Pushing Back Against the Trans Cult

Finally we are getting some serious and sustained pushback against the radical trans tyrants:

The utter madness associated with the radical gender bender activists is now finally getting a bit of pushback. Something so militant, so irrational, and so dangerous – especially to our children – deserves to be steadfastly resisted and opposed, and thankfully that is now starting to happen.

I have documented some cases of this in the recent past, but it seems the movement is picking up some steam, and various concerned individuals and groups are starting to organise to take a stronger stance against this radical group of ideologues and social engineers.

For a while now various feminist and lesbian groups have offered resistance to the trans agenda, and now some doctors’ groups are also emerging to fight back, especially for the sake of protecting our children. Let me speak to each in turn.

As Exhibit A, you know things are really ramping up when you even have the leftist Melbourne Age running articles by women concerned about trans activism. A week ago it ran with an article by Holly Lawford-Smith, a lesbian who lectures in political philosophy at the University of Melbourne.

She has run afoul of the trans community for daring to say that a man does not become a woman simply by donning a dress. And that has led to repercussions, even resulting in a Twitter ban. You can see her reply on that matter here: https://medium.com/@aytchellis/an-open-letter-to-twitters-board-of-directors-2d0b89195aff

And in one interview she discusses the matter in more detail. Here is part of it:

What was the tweet that got you banned from Twitter?

I don’t know! They never tell you.  It’s one of the more frustrating aspects of the Twitter ban process. I got a 12-hour ban for misgendering one of my insistent online harassers.  I got a 7-day ban for talking about biological sex in a discussion with a trans person. (The first is against the Twitter Rules, but the second isn’t, so the second ban was not justified).  Twitter took more than 7 days to respond when I appealed the second ban, so I just let it go. Which turns out to be a mistake, because then third strike, whatever it was, and I was out. I appealed the permanent ban maybe seven or eight times? — and always got the same form response. Your account has been suspended and will not be restored, because, hateful conduct. That was my first account, then I simply made a new account, and that went okay for a while even though people were reporting me all along for ban evasion, and then suddenly, despite not having had any temporary bans, that was permanently banned too. I saw one of the TRAs (Trans Rights Activist) bragging about reporting me through the webform rather than the app, so maybe that makes a difference, I don’t know. I think probably there wasn’t a tweet that got me banned from my second account, it’s just that the ban evasion reporting worked. When I appealed, the reply was something like, using multiple accounts for abusive purposes. So I guess feminism is abusive now. https://glinner.co.uk/untitled-11/

In her Age article she assesses Fiona Patten’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Amendment Bill, something I have discussed earlier on: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2019/09/09/lets-just-get-rid-of-christianity-altogether/

Lawford-Smith say that this bill is really anti-women:

Should we support the bill? One reason I remain unconvinced, huge debate about the exact limits to free speech aside, is that I worry what is being sold as good for women – allowing them recourse against misogyny – will in fact end up being used against women, by trans activists. For a person to be guilty of vilification, they must “engage in conduct that incites hatred against, serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule of, that other person or class of persons”. Obviously a lot depends on how these terms are understood. But some examples from the UK should give us pause. Last year during the consultation over the Gender Recognition Act, pink penis-shaped stickers were distributed reading “women don’t have penises”. But a penis is a sex characteristic. Is this sufficient to the vilification of (pre-operative) trans women?

Others have been subject to police interview or investigation, including feminist Posie Parker, journalist Caroline Farrow, breastfeeding mother (which is relevant because she was detained in a cell for seven hours) Kate Scottow, and an unnamed British teacher. A man, Harry Miller, was even investigated for merely retweeting a trans-critical limerick. Their alleged crimes were “misgendering” (Farrow), “deadnaming” (Scottow), “hate crime” (misgendering in the teacher’s case, and using the term “castration” in reference to sex reassignment surgery in Parker’s case), and a ‘hate incident’ (Miller).

A major victory for trans activists last year saw Twitter add “misgendering” and “deadnaming” to its hateful conduct policy, resulting in women who express gender critical views being subject to both temporary and permanent bans. The most prominent bans have been of Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy and free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd, although Shepherd’s account has since been restored. The more latitude there is in the interpretation of what it is to incite hatred, serious contempt, revulsion, or severe ridicule, the more we can expect transgender rights activists to use vilification laws against women. https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/misgivings-about-racial-and-religious-tolerance-amendment-bill-20190919-p52syb.html

As mentioned, I have covered these sorts of battles previously. In one earlier piece I discuss how the warfare is accelerating between the various camps: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2019/01/31/the-coming-crack-up-of-lgbqti/

That is one of the battle fronts. But others are appearing as well. In Australia concerned doctors have banded together to demand a federal government inquiry into the whole trans issue, and how it impacts on children. A petition was set up for doctors to sign and within just four days 260 doctors had signed, before a spam attack meant it had to be cut short.

