The Trans Destruction of Sport

Oh look, a guy pretending to be a girl almost whooped all the female competition at the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast. But thankfully an injury has forced him to withdraw. The only thing worse than this outrage are all the brainless twits in the media calling this guy a ‘she’ and referring to him as a ‘her’.

The New Zealand athlete, Gavin Hubbard, who now pretends he is a she, and calls himself Laurel Hubbard, was to have competed today in a weightlifting event. But an elbow injury has meant he was forced to withdraw from competing. And that is a good thing too.

The bulky guy would have easily beaten all the real women in the competition, illustrating what an utter farce the trans con game is, and what numbats our sporting officials are. That they even allowed him to compete as a woman in the first place shows what PC goofballs they are.

As to the recent injury, one write-up explains the state of play (pardon the moonbat references to him as a her):

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has withdrawn from her event due to an elbow injury. Earlier a Commonwealth Games boss said the discourse surrounding New Zealand weightlifter Hubbard is clearly an issue the sport needs to deal with. The 40-year-old transgender athlete was set to compete in the women’s 90kg-plus category on Monday but was injured while attempting a Commonwealth Games record lift.
She lifted 120kg but injured her elbow after attempting 132kg with her third effort. Having set New Zealand junior records as a male before her transition, Hubbard’s inclusion on the Gold Coast has led to claims from opponents that she holds an unfair advantage.
Australia’s weightlifting association tried unsuccessfully to have her selection overturned while on Sunday Samoan head coach Jerry Wallwork said he remains firmly opposed to Hubbard competing.
Despite criticism from the Samoan coach, Commonwealth Games CEO David Grevemberg says Laurel Hubbard is eligible for the competition on the Gold Coast. “A man is a man and a woman is a woman and I know a lot of changes have gone through but in the past Laurel Hubbard used to be a male champion weightlifter,” Wallwork said.

An earlier media report noted that there is indeed some controversy about his entry into the women’s sport:

New Zealand’s first transgender athlete at the Commonwealth Games is expected to take gold in the women’s 90kg-plus weightlifting category on Monday at Carrara Sports Arena 1 where she will take on Aussie Deb Lovely-Acason.
Games officials have repeatedly declared their support for Hubbard’s inclusion in the event, despite the 40-year-old having previously competed internationally on the men’s weightlifting circuit under the name Gavin Hubbard.
Hubbard reportedly made her transition to become a woman at the age of 35 and she has satisfied every criteria under Commonwealth Games rules to qualify for the women’s lifting event.
However, she has been the target of widespread protests and uproar from rival weightlifting federations which have publicly called on officials to ban her from competing. Australian Weightlifting Federation chief executive Michael Keelan last month called on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Commonwealth Games Federation to rewrite the rule book that has allowed Hubbard to compete on the Gold Coast.
Australia and several rival federations have claimed Hubbard has an unfair advantage, having transitioned to a woman just five years ago. She became eligible to compete as a woman after showing testosterone levels below the threshold required by the International Olympic Committee.
Hubbard won two silvers at the world championships in Anaheim in December, becoming New Zealand’s first medallist at the competition. Her expected success and potential to inspire has led to a push in New Zealand for Hubbard to be given the honour of carrying the Kiwi flag and lead the team into the stadium during the Games’ closing ceremony.

Um, folks, he is a he! Stop the fantasyland madness please. Simply growing your hair and wearing a dress does not magically make a guy a female. It does indicate some emotional and mental problems that need to be dealt with however.

As commentator David Kupelian has put it:

Unfortunately, sooner or later, there is always a very big price to pay when a society willfully denies reality. The LGBT movement has not only succeeded in mainstreaming behaviors all previous generations considered pathological and immoral; it also insists that the rest of society not only accept these behaviors, but affirm and celebrate them – or be punished….
Is it not madness to think we can transform a man into a woman by surgically fiddling with his plumbing and feeding him hormones – when every single one of his body’s 37.2 trillion cells is permanently coded “male” with Y chromosomes? Paul R. McHugh, Johns Hopkins Hospital’s former top psychiatrist, affirms it simply is “biologically impossible” to change the sex you were born with, and that those who advocate “sexual reassignment surgery” are thus promoting mental illness.

And as I have documented previously, when men compete with women in sporting events, big trouble can only result. We have had female athletes taken to the hospital as a result of this madness. How many more women must be battered and bruised by men, and maybe even die, before we wake up to the insanity of this gender bender activism?

Walt Heyer who has transitioned back and forth knows all about this. He writes:

No objective tests can prove that the transgender condition exists. No physical examination, blood test, bone marrow test, chromosome test, or brain test will show that a person has gender dysphoria. It is a condition revealed solely by the patient’s feelings. Yet the recommended treatment is extreme—cross-gender hormones and sex-reassigning surgery.

I for one am glad that Hubbard had to pull out of the Commonwealth Games. But this issue is far from over. It is time that some sanity and reality comes back into professional sports. If not, we will see the end of women’s sports, and perhaps the death of some key female athletes.

All because nutjob ideology and loony tune social and sexual activism have taken over reality.

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  1. Imagine training as a female weight lifter for years and finally getting a chance to represent your country, only to get to the games and find out that, in effect, the gold medal has been awarded to a man. How could anyone take that sort of competition seriously?

