The Death of Women’s Sport

This is not just the end of women’s sport, but of the Olympics itself:

The trans militants want to destroy women’s sport. In the process they are doing a good job of destroying women as well. They have declared all-out war not only on women, but on biology, and on reality itself. If you want to know how Western civilisation will finally come crashing down, simply look at the lunacy of the radical trans agenda.

I have written plenty on the trans cult. Indeed, this is my 223rd piece on the topic. And just one of many areas of real concern here has to do with the issue of women’s sport and how the trans mafia is working overtime to destroy it. I have written often on this matter. See this piece for example:

On a daily basis we learn of more moonbattery from these folks. The most recent involves the decision to allow New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard to compete in next month’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. He will become the first transgender athlete to compete at this level. I have written about Hubbard before, including in this article from three years ago:

Hubbard, born Gavin, lived as a man for 35 years before “transitioning” in 2012. And now he will change forever the face of the Olympics. One story describes this as follows:

Hubbard was named to represent NZ at the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Monday in the women’s super heavyweight category. She was named in a five-strong New Zealand weightlifting team, alongside Kanah Andrews-Nahu (women’s -87kg), Megan Signal (women’s -76kg), David Liti (men’s +109kg) and Cameron McTaggart (men’s -81kg).


Hubbard, 43, transitioned in 2012 and became the first transgender athlete to represent New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games in 2018. She won silver at the 2017 world championships and was sixth in 2019 after suffering a major injury while competing at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

The story goes on to note that not everyone is happy with this move:

Belgian weightlifter Anna Vanbellinghen believes Hubbard maintains an unfair advantage. Vanbellinghen, who competes in the same +87kg division as the New Zealander, stressed that she fully supports the transgender community and that her comments were not a personal criticism of Hubbard.


“I am aware that defining a legal frame for transgender participation in sports is very difficult since there is an infinite variety of situations, and that reaching an entirely satisfactory solution, from either side of the debate, is probably impossible,” Vanbellinghen said recently. “However, anyone that has trained weightlifting at a high level knows this to be true in their bones: this particular situation is unfair to the sport and to the athletes.”

Thankfully, there are plenty of other folks who are concerned about where all this is headed. Entire organisations have sprung up recently to defend women in general, and women’s sport in particular, from the trans assault. Many could be mentioned here, but let me highlight just two of them. The first one is Save Women’s Sport Australasia. As they state on their homepage:

While everyone has the right to play sport, no one has the right to play in any category they choose. Sport is meaningless without fair competition, which is why we have separate categories for disabled people, for children, for men, and for women. However, a desire to be inclusive is having unintended negative consequences for women and girls, who are losing fair and meaningful competition at all levels of female sport.

The purpose of this organisation is this: “Save Women’s Sport Australasia is part of an international coalition of women’s organisations, athletes, and supporters of women in sport who assert that male athletes should not compete in female sports.”

Here are the first two points raised in their FAQ page:

Why is the female sports category important for women?

Male puberty locks in many changes to the male body that simply cannot be reversed. Males are (on average) taller, heavier, have bigger heads, longer arms and greater reach. They have greater lung capacity and the angle of their pelvic bones are different. This means they can run faster, jump longer, throw further and lift more. The differences in performance for elite male and female athletes is so marked across a wide range of sports that female athletes simply cannot bridge that gap.2 If women are to have the same opportunities in sport as men, at both amateur and elite level, they need a women-only category.


How is the female sports category under threat?

After many years of progress for women’s participation in sports, a new challenge has appeared: male-born athletes who identify as women are being allowed to compete against females. This is unfair to women. Female athletes who want to protest this clear injustice often face barriers: they risk a media backlash, jeopardising contracts with commercial sponsors, and being disciplined by their sporting bodies.

Last night on the Alan Jones Sky News program Katherine Deves, the Sydney-based co-founder and spokesman for the organisation appeared on the show to discuss the case of Hubbard. She did a great job of explaining why this is such a dangerous move.

It should be noted however that conservatives who should know better are not helping the cause. For example, Peta Credlin also discussed the Hubbard story last night, just before Jones did, and Peta kept referring to Hubbard as “she” or spoke of him as “her”. When we let the activists destroy our language – and with it, biology and reality –-our side is already well on the way to losing this one big time.

And Jones himself is happy to refer to Catherine McGregor (born Malcolm) as a ‘she’ as well. He even has his own show on Sky News now: “The McGregor Angle”. This kind of intellectual schizophrenia is not helping our cause at all, but simply plays into the hands of the sexual militants.

The second key group fighting all this madness is Binary, run by Kirralie Smith of NSW. This in part is how her organisation is described:

Binary as an organisation is concerned with the role that gender plays in our society. We affirm the fact that gender is binary.

Male and Female.

