HIV and PC Madness

When politics and political correctness trump medicine and public health and safety, then we all suffer greatly. We see this happening far too often but it has become standard operating procedure when it comes to homosexuality and the deadly HIV.

All over the West our ruling elites, politicians, and even medical communities have politicised HIV/AIDS and endangered lives as a result. The god of homosexualism can never be challenged, never be questioned and never be disputed. Everything must give way to this dangerous and high-risk lifestyle.

hivThe Victorian government is a perfect example of how reckless and irresponsible leaders have bowed the knee to the homosexualist religion, and cast aside common sense and the community good. The Napthine government is distancing itself from a pro-family conference to be held here soon, viewing it as homophobic!

Yet at the same time the Health Minister has come out telling us that targeting those who deliberately spread HIV is wrong. Yes you heard me correctly. As one news item states:

Australia’s only HIV-specific law that criminalises the intentional transmission of the virus will be amended, the Victorian health minister, David Davis, announced to a standing ovation of HIV researchers and advocates at a satellite event to the Aids 2014 symposium in Melbourne….
The act currently states “intentionally causing a very serious disease” is a criminal offence in Victoria – with “very serious disease” defined exclusively to mean HIV infection. “We have committed to review and amend this section to ensure it is non-discriminatory, in consultation with HIV medical, research and support communities,” Davis said.

What? What is this nonsense about being non-discriminatory? We already know the facts here. The overwhelming majority of HIV cases are due to male to male sex, or intravenous drug use. If we know precisely who the main risk groups are, then of course we should be highlighting those groups.

And in the meantime, people are contracting HIV and dying, all around the world, because of such gutless policies, the power of the homosexual juggernaut, and raging political correctness. At least some places still consider this dangerous and therefore illegal behaviour.

Consider a case in Missouri where a man has been charged with spreading HIV: “Mangum faces a charge of reckless exposure to HIV infection after police say he admitted to having more than 300 partners with 50 to 60 of those in Stoddard County.”

And because of all this mind-numbing and morally irresponsible political correctness, HIV continues to be a massive problem in Australia. As one report states:

The number of people diagnosed with HIV in Australia remains at 20-year highs. Annual data released from the Kirby Institute shows 1,235 new cases were diagnosed last year. The figures have been released ahead of a global AIDS conference in Melbourne next week. They show that HIV rates have been steadily rising in Australia since 1999 and more than 26,000 people are now living with the virus. Researchers say they are concerned about complacency and that unprotected sex between casual male partners is a leading contributor to the increase.

Also consider this, just in from the US:

A new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that although the annual diagnosis rate of HIV has dropped by one-third in the general population, the percentage is increasing among young gay and bisexual males. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has been dropping among heterosexuals, drug users, and women, but the rate for young gay and bisexual males has risen over 100%.

In my book Strained Relations I speak much to this issue, so let me close with some material taken from the book:

Given that the normal procedures associated with infectious diseases have not been used on AIDS, for fear of homosexual protests, it is clear, as some have put it, that AIDS has become the nation’s first politically protected disease. But AIDS should be treated as a medical issue, not a political one. AIDS is a health epidemic, requiring stringent measures. This should include all the normal means of prevention of transmission: Public Health Departments should be able to know who has the disease through case monitoring and contact tracing; routine testing must be undertaken; and notification of carriers should be mandatory. As one author says, “we must stop romanticizing AIDS”.

As a co-founder of the Children’s AIDS Fund in America put it, “Never before in medical history have we made it the responsibility of the individual exposed to a contagious or infectious disease to end such an epidemic. With HIV/AIDS, the medical and public health communities during the first fifteen years of the epidemic largely removed themselves from the intervention through aggressive diagnosis and reporting consistent with their approach to similar diseases.”

It is because we have refused to treat HIV/AIDS as we have any other public health risk, that we now are paying a terrible price. One doctor puts the situation in striking terms: “If a foreign nation were to attack our shores and kill 10,000 Americans, it would be considered an act of war. Yet, millions of Americans have already been unnecessarily infected in this epidemic and they will almost all die. The tragedy is that this epidemic should never have occurred.”

At bottom, AIDS is not primarily a health issue but a behaviour issue. Stop the behaviour (homosexual activity, and needle-based drug use) and you pretty well stop the disease. These are not just the thoughts of bigoted right wingers. Here is how one practicing lesbian puts it:

“Let’s be honest. There is a way to stop the spread of AIDS – it’s called abstaining from sex. Unlike with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or diabetes, you can make a decision to not get AIDS (with a few unfortunate exceptions, like the child of an infected mother or the victim of a contaminated blood transfusion). Considering its preventability, there is no excuse for AIDS being the biggest health crises we as a people face.”

