Andrews Again – And We ALL Suffer

It really is time to go Dan:

OK, time for me to vent. But here we go again: hapless and helpless Victorians who have already suffered so very much under Dan Andrews and his utter inability to govern are now under their third lockdown – THIRD lockdown – in less than a year. Supposedly it lasts for another five days, but I will not be surprised if he keeps on extending it and extending it. He absolutely loves doing that.

So here we have it once more: he has shut down the entire state, further destroyed the economy, destroyed many more jobs, destroyed more lives because of more mental health problems, depression and suicides, all because of a tiny handful of cases of the Rona that he could not manage in quarantine. Andrews is clearly the most useless, bumbling and clueless leader in the nation.

The demonic lust for power seems to utterly drive some of these tinpot dictators mad. This guy really is a complete maniac. Only a few days ago this shocking shyster was telling us Victoria leads the way in handling quarantine and the virus, yet now we are in our THIRD lockdown!! How can anybody take this guy seriously?

Everything about this latest lockdown stinks to high heaven. We have one of the busiest weekends of the year where countless small businesses had hoped to do so well, and make up for all the losses they endured last year. We have both Valentines Day and the Chinese New Year. But now we are all prisoners yet again because of this inept and disastrous Premier.

Countless businesses had bookings and reservations and plans for parties and weddings and meals and special events, etc. Caterers, venues, chefs, and florists etc., have all been thrown to the wolves with no warning. These small business owners are at breaking point and are spitting chips at this latest act of madness.

Most of the restaurateurs and food caterers and events organisers had ordered tonnes of fresh foods ahead of time to be used on this very special weekend, but now it is too late to even donate it to various charitable causes. So it will all go to waste – millions of dollars of it.

Just how many more small businesses will close permanently because of all this? Just how many more mental health breakdowns and suicides will we see because of all this? All because of this deplorable megalomaniac who is so completely drunk on power and control.

And how in the world does Dan get away with causing millions more people to be out of work with so many small businesses closing down for good, yet he tells us that multimillionaire tennis players are “essential workers” and will keep on playing?! PLEASE explain to me Dan how they are “essential workers” while the rest of us are imprisoned once again!?

But of course all the groupies and zombies who slavishly love, worship and adore Andrews can be found all over the mainstream media such as the Age, the ABC, Twitter, etc., singing his praises. Why do I suspect that if Andrews told them to sacrifice their newborns for the good of the cause – or because that is the ‘best health advice he received’ – these sheeple would readily and gladly do it?

Thankfully not everyone has been lobotomised and mesmerised by this tyrant. I tuned into 3AW for a short while this afternoon and boy, basically all of the folks calling in were mad as hell. They are utterly ticked off at how this guy just makes things up as he goes along. They know of course that he and all his public servant buddies will do just fine thanks.

They will ALWAYS have their cushy guaranteed taxpayer-funded salaries coming in. They could stay home for years and not worry about a thing. Their pay cheques are guaranteed. But all those in the private sector who are struggling so greatly, who are losing their jobs, who are seeing their businesses fold up, who are struggling to feed their families are getting zippo from Dan. He could not care less about them, and does not even seem to know they exist.

But these ordinary mums and dads and workers and rate payers and struggling business owners were just livid. You should have heard how angry they were at this ruthless overlord who does not give a crap about them. They are mad as all get out, and so am I to be honest.

Yep, I sure ain’t happy! On top of all the other madness here in Danistan’s hell-hole, I went to Coles to get a few groceries this afternoon. They already have limits on how many cans of beans you can buy, etc. I said, “Um, stage 4 lockdown does not start till midnight!” I was told their computers already had these restrictions in place and she could not change it! Good grief.

And here is the worst thing of all: When Dictator Dan says we are shut down for 5 days, you can be almost guaranteed that he means 5 weeks or 5 months. He really is a corrupt, power-drunk tyrant who never wants to relinquish power. Recall that he said he wants to extend our state of emergency to the end of the year – 11 more months! He really does want to be dictator for life.

