Trans Lunacy: Is Madness Infectious?

We seem to be in the midst of mass delusion and a wholesale flight from reality.

It is often said by conservatives that liberalism is a mental illness. While mostly spoken in jest, one really does have to wonder if there might be some truth to this. While not wishing to make fun of genuine mental illness, there seems to be no other way to account for the utter madness being pushed by the loony left on a daily basis.

What we now see with the American Democrats in general, and the two dozen presidential candidates in particular, is just one of many examples of this. Their raft of moonbeam proposals and policies are simply frightening to consider. See more detail on this here:

It seems we have an insanity plague or an insanity virus running amok in the West. All this lunacy seems to be fully contagious. And we have no better example of this than the completely bizarre trans gender bender agenda. It is one thing when we have poor, confused children wondering about their sex, all because activist adults are putting these damaging ideas into their heads.

But here I want to talk about all the adults who are pushing this – and with a straight face. The promoters of the trans ideology are among those who are the most removed from logic, reality and rationality. Their mental meltdown and their flight from reality is just so very scary to encounter.

Consider some more recent examples of this. You really want to laugh – or cry – when you read about these things. You could be forgiven for thinking that every single one of these stories comes straight out of a satire site. I really wish these were just examples of satire, but sadly they are not.

Let’s begin with an Australian politician. The headline is bad enough: “Jenny Leong’s call to ‘destroy the patriarchy’ during abortion debate.” The news item begins:

A Greens MP has raised eyebrows during passionate debate about abortion reform saying not all people who have uteruses are women. Newtown Greens MP Jenny Leong suggested those born female but who identify as men or who don’t identify as women, also have reproductive organs necessary to carry a child. All sides of politics debated long into the night on Tuesday about the bill which would decriminalise abortion in NSW.

Many spoke about their constituent’s views, their religious or cultural views or other reasons for their stance on the bill but Leong said it was the time to deliver a message that could “destroy the patriarchy”. “As it may blow the minds, the narrow minds of some people in this place, there are people who have uteruses that are not women,” she said.

OK, so I and at least 99.999999 per cent of all of humanity have “narrow minds” because we actually do not believe that men have uteruses. The only thing more nutty than this MP and her views are the people who actually voted for her into office in the first place.

Example two of the insanity virus in action is related to this, and shows that delusion can quickly become mass delusion. Consider the number of biological women who pretend they are men and then give birth:

Medicare has confirmed 22 Australian ‘men’ gave birth in one year – prompting an academic to insist masculinity could be associated with being pregnant. The Department of Human Services has released data on transgender dads as a new BBC documentary Seahorse screens at the 2019 Melbourne International Film Festival. It profiles a 30-year-old British transgender man Freddy as he prepares to give birth to a son. The Department of Human Services has released data on transgender dads as a new BBC documentary Seahorse screens at the 2019 Melbourne International Film Festival. It profiles a 30-year-old British transgender man Freddy as he prepares to give birth to a son.

Oh dear. No further comment is necessary. My final example has to do with mass lunacy and deception in Australian sport. Two months ago Sport Australia released national guidelines on transgenders in sport. One concerned group discussed the story this way:

Sport Australia has joined with the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports to establish national guidelines intended to make sports “inclusive” for individuals who identify as transgender or gender diverse.

New guidelines encourage sporting organizations – including coaches, umpires, staff, players, spectators and volunteers – to permit transgender and non-binary athletes to compete against members of the opposite sex, welcome transgender and non-binary athletes into bathroom and shower facilities designated for the opposite sex, place disposal bins for used female hygiene products in male change rooms, convert some or all facilities to “unisex / gender neutral” to accommodate non-binary athletes and provide “non-gendered uniforms” that fit the physique of both sexes.

It is a breach of the guidelines for players to refuse to compete against or participate on a team with transgender and non-binary athletes, fail to affirm their gender with preferred pronouns, say they are in the wrong bathroom or change room, or ask about their bodies.

