Let’s Make This a Police State Forever!

Dan Andrews now wants to have Victoria locked down indefinitely!

Wow. No sooner had I finished my article on the “Perfect Tyranny Storm,” which included a warning about Victorian Premier Dan Andrews talking about making our tyrannical state of lockdown an indefinite affair, then a news item appears saying just that. The piece I had just written is found here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2020/08/18/the-perfect-tyranny-storm

And the news item I just saw has this headline: “Vic Premier moves to extend state of emergency capabilities indefinitely”. The piece begins: “Premier Daniel Andrews is working with the state’s solicitor-general to introduce new legislation and amendments to allow authorities to extend the state of emergency for as long as necessary.” https://www.news.com.au/national/vic-premier-moves-to-extend-state-of-emergency-capabilities-indefinitely/video/33c6bc50e2176e504d3e738c9309b696

Wow again. ‘I know! Let’s just have a Police State that never ends!’ Thanks Dan – we really needed that. As if things were not hellish enough here in the dystopian monstrosity known as Victoria. Now we can try to live like this forever. What sort of fools does this megalomaniac think we are?

One thing is perfectly clear with folks like Andrews: dictators always love grabbing more and more power for themselves, but they always hate having to relinquish it. That is exactly what history teaches us as well. Way back in early May my very good friend, concerned Christian, and top-notch law professor Augusto Zimmermann penned an exceedingly important piece on this very thing.

Entitled “State Power, Control and COVID-19,” he warned about where we were heading with these draconian lockdown measures that seem to have no medical or scientific basis. Indeed, we are simply witnessing the politicisation of medicine here. He began his piece this way:

Apparently this coronavirus is so deadly that the fatality rate of those infected is less than 0.1 per cent. The overwhelming majority who contract it do not have any significant risk of dying, says Dr Scott W. Atlas, a former chief of neurology at Stanford Medical Center, who points out that the very old and those with underlying health conditions are more likely to succumb. However, based on data coming from New York City (the US hotbed of the pandemic), he informs us that only 1.7 per cent of those in their 70s who contracted the virus and acquired symptoms bad enough to seek medical care had to be hospitalised. For those under 18, hospitalisation from the virus was only 0.01. For those aged 18 to 44 it stood at 0.1 per cent. Of course, every life matters. But sometimes I ask myself how can any rational person not see that the Wuhan virus has been ingeniously used to scare, brainwash and control entire populations, even to the point of what amounts to virtual house arrest.

He went on to say this:

We are already living with all key hallmarks of a police state. According to Dennis Prager, the primary elements of a police state are: (1) draconian laws depriving citizens of elementary rights; (2) a mass media supportive of the state’s messaging and deprivation of fundamental rights; (3) excessive use of power by the police; (4) people being encouraged by the State to inform on their fellow citizens. We are currently experiencing every single one of these elements. Furthermore, many Australians apparently believe that no government action can ever be used for utterly oppressive purposes. Many even support a tracing app which their leader has painted as a service to the nation, saying it will be made compulsory if not enough people voluntarily download the application to help coronavirus case tracing. This is truly frightening, echoing as it does with reminders of Soviet and Nazi subjugation of rights and institutions, again for the alleged betterment and security of the State.

Talking about the Nazis, in the 1930s many Germans were deeply anxious for more security and government protection in the face of perceived social threats. They did not mind if the government also curtailed their freedoms. After all, they trusted the government and considered any such measures as important for their protection. When the first emergency Act was passed by the German Parliament, in March 1933, the power to legislate was handed over to a National Cabinet. This was done via Section 48 of the Constitution, which endowed the Executive with authority to rule by decree in times of national emergency. What followed were executive decrees that gradually suspended individual rights and freedoms. These measures expanded state control over the individual, as well as labour, businesses, and the economy as a whole. Constitutional rights were suspended “until further notice”. Germany’s emergency powers were supposed to be only temporary, yet they were re-enacted by the German government in 1937, 1939 and 1943, a sign and symptom of the regime’s schizophrenic combination of legality with a visceral contempt for fundamental rights and freedoms. Of course, “until further notice” did not occur until May 8, 1945, when these executive decrees were finally cancelled by the military government of the Allies.

