“Safe Schools” Militancy: The State-Sponsored War on Children and Parents

The rule of Dan Andrews and Labor in Victoria has made it the most hard-core left-wing government in the country. The militant social engineers here have pushed just about every uber-radical agenda item there is, including the gender bender madness and the toxic Safe Schools program.

These radicals are engaged in a full-blown assault on our children, and have made a declaration of war on Victorian parents. The radical sexualisation of our children is happening all over Victoria, and the leftist activists running the place have ensured that parents are not even in the loop as to the harm being done to their children.

ssc 12This has always been the case with the so-called Safe Schools Coalition which Andrews has always defended to the death. It is one of the most radical sexual anarchy programs around, and it has been inflicted on Victorians for several years now.

Consider just one of the nefarious resources being used in Victorian schools. The Safe Schools Coalition has put out a “Guide to supporting a student to affirm or transition gender identity at school”. The authors are all the usual suspects in this sexual militancy: Roz Ward, Joel Radcliffe, Matthew Parsons, Mel Gaylard, and Dani Wright Toussaint.

The booklet is so bad that even concerned writers overseas have been discussing this four-page document of late. Conservative writers such as Ben Shapiro and various conservative websites in the US such as the Daily Wire have been highlighting this booklet just recently.

Although American commentators are at the moment discussing how horrific this booklet is, it has actually been out for two years now. But it is still worth focusing on, because it shows how bad things are in the People’s Republik of Victoria. One of the main problems is how it actually encourages students to bypass their concerned parents altogether if they want to get involved in gender bender-ism.

Consider these shocking paragraphs:

Ensure a student led process.
The person who understands most about their gender transition or affirmation is the student themselves. It is crucial to the success of this process that they are included in every decision made and every action taken. Consideration should be given to the age and maturity of the student and whether it would be appropriate to involve the students’ parent(s) or guardian(s) in each decision.
Assess the support given by a student’s family members or carers, and think through the needs of any siblings, especially those attending the same school. If a student does not have family or carer support for the process, a decision to proceed should be made based on the school’s duty of care for the student’s wellbeing and their level of maturity to make decisions about their needs. It may be possible to consider a student a mature minor and able to make decisions without parental consent.

Did you get that? If a parent is not keen on having a child get dragged into this dangerous agenda, they can just be ignored, and the school will act as a surrogate parent, taking the place of parents in the decision making process. “Screw the parents” is the clear message being put out here.

Of course radicals like Ward and Radcliffe have been saying this all along: ‘forget your parents because we are now in charge’. Indeed, the Safe Schools activists boast about how they can bypass parents altogether. Consider remarks they have made at public meetings pushing the Safe Schools radicalism.

Way back in June 2014 the Safe Schools project manager Joel Radcliffe told an audience that “Parents don’t have the power to shut this down”. And Roz Ward told another audience that schools should just ignore concerns raised about the agenda: “When people do complain then school leadership can very calmly and graciously say, ‘You know what? We’re doing it anyway, tough luck!’”

This arrogant contempt of the legitimate worries of concerned citizens and parents shows how out of touch these activists are, and how far out of touch the Andrews government is. And there sure is a lot to be concerned about with the Safe Schools program in general, and this guide in particular.

For example, the guide also states that schools should allow transgender students to use the “toilets, changing rooms, showers and swimming facilities based on the student’s gender identity and the facilities they will feel most comfortable with”.

It also argues that sporting activities should not be segregated “on the basis of sex or gender identity”. And it even includes a section on how to deal with the obvious negative feedback that this program will engender (no pun intended).

And take a load of what it has to say about “School uniforms and dress codes”:

Confirm the appropriate uniform that matches the gender identity of the student and adheres to your school dress or uniform code. It could be timely for the school to consider how inclusive your current dress code or uniform policy is and whether it could be updated. For students affirming an identity that is neither male nor female, provisions could be considered by the school for the student to wear elements of the uniform they feel most comfortable with.

This guide is really full-on la la land material. Consider this bit of lunacy from the booklet:

Prepare for community responses. The school leadership team should be prepared to respond to questions or concerns from parents or members of the broader school community. This can be as simple as affirming the facts of the situation and policy that applies while maintaining the confidentiality of the student and their family. For example if someone asks why a student is wearing a girl’s uniform you can explain that the student is a girl and that you want her to feel as comfortable as possible at school. Safe Schools Coalition Australia can assist you to develop some affirmative messages to share with all staff to ensure that they are confident to respond to potential concerns across the school community in a consistent and positive way.

Good grief. Um, earth calling militants: a boy wearing a girl’s uniform is not a girl, and he does not become a girl simply by changing clothes. I do not become a bear if I put on a bearskin. Roz Ward does not become a ferret by wearing a fur coat. And Dan Andrews does not magically become a large yellow bird if he decides to wear a Big Bird costume.

But this is how utterly insane this program is. Simply ignore biology, ignore science, and ignore reality. If a boy decides he is no longer a boy but a girl, well, presto, he is one! That is all it takes. You are whatever you decide to be, no questions asked.

So if I decide I am the real Premier of Victoria can I force Andrews to step down and allow me to take over the governance of this state? If I decide I am the best Aussie Rules footballer around, can I simply demand that the Geelong Cats hire me immediately?

If I decide that I am a multi-millionaire, can I go to any bank and demand my moolah (preferably in hundred dollar bills)? If I decide that Roz Ward and his/her colleagues are certified loonies, can I demand that they all be locked away for a very long period of time?

I am not sure which is worse here. The delusional social activism that declares biology and reality to be non-existent, or the diabolical contempt that these activists have for ordinary mothers and fathers. Both stink to high heaven. No wonder this sort of story is making the rounds overseas.

