National Gendergraphic and Child Abuse

By now many of you will have heard of the appalling issue of National Geographic due to be released soon. It features a trans 9-year-old on the cover, and the entire issue is devoted to singing the praises of the radical gender bender revolution. For those not in the know, one site discusses it this way:

To the sound of thunderous praise from the Left, National Geographic has decided to bring in the New Year by celebrating a nine-year-old boy’s sexual confusion. The magazine’s special “Gender Revolution” issue features a cover photo of Avery Jackson, a biologically male elementary student, as seen below. “The best thing about being a girl is, now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy,” reads the caption, a quote from the fourth grader.
“The ‘Gender Revolution’ issue, which hits newsstands nationwide on Dec. 27, examines the ‘cultural, social, biological and personal’ aspects of gender identity, according to a press release. Features include ‘Dangerous Lives of Girls,’ which follows the lives of young women in Sierra Leone, and ‘Rethinking Gender,’ which examines how science can help ‘navigate the shifting landscape of gender identity,'” notes The Huffington Post.
National Geographic’s Editor-in-Chief Susan Goldberg boasted of the issue via Twitter, calling it “historic.”
“We just published our historic special issue of [National Geographic] on the #GenderRevolution,” bragged Goldberg.

Thankfully many have already come out and called this for what it is: child abuse. Commentator Matt Walsh for example said this about it:

nat-geoNational Geographic has “made history,” we’re told, by featuring an image of a confused young boy dressed up like a girl. “The best thing about being a girl is now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy,” the boy is quoted as saying right on the cover. If this is “historic” at all, it’s only historic because it’s the first time a major American magazine has so openly advertised and promoted the sexual abuse of children.
In a more sane world, the parents of this kid and the people in charge of the magazine would be facing criminal charges for the abuse and exploitation of a child. But in the real world, a world where sanity is nearing extinction, millions will buy this issue and shout “Amen!” as this poor boy’s psychological and emotional trauma is paraded in front of them triumphantly.
What a funny thing. It turns out, after all, that a child will grow up to be deluded and confused about his gender if his sick, disturbed parents go out of their way to encourage and foment such delusion. And if his parents decide, as these parents have decided, to turn him into a public mascot for the LGBT agenda, he will become all the more lost and bewildered. Huh. Who could have possibly predicted such a thing?
I’m so sick to death of this “transgender” insanity. This is not just an academic issue. It isn’t some abstract, theoretical debate. This is something that is actively, seriously, profoundly injuring many children. The “transgender” myth is more than a myth. It is a vehicle for the abuse and degradation of children. And for that reason I make absolutely no effort to soften my words when I denounce it. Child sexual abuse is pure evil. And it deserves to be called evil. And dressing a young boy up in skirts and dresses and telling him he’s really a girl inside is sexual abuse, without question. So it is evil. Pure evil.
May God have mercy on the people who hurt children in order to further their ideological agenda. And may we one day live in a rational and decent country where such people are put in prison where they belong.

Or as Michael Brown asks, “Is National Geographic now complicit in this ‘child abuse’ by making a confused young child an international celebrity? That is between National Geographic and God, although the magazine’s readers will come to their own conclusions. I can only rue their celebration of the “gender revolution” and pray for God’s best for Avery.”

I have written plenty on the issue of the gender bender war on everything: biology, reality, science and our children. I have cited plenty of experts along the way. Let me here finish with some words from a very important piece which has just appeared by John Whitehall.

He is Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University, and his article, “Gender Dysphoria and Surgical Abuse” deserves to be read and shared widely. Let me quote from it here. He begins:

In recent years, the issue of transgender identity in children has leapt from the periphery of public consciousness to centre stage of a cultural drama played out in the media, courts, schools, hospitals, families, and in the minds and bodies of children. It is a kind of utopian religion with committed believers.
The drama is “gender dysphoria” and it is about children believing they belong to the opposite sex. It is about parental anguish and commitment, court battles to instigate some therapies, laws to prevent others, cross-dressing, drugs that will block puberty, others that will transform an adolescent towards the opposite sex, pending feats of surgery that will castrate while turning a penis into an opening like a vagina, or producing a penis from a forearm in a foray into reproduction unrivalled since the days of eugenics.

He continues:

But is this massive intrusion into the minds and bodies of children necessary? What will happen if parents do nothing but “watch and wait” while their child muses on its gender? Can the child grow out of it?
The answer astonishes. While proponents argue for massive intervention, scientific studies prove that the vast majority of transgender children will grow out of it through puberty if parents do little more than gently watch and wait. Studies vary but from 70 to 97.8 per cent of gender-dysphoric male and 50 to 88 per cent of gender-dysphoric female children have been reported to “desist” prior to the onset of puberty. This likelihood of “growing out of it” is declared in no less than the current, official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-5), and is supported by a number of independent studies.