Curiously, German lawyers argued that those measures were perfectly valid from a narrow legal perspective. Because they had been apparently authorised by the law, they simply assumed that the rule of law had therefore been preserved, and the executive was authorised to issue such decrees under those emergency powers. In other words, whatever the executive decided to do in the use of emergency powers was immediately assumed to be legally valid. Curiously, all the statutes enacted prior to the Emergency Act remained unchanged. The application of these laws, however, became at odds with the overarching intention of the drafter. As noted by Carl Schmitt (1888–1985), who was the nation’s leading legal academic, the suspension of constitutional rights was perfectly valid and justifiable in order to “protect” the community. Between 1933 and 1936, Schmitt authored numerous articles and books providing full justification for these emergency powers, as a ‘necessary’ measure and concentration of powers for the benefit of the community. As Schmitt himself pointed out:

“Once this state of emergency has been declared … the decision exempts that authority from every normative restraint and renders it absolute in the true sense of the word. In a state of emergency, the constituted authority suspends the law on the basis of the right to protect society’s own existence.”

There was something rather appealing to many about Hitler. Many believed that he had been sent by God to save the country from communism. Some also believed that he was serving God in all matters political and that he really cared for the people. In his speeches the German leader often referred to a ‘path assigned to him by God’. On one occasion, he boldly proclaimed: “Just like Christ, I have a duty to my own people”. On another occasion he recited the Lord’s Prayer after explaining how God had assigned him with the task of conducting the affairs of the German people. With the advantage of hindsight, it is quite obvious that his association with religion was entirely cynical. Pretending to be a religious person in a majority-Christian nation served his ultimate purpose of obtaining further popular support for his dictatorial regime.

Why am I referring to this? Am I saying that our Prime Minister in Australia is an aspiring dictator? Certainly not! Surely no responsible person, least of all me, would suggest such a thing. But due caution is always important nonetheless. As my good friend Bill Muehlenberg correctly points out,

“Those who seem to think that the state is always benign clearly have no understanding of history.  We know how often dictators and tyrants came to power by dealing with – or promising to deal with – various emergencies and crises. It could be a breakdown in law and order, real or perceived external threats, or economic crises, but the masses tended to support these leaders in their rise to power in the face of such threats.”

The same concern was once expressed by Friedrich Hayek. An Austrian-British economist and philosopher who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1974, in volume 3 of his seminal ‘Law, Legislation and Liberty’ (1981), Hayek reminds us that “temporary” measures and policies seem to have a way of becoming permanent after the emergency is over. https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2020/05/state-power-control-and-corvid-19/

Please have a read of the whole piece. As Augusto just told me moments ago: “My worst fears are starting to be fulfilled. As it happened in 1930s Germany so it is happening now in Australia.” Exactly right. This is absolutely shocking, and every single Victorian – and Australian – should be up in arms about this.

If you are wondering what we can do about this, we have this info from Political Posting Mumma:

From today’s paper: “Premier Daniel Andrews is working with the States solicitor-general to introduce new legislation and amendments to allow authorities to extend the State of emergency for as long as is necessary.”
This means the continued suspension of parliament, complete power with no accountability and no specified sunset clause. This is unprecedented. He is working with the Attorney General Jill Hennessy to remove the final safeguards. EVERYONE needs to follow the instructions below, re-write it in their own words and email the AG, we cannot let our state be destroyed without a fight. The pace of government overreach since March-April is unrelenting. Please pray, send and forward to all your contacts. Send email to: attorney-general@justice.vic.gov.au

Attention: The Hon Jill Hennessy MP – Attorney General- Dear Ms Hennessy, I understand that Law Reform has been requested by the Victorian Premier, Mr Daniel Andrews, to extend the six month period of the State of Emergency declared on 13 March 2020 to beyond 13 September 2020. I oppose and do not support any reform to this law.

Yes by all means, that is a good start. Every Victorian should contact their local members as well and complain to high heaven about this assault on our fundamental freedoms and liberties. Let me finish with a quote from Sophie Scholl. She was executed by Hitler at just 21 years of age, for daring to resist Nazi tyranny:

The real damage is done by those millions who want to ‘survive.’ The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don’t want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won’t take measure of their own strength, for fear of antagonizing their own weakness. Those who don’t like to make waves – or enemies. Those for whom freedom, honour, truth, and principles are only literature. Those who live small, mate small, die small. It’s the reductionist approach to life: if you keep it small, you’ll keep it under control. If you don’t make any noise, the bogeyman won’t find you. But it’s all an illusion, because they die too, those people who roll up their spirits into tiny little balls so as to be safe. Safe?! From what? Life is always on the edge of death; narrow streets lead to the same place as wide avenues, and a little candle burns itself out just like a flaming torch does. I choose my own way to burn.