  2. In the 60’s R D Laing, Thomas Szasz and others tried to convince us there was no such thing as “mental illness” merely just people perceiving life in a different way. I thought they had failed but clearly I was wrong. Thanks Bill for another thought provoking article. I’m hoping the madness we are seeing at the moment will turn around into people seeking the real Truth -Jesus.

  3. Thanks Bill. We are watching the commonwealth games/races. An Aussie man just came second in a running race. Such energy!
    When the games are over reality might be restored.
    Thinking of you, Dawn and Stan MCG.

  4. I said at the beginning of all of this just a few years ago that if it was accepted it will mean the end of women’s sports. ALL of the top “women” athletes will in a short time be trans-sexual. Oddly, I haven’t seen any indication of female athletes transitioning to compete in men’s sports. When will the feminists speak out on it. Well, some are- but mostly they are silent.

  5. Admittedly, I am somewhat pessimistic when it comes to sports today. With so many athletes caught out taking performance-enhancing drugs, Maria Sharapova, Tyson Gay, Boxer Roy Jones Jr, and go way back to the days, this will reveal our age, Ben Johnson, the list could go on. Another thought, just imagine how many have not been caught? Then you have the whole the Australian cricket team fiasco. Now, this is in no way a judgement, for I am a wretched man, although, there is biblical response for that, but an average citizen’s observation who previously enjoyed sport but has become cynical, especially with all the hype and commentary that goes into how ‘hard’ these professionals work and how amazing these incredible [incredulous] athletes are. I’m sure there are many athletes out there that actually compete without using performance enhancements—I hope that they win on that merit and shame those dishonest ones equally. King David, who God said was a man after His own heart still fell from glory, this is the human trait sadly. Thankfully, Jesus has substituted His glory for our iniquity and washed it all away. My point is, the world has gone mad allowing a man to compete in a women’s game, and our ‘so-called’ leaders are too concerned with political correctness than telling the plain and simple truth. If you cheat, you’re a cheat, you’re a man, then compete as a man etc. I would love to watch a game where all athletes are competing genuinely on the same level, does that still exist? Perhaps, ping pong or lawn bowls….

  6. This is unfortunately a logical extension of what we have been seeing recently in sports. For a few years we have been seeing boys teams playing girls teams boy wrestlers wrestling against girl wrestlers and girls playing on boys team (American football as a example). Since these we all boys who though they were boys and girls who thought they were girl playing each other with societal approval it isn’t much of a leap to boys who think they are girls playing against girls who think they are girls and on teams made up of girls who think they are girls against team of girls who think they are girls. If society saw no biological problem with cisgender boy and girls competing together they certainly would see no biological problem with transgender ones doing so.

    As a christian I am appalled by this since God created two sex/genders. In my childhood gender was just a “polite” was of referring to ones or another sex it wasn’t something separate and I am not that old. This can trace back to second wave feminism and it’s insistence that there is NO difference between men and women and that to say otherwise is to AUTOMATICALLY say that women are inferior. While yes there were some sexist problems prior to the 60’s they went overboard in their solution by making us androgynous, interchangeable, and replaceable. Now fathers are irrelevant because women can do anything a man can. Gender/sex differences are irrelevant because they supposedly inherently discriminatory against women so we must get rid of them. it the are no differences then who is to say who is a woman and who is a man. If there is your truth, my truth, his truth, and her truth and all are true even though they contradict one another then then reality is up for grabs. If all that matters is what you think and feel then what is real any more. If I think i am a 7’6″ woman with a 12″ penis who is to say different?? (I am 6’1″ man with average endowment) Or if You say you are a 50′ Female Kangaroo who would anyone else be that they could disagree with you. Once we rejected absolute truth by rejecting God anything became possible.

  7. One thought which is very much of a secondary consideration; would not Mr. Hubbard be considered a drug cheat? The proliferation of drugs required for sex realignment would surely exceed the sports officials requirement of a regular athlete?

  8. The whole thing will be interesting to watch. Thanks Bill for a great article.

  9. A person can legally change his/her sex. So expect even more absurd things to happen in due course, such as animals and robots receiving rights. For example, there is now support for sex robots to have rights to guard against rape. This world is sick and becoming sicker by the day.

  10. Yet if a female takes testosterone I think there would be a problem?

  11. There is a female taking testosterone and allowed to compete as a girl, A wrestler, high school, in Kansas.

    Iran has (at least) 8 men, no surgery, competing on the women;s soccer team.

    This whole agenda negates the role of parents in any decision a child makes, gender, sexuality;.. it’s all moot. children;s rights.. which means the right to be abused by adults, in fact, are a coming,, “thing” it covers consent, so pedarasts and muslims who want child brides are covered… it will not stop. our children are now fodder for the sexually depraved. Incestuous marriages allowed. no protection for children, anywhere.

    Never mind the damage,My daughter was abused, I can speak factually.

    I weep, I beg the Lord to take the children when he takes us home… all of them.

  12. He is a he. Anyone who thinks otherwise is bordering lunacy.

    Its Satan’s plan to confuse kids over the truth about gender male and female.

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