Forced Vaccines, Health Fascism, and Medical Apartheid

Coerced Rona vaccines is medical apartheid:

I have written far too often already about the very worrying developments with Rona alarmism and the continuous calls being made for mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports. I have warned that all this is creating a two-tiered society, with a new underclass arising who for various reasons have genuine concerns about the Rona vaccines and are proceeding cautiously here.

They are increasingly being treated as a new class of lepers, shunned by society and blatantly discriminated against. I have spoken of how countless governments and businesses are now using both carrot and stick approaches to coerce people into getting vaccinated even though they may well have legitimate reasons why they are not keen on this pathway.

I have also written about how the various medical codes of ethics make it 100 per cent clear that all medical treatments must be fully voluntary and must involve informed consent. No coercion should ever take place, and no manipulation should occur. And that applies to vaccinations as well.

I have often quoted from the Australian Immunisation Handbook which says this: “[Vaccines] must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.”  

All the various carrot and stick approaches being used by governments and businesses are doing exactly that: they are using undue pressure, coercion and manipulation. And every day we learn of more and more such coercive measures being utilised. Consider just one example of this from overseas:

The Premier of the Canadian province of Manitoba today officially launched an immunization card program for those who have “received both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine,” allowing the vaccinated freedom over those who choose not to get the experimental shots. The announcement comes a month after a source within the Manitoba government warned LifeSiteNews about it. Those who sign up for Manitoba’s “immunization card” will have to self-isolate for a two-week period neither after returning to the province nor if they are said to have been a close contact to a person with a confirmed case of coronavirus.


“Manitobans have told us that getting back to the things they love and miss is one of the biggest incentives to getting vaccinated. As a government, we are doing everything we can to bolster vaccine availability and accessibility, and equipping Manitobans with the information and support they need to make the right decision to protect themselves, their loved ones and their community,” said Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister about the new immunization card in a press release sent out today. Those with the cards will also be allowed to visit family in hospitals or other health care facilities. The card will be available to people who currently have a Manitoba health card, which is the only provincial health care insurance program available.

And Australia is also up to its ears in such coercive incentive and inducement measures as well. As one recent article on a medical website says about this:

Getting vaccinated for covid is about to become a whole lot sweeter with health professionals, businesses and the media now able to offer rewards to the public for doing so. An amendment made last week by the Therapeutic Goods Administration relaxed the rules around companies offering incentives for covid vaccines by changing how the drugs could be advertised.


Under the changes, which are valid until the end of 2022, a medical clinic may offer a reward to a person who has been fully vaccinated, whether it be their staff or patient. The rewards can be monetary, vouchers, discounts or membership points for a loyalty scheme but excludes alcohol, tobacco or medicines (other than listed medicines).


The offers or advertisements must also not reference specific vaccine brands, compare covid vaccines, contain false or misleading statements or promote any vaccine that has not been approved by the TGA. “These arrangements permit health professionals, businesses and media outlets to develop their own materials about TGA-approved COVID-19 vaccines,” the TGA said.


But the allowance of “rewards” in exchange for vaccination has caught the attention of critics who say incentives should not be supplementing, or replacing, the governments public health campaign for vaccination. Adjunct Associate Professor Ken Harvey, a public health physician with an interest in the promotion and regulation of therapeutic goods, told TMR he had concerns about allowing complementary medicines to be used as rewards.


“I think getting Bunnings and other companies to offer rewards is fine. That’s commercial, but allowing health practitioners is crazy stuff,” he said. “My concern is that allowing these kinds of gifts could open the floodgates to complementary medicine companies who want to offer ‘immune boosters’ to the public.”


Professor Harvey also said the arrangement of offering a reward in exchange for patients getting the covid vaccine could be perceived as an inducement. According to The Medical Board of Australia’s code of conduct, healthcare professionals are prohibited from offering inducements or entering into arrangements that could be perceived as providing inducements.


“I think it is problematic for health practitioners to be offering inducements to their patients, as surely, it’s much more likely that the patient would come back to them. At the time of publication, Professor Harvey was awaiting a response from the TGA to clarify whether gifts of complementary medicines were allowed under the changes.