Well, it did not take long for mentally deficient but politically correct sporting groups to fully run with this. Consider Cricket Australia. They have avidly embraced this, and of course women and children will suffer massively as a result. As one news story says:

Mums and dads who run suburban and country cricket clubs could be prosecuted under state and federal discrimination laws for failing to allow anyone who identifies as female to play in a women’s team. The warning is contained in a new Cricket Australia transgender policy for community cricket, which also advises local clubs to provide gender-neutral change rooms and adopt gender-neutral pronouns. Cricket Australia entered the fraught debate about gender identity and sport yesterday, releasing separate policies for the inclusion of transgender players in elite and community cricket.

Yep, the war on women and children continues – all with the full support and endorsement of our top sporting elites. If that is not an indication of insanity and delusion running unchecked in our culture, I don’t know what is. It is as if almost all of our politicians, bigwigs, eggheads, elites, and leaders have drunk from the same trans Kool-Aid.

They are all contaminated with the same madness. Mass lunacy and mass deception is taking place all around us. It really is utterly shocking and scary to behold. I for one have not imbibed of this mind- and morals-destroying drink, and I never will.

Now more than ever we need people who still have their reason intact, their minds alert, and their conscience untarnished, to stand up against this madness and lunacy. It is spreading as fast as any actual virus can, and there appears to be no end in sight.

Who will stand with me in resisting all this?

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40 Replies to “Trans Lunacy: Is Madness Infectious?”

  1. I certainly will Bill. Good on you for standing up for truth and reality. The whole thing is diabolical and Satanic and an effort to control thought and speech and eradicate Christianity. This “trans gender” agenda is totally outrageous, indefensible and sickening.

  2. I, and the silent majority will, Bill. But how to make us a heard majority?

  3. I will, too. It seems to me that if an individual’s ‘feelings’ about self are out of line with that person’s body, working toward changing the feelings to acceptance of reality is a far superior solution than delusion and mutilation.

    To enable, support, facilitate and encourage others to live a lie is about as far from love as you can get. As for influencing children down this road of self-loathing … that is simply evil.

  4. While we must continue to fight this mass deception, we must also be aware that it is associated with a demonic agenda – something that can’t be fought on a natural plane. We live in an era where ‘Satan’s last gasp’ is being played out. Hence the evil that appears to surround us on every front. And so we must fight this in the heavenly realms, relying on the Holy Spirit to prompt us in our prayers, words and actions. If ever there was a time when Christians need to rise up and ‘fight the good fight’ in the spiritual realm, it is now. For this, the full armour of God is required (Ephesians 6:10-18). We are called to “be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life” (Revelation 2:10).

  5. Hi Bill, a few years ago I started hearing how the ‘After School Satan Clubs’ were spreading through America. I believe they got into as many as 30 states and were growing. A small prayer group I was in started pounding prayers against this evil. The Catholics led the charge against this insanity. Every time a new ‘After School Satan Club’ opened a small remnant of Catholics were there with their rosaries at 7 am praying against these satan clubs. I would have gone with them but was working full time. Long story short between prayer, petitions, phone calls after about a year they started dwindling and last I heard they had stopped altogether.

    Eventually with just a remnant of us battling this evil will turn and go back to the pit. I know it looks grim now but believe our faith will stop it and our action, e.g. signing petitions, phone calls and picketing libraries where they have the transgender story time hour.

    Our power in Him is greater than the enemies. : )

  6. This week I had to write a press release about a youth event our company sponsored at a local community college. I sent it to our HR director to review, and he got back to me with this comment: “The main edit to attend to is that [__], who definitely seems quite boyish in attire and affect, is actually a female.”
    He had changed every “he/him” in my draft to “she/her.”
    I had attended the event and the student in question walked, talked, and acted completely like a young man. In fact, I had interviewed her because I wanted a quote from a male student…
    It’s not like I haven’t seen transgendered people. In the last few months I’ve even shared the gospel and prayed with a couple of them. But both times I knew they were biologically female. This student had me completely fooled…
    Naturally I’m going to pray for her. But how many more are there like her who have no one to pray for them?