He looks at how common this condition is (it is very rare) and how common are mental problems associated with it (it is very common). The risk of self-harm and suicide is also quite common. He also looks at treatments for gender dysphoria, and looks at the legal situation in various countries. He then concludes:

Hardly any paediatricians recall any cases of gender dysphoria in almost 300 cumulative years of practice. Certainly, I have not seen one in fifty years of medicine. I accept cases must exist and consider them tragedies deserving as much compassion and medical care as the three cases of physical intersex I have encountered in my career.
What astonishes me is the lack of evidence to support massive medical intervention in the face of evidence that it is not necessary. I cannot help wonder how the intervention was approved by the various ethics committees in hospitals, health regions and universities when it took some students and me over a year to get approval for a study that merely asked mothers when they introduced solid foods to their children. Ultimately, I had to give my personal phone number to all respondents of the questionnaire lest someone suffer anxiety in the middle of the night.
It is less astonishing these days that laws should be passed to ensure compliance with activists’ wishes. My generation has read the books of George Orwell, and observed the imposition of utopian ideas. Orwell would appreciate many aspects of the phenomenon of gender dysphoria. In Nineteen Eighty-Four obedience was ensured by the watchfulness of Big Brother, whose intimidation continues.
In fifty years of medicine, I have not witnessed such reluctance to express an opinion among my colleagues. For this article, I conducted a straw poll of paediatricians whom I know. Many advised me to be very careful, to appear neutral, and not to quote them despite their strong concerns about the current “fad”, hence my reference to anonymous therapists. One warned I should be prepared for him to “deny me thrice”. When I reminded him that Peter went on to become a martyred follower of Jesus, there was no reply.

As mentioned, this lengthy article complete with 60 endnotes is well worth studying and circulating. The activists are using every means they can to promote and spread this diabolical form of child abuse. We must be just as zealous and active in fighting against it.

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12 Replies to “National Gendergraphic and Child Abuse”

  1. John Whitehall, (Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University)…
    “drugs … that will transform an adolescent towards the opposite sex”
    The drugs attempt to transform towards the opposite sex but never actually get there. Instead, the misinformed patient is left in gender no-man’s land. They are forever a male trying to be a female, or a female trying to be a male, fighting all the way. But to really change gender you need to re-write your DNA – something totally beyond the best of medical science.
    It would be nice if the gutless medical practitioners would be a little more honest about the limitations of gender bending. They can bend it but they can’t break it.
    Hooray for John Whitehall. God bless him.

  2. God bless his desire to stand for the truth.

    In a country where children cannot vote in an election, drive independantly, buy cigarettes and alcohol until they are 18, it beggars belief that young pre school and prep children are allowed to decide that they refuse to be who they are born. The drugs and surgery will follow.

    Sadly, it may only be after many years, when a swag of these young and mutilated children, as adults, sue the educational and medical ‘professionals’ for allowing this utter insanity, will these stupid and dangerous policies be reversed.

    How many more will be mutilated until then?

  3. There was a time when I respected National Geographic magazine and considered it to be a cut above other magazines but not after reading this.
    Professor Whitehall is a hero whose piece should be headlines in every media outlet but all I hear is crickets chirping.

  4. I thank God for people like Professor Whitehall.

    Every cell of our body contains our DNA which is in the form of bundles of chromosomes; 23 pairs. The sex chromosomes are X and Y. Females have two X chromosomes and males have an X and a Y. So every cell in the human body and we mainly consist of cells, states that we are either male or female. Therefore drugs and surgery make no difference to our sex because it has been determined at conception.

  5. This is utter madness, children often go through a phase in life expressing interest in aspects of the opposite sex. My son (who is now 10) in his early years would dress up in his sisters Disney costumes, such as the mermaid and other ‘girly’ stuff. He said he liked the bright colours. Of recent times, we have caught him viewing the lingerie pages of Big W sales mag and ogling the models! If there was any doubt he considered himself to be a boy it certainly vanished! We dont encourage this of course however its the sort of behaviour young males do. Had we followed the reasoning of the gender benders they would have told us that ‘he wants to be a girl’ just for dressing up in girls clothes and to encourage him to be one. Left to themselves most children are accepting of their gender.

    Shouldn’t we encourage our children to be accepting and happy of the body they have?

    Jesus answered, “Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’

  6. I like the fact that you don’t allow foul language etc. it’s a pleasure to read these comments, so many other sites have a good point but its crouched in such a bad way.

  7. Jeremiah is still right. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick. Who can understand it?” 17:9. Unfortunately that applies to the boffins as well as to little 9 year old boys. Mercy, Lord, mercy.

  8. They have thoroughly sexualised this child, why else is he pictured with his hand in his crotch?

    Jesus said that if anyone causes a child to sin, it would be better if he were cast into the sea with a millstone around his neck (Luke 17:2; cf. Matt. 18:6 & Mark 9:42).

  9. “National Geographic” has become—officially—the National Pornographic!
    Question: what does all this “gender-bender” stuff have to do with geography – you know, lands and peoples, undersea exploration, and the occasional astronomy and space articles? Hmmm?
    “The long march through the institutions”, with this “gender fluidity” nonsense has now reached the utterly absurd (words can’t express it)!

    As I have often quoted, let me do so again:
    “He makes the nations great, then destroys them;
    He enlarges the nations, then leads them away.
    He deprives of intelligence the chiefs of the earth’s people
    And makes them wander in a pathless waste.” [Job 12:23-24]

    More and more I see earth’s leaders with a total lack of intelligence, and leading the people over the cliff into hell. Our western civilisation is truly heading for total collapse, and I believe the task of Christian leaders is to prepare Christian people for that eventuality. There is no ultimate hope in civilisation, and just as Augustine prepared people for the collapse of Roman civilisation, so we must do so now. But meanwhile, use the opportunity to warn people and call them to repentance and faith.

    Prophetically, the four horsemen of Rev 6 herald the collapse of civilisation(s), but also a reading of the four beasts of Dan 7 I believe indicates that there is no civilisation beyond that of the ten horns (which I with others identify as Western Europe): only antichrist, and then our Lord’s glorious return. You may wish to disagree with that, and it is evident to me that such sentiments are not all that welcome on your site, but I make them for the benefit of others who frequent this site.

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