End the Lockdown Madness Now

The experts are now nearly unanimous: lockdowns are counterproductive and must be stopped:

As more and more experts tell us that draconian lockdown measures are causing far more harm than good, we still have various political leaders digging in even further, telling us we must keep these measures in place. In a moment I will speak to three important groups telling us to ditch the lockdowns, but first let me offer a brief update on the latest gabfest from Victorian premier Dan Andrews.

Like perhaps most other Victorians I never watch these interminable events – we just can’t stand the sound of his voice rattling on, defending himself, refusing any accountability, and shoving bucket-loads of baloney down our throats each day.

One would almost rather look forward to a daily trip to the dentist for root canals. But knowing that the champion Peta Credlin would be grilling Andrews again today led me to tune in. She of course did a superlative job last Friday asking Dan the hard questions that needed to be asked, but most pro-Dan journalists were not asking.

So today we had one reporter ask Dan about the latest recommendations by the World Health Organisation that lockdown measures are not actually all that useful in dealing with corona. Sure enough, Andrews went into full-tilt panic mode, telling us we must keep the lockdowns in place, or we will flood our hospitals.

Um, haven’t we heard all that before? And did not all that fear-mongering fail to materialise? We had countless empty hospitals, along with so many people who needed vital hospitalisation refused entry, all because corona never was anywhere near as deadly as the panic merchants predicted. I still recall one Australian academic telling me months ago that it was likely Australia would see one million corona deaths!!

Thus Andrews gave us the same baloney he has been giving us for months. It is all about his insatiable thirst for power and control. And what better way to get and maintain that than by a daily dose of fear and hysteria. All tyrants have known about the value of fear.

Indeed, I recently pulled out an old volume from my library on this very thing. In 1987 a very important book appeared by economic historian Robert Higgs entitled Crisis and Leviathan. Although packed with a wealth of detailed information, the basic thesis of the 350-page book is straightforward enough: governments almost always take advantage of crises in order to grow larger. But once the crisis has passed, they seldom revert to their previous size.

Leviathan remains untamed. And those who are drunk on power like Andrews is are fully using the corona crisis and milking it for all its worth. His ‘two-weeks to flatten the curve’ has now turned into 8 months to flatten Victoria and the rest of the nation.

Anyway, back to the lockdowns. I mentioned WHO, so let me offer what they have recently said about this:

The World Health Organisation has backflipped on its original COVID-19 stance after calling for world leaders to stop locking down their countries and economies. Dr. David Nabarro from the WHO appealed to world leaders yesterday, telling them to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method” of the coronavirus. He also claimed that the only thing lockdowns achieved was poverty – with no mention of the potential lives saved. “Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer,” he said. “We in the World Health Organisation do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus.” https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/global/coronavirus-who-backflips-on-virus-stance-by-condemning-lockdowns/news-story/f2188f2aebff1b7b291b297731c3da74

Hmm, so why does Andrews still insist on keeping damaging lockdowns in place? Yes I know, WHO – as with many others – keep changing their tune here. But if he was willing to follow them when they pushed lockdowns, why is he not following them now? I thought he always said he is just following the best health advice.

And as I have written before, hundreds of Victorian health experts are also telling him the exact same thing. Consider this from today’s press:

A group of concerned doctors is calling for Victoria’s coronavirus lockdown to end immediately. In an open letter to Premier Daniel Andrews, 500 medical experts argue that the state government’s response to COVID-19 is causing severe harm, a spike in mental health issues and a worrying decline in tests for medical conditions like cancer and chest pain. https://7news.com.au/sunrise/on-the-show/hundreds-of-melbourne-doctors-call-for-immediate-end-to-harmful-lockdown-c-1379531

And my third group of expert witnesses I discussed just two days ago. In that recent piece I mentioned the Greater Barrington Declaration in which medical authorities called for an end to the lockdowns. In it I said that “20,000 medical health experts have signed it, as have 180,000 members of the general public.” https://billmuehlenberg.com/2020/10/10/the-great-barrington-declaration/

Well, those numbers have certainly escalated since then. A recent look at the website shows that 26,000 medical experts have now signed it, along with nearly 300,000 others. While numbers alone are not the sole arbiter of healthcare truth, these amazing figures need to be heeded and not discounted.

We now have WHO, over 500 Victorian experts, and over 26,000 medical authorities from around the world all telling us to forget about the lockdowns. Who you gonna call Dan Andrews? Who you gonna listen to? Now that we have hundreds of thousands of livelihoods lost and hundreds, if not thousands, of lives lost because of suicide and so on, it is time to ease up on your ugly ego-trip and power-trip and start really listening to the experts.