  7. Well written Bill, I and I would hope that all your readers will stand with you. Agree with you Mick and Ann. Transgenderism has no biological nor biblical basis and is an attempt to control the vast majority of the sensible population.
    We must not only pray but push back against it at every opportunity.

  8. Transgenderism in sport is nothing more than an attempt for second class male athletes and sportsmen to succeed by subterfuge. Already genuine athletes, such as Martina Navratilova, are recognizing the unfairness of this – and she is one of the LBGTQ brigade! Isn’t it ironic that in their demands for “equality” they have created something even more unequal! As you say, Satan is alive and well, and having an absolute ball with our lost, Godless culture.

  9. Luke 17:1-2 (NKJV)
    1 Then He said to the disciples, “It is impossible that no offenses should come, but woe to him through whom they do come!
    2 It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

    Nehemiah 4:14 (NKJV)
    14 And I looked, and arose and said to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.”

    2 Corinthians 10:3-6 (NKJV)
    3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh.
    4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds,
    5 casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,
    6 and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.

  10. All the better Bill. The loonies need to push the envelope to its bitter end before the ordinary person takes in that this is no joke and then we can deal with the matter politically.
    The first step is to get rid of the idiots and traitors from our Parliament both State and Federal; Instate our Constitution into the curriculum and ensure the courts behave as conditioned by Chapter III of the Constitution.
    Finally. Ensure that our Christian heritage is reinstated and give true meaning to our National and State flags which display 4 crosses.
    John Abbott

  11. You have said it all Bill. Thank you.
    I have been posting against the transgender pushers on Facebook. I, and many more people are against their push into being accepted into all areas of women’s activities. One group of feminists in England are fighting this movement.
    Until more women stand against this Satan will continue to have a field day.
    One wonders why women who want to be men are not prepared to have a hysterectomy. They want it both ways. Makes a joke of it really.
    Men who say they are now women will never ever suffer from painful periods and all ailments that can come with being a female.
    We must continue to stand for God. We must be soldiers for Christ. Anything less in not acceptable.

  12. I will stand with you Bill. I simply cannot understand how all these sporting organisations have lost every shred of common sense and logic. Why does no one say: if you have XX chromosomes you may play in the women’s team, if XY in the men’s? And too bad for the tiny fraction of the .005% of people who are affected by this! Better they don’t get exactly what they want than 50% of people being disadvantaged and endangered…women and girls!

  13. I’m a big 6ft 2 muscly man but I’m thinking of joining my local woman’s footy or cricket team. I would dominate. If they object I will say I feel like a woman now & call them transphobic. How could they stop me?! .. If biology doesn’t matter & only feelings do than anything goes!

  14. Do it Jeremy. Now with the backing of Sports Australia, yours truly “Bailey” will run again as a transgender in Parkrun where Bailey already smashed the women’s age record by 5 minutes, (25%) and topped the all time age grade records (beating a world record holder Imy Stewart, and Dave Riches with 8 current Australian records, and two international runners Belinda Martin and Many Ponton. On a good day Bailey could go about 5% faster which would have Bailey surpassing the female world record 5K time – and this is on a sloping footpath not a rubber track. Yes, it is crazy, especially since Bailey is a cyclist trying to run. Eventually, one would hope that someone will have the guts to complain… C’mon girls.. COMPLAIN!!!