Millions of Victorians will be so very badly impacted by all this. Even other states will again feel the impact, with yet more border closures occurring. I heard of one poor bloke from interstate who was booked to stay in a Victorian hotel tonight, but if he does, he has to sit there for the five days. He cannot move, along with the rest of all of us – except for Dan and the other bigwigs.

The event he came for is now a wipe out, he is a long way from home, and he will not get any of his money back. He loses no matter what he does. And there would be tens of thousands of other horror stories just like this. We will be hearing many more such stories in the days ahead.

And I am not exempt. A son of mine was meant to go to Sydney next week to complete his studies. So now he had to drop everything, quickly pack, get in the car, and try to make it across the border tonight before the wall of steel once again descends upon us – just like the good old days in Communist East Berlin.

EVERYONE suffers because of this – everyone, except Dan and his mates. They are having a great old time. He loves all the attention and limelight. He loves getting in front of the cameras every single day rambling on and on. But the rest of us are going through hell. Thanks Dan.

Thankfully many people are utterly fed up with this incompetent, disaster-prone thug of a leader. Victorian Liberal MP Bernie Finn said this:

As a Victorian, my heart is very heavy tonight. My thoughts are especially with those couples who WERE going to be married tomorrow – some whose weddings have been blocked for the second or third time. My heart breaks for small business operators, particularly florists, hoteliers and restauranteurs who prepared for what should be the biggest weekend of the year but instead face bankruptcy. Daniel Andrews has much to answer for but really has only two things left to do: apologise and resign!

And whether any good will come of it, we also had the Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien speaking out about this. He said in part:

Victorians have got every right to be absolutely furious with the Andrews Labor Government. This government stuffed up hotel quarantine again, this government mismanaged contact tracing again and this government let the virus into our community again.
This government is now making Victorians pay for their mistakes by locking us up for a third time. It is just not good enough. Victorians don’t expect magic or miracles. They just expect competence from their State Government and they haven’t seen it. Why is this only happening in Victoria? Why is this the third time we are going into lockdown?
I feel so much for every Victorian who is hurting at the moment, for those people whose plans have been thrown out the window. The brides and grooms who are planning to get married this weekend, those planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and the small businesses that were planning to open their doors and create jobs.
All of these people are being hit between the eyes because of Labor’s third lockdown. We were promised by the Andrews Labor Government that they had learned the lessons of last time. We were promised that hotel quarantine would not let the virus escape again. This clearly was just more Labor spin.

Yes Andrews is an expert at spin, at obfuscation, at blaming everyone else and never taking any responsibility for all the mistakes he has made and all the misery he has caused – including the more than 800 people who died as a direct result of his complete incompetence and ineptitude.

Sorry, but I really cannot stomach this Premier. If his complete mishandling of the virus was his only fault, that would be sufficient to see him tossed out of office immediately and permanently. But add to this all his diabolical agenda items – his pro-death and anti-life policies, his pro-radical sexuality and anti-family policies, his pro-secular left and anti-Christian policies and practices, and you really do have the worst, most diabolical, Premier in Australia – perhaps the worst ever.

As a believer, I will keep praying for him. I will pray that he is either improved or removed. I hope he is convicted of his sin, repents, and turns his life over to Christ. If not, I hope he is swiftly and judiciously removed from office. For the sake of all the suffering Victorians who really cannot take it anymore, the sooner he goes the better.

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  1. If you can’t get hotel quantine right why is it in the middle of the city as Andrew Bolt said earlier on a Sky news programme? Why isn’t it in a less populated suburb so you can just lock that down instead of the whole state? Andrew made the point of Wimmera, the area I live in. No cases for months on end but yet we are all going into lockdown.
    Dan Andrews has too go he is smashing the small towns and communities. In Melbourne it might a couple of business close but in a smaller regional area or town it might mean the difference between a town of less then 500 people still staying a town.
    Even Andrew Bolt has to wear a mask to and from a beach where he would be lucky he said to see on person every 500 metres or more.
    Dan Andrews power has gone to head. He has police making sure no one can protest his lockdown measures yet Tennis can go ahead as its their Job.
    Yet too bad, about your small town that may not recover from this 3rd 5 day hard lockdown: if that is all it stays at for.