Another homosexual, writing in a leading American homosexual magazine, The Advocate, says that young homosexual men “are ignorant to a disease that has been around over 20 years. And if they are gay and male, they doubly deserve it. We’ve seen firsthand what it can do but choose to ignore that in favor of our own carnal desires.”

Fortunately a bit of sanity is reentering the debate. A leading Californian homosexual group has decided to go straight – that is, decided to get back to the truth about AIDS. The L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center is trying to reach the many homosexual men who have become complacent about HIV and AIDS. They have launched a major ad campaign with the frank admission: “HIV is a gay disease.”

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27 Replies to “HIV and PC Madness”

  1. AIDS is the first ever protected disease in the history of the planet. Normally you try and prevent the spread of such a dangerous disease, but the lifestyle that it is most common in, is protected in the name of political correctness. It is madness.

  2. When Christian testimony and conscience names sodomistic practices as inherently “sinful” and to be avoided, this is merely stating an important behavioural truth. The consequences of such, (predominantly “gay”) behaviour are so patently anti-life, that surely nothing can justify social soft-pedalling and euphemism when “outing” the behaviour as essentially un-loving and anti-human, and therefore subjecting it to criminal assessment, restorative action, and perhaps even criminal penalty.

  3. The root of the cause is money and also population control. There are over 7 billion people in the world. There are articles where people want the world population to drop drastically. And how convenient a way. Some people think they can play ‘god’ God doesn’t want that, we know.

  4. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a class action mounted against the “safe sex” campaigns of the 90’s. I guess the claimants keep dying before it can get established in the slow-mo court system.
    “Oops – sorry folks. It isn’t safe after all”.
    And Erik’s theory of population control is rather compelling. After all, humans might be slow at times, but are definitely not THAT stupid – not for decades. So it must be on purpose.

  5. Homosexual sexual practices have been proven to be physiologically dangerous, our bodies are designed for heterosexual sexual practices. Also, homosexual practices have been proven to be dangerous because of the transmission of various diseases like AIDS. It is to the great condemnation of the medical profession that these facts have been, and are not being pointed out to the Australian community. In my opinion, the medical profession stands condemned because of this irresponsibility. Once again, rampant political correctness manifests itself.

  6. I’ve said it before – sexual healthcare should be the same as dentistry – pay as you go.
    People cannot be irresponsable with their sexual health and bill it all up to the taxpaying public. And then do it again and again. That is not what the healthcare system is for. Smokers and drinkers are not allowed to do that – they have to pay via cigarette and alcohol taxes.
    If children can learn to refrain from sugar then I’m sure adults can refrain from a promiscuous lifestyle that can kill or harm them.

  7. About as sensible as legitimising tobacco smoking. They may well continue to engage in anal intercourse but why are we not doing all we can to stop people trying it, experimenting and then even glamorising this lifestyle choice like we do for smoking? I still agree with whoever said it, that smoking seems far healthier than anal intercourse.

  8. I have often wondered and have stated it on this website where is the world health organisation in all this surely no one can deny it is a visual, thoroughly documented death rendering pandemic that they have chosen to ignore. Even the presidents and prime ministers have actively encouraged it by silencing any condemnation of the act that primarily transmits it. When you here of one infected person literally knowingly infecting and murdering multiple partners there has to be a reason it is condoned. In this my suspicions tell me that along with the government support of the abortion industry all such methods that protect an abnormal supposed right are nothing more than population control.
    Surely women’s choice comes before they let someone inseminate their bodies but even pregnancy is only temporary and adoption much sought after
    The HS choice comes when considering using a disease prone sewer for sexual gratification.

  9. So the Health Act currently states “intentionally causing a very serious disease” is a criminal offence in Victoria.
    I would assume that up till now the discussion or criticism of any sexual conduct or practices or the urging of persons to refrain from or modify such conduct or practices that lead to sexually transmitted diseases would not be taken of itself to be threatening or intended to stir up hatred.

    That is up until now, when even discussing homosexual health, will be deemed as inciting hatred, perhaps liable to seven years in prison – unless one is a gay aids activist, like Elton John, demanding yet more more money from the tax payer, to clear up his mess.

    So get this; it is not the gay person’s fault for getting AIDS it is ours: the not – gay, poste- gay and ex- gay, because we stigmatise homosexual behaviour.

    We are to blame even after the gays have bullied the National Blood Banks to accepting their blood, because we still demand that gays abstain from sodomising one another for at least a year before donating their blood.