This is scary stuff indeed, and we are now seeing the rise of ‘health fascism,’ as some commentators are already calling this, referring to developments here and overseas. But as stated, this is not just a blatant violation of key codes of medical ethics, but it is resulting in a new case of discrimination and bigotry: an upper class of the vaxxed, and a lower class of the un-vaxxed.

One Black American university professor has just accused the vaxx zealots of introducing a new form of apartheid. As one article states:

In a blistering testimony comparing the current push for mass vaccination to pre-Civil Rights era denial of human rights for the black population, a Dean at Brandeis University gave her support for an Ohio bill that would permit residents to decline to be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. Dr. Erika Smith, who is the Dean of Academic Services at Brandeis and formerly an adjunct lecturer in the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, said that “those who love freedom must act before it’s too late.”


House Bill 248 states that Ohioans may decline to receive the jab as long as they submit a written statement or verbally declare that they decline to be vaccinated. The bill further clarifies that “When declining the vaccination, the individual … shall not be required to do anything beyond submitting the written statement or making the verbal declaration described in this section.”


“Current disparate treatment runs rife across this nation, spreading like wildfire, demanding in exchange for job security and participation in society the injection of medical treatments that are devoid of both FDA approval and legal recourse when damaging side effects occur, is draconian at best and criminal at worst,” Smith said.


Known as the Vaccine Choice & Anti-Discrimination Act, HB 248 was introduced April 6 2021 by State Rep. Jennifer Gross (R-West Chester). “This is a matter of freedom,” Gross said in a press release. “Without the exemption provisions this bill provides, the notion of a vaccine passport could easily lead to a class system in Ohio where segregation and discrimination will proliferate.”


Dr. Smith said she worries that vaccine mandates would result in a “two-tier society,” one in which citizens are required to provide proof of vaccination in order to simply participate in normal activities. This, she warned, would create an apartheid state, with citizens divided by vaccination status. “The idea of mandatory vaccinations for people to keep their jobs smacks of the same abuse that legislators have historically used against whatever people group they perceive to be inferior,” she said. “Forced vaccinations, medical passports, tracking and tracing, are all forms of medical apartheid.”


During her testimony supporting HB 248, Smith shared that her paternal grandmother was born on a plantation in Alabama. Her parents fought for justice during the Civil Rights movement so that Smith would be free, with equal privileges under the law. But mandatory jabs and a “show-your papers” culture requiring proof of vaccination would change that. “Any student of history clearly sees the distinct parallels between segregation due to race and segregation due to vaccine status,” Smith said.


“Today, citizens are fighting against the tyranny of government officials and the bullying from people in their daily lives who expect them to relinquish their God-given freedoms, upheld in the Constitution, to the state, and to obey mandates, mere words of men, which are not laws.” State Rep. Tom Young (R-Dayton) responded favorably to Smith’s testimony. “You are spot-on about what this bill is,” he said. “It’s a freedom bill.”

So where are all those lefties – and conservatives – who are so concerned about things like discrimination, inequality and apartheid? Why are so few speaking out about this new medical apartheid and health fascism? I certainly will keep speaking out. Who will join me?

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  1. Yes the Nuremberg Code is indeed very important in all this:

    The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment. The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.

  2. Im with you bill. Have attended freedom marches, pass on articles (just like this one) to christian brothers and sisters that warn of the dangers of these vaccines and the threat of passports, and finally just pray.
    Dont know why bill, but i am very grieved by all this.
    Have that constant bad gut feeling about all this, definitely hard times ahead for those of us who see the medical tyranny unfold.

  3. Yes we all should be very grieved by this George. Have we learned nothing from the lessons of history? Where have we seen whole classes of people being discriminated against and being vilified and hated on, all for not fitting in with the official narrative? Will they soon have yellow stars affixed to those who are seen to be enemies of the state, because they dared to ask questions about the Rona vaccines?

  4. Here in the US in a red state I just found out that at work I will not be granted the “special sticker “ that will be on the badge of the jab compliant. Therefore I will not be able to go maskless as the “privileged “ will be.

    This is insane!!!

  5. I suspected right from the start that this vaccine ‘health Fascism’ and ‘Medical Apartheid’ would take on a life of its own as pro-vaccers are rewarded with all kinds of incentives, both monetary and other. And, sadly, Australia’s own Scott Morrison is only contributing to this attitude. On the one hand, we are told that there is no compulsion to ‘take the Vax’, while on the other hand, we are being criticized and/or ostracized if we refuse it. It seems that, even though we are told there is ‘no pressure’ for us to be vaccinated, when it comes to the crunch we are being placed under a great deal of pressure!! And I, for one, do not respond kindly when I am placed under that kind of duress.