[1836 words]

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  1. I believe this is happening to bring in the “New World Order”. Looks very much like end times. to me. Perhaps it is a good time to re-visit the book of Revelation.

    For believers, it’s time to look upwards!

  2. Hi Bill,
    Farewell to Democracy in Victoria, thankfully you served us well. Now it appears a totalitarian 1984 George Orwellian State Government has taken over. The saddest aspect is Victorians have stepped back and let it happen. Mandatory micro chipping will be next, so the State can monitor your every move and every purchase.
    Terrible. Did our Anzacs die for nothing?

  3. Dear Bill, Thank you for the article. It is very, very worrying what is happening in Victoria. I know I would rather believe the warnings of distinguished scholars such as Dr Zimmermann and Freidrich Hayek and probably many more than jumped up little pollies full of their own importance.

  4. We need to pray against what Daniel Andrews is trying to do. We’re not completely helpless.

  5. Dear Bill and all Readers,
    This is a very important video on the proposed Covid 19 Vaccine by Dr Carrie Madej. There are technologies being introduced with this new Moderna vaccine that are profoundly different to previous vaccinations. This is NOT A JOKE. please carefully do your own research. This is a 21 minutes worth investing from an expert in the field. Potentially this vaccine will have damaging side affects.


    God bless

  6. Yes we certainly must pray Jillian. And we put feet to our prayers by doing all we can: spread the word on these bungling despots, contact politicians, vote wisely, and so on.

  7. This is like watching a slow train wreck knowing that in the end there’ll be a lot of casualties and damage.
    I used to listen to alleged conspiracy theory radio shows form the US and find them quite amusing, but they now play flashbacks form 5-10 years ago and its amazing how close to reality some of the predictions are. Of course its no co-incidence that the most draconian laws in Australia are going from the redest state lead by the most radical leftie Premier. At least the rest of us know what life under communism will be like thanks to a foretaste from red Dan. Thank goodness we have SCOMO in charge in Canberra. Imagine if Shorten were PM- this would be Australia all over. I am comforted by the words of our Lord as He parted form His disciples. “Lo, I am with you all the days, even unto the consummation of the age”

  8. Thanks Philip. Yes I too am glad Shorten is not PM. But sadly ScoMo has done next to nothing to deal with Dandemic Andrews’ reign of terror. He spends far too much time supporting him and defending him instead of challenging him and showing how the conservatives greatly differ from him and Labor.

  9. Thanks Bill,
    Yes, 100% Agree. Scott Morrison has been alarmingly quiet on Dictator Dan especially on the Plandemic and China Belt and Road agreements.
    I really don’t know what game is being played by the PM.


  10. God bless you Bill ! You are a true Patriot. The people of Victoria and the Nation must awake to this harsh reality from their stupor. It’s now or never !

  11. yes its all true to form of the last few years. well done Augusto. Andrews & lot have no idea what they are doing and nothing new they try (a typical disease of fanatics and incompetents). Santayana studied history and his description of their condition – fanaticism is a good one http://fanaticism1.blogspot.com

  12. Oh well, at least our caring gov has secured millions of needles with medicine to cure us all of covid. And its free!

  13. Dear All,
    As well as praying for these times and looking to the Word (not just Revelation – the need is greater than our own), perhaps this is also a good time to make our INFLUENCE known from WITHIN politics.
    Rather than trying to stop the dog wagging it’s tail from the outside (or downstream), we should ALSO work on the head (upstream).

    We need MORE good people of Christ working on the INSIDE of political parties to change the culture. It won’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen. It will begin the moment we actually get off the couch and become INVOLVED.
    It is not too time consuming to be part of the CHANGE within. Happy to share this process.

    Remember, the pollies we complain about are only there because good people left, creating a vacuum for them to have free reign. Time for change anyone?

  14. Due caution is very important re popularist Scott Morrison.

    Sorry Philip Impey, however, apart from being better than Shorten, Morrison is devastatingly disillusioning to those who honour God.