  15. As one of the many parents affected personally by this in their own family I refuse to be taken in by this delusion. Unfortunately there are very few of us taking this stance. The majority of parents I am aware of who have children exhibiting this kind of behaviour have been totally deceived by this agenda and are fully on board with it. The few who believe their children need counselling and support are the ones being treated as mentally ill and in need of counselling, therapy or retraining in gender sensitivity. Those of us who stand for truth are very much on their own, standing by helplessly as this mad agenda rolls on, sweeping our children along with it.
    I believe those parents who are on board with this accept the situation because of the fear being perpetuated that their loved one will commit suicide if they do not go along with it, or out of the fear that their child will cut them out of their life if they do not accept the situation. Yes, I fear this every day but quite frankly I would sooner risk the end of the relationship with my son than be guilty of feeding the delusion that is destroying him. I love him. It’s that simple and I cannot support anything that reinforces his mental health issues rather than helps to resolve them. Having worked in mental health for years and having completed a refresher Mental Health First Aid course as recently as yesterday, I have been reminded that you do not play into a delusion. The exception to this is if your own life is at risk. I only ever did this once in many years of mental health work, to keep both myself, the client and the public safe, when someone became psychotic when they were a passenger in a car with me, while I was transporting them in peak hour traffic.
    Because it is blatantly obvious that men cannot be women and women cannot be men, I have hope that even the most deluded supporter of this agenda will eventually see the light and recognise that the transgender ‘emperor’ truly ‘has no clothes.’
    In the meantime I am so thankful for you, Bill, and others, who tirelessly strive to bring truth into the public arena, praying that each article opens another yet another person’s eyes. I am just flabbergasted that this agenda has succeeded as much as it has when it flies in the face of obvious reality, and teaches young children that they can’t trust the evidence of their own eyes to determine whether they are a boy or a girl.

  16. This is the hilarious exchange on the Nepean River Parkrun Facebook…

    Tim Lovett C’mon girls… COMPLAIN about letting a guy run as a girl. It is not fair.…/continuing-a-transgender…/

    Sheri Thomson: Tim Lovett parkrun is a walk/run, not a race, you against the clock, not against other parkmates. Furthermore, parkrun is for everyone, we don’t discriminate here.

    Tim Lovett Great. Since it is not a race, no one will be upset about a 95.85% age grade then.…/results/agegradedleague/

    Sheri Thomson Tim Lovett what an excellent result for her, I’m sure she’s very proud.

    Tim Lovett It would be an excellent result for Bailey to surpass world record holder Imogen Stewart (93.18%) and multiple Australian running record holder Dave Riches (90.26%), not to mention international running champions Belinda Martin (88.97%) and Marnie Ponton (87.05%). But is it really quite so excellent when you find out Bailey is running as a transgender runner?

    Not surprisingly, they had no answer…

    Direct Facebook link is:

  17. Perhaps we should get organised, identify every sporting club in the country and simultaneously have men join the women’s teams.

  18. Bill, As usual, a voice on sanity and reason. I commend your excellent descriptions of the world-wide epidemic of gender-confusion. It is definitely a form of mental illness since it denies obvious reality in favor of an imaginary world of make-believe.
    I support you and for whatever it’s worth I add my voice.

  19. Gender neutral change rooms – intelligence neutral decision making. Why would you give opportunity to persons experiencing gender dysphoria (read ‘confusion/ dissatisfaction) into change rooms with others of opposite birth gender … read vulnerable, unsuspecting? Even allowing that these folks may be genuine (and I don’t hold that p.o.v.) this is so very open to abuse by predatory opportunists. How many teen boys raised without moral guidance (10 Commandments, etc) would ‘identify’ for a weekend ….?

  20. Secular Utopia the great has been intoxicated with rainbow indoctrination. By joining ‘in’ you would have to go against your conscience and belief though, better to stand firm in the faith and biological reality that we are made different.

  21. That’s true Sherna. It would work if we hit it hard enough. People would wake up and set the rules straight. It’s XX or XY.
    Transgenders can start their own category. Not sure if they could pull a crowd though. They probably know that, so they want to demolish the girl’s sandcastle instead.

  22. Another thing that has changed over the past few years …. we no longer place the same value on Logic. In my school days we had to write essays based on Logic. And for me this continued at first year University under the broad heading of Psychology 101. I would like to challenge the ‘powers that be’ to go back to making it compulsory to study Logic – in both senior school and university. After all, these places of learning are supposed to help develop the minds and reasoning ability of students! We neglect this at our peril.

  23. Go Sherna and Tim!
    It is a great idea.
    It is when the frog is slowly brought to the boil that it is less likely to jump out.
    Let’s chuck some scalding water into the pot.

    Two other things;
    There must be many Christians in sports playing/admin/coaching/umpiring.
    If we know of these, we need to come alongside these guys and gals and have a talk to find out where they are up to and encourage them to stand firm against the insanity. Maybe even offer to pay any penalties they might face. We cannot afford to let them be on their own right now.