  6. 9 June 2021 The Mercury – Rural Tasmanians in isolated communities aged 16 and over offered the Covid jab
    If they are isolated how likely is it to get Covid?? Even if young people get Covid they recover well with minimal risk. This is double stupid!

  7. I see these quarantine camps being built and super schools becoming prison camps for the unvaccinated.

    Love your work Bill it up, miss you on Facebook. Our freedoms are under threat and we need to pray and get the gospel message out to as many as will listen.

  8. So why is it so important that we all take this vaccine. Why are they stopping us from taking certain drugs which are proven to aid in the fight against this disease? Why is that we can no longer even buy these drugs anymore which have always been much cheaper. Why are doctors being fined if they prescribe these drugs to us. Shouldn’t it be our choice whether we take them or not? What is this really about? It is about money, power and control.

    I picked this article up early last year, and as the months go by, and things get more heated about this vaccine which has not even been tested and rushed through, this article is starting to make a lot of sense to me.

  9. to be fair the discrimination goes both ways. I have seen anti-vax businesses preventing those who are vaccinated to go into their stores (e.g. QLD hair dressers), due to concern of shedding. So i think it goes both ways, the discrimination, anger and judgement, and unfortunately that will probably continue.

    But, it’s good to read your point of view that differs from others and understand some of the concerns.

  10. Thanks Allie, but no actually, it does NOT go both ways. I have heard of just one case – a small business (a hairdresser) – who seems to have done what you suggest. But given that there are many thousands of hairdressers, no one is disadvantaged if one person does something like this. However, we ALL are massively disadvantaged if corporate giants (especially those with near monopoly powers) such as banks or airlines (simply think Qantas here) are all on board with mandatory vaccines. I can easily find dozens of other hairdressers, but I cannot easily find other airlines if I need to travel.

    And as I clearly said in my article, it is of course not just businesses but governments that are getting into this coercion and discrimination. The state DOES have monopoly powers over a whole range of things. If the state declares that you must have the vaxx or you will miss out on all sorts of benefits and privileges, or not be able to attend school, or travel, or buy goods and services, you really are up the creek, with no other recourse. So no, it is not some sort of level playing field here. One hairdresser against the world hardly evens things up! But thanks for your thoughts.

  11. I discovered yesterday that a group of massage therapists have been told not to treat vaccinated people during the first four weeks after vaccination. Their insurance company will not cover them due to the risk of blood clots. Is this insurance company being extra cautious or do they know of more vascular side effects than are being reported?

  12. So it seems that, even now, the world is being tutored for the infamous ‘Mark of the Beast’. For now, vaccination is still optional, but looking down the road one can expect the present ‘optional’ to move steadily in the direction of ‘compulsory’. Our resistance is being steadily undermined. We MUST remain alert to what is happening, recognizing the long term repercussions.

  13. Dr Jess Lawrie (Chief Executive of MHRA UK) has asked authorities in UK to halt Civid vaccines immediately. She is the CEO of Evidence based Medicine Consultancy Ltd.

    There is big legal action proceeding against WEF, WHO, CDC and world leaders for crimes against humanity. Everyone who was and is a part of this-the media, doctors, hospitals, the people who profit and officials are responsible. COVID-19 is possibly the greatest crime against humanity perpetrated on a global scale.

  14. Too late:

    The ‘Australian Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination’ passport has already been rolled out.

    Today on each of our, ‘MyGov > Medicare’ internet records there is a ‘Vaccine history statement’. Check yours out.

    It would not surprise me if in the future there will be another column added for our ‘Social Credit Score’. Then your ‘Voting Record’. Who knows where this is going??

  15. “Do Not Get Vaccinated” If You Have This Syndrome, Says Dr. Fauci

    One group of people who shouldn’t get the vaccine, are those who suffer from Guillain-Barre syndrome, a “reaction, which is a rare neurological reaction to either influenza or the vaccine for influenza,” he explained. “We recommend that those people do not get vaccinated because you might trigger a similar, serious response.”