Americans thought things were bad under Obama, and that they would have been just as bad under Hillary Clinton. They were quite right. But I sometimes wonder if either of these two hard-core lefties have anything on our own hyper-left social engineer, Dan Andrews.

Lord have mercy on Victoria.

Click to access GuideSupportingStudentAffirmTransition.pdf

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19 Replies to ““Safe Schools” Militancy: The State-Sponsored War on Children and Parents”

  1. Premier Andrews is a wicked man. What is the traditional church doing to stop this madness?
    I love Melbourne. My birthplace.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Here’s the petition in case you’d like to share it with your faithful followers: http://citizengo.org/en-au/fm/70313-doctors-secondary-schools-program-fails-provide-appropriate-parental-engagement?dr=5771629::45902474044872e5e9dd70692a9b18bf&utm_source=email&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTURKak1XVTVaV1kxTURWayIsInQiOiIrUGJOejNjT1ZwTGNZWm04ZmxLVE1KYUVkdTJrYVhcL2xpOFc4eGlKQ2FLeDdlNGxUdlc4SU9kOGV0Y293MEExREFCMFhualduRmJqK1ZqMTlwdHJxbDVGaFlEelhOYk1zK2tLVmJjTHRySXdONW9FTUY2MnI4c2xGTE5KaWxEVXUifQ%3D%3D Must go, thank you for writing about this in your article, bye for now blessings from Sandra


  3. God will bring His own judgment on these people, but may His protection be seen on many innocent children and their families.

  4. Thank you Bill for bringing this to our attention again. Daniel Andrews is indeed a busy man, I wonder what he is going to try and destroy next? Bill, if you ever so felt inclined (tempted), our “ingenious Labour Premier” could be your sole source of articles for years to come! It is a very sad state of affairs. Regards, Kel.

  5. On Tuesday 9 May, Budget Night, the ABC News Department ran the following story on homosexuality.

    (DO NOT click on the link if you don’t want to subjected to this perversion),

    In search of Trough Man, an icon of Sydney’s 1980s gay scene

    This article encapsulates both the depravity of homosexuality and the mind-set of ‘our’ taxpayer-funded ABC.

  6. Daniel Andrews does not deserve to be Premier of Victoria, nor do his Parliamentary Colleagues deserve to be in office, Shame on them.

  7. The question is. ..who and how can sensible minded parents and grandparents cease this take over of our children. This stuff of schools having power and control over our God given children is pure marxism where parents become producers and state the owners of our children.
    One of the first places to protest is to our elected reps of state and or federal. They will ignore due to so much other work…..unless we say…stop and listen to us about our children.

  8. State Coalition ACL Australian Conservative Movement stop this evil left socialist trade union green andrews govt Stop this state evil anti Religions anti freedom of speechanti democracy andrews govt of morons Now

  9. “explain that the student is a girl and that you want her to feel as comfortable as possible at school” – Incredulous!

    Let’s grant for a moment that there’s a modicum of truth to this. Suppose a boy with a penis really is a girl.

    Are they honestly suggesting that it will be more comfortable for them to then traipse around wearing girls clothes and having to deal with all of the obvious attention that will draw?

    The need to educate the system about how to deal with boys wearing girls clothes implies that the situation will be necessarily uncomfortable.

    And since when was the goal of life to provide individuals with a feeling of comfort to the exclusion of all else?

  10. Thanks Geoff. And a new study confirms yet again the very real differences between men and women, even down to the level of our genetic makeup: “it has been found that the two sexes express over 6,500 genes differently, adding to the already major biological differences between men and women.”



  11. Hi Bill
    Have just finished reading the excellent book by David Van Gend entitled “Stealing From a Child”. Written in anticipation of the same sex marriage plebiscite, the book is chock full of information and I’m sure it will become a textbook for all those taking up the struggle against the radical homosexual agenda.
    Regards, Vic Trudeau

  12. David Cameron UK former Prime Minister, gave a video message to the nation last summer,2016, in celebration of London Gay Pride, prescribing his own pastoral care, which was for gays to be out, proud and themselves.
    “…Our values – of openness, tolerance, equality and solidarity – that is what makes Britain so special. It is events like Pride that showcase that to the rest of the world. And the theme for this year’s pride, #nofilter, is entirely appropriate. It celebrates the spirit of Pride by asking everyone to do something simple, yet courageous: live your life as you. ……Next year will mark 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, a landmark moment for LGBT equality. But there are more laws that need to be passed , more support to be offered, and above all attitudes to be changed. Sadly many people in the LGBT community feel the need to filter their behaviour, or hide who they are. But Pride says to Londoners, Britain and the World, be yourself. Live freely and openly. …. Let’s not change who we are. Let’s not hide who we are. Let’s live life with #nofilter.”

    There seems to be scope here for all manner of ways be oneself:


    David Skinner UK

  13. Can we stop homosexual couples having children? I hear so many stories of gay and lesbian parents these days. What do you think Bill?

    Yours in Christ

  14. Thanks Toby. Well, it may be a case of the horse has bolted. But a bit of recent history can help us to get some perceptive here. Up until recently adoption for example was only allowed for married heterosexual couples. The same with things like access to IVF. But the activists kept chipping away while many of us slept, so now almost anyone – be they singles or homosexuals, etc. – for almost any reason can be a foster parent, can adopt children, or can make use of the new reproductive technologies.

    Just as things like no-fault divorce were not resolutely opposed at the time as they should have been, and are now causing massive damage, especially to children, the same here. We can work to reverse many of these harmful anti-child policies and laws, but it is always much harder to overturn something once it has gone through. So we have a big job on our hands.

  15. Bill, Lion of the Lord and Watchman on the tower – so thankful for the fight for truth and justice that you are fighting !

    We need to repent of our silence. God have mercy and save us from safe schools !

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