    It has been said that God withdrew His blessing from Australia when Morrison knifed conviction Prime Minister Tony Abbott. After knifing Abbott, and then Turnbull, for his own egotistical and ambitious ends, Morrison very disillusioningly showed his true colours by side-lining the 2018 Ruddock Review into Religious Freedom. ‘Not looking at it during this term’, he says . . you see that wouldn’t be popular with atheists and cultural marxists.

    The politician who is making the most significant stand for Christianity in our country, apart from Rev. Nile, is Mark Latham. Out of deep concern for the erosion of Christian influence in our country and the increasing persecution of Christians in the workplace etc, and in response to Morrison’s silence on religious freedom, Mr Latham is at this time introducing a religious freedom bill in NSW. Thank God for Mark Latham.

    Popularist Morrison, who, on very poor advice has smashed our economy, heads the Liberal Party that is now being referred to as ‘spiritual cousins of the Greens’.

    This morning Morrison has announced his determination that the Covid vaccine will be mandatory – despite very significant safety concerns.

  15. Hi Suzanna,
    100% agree. Morrison is either completely naive of the potential dangers of this Moderna dodgy vaccine or he is a pawn of the NWO elites. To think that an untested and untried vaccine with limited human trials will be risk free is just insane. Then to force it on Australians. Imho This is criminally negligent.
    Most vaccines take years to properly develop and test.

  16. Suzanna Balfour, in the link you posted, Dr Marc Siegel doesn’t say “chip”, he says “chimp” as in the ape. He repeats it again when he goes on to say that this vaccine is being made from a “chimp” virus. I couldn’t catch the name of the virus. He then goes on to say how this will work in humans. Sounds a bit of a worry anyway. No microchips, just a monkey virus! Didn’t all this start from animals in a wet market? And isn’t Ebola caused by eating “bush meat”, wild animals, especially chimps.

  17. Bill, the ridiculous thing is that the politicians and medical powers that be are steadfastly refusing to allow doctors to use hydroxychloroquine despite its proven worth by thousands of doctors to be safe and effective: e.g. Harvey A. Risch, Md, Phd, Professor Of Epidemiology, Yale School Of Public Health writes: “hydroxychloroquine given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, (is) highly effective … in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and … zinc … demonstrate(s) clear-cut and significant benefits to treated patients, (while) other very large studies (demonstrate) medication safety”.

    A second ridiculous thing is that Flu has allegedly disappeared, whereas it seems very likely that some of the ‘Covid’ deaths are misdiagnosed Flu deaths, because “The reliability of COVID-19 tests is uncertain due to the limited evidence base.” Further, Covid-19 tests are known to give false results samples are contaminated with other viruses.

    We need to insist that HCQ bans be lifted so that doctors are allowed to use them proactively to stop Covid.

    More info is at https://tinyurl.com/CovidAnswers

  18. We need to pray continually against this ridiculous law, as well as write to the Attorney General (which I am doing). I am surprised the the PM is in favour for a vaccine when all research shows its side effects and danger, besides being money making. There are tried and tested successful treatments for early COVID symptoms but our government refuses to acknowledge that and lives have been lost.
    Is there a way to bring in a new government??

  19. Hi Bill,
    I live in Berwick 3806. Could you tell us whom you have contacted already? Would it be best to funnel concerns re the Andrews Govts proceedings via a Liberal Minister?

  20. Thanks Walter. Probably it is best if as many pollies are contacted by as many people as possible. Sure, the Libs might be more open to our concerns, but they all need to hear from us.

  21. I have always been of the belief that Morrison used “Christianity” for votes. My vote went no where near him, but unfortunately he sucked in most Christians of the nation.

    Also note the msm has alway been very kind to him. That in itself is telling.

    Regarding morrison …by their fruits you shall know them. Unfortunately for reasons that warrant a discussion for another day, many Christians lack discernment and voted in a fraud.

  22. I believe that comrade Dan has a Jezabel spirit. Not only found in churches but in governments also Good to check out google on Christian website. Usually warrants prayer and fasting. He certainly some disturbing personality traits which seem to be growing. There has been some very good articles written by journalists on the Australian.. Janet Albrechtsen is one of them, also Greg Sheridan

  23. We are seeing more signs of continual erosion of many freedoms in Australia. Speech, right of assembly and association, parental autonomy under attack by militant left progressives, the politicization of institutions, identity politics, intersectionality ideology, the erosion of religious freedoms and mandated medicine (vaccines). We have a booming bureaucratic/administrative state which is eroding Australian values and decimating Judeo/Christian heritage.