Our organisation aims to promote and celebrate the inherent differences between boys and girls, men and women. We uphold the biological assertion that there are two complementary genders.

Binary exists to challenge the aggressive agenda to de-gender our society in the areas of education, health, military, business, politics and the law.

Binary will protect our children from those who would seek to indoctrinate them with programs designed to promote the LGBTI agenda while bullying anyone who opposes it.

We are committed to building a well-informed broadly-based network of groups and individuals to create an effective social and civic barrier to radical gender theory.

We will meet challenges to current law and policy to stand against radical gender theory being imposed on us all.

The site has already offered commentary on the Hubbard case. The story begins:

New Zealand weightlifting has blatantly discriminated against women by including male athlete Laurel Hubbard on the Olympic team. The 43-year-old male didn’t begin taking medication until he was 35-years-old, enjoying a lifetime of testosterone-induced benefits along the way.


It is grossly unfair to women and a massive insult to the other genuine female competitors. The Guardian reported that “21-year-old Tongan weightlifter, Kuinini Manumua, who would have otherwise qualified, has missed out on the Olympics”.


The NZ team is poorly excusing the discrimination claiming they ticked all the boxes for Hubbard’s qualification. The International Olympic Committee transgender guidelines were modified in 2015, allowing males who haven’t even had surgery to compete. The only requirement is that their total testosterone level in serum is kept below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months. That is approximately double what a female can naturally produce. If she took testosterone she would be disqualified as a drug cheat. Science has proven that male and female categories are necessary as it is not just a matter of testosterone.

It sure is unfair. And it sure is an insult to all women. And this is just another nail in the coffin of women’s sport. The insanity of the trans mafia knows no bounds. It is determined to destroy everything in its path. And now we are witnessing the end of the Olympics.

Thanks a lot trans tyrants.

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  1. Hi Bill hope all well.
    What happened to fairness? This sport is not fair with these people in it. If they want fairness they should have their own section and then let’s see the competition quality.
    Women and men are different in and it’s not fair that a male who wants to be a woman competes in a women’s sport. In the true spirit of the Olympics, this is not fairness, it’s a joke and it makes a mockery of them as well. If they were really serious they should have their own olympics. Just saying.

  2. This Olympic farce will surely test Helen Reddy’s song “I am woman” – “I can do anything and hear me roar”.
    These nut cases need to be reminded that there is a difference between men and women and these Olympics may just alert the sleeping unwashed masses who by their nature fall asleep at the wheel. Hopefully, the unwahed masses will become outraged when they see great athletes fall before would be men and realise that this lunacy cannot be tolerated at any level.
    John Abbott

  3. Playing the devils advocate here but for the sake of making a point, I’d love to see Roger Federer declare himself as Regina Federer using laws similar to Victoriastan’s (don’t know if they passed parliament) where no questions are asked in relation to transition.
    It would be a complete farce and totally destroy women’s tennis.
    I’d love to see the reaction of the Trans cult, the mental and philosophical gymnastics would be insane.
    Unfortunately people will always ignore truth.

  4. In his days as a “trans-woman”, Walt Heyer played in a college women’s tennis competition – No surprises: He beat all his biologically female opponents, thereby monopolising the competition…

    Watched a very informative Family Voice Australia webinar last night featuring Walt and Senator Claire Chandler as keynote speakers. I believe the event was recorded with a view to posting as a YouTube video in a few days’ time.

    I wonder if and when men, self-identifying as oxen, will petition to join bullock-driving, log-pulling or ploughing competitions yoked alongside real members of the bovine species of mammal?… Specially modified yokes will no doubt be invented for the purpose…

  5. Just perhaps, the issue will come to the boiling point when the FIFA Women’s World Cup teams adds biological males to the otherwise all female teams. The pregame, play-by-play and post game assessments will be most interesting to the extent that the analysts shall be between the rock of reality and the hard spot of political correctness especially stateside should the USWNT is defeated by a team featuring a couple of biological males masquerading as feminists.

  6. In several cases it is mediocre male athletes, often high schoolers but also older, who come out as trans, without surgery, and then become star athletes – the whole trans thing is about winning trophies and medals many will probably go on to marry real women, thus being considered gay, and live a regular type of life, living a male life as a husband and father, except they have sports trophies and medals to show off.

    Conservatives and Christians must learn you can’t play by satan’s rules and expect to win. Incorrect pronoun usage IS playing by his rules.

    That said there are a LOT of media people and politicians who should identify as horse’s rear ends as they are already acting that way!

  7. Anthony Cieszkiewicz I think for most men to get upset it will take have non-altered trans women (MTF) staring in porno (or dancing at a strip club). For many women have unaltered FTM trans in porno (or as male strip dancers) many be the straw that broke the camel’s back. A sad state of society when people only fight insanity to satisfy their lusts!