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  1. Dunny Andrews and the likes of Anastasia Palasuck are so used to trying to correct a mistake with another mistake that it would cause them pain to be reasonable. In QLD we are about to get a choice and it will be interesting as to who the average sheep will vote for.
    John Abbott

  2. The WHO is correct regarding lockdowns will only make poor people a lot poorer but also I think the WHO knows it will not receive much funding from countries this year and beyond due to economy lockdowns. Pity Dan Andrews and Co don’t realize this and what they are doing to Victorians and the country.

  3. I’m just as upset with Josh Friedenberg adamantly stating on prime TV that “this is a deadly virus and it doesn’t discriminate”. Where is his head!!! Its a fact its the over 70’s with compromised immune systems that are dying and often from comorbidites at that and it less virulent than the flu. These politicians drive me crazy.

  4. Hi Bill

    Thanks for your article “End The Lockdown Now.” I very much agree with you. It is good to see the alignment of the three sources mentioned in your article.

    The Great Barrington Declaration is something that I have been following. I believe it to be a powerful document. At the moment, this group appear to be scrutinizing their own figures and checking the information listed. This is good to see. Otherwise this group of experts may find themselves discredited by listing false names and details. However, the reason given on the site currently is that it is “to ensure that the server remains available for signatures to be added.” Currently the only figure they have up is a total figure of 239,469 signatures.

    The figures you saw on The Great Barrington Declaration website were correct. I confirm, I also saw the numbers you saw. The especially telling figure was 25,000 medical professionals who had signed up to affirm this document. Just at this very moment (Monday 20.00 hours) the site isn’t quite as powerful as it has previously been. Hopefully this will be rectified shortly. This site has been of great promise. In our attempts to persuade others, especially MPs, and of the need to abandon lockdowns in the future, this site hopefully will shortly return to being the wonderful demonstration of a great resource that it was.

    Moving on; I would like to see someone move to co-ordinate a more measured approach and lead more of our fellow Australian citizens into more decisive action so as to persuade our politicians of the changes that are needed. The false philosophy of the “new normal” is starting to look wobbly. But we need much more decisive action. I currently only know of two Federal politicians who support our position. We still need a lot of wisdom and divine help to turn things around.

    Chris McNicol

  5. Hi Bill,
    I can’t wait to get out of lock-down Melbourne as it would be lovely to go home to the farm near Albury, NSW. I look forward to visiting my parents and extended family whom I haven’t seen since January, 2020. However, I am so thankful to God that my daughter who has severe asthma is able to attend school from the 26th October because the COVID-19 cases in Melbourne are now really low. Also, I’m thankful to God for his protection over my work because it hasn’t been easy working on the front-line in Melbourne throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. I am praying for all the healthcare professionals around the world as they have to manage this contagious and deadly virus. I’m concerned about the 57% of 60 000 nurses in France who are approaching burn-out – The survey carried out by the National French Nurses Union found out that 57% of respondents reported being in a “state of professional exhaustion.” Unfortunately, the working environments for French nurses isn’t ideal as there are 34 000 nurse positions vacant in France. Also, the UK nurses are currently experiencing a similar working environment to the French nurses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and nurse shortages within the UK. It is obvious that the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the world, and I’m praying that Christ would bring comfort and healing during this pandemic.

    I am praying for the American people and for those who will vote in the upcoming US Presidential Election. I have great memories of my time spent in America as my husband works for a US company, so we have lived in Boston, MA. America is a very beautiful country and it is like a third home for our family. It upset me to read about a young 28 year old American female doctor who only had a medical history of mild asthma and she was studying obstetrics & gynaecology, but she died after contracting COVID-19 in her workplace. I was a privileged to read in detail about the lives this doctor had touched. I know God cared about this doctor’s short life despite the CDC recorded her death only as a number in the 200 499 COVID-19 deaths, and she is just another statistic for the National Nurses United who reported more than 1700 American healthcare workers COVID-19 deaths. Also, The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) estimates that 300 American doctors die by suicide each year. Therefore, I am sure most American healthcare professionals are reconsidering a new career path that doesn’t risk their own life and or the life of their family and friends.

    I believe this COVID-19 pandemic will change the American privatised healthcare system because the CDC has an elimination policy for the care, maintenance and treatment for TB infections, and this means a public free healthcare response is required. The CDC has allowed a “cycle of neglect” for TB, so they have allowed for a “cycle of neglect” for COVID-19. This is currently evident in many American states which have allowed COVID-19 case numbers to significantly increase. However, the CDC is currently researching for the most effective care, maintenance and treatment for COVID-19 and this will most likely include Melbourne’s Lockdowns.