  2. Dear Bill. How succinct you are. The small businesses in Melbourne that will not recover from this lockdown will be equivalent in number to a large regional city. Tragic indeed.
    My wife & I in late October 2020 moved to NSW sort of temporally, to find work in the seasonal fruit industry. We were both finding it impossible to get regular work in Victoria.
    We stopped at The Dog on the Tucker Box, and they told us if the border is closed from Victoria into NSW, trade is terrible, it is the Victorian trade that makes them hum. ( we had to self isolate for 14 days, despite leaving an area with no Rona at all )
    Interesting. On a side note we have both found permanent jobs where we are in NSW and still have all our ‘stuff’ at our home in Victoria.
    I think we will be leaving Victoria, not sure how to get our possessions???
    Mark Bryant

  3. Morrison is only a little behind Andrews, with his determination to ensure his diabolical “mandatory as possible” vaccine, which he knows is still only in experimental stages and is extremely dangerous. Morrison’s certificate of vaccination is ready to go, which will seriously restrict the lives of those rightfully concerned about the known and troubling dangers of the vaccine.

    COVID very really equals “Certification of Vaccination Identification”, the vaccine being a fundamental part of the reason why the virus was introduced.

    Does Morrison not allow himself time to do his own research to ascertain truth, rather than ongoing propagation of the fear-mongering-to-control, and dishonest ‘narrative’ about this corona strain of the flu? Or is he, along with Andrews, in fact evil?

    The following vitally important clip is very moving:

    Doctors and Nurses Giving the Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried as War Criminals
    In recent months, Dr Coleman's videos have been targeted by trolls spreading lies, libels and misinformation and because of this, Dr Coleman has had to disable comments. We hope you understand. In an emotional vid

    Deaths following the vaccine include of people who have recovered from covid 19.
    Note: total deaths in 2020 were comparable to those in previous years. There is no pandemic! Note also: deaths from influenza and old age plummeted last year. If a person had a covid test and later died of any cause (heart attack, car accident etc etc) in very many cases they were recorded as having died of covid 19, as hospitals and doctors received more government money for so recording.

    Covid was released to crash world economies in order to usher in the Global Reset . . . Remember: “By 2030 you will own nothing, and you will be happy!” (This was initially planned by the U.N. and W.E.F. for 2021, but the good guy Donald Trump ‘got in the way’.)

    The next part of the plan include widespread internet outages, followed by widespread famine to control and reduce world populations. Hungry people are much more easy to control! Eugenicist Gates and the CCP have bought up vast tracts of farming land in the U.S. as one example, so they can control (and reduce when they choose to) food production.

    Meanwhile usurper Joe Bama and the Democrats are urgently using this window to accelerate the slide of the U.S. towards godless communism.

    But God does not want this for His world!

    Please do not cease from prayer through this cosmic battle between good and evil!

    And please watch and share widely the following vitally important and devastating documentary – ‘Absolute Proof’ – which was released this week:

    Interesting: the enemy of our souls did not want me to post this on Bill’s site. When I pressed ‘post comment’ some time ago, my message disappeared completely . . . And so I started again . .

  4. Bill, my family have just pointed out that thanks to Despot Dan, the Australian Open will now be played in front of empty stadiums.

    Embarrassing and utterly needlessly pathetic!

  5. When will politicians like Dan Andrews, who seems to run the state and the city of Melbourne with all these lockdowns like a computer game. When will he realize these are people? They are not Sims!

  6. I’m curious Bill in the States some of them have recall petitions to oust politicians the public no longer has confidence in. Is there such a thing in Australia????

  7. 1 Tim5:20 Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.