  8. What is scary is how the younger generation are having their brains completely re-wired to accept such unreality. And don’t mean psychologically, I mean biologically. Is it possible that in the brain development of the young people it is possible to re-engineer the neuro- pathways to produce a generation whose thought patterns no longer accord with the real world

  9. Fascinating topic, Bill.

    Here’s a question:

    Would a female athlete who “converted” to a male bother to compete?

  10. Yes, Dominic It is all about dominance and power. What about someone who self- identifies as a cripple or blind and enters into the Paralympics ? Or a man who identifies both as a woman and teenager and enters into the women’s junior sport?

    In Marxism, equality equates to sameness. There are no distinctions. If we point them out this is called discrimination. But as you say you will never find a heavy weight trans man fighting in a heavy weight boxing tournament or rugby match.
    David Skinner UK

  11. Not Self-ID

    It is not only in the sporting world where this inanity emerges.

    A female Judge in England recently told a man accused of physically assaulting a self-appointed trans woman at a party: “She is a woman, that is how she identifies” – thereby endorsing the concept of self-ID.

    Perhaps someone should tell that Judge that the man, who exists and behaves in the real world, physically and biologically identified the trans person otherwise. The man not surprisingly then lost his temper and physically assaulted the trans person and was subsequently sentenced to 16 months imprisonment. The man was cleared of sexual assault. Does this case plainly show transsexualism to be psychological in origin. Try telling the hapless man sentenced to 16 months otherwise!

    Also note, the above case could never be categorised as “violence against women”, because violence is unprovoked aggression, not applicable in this case, and it was certainly not against a natal XX woman.

    Readers can digest my own two cents of wisdom on this sad subject here:


    You have heard it said that two plus two equals four. For that equation to be true and balanced, it must also mean that four equals two plus two.

    You will have heard the dubious mantra that transwomen are women. If that claim was true and balanced, it must also follow that women are transwomen. But the latter statement doesn’t add up, because women are already women; they have not and indeed have no need to transition from some other former condition.

    It follows then that only men can be transwomen, and hence ‘a fortiori’ transwomen are men.

    It is encouraging to see gender critical views being upheld via the Equality Act in the recent Maya Forstater case in the UK – link here:


    * God created two genders, man and woman.
    * God created man with XY chromosomes in each of his 37.2 trillion cells.
    * God created woman with XX chromosomes in each of her 37.2 trillion cells.
    * Man says, no, there are 58 genders.

    For Trans athletes. Rather than artificially adjusting testosterones and testing, suggest adjust chromosomes and test. Follow the science.

    For this reason God gave them up. Romans 1:18-32

  13. When news reporters commit ‘intellectual schizophrenia’ as they do by adopting trans terminology they actually ‘kill’ their own news. When they use such language they are admitting that they really believe that a male claiming to be a female really is female, and if that is the case then they don’t really have something that falls into the category of a worthy news story at all. It is only a worthy news story if they believe ‘she’ is actually a ‘he’ and report it as such. They might as well keep their mouths shut altogether or report another story.

  14. Very elegantly stated Andrew.

    But why could you not also have said , “… it must also follow that men are transmen; but men are already men ; they have not and indeed have no need to transition”

    Mischievously, posing as a transwoman, I tried once to book a short stay in a lesbian-and-women -only Bed and Breakfast, “Chymorgan” in Cornwall UK . But I was refused on the grounds the women had been upset by previous transwomen.
    I complained to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the woman answering my call, asked whether I had a certificate or some such proof to say I had completely transitioned. I answered negatively, saying I was still in the process of transitioning. The poor woman had to take me seriously otherwise I could have accused her of transphobia.

    But surely the clue is in the name, “Trans”.

    By definition a transperson can only cease to identify as a trans, once they are no longer transitioning, but they never ever reach that stage. Moreover any medication they take must be compatible with their gender; plus they have to take medication and hormone therapy for the rest of their life. A real women does not need this – at least not for this purpose. If a doctor was continually checking up on a real women patient to see if she was taking her medication for hormone treatment connected with transitioning, she would be justifiably offended.

    When we die the coroner, using the report of the autopsy will declare the deceased’s true gender.

    And what about the “Q” in LGBTQ which can mean “Questioning” . Isn’t such a person by definition suffering from questioning phobia? A narrow-minded and bigotted “Questioningphobe”

    In the new maths being taught to children, 2+2 = 5 [1],or any other answer they wish to give it. [2]

    However, what this is really headed towards is the extinction of all categories and definitions.
    In other words, God did not make plants, animals and human race according their kind. He did not create the boundaries between different kinds of existence.



    David Skinner


    Here in the UK, when arranging a trip on the overnight sleeper train between Scotland and England, you will be asked to “provide the gender and cabin sharing preference of each passenger to assist us in searching for availability”. The only gender options listed are male or female.