    I think that there should be some girls doing the opposite of what “Bailey” is doing. Ref Tim Lovett’s posts. There must be friendly comps, or other male domains that the girls can insist being part of, just to be really annoying and to make a point.

  24. Ann Johnstone Aug 10, 2019 at 11:27 am said:
    “Another thing that has changed over the past few years …. we no longer place the same value on Logic. In my school days we had to write essays based on Logic.”

    EXCELLENT point made by Ann. We need to learn how to think and teach our children how to learn, how to think and how to live with the mind fully engaged.

  25. Hi Bruce. Yep – men need to hit it hard and fast. About XX trans, there will never be a problem with girls (XX) doing men’s sport since they cannot beat real men (XY). It is women (XX) who are disadvantaged here, by trans men (XY) in the women’s sports (XX). Unfortunately I am not being very kind to poor old Jennifer LAUNT (XX), smashing her by 5 minutes, but hey, its only a free Parkrun, and “not a race” as they like to say. But what if it was the Olympics?
    1 Bailey WALKER 18:53
    2 Jennifer LAUNT 23:51
    3 Karen PETLEY 24:31
    4 Joy WALDEN 24:59
    5 Marty FACCIOL 25:02
    6 Helen COLLINS 25:03
    7 Sharon FOX 25:11
    Oh, and here is the corrected link to the original trans (XY) running with the Parkrun women (XX). He’s the guy with the lipstick. You won’t have any trouble identifying him (XY).

    My complaint on this blog got me banned from Parkrun forum. For life it seems…

  26. If men are going to compete against women to make a point, we need to make sure that the event does not require the testosterone etc tests. Asking for real trouble otherwise.

  27. The Progressives in the US are attempting to pass the LBTGQ Civil Rights Acts, which would would make Sexuality and Gender Fluidity on par with race. When this happens it will be illegal for Christians to hold to biblical views on marriage, gender etc and will be a weapon for the Left to use against Christian Businesses, Schools, Colleges and eventually Churches. So I guess it is safe to say the same sex marriage proponents lied when they said same sex marriage was not a slippery slope. Tolerance was never the goal, the goal was to force everyone to capitulate to their every view and they have been very successful with their plan.

  28. I am with you Bill, its lunacy all right, demonic too. Talk about veiled eyes, hardened hearts, mass delusion indeed! It is in everything.

  29. I find this all so odd, so I’ll just dribble the thoughts out – and please excuse the non PC stuff

    1. The ‘Radical Feminists’ pushing the agenda want a Matriarchy.
    They want to completely dis-empower any boys/men/males and the Patriarchy.
    BUT …
    They are going to end-up with a Patriarchy-in-drag.

    2. What is with the Butch half of Feminist Lesbian couples …
    That dress in suits like the Patriarchy
    Crew cut their hair like the Patriarchy

    3. If trans-people are complaining that straight people won’t date them
    Aren’t the opposing trans-people stepping up as partners – wouldn’t they be more accommodating?

    4. Anon – In Lord Jesus Christ’s Mighty name, may your son be for ever righteous in the sight of the Lord. Stand Fast on the promises of Lord Jesus; don’t walk by sight, but by FAITH; keep proclaiming that he will come to know Lord Jesus Christ, unto salvation, and be aligned to the righteousness of Father God the Creator!

    The elliptical logic in this whole stuff = NULL
    Makes my brain hurt …
    My heart break

  30. It looks like there may be a legal challenge to the LGBTP agenda in the US. The ADF and several female track stars are taking the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference to court arguing that their Title IX rights are being violated. I’m not familiar with the legislation but think it requires girls be given equal opportunity to guys. With trans being treated as female guys are now winning both the male and female races and thus preventing girls from competing in college scout level races and missing out on college scholarships. The court ruling will doubtless take a long time and be highly divisive – either stripping women of their right to equality, or recognising that science shows men have far greater muscle mass and bone density which plastic surgery and hormone treatment doesn’t change.

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