    Bill, my friend Troy Newman from Operation Rescue in the USA had his Visa revoked in 2015 as you have written about then.

  24. It is not a vaccine that is needed. It is national repentance , for the blatantly ungodly legislation being enacted, and actioned, even supported by many churches ,which will lead to God’s action to remove the curse.
    Only salvation through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ can achieve what is needed. Prayer towards this is imperative.

  25. These extreme measures are only temporary. How many dictators have said the same thing throughout the years only to still be in power 20 years later????

    I believe the Reichstag burning also instituted emergency powers. That didn’t work out well. Thanks to the left we have a generation of idiots willing to let Nanny do whatever she wants as long as the feel good. Nanny can run rough shot over them as long as their diapeys are changed! And with them taking offense at everything they have a lot of dirty diapeys that need changing.

  26. Thanks Phillipe and fellow Christians,
    You are 100% correct.

    I don’t belief the Australian Government is being honest with the population about the where mass vaccination is leading us. Medium term, I believe the Global agenda is full CÓNTROL. Individual freedoms are under attack. We have seen this already in Victoria. Once cash is gone freedom will be gone across the World. While a vaccination may not be a Mark of the Beast ID it is certainly heading straight towards it.

    Researchers at MIT have created a microneedle platform using fluorescent microparticles called quantum dots (QD), which can deliver vaccines and at the same time invisibly encode vaccination history directly in the skin. Bill Gates calls it the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System….The QD are composed of nanocrystals, which also emit near-infrared (NIR) light that can be detected with a specially equipped smartphone using an app. The dots are about 4 nm in diameter, and are encapsulated in biocompatible microparticles that form spheres about 20 µm in diameter. This encapsulation allows the dye to remain in place, under the skin, after being injected.

    COVID19 may well be an acronym for Coronavirus I.D. 2019. I expect this I.D. will be delivered via quantum dot microneedles, as a digital identification mark to confirm you have received a vaccination. Part of this injectable system will include a human implantable device for buying and selling cryptocurrency. The digital ID will come in the form of something called an Immunity Passport…

    The possible agenda is:- 1). inject everyone with a universal shot, 2). create a device for buying and selling currency that’s run on the human body as it’s battery, (the Gates foundation already own a patent on this technology) and 3). attach both those things to a digital identification from ID2020…

    In a few years with the advent of mass surveillance ACROSS major cities, (already in place in major Chinese cities) you will be directly monitored in real-time 24/7 on 5G and later on 6G high-speed networks. You’ll not be able to buy or sell anything without proper credentials and acceptable social credit scores. Your credits will be your currency. Bad social credit – no food. Bad social credit – no home..

    I expect without this Globally recognised ID you will have no chance of travelling internationally for pleasure or business. You will be assessed as potential dangerous carrier of a virus without the ID, a renegade, and will be refused entry.

    The Technology is here now. We are now at the implemenation stage.
    PM Scott Morrison’s Mandatory / Not Mandatory vaccination double speak yesterday, gives me zero comfort. The agenda is very clear to me. I am 100% certain vaccination every effort will be be made to make vaccination mandatory in Australia.

    For those who believe we are raptured before this all happens , I sincerely ask you to seek the Lord. Revelation 6 v9 Fifth seal clearly talks about the slaying of the Saints. I believe this is coming. Sadly many Christians will give up and give in to the system.

    God bless you all
    Philip Browne

  27. I have also been disapointed by The PMs softly , softly dealing with Dan Andrews. But I would stop way short of questioning the genuiness of his faith. I am surprised , Bill , That you did not comment on that issue. Or do you agree with that contribution? I understand that by my estimation and more importantly my experience Christian politicians are a rare breed. I won’t mention names. When asked I always preferred to be very, very cautious . I was always happy to speak for myself.

  28. Thanks John. I of course do not comment on every single comment that comes in here. If I did, there would be 150,000 posted comments, not 75,000! And silence on the comments of others need not imply endorsement of them. I print comments all the time that I may not fully endorse. I may have included some of yours over the years in that regard! Also, my views on such things should be pretty clear after penning 5200 articles! While God only knows those who are truly his, we also are called to assess the fruit of folks, and judge them on what they say and what they do. One can be quite worried about how Morrison is performing of late without implying that he is – or is not – a Christian.