    According to the Guardian commentator, “This archaic approach seems out of step with the NHS’s otherwise progressive sexual health policy. Genito-urinary clinics do not care what you do in the privacy of your own home, or who you do it with. They are more concerned with protecting people from sexually transmitted disease. So as long as consenting adults are involved, anything goes.
    Gay people are respected as equals by sexual health clinics, and uptake of their services is consequently high. This contrasts with the National Blood Service and the donor crisis they face, where only 4% of people who could donate do.”

    The only way to take away Stigma is to assume that we are all potentially gay and therefore all potentially liable to catch AIDS. By testing everyone, without questioning what people do in the privacy of your own home, or who they do it with, no one will know who is sodomising who and who is not.

    This will certainly cure stigmatisation but the rate of infections will rocket. But guess who will blamed for this? It will be you and me my dears.

    The dutch, Holland Netherlands experiment

    David Skinner UK

  10. Actually there is a more fundamental reason that gays can claim for the rise in recorded cases of HIV and AIDS and that is simply because they are recorded. If such cases were not recorded the numbers of gay men contracting STDs and STIs would drop dramatically. – sorted.

    David Skinner UK

  11. Legally protecting those with HIV/AIDS infections from being accused of infecting others with a lethal virus is all about political influence. Remove the power from this new aristocracy and this disease will become notifiable, traceable and more treatable.

  12. Currently I can’t donate blood, so are they discriminating against me? No, because of health issues is the reason I can’t give blood and plus the haemoglobin count is too low to be acceptable.

  13. I was told I could not give blood as I get hay fever. So I said OK and bowed without grievance to medical opinion. Why would I insist of giving my blood which has been medically assessed as unsuitable for donation? Where’s the sense? I don’t have such low self esteem that I feel slighted, or stigmatised. I’m glad I don’t have to bother because my bothering would be counter-productive. Let other people do it. The process is bigger than me, the need to safeguard others is bigger than me.

  14. The medical profession needs to speak up publicly, and more aggressively. This sodomy is a ‘cancer’ to our society, it has to be ‘cut’ out. The best way is by education; bombarding ads on TV, movie theatres, radios etc with billions of dollars spent in these in ads. It worked to get the smoking rate down, very drastically, about 20 years ago. I believe it can work for sodomy too. Show the worse ads, it might be enough to turn people away from the lifestyle. Show exactly how dangerous the disease is, and the ‘hell of an life ending’, and maybe people will stop saying: ‘Don’t judge me.’ Put posters up everywhere, showing the dangers of Hep C, Hiv/Aids. Perhaps with many other groups could help. Also need to speak to politicians about costs to the taxpayers, that might get the general population enraged enough to do something about it.

    The only design both by God, and medically is heterosexual sex. Man and women were designed as partners that way. It takes a cord and a plug.

  15. Here in Canada, to merely publicly question the high rate of STD’s and AIDS among MSM (men who have sex with men) is to invite arrest under our disgusting “hate crimes” laws. Yet in 2012, the Center for Disease Control & Prevention stated that MSM in Vancouver, British Columbia, were responsible for 95% of all syphilis cases in that city. This is shocking, given their tiny numbers, but it also highlights the dangerous. disease-ridden sexual practises that such individuals engage in. And if you dare to discuss this on a public forum, you are branded a “homophobe, bigot, hater and Nazi.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, you have a great blog – keep it up!

  16. This is why people have to band together and get this bad law off the books. While I agree any form of discrimination is wrong, illegal and especially immoral, and we must not freeze anyone out of society; society has an obligation to rid anything cancerous, such as the elimination of dreadful diseases. No disease merits protection. This is a social cancer, and it needs to be cut out. Didn’t we learn anything from history about plagues? If we do not stop the spread of disease, we will have a plague worse than any in history, thus wiping out the human race. While having compassion on LTBG thru prayer and antidiscrimination, for example; people must start tackling bad laws; ones where if we don’t do anything to stop sodomy, we as a race will die out. Not doing anything other than worshiping evil is not God’s design or will. If the majority of people actually gets enough courage, then they can stop this spread of a horrible ‘social cancer.’

  17. I forgot to add from the above post, this spread happens because we rebel against traditional moral authority and against what is right, including medical and theological. We have to stop teaching ‘indoctrinating’ people; instead remind them that is not a health alternative, and stop experimenting with unhealthy sex.

  18. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the article. Why is the MSM so squeamish about describing explicitly exactly what homosexuals do? If the act wasn’t so filthy and disgusting they would have no qualms about it. Instead they just waffle on in general terms.

  19. “men having sex with men” in Australia has caused 75.1% of all new HIV infections over the last 10 years, yet they make up less than 2% of the population.