As one of the doctors involved has just recently said, “The Australian Doctors’ Letter seeking a broad inquiry into risky medical treatment of trans-identifying kids has 260 signatures in less than four days. It will be sent early to Health Minister after being cut short due to spam attack.”

And this is what they have said on their website:

As the six coordinators of the www.GenderInquiry.com website, we have suspended further medical signatories after a spam attack late last night. Prior to the attack, we had gathered 260 valid medical signatories in just three and a half days, including 20 professors or associate professors, 14 paediatricians, 20 psychiatrists including 9 child psychiatrists, and many other doctors with a shared concern about the epidemic of childhood gender dysphoria and the lack of scientific basis for its current treatment. https://genderinquiry.wordpress.com/

Some of the media has now also run with this story. One of them begins its report on this as follows:

More than 200 doctors have called for an urgent inquiry into the risky medical treatment of children who believed they were transgender. John Whitehall, a professor of paediatrics at Western Sydney University, is taking a stand against minors being prescribed puberty blocker hormones as a precursor to getting a sex change in adulthood. His petition to federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, calling for a parliamentary inquiry into childhood gender dysphoria, received 131 signatures on its first day earlier this week.

That grew to 200 within three days, with doctors concerned about children as young as 10 being rendered infertile as a result of taking the controversial medication. Their Word Press site, however, has been sabotaged with hackers preventing it from accepting new signatures, after 260 legitimate doctors had legitimately added their names.

‘The site has been subject to an attack, subsequent to it being publicised in the media, and the signatory page is suspended until we can work out how to prevent this,’ it said on Wednesday. ‘Apologies – watch this space for developments.’ Professor Whitehall told Daily Mail Australia ‘obscene replies’ had been put on the website, causing it to be disabled on Wednesday afternoon. He wants a parliamentary inquiry to determine if puberty blockers had the potential to cause ‘the irreversible loss’ of fertility. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7505617/Professor-John-Whitehall-doctors-want-parliamentary-inquiry-childhood-gender-dysphoria.html

That concerned doctors are now banding together to deal with all this is great news indeed. And the spam attack and nasty opposition shows just what they – and all of us – are up against when we dare to counter the militant trans activists.

But for the sake of our children we must withstand the trans tyrants. They are causing untold damage to children and society. Their war on biology and reality is one of the more ugly manifestations of the sexual revolution that has plagued the West for over a half century now.

It is time to declare ‘enough is enough’. Now doctors, feminists, lesbians and ordinary citizens are starting to push back against this dangerous and deceptive ideology. And not a moment too soon.

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8 Replies to “Pushing Back Against the Trans Cult”

  1. Thanks Bill, this is not only informative yet thoughtful and thought provoking in the trans madness and so called hate crime speech? I’d long given up Twitter as boring and not worth the data usage on it and this confirms my good judgement to remove it. Bias is swinging the wrong way. No heckling and true vile words are acceptable to any persons views. Yet castration? Querying the science and having healthy debate around “transgender”, “LGBTQ”, and” gender” views to start with …are we really that fragile as people we are wiping healthy debate and different views as well as free speech from Australian society? God help our country…

  2. The human DNA is unbelievably complex. Chromosomes are but one ‘book’ in the massive library of information within each cell. In humans, each cell (of which we have 37.2 trillion http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/there-are-372-trillion-cells-in-your-body-4941473) normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females. The 23rd pair, the sex chromosomes, differ between males and females. Females have two copies of the X chromosome, while males have one X and one Y chromosome.

    * This (37.2 trillion) objective reality will trump any subjective concept of who a person decides he/she is.
    * This objective reality will trump any amount of ‘reassignment’ surgery.

  3. This aggressive insistence by a tiny group of people, that the rest of Australia suddenly acquiesce to a lifestyle that has always been considered perverted, is ludicrous.
    Humans have lived and flourished among the World’s nations for thousands of years, protected by common penal codes that proscribed this kind of perverted behaviour.
    It’s time to grow up, clear our consciences and responsibly lead our nation forward as we follow the example of our God-fearing ancestors
    Peter Trott.

  4. Michael, 2 of your 3 links don’t seem to work so I’m largely guessing at to what you refer. Would it be Sandilands’ disgusting comment on KIIS FM? The Muslims were I suspect protesting because of the camel shed\racist element to the comment. I saw plenty of icons in the image in the article, likely held by Roman Catholics\Orthodox. Were any Protestants involved? Who knows, there’s no symbol or sign to identify one as such. I know I wasn’t the only one to post a comment objecting to the commentary but I’m likely not as outraged as someone who deifies Mary.

    As an aside, if the David Ould you mention is an Anglican minister as suggested by my Duck results, and if he was present at the protest, then wouldn’t he represent Protestants?

  5. Female athletes take a stand after transgender athletes dominate track event: ‘We’re facing the end of women’s sports’

    “I know that I’m not the only girl who has missed out on opportunities. There are countless other girls who have lost meets, and titles, and their drive to compete as hard as they can because they know that they’ll never be good enough to compete against these athletes.”


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