  29. we can’t know his heart too but we can judge his fruit. as a yank I am in no position to do so but surly australian christian know more about said fruit.

    one thing the church as a whole lacks is fruit inspectors.

  30. Nicely put Bill,
    You do a great job. I hope your around for another 20 years+

    God bless.
    I don’t know how you do it. Always high quality logical and valuable documents.

  31. Bill, is it time for you to consider becoming a refugee and seeking sanctuary in New South Wales or Queensland? 🙂

    As regards the mandatory (or possibly not while votes matter) vaccine mentioned by people, and discussed extensively in the article you link to above, surely there would be medical exemptions available? Leaving aside the ethical issues of a vaccine developed from murder victims (aborted humans), the government is talking about an experimental vaccine with largely unknown side effects. Your article notes the current Moderna and Oxford vaccines for instance causes chills, fatigue, headache, malaise, and/or feverishness in a third of experimental subjects, but the article it’s based on notes the 30,000-person phase III clinical trial by Moderna is claiming no serious adverse events, yet the actual results paper reports ALL subjects suffer headaches, chills, or fatigue by at least the the 2nd dose, AND reactions are bad enough to interfere with daily life in at least 80% of cases!

    The above info is likely enough to put off many healthy people, but what of those who struggle with their health and\or are older and frailer? In my own case for instance – and yes this is probably TMI, I struggle daily with tiredness and fatigue. How would this vaccine interact with my system? On a really bad day (as was the case after a 2 hour ‘lecture’) standing up and ‘walking’ (stumbling) 10 meters or so to my transport was taxing, and trying to make thoughts and speech coherent was an effort. On a better day I can amble a couple thousand metres to the shops to pick up food for instance, but odds are I’ll sit around the rest of the day and won’t do anything else. This is all very frustrating – and pitiful compared to what any ordinary healthy person should be capable of. Given the variable but consistently frustrating state of my health what impact would a ‘vaccine’ that severely stresses one’s system have? What affect will it have on those who struggle with fibromyalgia, or migraines, or any other condition which parallel the ‘minor side effects’ vaccine developers warn of? Thankfully I’m pretty sure my GP would be willing to write a medical exemption, but how many others might likewise need or want an exemption? Scott Morrison was talking of a 95% vaccination rate but I’m pretty sure more than 5% of people will want an exemption on medical grounds, and this doesn’t factor in all those who might object on ethical grounds!

  32. If I may be so bold as to add to Dennis Prager’s hallmarks of a police state it is when truth, science, maths and reality become social and cultural constructs, no longer discerned through antithesis or binary thinking. “2+2 can equal 3, 5 or whatever the consensus of thinking is – which of course is controlled by the elite.

  33. Thanks Andrew,
    The obvious conclusion from the vaccine trials is moderna is failing to tell the truth. I expect these reactions only occurred over the first few days. What about the medium to long term affects on the human body of these vaccines ? This is really very disturbing and Morrison is straight into declaring Mandatory Vaccinations. What the hell is he thinking? I remember a drug called thalidomide hailed as a cancer drug. We all know what huge damage that drug caused. The idea that we can inject ourselves en masse with a poorly tested fast tracked RNA vaccine and think there are no risks is pure foolishness. note well Moderna is a new kid on the block another huge risk factor,
    God bless Phil

  34. This is indeed a pattern repeating itself in western nations . Alberta, Canada is proposing the same kind of demolition on democracy.


    In California, Governor Gavin Newsom, of Folsom Street fetish fair fame, is allowing churches to open but only with the equivalent of East Germany’s secrete police sitting in the congregation.


    Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia was but a prelude.

