed in the streets first ??

  25. Yes quite right Derek. I keep asking myself the same questions. Where is ScoMo when we need him? Sure, we may not be privy to all the behind-the-scenes activities going on, and hopefully he is doing something about this insanity. but it does not seem like much is happening to be honest.

  26. Snr legal people on linkedin are speaking out about this bill, so that’s encouraging.
    Look up omnibus bill explainer on youtube
    20.20 he suggests what to do and write to labor politicians saying you will never vote for them again if you pass this bill. How true!

  27. Yes Morrison at the risk of civil war needs to send in troops to take over. It will be all over in a few hours. Dictator Dan can be offered safe passage to China where he will live happily ever after.

  28. Dear Bill, Thank you for the article. I hope this madness does not spread to other Labor states. What surprises me is that they say this man who has given the police the power to go around in gangs arresting people is supposed to have so much support.

    Yet history shows that the masses can act like mindless sheep when frightened enough.Look at the old film of Germans falling over each other to get a glimpse of Hitler when they must have known there were concentration camps in existence.Also people were seen to be crying in the streets when comrade Stalin died. They must have known about the Gulags just as the Chinese population must know about their so called re education camps.

    Australians are supposed to have a reputation for larrikinism, thumbing their noses at authority. Look how the young soldiers were portrayed in the film Gallipoli – real rebels. It seems this spirit has disappeared into the ether very quickly except for the few who have bravely took to the streets.

    I think the reason must be because Daniel Andrews has had most of the MSM on his side just as Hitler had the brilliant propagandist Goebbels on his because without a propaganda machine to brainwash and frighten people they would achieve nothing.

  29. Surely the Andrews government is on the brink of causing a national security catastrophe.
    Surely the Andrews government is on the brink of acting outside of its constitutional powers.
    Scomo must be able to do something about these.
    Likewise the Victorian Governor missed an opportunity, or rather a responsibility the other day when the health emergency was extended.
    The Victorian Governor must not miss this time, she cannot allow this new legislation to be approved.
    She must bring this government to an end.
    And… God save the Governor.

  30. Our Vic Governor seems to hold the key!
    This is from the Vic Parliament website:
    “A Bill becomes an Act when the Governor assents (agrees) to it on behalf of the Queen. The Governor sends messages to the Legislative Assembly & Legislative Council, stating the royal assent date & the Act’s reference number.”
    Surely this means Linda Dessau can stop this Bill. Let’s flood her with our requests !!!!!!

  31. Just a small correction. Michael O’Brien is not he leader of the Liberals. John Pesutto is.

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