    The WHO doesn’t support international border closers to control infectious pandemics, so had Scott Morrison followed this advice then Australia would have had significantly more COVID-19 cases, as well as more COVID-19 deaths within all states. The WHO doesn’t support Lockdowns as it makes poor people poorer, but it doesn’t mention about wealthy western countries which are offering money to isolate, as well as they’re compensating businesses and their employees who can’t operate because of lockdown restrictions. However, I’m not surprised that there are many healthcare professionals who want to escape from “Lockdown Melbourne,” as they want a break from work and they wish to enjoy spending time with their family at their holiday home on the coast or in the country. Unfortunately, the rules for COVID-19 haven’t been consistent nor have the excessive fines been justified. It is mind-blowing that the Victorian government has claimed they trust the advice from the medical experts, but the moment they walk out of the workplace then the government wants to micro-manage them with their special COVID-19 rules to live by as if medical experts don’t know anything about infection control. If it is safe for children to go back to Victorian schools, then it should be safe for children to attend Sunday school. However, the Victorian government doesn’t have a consistent policy for COVID-19 because they don’t really understand infection control. Most Melburnians want low number of COVID-19 cases because they want to enjoy the freedoms that are currently available in other states and territories. However, if COVID-19 cases increase significantly within Metro Melbourne after coming out of lockdown, then the borders will remain closed by all other Australian states and territories. It is tempting to come out of lockdown too quickly, but I don’t want to end up being in lockdown within the state of Victoria. I’ve decided that I’m not going to risk my health and safety if cases of COVID-19 significantly increase within the community after lock-down, and my husband and I will have to discuss moving to Southern NSW for the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  6. I think Andrews is not fussed about small business owners “going to the wall”. Small business owners tend to be very independent people, who have a disdain for big Government, and the red tape that goes with it. On the other hand, Andrews was very comfortable about his union mates getting back to his pet projects.

  7. Honestly Sheryl, There is no escaping this virus no matter what state you move to. The tests done to show whether people are positive or not, are not preformed on everyone only those who chose to take it. Far many more are not taking those tests, so who is to say just how many are carrying the virus when most are only silent carriers and don’t even know they have it. There is actually organised groups in their thousands in Melbourne advising people not to take the test because they are well aware that Andrews is only going to use it against them to keep them in further bondage and most of them are not even Christian yet they can see the difference between lies and truth. Daniel needs people to test positive to keep people locked up. What we need is commonsense. The virus is not the enemy, fear is, and you Sheryl are living in fear. Time to get into the love of Christ where there is no fear. Time to be bold and recognize where these lies are coming from and then seek out the truth. Because only the truth can set you free.

  8. We’ve all heard the famous quote, “Power corrupts, ultimate power corrupts ultimately”. In America, the leftists/socialists bureaucrats here coined a statement a decade, or so, ago, that’s seems very appropriate in this instance, “Never let a good crisis, go to waste”. Fear is how the oligarchs have ALWAYS controlled the masses – there’s nothing new under the sun. Sadly, (but predictably) most people have swallowed the fear hook, line, & sinker, some have begrudgingly obeyed and complained under their breath, and a small few have refused to comply and have spoken out, and have suffered the consequences thereof. (Which makes me think of how it will be when Rev. 13 occurs – I believe this virus could be the forerunner of this event occurring? But, I won’t go into the whole mask/mark vaccine issue here.)

    I live in upstate New York (a rural area a few hundred miles from NYC) our liberal governor locked down the entire State for several months because of this virus, destroyed people’s jobs, and businesses, and many people’s health from fear of going to hospital, even though here where I live the positive test results were very few. The NYC area had the most deaths from the virus than anywhere else in the entire country, mostly because of the measures our governor took. He sent infected people to nursing homes to die with no treatment, which then infected the entire nursing homes population & their staff, instead of sending them to hospital (out a fear to not over run the hospitals with virus cases). Put people needlessly on ventilators en mass, which killed many more 1,000’s who may have survived on their own with basic care. He restricted people’s access to basic health care & screenings, to keep the hospitals open for virus cases. Etc. Recently the restrictions here have gradually been lifted in my area (because it couldn’t be justified any longer with the very small amount of positive test results, and very small numbers of people showing any signs of illness). Now our governor is hailing himself a righteous hero, and writing a book at how great his leadership was during the worst of the pandemic. If the leftists win in the upcoming election in early November, he has already been promised an important cabinet level job in the new federal administration (pray in isn’t so). So, I can completely feel the pain Victorians are feeling at this time with your leadership becoming power hungry & establishing draconian measures.

    This article, “End the Lockdown Madness Now”, was simply stated, concise, right to the point, easy to comprehend, completely correct, and I thoroughly i enjoyed reading it.

    This is my first exposure to your articles (5,000, that’s impressive!) My brother, (Ron) who has been a Christian Pastor & has worked in the domestic mission field for 40+ years here in America, and who also has a vast library of theological books (nowhere as vast as yours) sent me the link to your video of you showing your vast impressive library, which then took me to your Culture Watch site.

    I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    Let’s hope the virus madness ends soon – but I personally believe that these power hungry leaders will never give up this new found power willingly.

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