    David Skinner UK

  35. And it is no good appealing to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on freedom of speech and freedom of religion, Articles 9 &10.
    Each Article has two clauses. The second nullifies the first, by saying that for the sake of protecting others there can only be freedom of speech and religion if such freedoms are not a threat to others. But the last thing tyrants want is to be protected from themselves by Biblical restraints. What tyrants want is the power to smash all barriers frustrating them from getting whatever, whenever and wherever the things they want. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vdimMX2GyM

  36. Re Victoria’s plight. Dear Bill, thank you for once again exposing the grave truths of what Victoria faces – and in turn it affects all of Australia. There hasn’t been much talk about the ‘Belt and road’ agreement Premier Daniel Andrews took on for Victoria with China (allowing the CCP greater inflitration). Nor has there been mention of late of the many trips (at least yearly) Daniel made to China at their expense. His expenses were all paid by the CCP Govt. It seems strange to me that he has been allowed to get this far in defying the Prime minister and pursuing the Belt and Road policy when all other states have agreed willingly to the Federal Govt request. Before this outbreak occured and the incredible refusal to accept ADF help for the overseas travellers quarantine (Daniel even lied about it), I thought if this premier is truly ‘all in for China’ (and thus the CCP) then he will want Victoria ‘to go under.’ (That fact seemed inconceivable until the hotel quarantine began with untrained security guards…even the nurses in the inquiry said they saw there was no training given and offered to help train the security, but nothing came of it….I heard the premier said ‘don’t worry China will bail us out’…I looked up the evidence and sure enough Sky News had captured Daniel making that comment in their interview in mid July with Alan Jones reporting on it. (I didn’t want to believe that the premier had gone that far in selling out Victoria and no doubt making a secret pact with China…why not when they have ‘looked after him’ on all those trips and would guess he given bribes; many of the islands have accepted them too around the Pacific as shown on in this article by News Weekly by Chris McCormack. he reveals how Vanuatu were bribed and then trapped, (the main stop over point between USA and Australia and now owning the largest port in the Pacific thanks to China) . Chris also speaks of Tonga and Sri Lanka and the Solomon Islands and each one that has been approached or ‘bought up’ through crafty means. …to me l its like an act of treason but coated with Bill’s way of sliding over the obvious betrayal of Victoria. I pray for him but unless he repents and sees the light, he will have blood on his hands. It is a very grave matter. May God forgive him and may Christians pray on. https://ncc.org.au/newsweekly/foreign-affairs/chinas-expansionism-threatens-global-security/?utm_content=HTML)

  37. Memo to Gail Petherick.

    This is a very interesting reflection on that Belt and Road Initiative on which
    Daniel Andrews signed a memorandum of understanding with China some
    time ago. Now we learn that he’s done a lot more on that China business.
    This is not good news!

    Who is Andrews trying to kid? All other Australian States have agreed with
    the Federal Government not to go down the Belt and Road path.

    In the last six lines of your post, you write about “an act of treason but coated
    with Bill’s way of sliding over the obvious betrayal of Victoria”. Who’s Bill in
    this context??? AmI right in supposing it’s not Bill Muehlenberg himself??
    There’s no reference to a Bill in the link you included at the bottom.

  38. Dear Bill Lloyd Smith

    Re correction of an error I made Aug 22 at 8.03 pm comment

    Thank you for asking that last question’ who is Bill?’
    I can see now on re reading my write up yesterday that I made a typing error and has meant to write the name Dan (meaning Daniel Andrews).
    This is what I intended to say in the above comment.
    ….’ to me l its like an act of treason but coated with deceit- its Daniel Andrew’s way of sliding over the obvious betrayal of Victoria. I pray for him but unless he repents and sees the light, he will have blood on his hands. It is a very grave matter. May God forgive him and may Christians pray on.

    Thanks again fro picking up on this. Gail

  39. Hi Gail,
    Well articulated. I have thought myself that Andrews game is to destroy asset values in Victoria so the CCP can purchase at rock bottom prices and further control the Agenda and take control. Andrews cannot be trusted and the foolish people that voted him back in, are also responsible for the mess and embarrassment to all Australians that Victoria has become,
    I find Morrison’s weakness and failure to criticise Andrews also deeply troubling.

  40. Dear Gail

    Thanks for confirming that you meant Dan in your comment about a “an act of treason but coated with deceit”. I was worried about the reference there to a “Bill”; who could he be? It was Dan after all. Bill Muehlenberg is still doing his best to tell us the truth.

    Over 80% of all deaths in Australia attributed to Covid occurred in the state of Victoria. This has to be very bad management. It is hard to trust the present leadership in Melbourne. They have let the people down in a very bad way.

  41. Phil you mean you actually believe a politician is acting Unscrupulously??? (before I get anyone upset I am being sarcastic)

  42. “By their fruits you shall know them”. Jesus did not stop short when he provided us with a formula to reveal the hearts of the wicked.

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