    Deut 28:15 But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee:
    16 Cursed shalt thou be in the city, and cursed shalt thou be in the field.
    17 Cursed shall be thy basket and thy store.
    18 Cursed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy land, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.
    19 Cursed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and cursed shalt thou be when thou goest out.
    20 The Lord shall send upon thee cursing, vexation, and rebuke, in all that thou settest thine hand unto for to do, until thou be destroyed, and until thou perish quickly; because of the wickedness of thy doings, whereby thou hast forsaken me.
    21 The Lord shall make the pestilence cleave unto thee, until he have consumed thee from off the land, whither thou goest to possess it.
    22 The Lord shall smite thee…


  8. You say that Victorians who have already suffered so very much under Dan Andrews.
    The fools in Victoria keep voting him back. Vote him out or stop complaining.

  9. You are right Bill, & ALL the comments. The People MUST SAY NO to this deliberate irrational trauma & Enact Civil Disobediance, NOW! These restrictions are only Legal Recommendations, they are NOT Law & CANNOT be enforced. We are Protected under the Australian Constitution (sec.51, etc) from exactly this kind of Infringment: Right to Assembly, Business, Accociation, Movement & Intension in our Daily Lives. These arrests & fines can ALL be demolished in Court & the police (which are NOT public servants but a private corporation) will get tired of harrassing hundreds or thousands of Citizens expressing their LAWFUL RIGHT! IT HAS TO STOP & ONLY WE CAN STOP IT! This can only have effect if done PEACEFULY with NON-VIOLENCE PLEASE!

  10. I totally agree that Mr Andrews is the worst Premier Victoria has ever had, certainly in my lifetime. I respected all of his predecessors, but have no respect for him. He clearly has no respect for my values or aspirations.

  11. I live in W.A. and agree with your comment Bill that Dan Andrews and his Government must go. But the Opposition is so weak currently as witnessed by their majority support of that notorious “Gay Conversion” Bill. What is the answer apart from prayer?

  12. Thanks Graham. Yes, a big problem all around this country is the weak and rather useless Liberal opposition. Too often they are just Labor-lite. As to what can be done, yes, we pray – and pray more than ever. But we must also work, and work more than ever. That can take a thousand different forms, including joining a political party or running or office, or simply setting up a blog site to alert others, etc, etc. We all have a role to play.

  13. This ends when millions of Victorians just go about their lives and disobey these ridiculous rules which violate our human rights. Priests and ministers should open the churches and every one should attend. There are not enough police to arrest all of us if everyone turns up.
    All the small businesses need to band together and open simlutaneously

  14. Bill, I sure didn’t fall asleep reading your article above or have to concentrate. Victoria is going to be declared a Disaster Zone and it’s not a bushfire, flood or earthquake that’s caused it but Dictator Dan and Co. I also was thinking what you people in Vic can do about it, Ban Dan or Pan Dan, start a petition, disobey his rules and go out and peaceably protest, move to NSW, just what? So I asked the Lord and this morning while ironing the word ‘Self-Destruct’ came to me. Is Daniel Andrews going to self-destruct or his ministry, or are people going to rise up and make him resign?

  15. Thanks Lynette. The believer sees the bigger picture and so he knows that all leaders – good and bad – do come to an end eventually, whether from self-destruction, or being rolled by others, or being voted out, or by good people standing against them, etc. We need to both work and pray against evil tyrants like Andrews.

  16. A christian minister held a church service in Melbourne today and the police turned up and it appears no one was arrested.

    You can find the video on and its called thank god police allow church to defy lockdown in Melbourne. Hopefully other churches will see it and follow suit.

  17. Thanks Bill for your suggestions on 13/2. I’ve belonged to a Christian Party for many years and have stood for elections, 2x for the State and once Nationally. On occasions I’ve forwarded your blogs or parts thereof to many others.
    It’s hard to get a committed Christian into an Upper House (such as Fred Nile) but we must keep trying.

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