    Guillain-Barré Syndrome and the 1976 Swine Flu vaccination program

    After months of negative media coverage, the Guillain-Barre reports brought an overdue end to the swine flu affair. President Ford’s vaccination programme was suspended in December 1976 with only some 20% of the US population vaccinated.

  16. I am going to visit aged friends in Sydney in their retirement complex. They said I will need proof I am vaccinated against flu. Which I am so no big deal I suppose since flu is certainly a risk for older people in particular. No need for proof of Covid vaccination. Which I haven’t had and probably wouldn’t although if it meant seeing these aged folks maybe I would. For a lot if people I guess a $200 gift voucher from Bunnings might do the trick. If it was $2000 it might work for me and Judy since we are doing renos. Seriously though I share all the concerns about what is going on here. It’s all so unprecedented. People seem to be so frightened.

  17. Yes John, keeping the masses in fear and terror with Rona panic porn and alarmism has worked a treat for all our petty little dictators here and overseas.

  18. But there has to be an end game? But what is it? At least for the time being the climate change alarmists have gone quiet.

  19. Here is my summary of the TGA ‘adverse events’ report – up to 6 June
    Personally, I think anyone reading this who concludes the Covid vaccines are safe may have lost their mind!
    Summary 10.06.21 TGA Weekly Vaccine Safety ReportCOVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 10-06-2021 | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
    7 additional cases of blood clots with one death
    Total number of thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) in Australia is 48 – 15 patients remain in hospital with one in intensive care.
    In one week from 31 May to 6 June 2198 adverse reactions were reported.
    272 reports of death have been reported to TGA – up to 6 June
    99 reports of shingles have been reported to TGA – up to 6 June
    9 cases of pericarditis and one case of myocarditis have been reported after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

  20. Thanks again John. The climate change alarmists and the Rona alarmists would both be in the same camp and would both have the same end game in view: to gain more power and control to facilitate their hatred of the West and their attempt to see it come to an end.

  21. Curious with the vaxx cards what is to stop black marketeers from getting vaccinated, at least a few, then making cards and selling them to those that don’t wish to take the jab????

    Same with the app what is to stop black marketeers from developing a copycat app that would work and sell it??

    A clever person can get around any safe guard. No matter how complicated it is a smart person will be able to pick ANY lock.

  22. Thanks you for your article.
    I have started to become very alarmed about “Forced Vaccines, Health Fascism, and Medical Apartheid” recently. In fact, since I have discovered, albeit late, but it is better than never, that main media indeed does tell the only one part of story, at least here in UK, and completely block any sort of discussion, I have started to ask more questions and seek for more answers elsewhere. We can long argue where all this – as someone call it “plandemic” – has come from, but I definitely see where it is coming to. We need never allow this to happen, by all available means. Only together we are capable to averse the disaster. As soon as I have seen Netflix pushed for mandatory medical experiment I have immediately cancelled the subscription. Boycott of the businesses openly supporting the “Forced Vaccines, Health Fascism, and Medical Apartheid” is one of the tool we all have in our hands. Thank you all good people.

  23. Hello Mr Muehlenberg. I, like many Christians, are struggling with the vx issue. I saw that you were promoting the Ezekiel Declaration and I concurred and signed it. However, after sending it to my friend, whose doctorate specialty is pandemics and is pro-vx, she sent me back the Eternity article and said she agreed with Kuyper that Christians should get vaccinated. I wondered if you had read this and whether you have any view on his take of it. Thanks for what you do. Regards Kate

  24. Great article Bill, it was only when I was doing some research on medical apartheid that I found your article. I will be sharing far and wide.

    Keep up the great work. We all have an obligation to wake people up.

  25. Hi.
    It seems all these points describe to a lesser or greater extent the events we are seeing. It certainly seems like stagerring levels of greed and corruption. It certainly also, seems, like ‘health fascism’. It seems that some, expressing staggering levels of greed, are so caught up in the idea of wealth, money, riches, that they are not abe to see the consequences their actions are creating for others. Society seems to be becoming totalitarian. All the while, it seems, those involved, could stop it in a heart beat – outlaw profit incentive in pharmaceutical industry and remove the lack of responsibility/liability for damage to humans; remove the profit incentive from tech and make taking peoples data illegal. These two ponts alone would correct much of the corruption.

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