    To normalize this sexuality is to approve of the behavior that causes it. Making people feel better about themselves will in no way stop their sexual behavior.

    Figures from Table 1.1.1…/res…/2013AnnualSurvReport.pdf

  20. Yes Rachel Smith, I was banned from giving blood because I had a cold – what discrimination!
    May I mention that there is one minority group who have been completely ignored in all this: I am talking of smokers. It is absolutely outrageous that every packet of cigarettes carries a health warning: smoking can kill you, As yet I am unaware of smokers demanding that the Advertising Standards Agency ban this blatant fagphobic statement, but clearly this stigmatises and incites fagphobia, and yet smokers are dying in their thousands through internalised fagphobia caused directly through society’s lack of acceptance.

    We ought to have Fag Pride marches where a million smokers strut, puff, cough and wheeze through our cities with smoke billowing out of every available orifice.

    David Skinner UK

  21. Mark Marshall you are absolutely right. In Britain, a few years ago it was predicted that the cost of treating HIV in 2013 would reach three quarters of a billion pounds. I understand that some gays with HIV will cost the NHS over their life time, if they last 20 years of more, a million pounds.

    If one practises a dangerous sport one has to declare this on insurance policies and one pays a higher premium.

    Bare Backing,, Giving the Gift, Bug Chasing, Possing Up and Breeding are all terms to denote those whose sexual sport or orientation is to actively pursue AIDS and HIV. One needs to watch this:

    Please note the mention of the gay dating web – site, Gaydar that advertised bare backing.

    Gaydar is used by homosexual politicians like Chris Bryant MP. Out and proud gay Muslim, Lord Waheed Ali, who, since 2001 has helped to push through one piece of gay legislation after another in the House of Lords in the UK, has, as his partner, Charlie Parsons who owns Gaydar.

    This whole series of five youtubes is sobering stuff.

    David Skinner Uk

  22. Ever heard of the AIDS Patient Zero?
    A Canadian gay flight attendant who was tracked down in the early 80’s by the CDC. When confronted he said he has the right to have sex with anyone he wants to and doesn’t to change his gay sex habits even if he is killing people.
    The youtube video is here:

  23. David,

    If that’s the case, then countries in the West and the South, will go bankrupt, if they keep going that direction.

  24. Yes, Eric, talking about the cost to the public, but hey, this is where pragmatism has failed as we always knew it would when it hits another religion. Yes, to insist on the right to have sex with anyone one likes is more than just an opinion that would be adjusted according to the truth that is revealed. It is like insisting to only give $1 change when it has been made clear that $5 change is required according to the relevant mathematical equations of addition and subtraction. Convictions however, which belong to the area of religion or worldviews, they will be held in the face of contrary evidence to the death, which in the case of the Christian faith still leads to life as the opposing evidence is only transient.
    For the sake of the innocent, the babies born positive to HIV positive mothers and the rape victims etc HIV-aids should be reportable and conduct known to be spreading it made illegal; it is for every other transferable disease. The event of retroviral treatment seems to be providing the false security these people crave. Is God already giving them up to their own divices? How can we help to at lest protect the innocent victims if the others don’t want to be protected?
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  25. Homosexuality, like Islam, not only affects the body, it alters the mind and the spirit. It is in essence a death wish and is intent on carrying as many as possible with it into hell. It is truly Satanic.
    One thing I have noticed is that, physically, the physiognomy of those possessed by this condition has distinct characteristics. Likewise the facial characteristics of those who escape from it change dramatically.

    David Sklnner UK

  26. Bill,

    You have to see this quote from a news article I saw that was on the same page as a link my dad sent me about a gay man raping school children in SA preschool that just came out….

    “But the reality in Australia is that HIV risk is not equally distributed. Rather, the epidemic here is concentrated in populations of men who have sex with men, with the most recent data showing that gay and other homosexually active men account for 79 per cent of HIV infections.”

    At that’s from the gay Judge Justice Michael Kirby’s institute! The man himself was just on ABC Q&A yesterday saying that preteens need to be taught about male gay anal sex in Australian schools.
    How can he care about AIDS, or even pedophilia if he didn’t put a disclaimer out there that what he suggested children be taught how to do is likely to kill them slowly with the AIDS virus – or make a disclaimer they at least shouldn’t try it with older men.

    Don’t think that claim is defamatory – he actually said it! Go watch it here:

    There you have it. 80% of AIDS cases in Australia are due to men choosing to do gay anal sex and spreading the disease. How can the law not discriminate if this minority of 2% of the population are responsible for 80% of the AIDS case, and their sex habits make the disease spread on the rise.

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