    Then you will be advised: “customers travelling alone on the Sleeper service in standard class may have to share a twin berth cabin with another passenger of the same gender”.

    What happens if a natal, XX chromosomal female, created with a womb and the necessary physiology combined with the equally necessary skeletal anatomy required for God’s miracle of childbirth, is preparing for bedtime when in pops a 6′ 4″ incredible hulk – an obviously non-natal female wearing a wig and some not very credible make-up – apparently endowed with a lady brain yet still anatomically equipped with a very XY, testosterone-fuelled male anatomy? (In France, the word “poseur” might be be used to describe such a person. Mind you, depending on the conditions, the word might be “poseuse” – you can’t be too sure these days! How do you gender-neutralise the French language, by the way)?

    If a very serious crime is committed during that long nightmare train journey, what kind of prison will the offender be sent to? Or will the very prisons themselves become gender neutral? Note, according to a former prison governess – or should that be governor – there are SEVEN times as many trans women currently accommodated in women’s prisons compared to the general population.

    And here is an unusual – but most apposite – appearance. Will the 1979 Monty Python film “The Life Of Brian” be next on the wrong-think hit list of the thought-police? Look at the brief clip shown below for the evidence. Note the “hurt feelings” at 1:14! Also note the understandable confusion at 0:23, which vividly sums up how any sane person will react when losing the place in the midst of all this sexual anarchy!

    (If you have trouble with the link, go to YouTube and search for ‘Monty Python I want to be a woman’)


    Re the video link supplied by David Skinner featuring the British military parading with pride in 2017 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality. That legislation from 1967 made homosexuality legal for consenting adults aged over 21 IN PRIVATE. The ban on homosexuals serving in the British military was lifted in the year 2000. Prior to that, homosexuals in the military faced a dishonourable discharge.

    Another video posted showed the British Army being forced to raise the “rainbow” flag instead of the Regimental Colours. And it is not only the British Army being forced to publicly participate in that kind of symbolic activity these days.

    Many years ago, the late Dave Allen told satirically of a man who was emigrating; when asked why, the man said, well, they used to have the death penalty for homosexuality; now they’re making it legal, I’m leaving before they make it compulsory! And if you think that commentary is just a frivolous joke, consider the five stages of Homofascism:

    Tolerance, Acceptance, Celebration, Forced Participation, Punishment of dissenters.

    And now consider a 10 point plan by Theosophist and New Age pioneer Alice Bailey to destroy Christianity:

    -Take God and Prayer Out Of The Education System

    -Reduce Parental Authority Over Children

    -Reduce the Judeo-Christian Family Structure Or The Traditional Christian Family Structure

    -If Sex is Free, Then Make abortion Legal and Make It Free

    -Make Divorce Easy And Legal, Free People From The Concept of Marriage For Life

    -Make Homosexuality An Alternative Lifestyle

    -Debase Art, Make it Run Mad

    -Use Media To Promote And Change Mindsets

    -Create An Interfaith Movement

    -Get Government To Make All These Law And Get The Church To Endorse These Changes

    Perhaps someone will correct me if I have got these prescient observations insanely wrong.

  17. Haha – nice one Dave Skinner. Play the game and crash the system.
    So far we only see half-baked male athletes doing the trans thing. We need to stop being so nice. Right now we just need some top male athletes to start demolishing female records and crash the whole system. Then they will be forced to delete those records just like Lance Armstrong was deleted from the Tour de France history books. Cheating is cheating.
    Ironically, when I criticized a transwoman runner on the Parkrun forum, it was mostly females defending him (her). That got me permanently banned from the Parkrun forum. So next time I ran as a trans and got the highest age grade ever in that local Parkrun. LOL. (96% of world record pace)
    Girls – complain LOUDLY! Can we hurry up and get this silly fad over with please?

  18. Well Andrew celebration check punishment of dissenters check I guess it depends on how you define forced participation as to if that is a check as we aren’t YET being forced into sex with them (getting close on the trans front they will punish you for not wanting to date a trans person they don’t tell you they are trans till you are on the date then you either have to date them or be labeled a transphobe). Though I’m sure that WILL be coming (they want it and you only have the right to lay there and take it). While not in their 10 point plan sexualizing children and allowing/enticing them into sexual relationships, including homosexual, has most certainly been part of their plan. Allowing adult-child relations has also been a goal of theirs. Also the explosion of the production of and access to porn (I swear they want to eventually make child porn legal though they may claim it’s for the children to consume) I think they have found people are more willing to do things for the children than for any other reason so they try to make it so this is helping kids so if you’re against it you hate kids. One thing the Left is very good at is linguistics. Evil always seems to have the upper hand there. We have the better message but the have the slicker presentation. Apparently if you wrap a cow chip in a pretty bow is is more appealing to many people than a juicy steak.

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