Health Fascism and Big Brother Overreach

The rise of health fascism should alarm us all:

As I write this piece, half of Australia’s population is in lockdown. While much of the rest of the world is moving in the opposite direction, Australia is going full-tilt lockdown crazy. This is the answer for everything. Discover one or two new cases of a virus that is 99.7 per cent mild for those who get it? No probs: lock ‘em all down again! This is tyranny with a surgical mask on.

I have been writing about this often, providing plenty of evidence and data that lockdowns do NOT work and are in fact counterproductive. Also, mandatory vaccinations seem to be less than the panacea many are touting. I have cited many leading authorities from around the world on these matters. Here I want to appeal to one more expert on this, drawing from two recent articles of his.

I refer to Ramesh Thakur, a professor of Public Policy at The Australian National University. The first of his pieces examines a wealth of information on lockdowns, masks and vaccines. He then summarises things this way: 

We can draw three main conclusions from this comparison of the vicious recent waves of Covid cases and deaths in the four countries (India, Israel, Seychelles, UK). First, for the UK and India, vaccination was demonstrably not the main driver of the steep and rapid fall in the Covid mortality curve from 23 January and 23 May 2021, respectively. Nor also in the nearly identical steep rise and fall in the UK Covid mortality metrics in the first wave back in March–May last year. 


Second, if vaccination is indeed the silver bullet and the only silver bullet, then India remains dangerously exposed and deeply vulnerable to another devastating wave.


Third, the continuing alarmist fears expressed by Britain’s scientific advisers despite two-thirds having been jabbed at least once and half the population fully vaccinated, is, on the face of it, strongly suggestive of their lack of faith in vaccines as the silver bullet.


Which then begs the question: is there any justification for coercion, compulsion and digital vaccine certificates as a condition of entry into designated venues and events and exit from the country? Talk of variants is just a deflection. Of course, the alternative and perhaps simpler explanation is they’ve just become addicted to control and power and are openly gaslighting the people.


The disgraced UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s personal behaviour certainly indicates contempt born of disbelief in ‘The Science’ behind the very rules he imposed on the entire society. The same arrogance-cum-indifference to the brazen hypocrisy was evident in CHO Bret Sutton’s decision to exempt himself from Victoria’s travel limits to fly to Canberra for a two-day meeting despite the heartless cruelty of refusing permission to allow a community to honour Cooper Onyett, the eight-year-old Warrnambool boy who drowned on a school camp, with a funeral. 


The UK’s first and India’s last wave prove that vaccination is not necessary for sharp falls in the critical Covid metrics. Britain’s unabated anxiety about another wave shows vaccination is not sufficient safeguard against the virus. Here’s a suggestion. Why don’t we follow Singapore’s excellent example, acknowledge and accept the disease has become endemic and will keep mutating, that the higher infectiousness and transmissibility of new variants comes with the collateral benefit that they are correspondingly less lethal, and therefore health authorities and the media should stop reporting on numbers of cases and instead focus on hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths.

In another article, “Human rights, civil liberties,” he begins by asking this question: “Citizens have inalienable rights and freedoms. Governments have limited powers. Which part of this equation do governments not understand?” He continues:

On the back of the global pandemic, governments have taken control of every aspect of our lives. Healthy people who’ve committed no crimes have been put under mass house arrest for prolonged periods of time in order to buy ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’. The state has asserted the right to order who we meet, how many, where, for how long, faces muzzled and sans hugs; what businesses may remain open for how long and serve how many people and what must close; whether religious services are permitted or not; if, how far and where we may travel; which health services are able to operate under what conditions, including overriding screenings and treatments for deadlier diseases than Covid-19; and all without accountability and exit strategy. Walks in the park, sitting on a bench, swimming in the sea or joining a peaceful protest have been criminalised, as have attempts by Australians to return home. Finally, and there is no polite way to say this, as we saw in Melbourne last year and again more recently Victoria police have often acted like thugs in uniform indulging their inner bully.


In a featured Sunday interview in the major Argentinian daily La Nacion on 22 August, I expressed shock and dismay at ‘the extent to which majorities in literate countries can be successfully terrorised into surrendering civil and individual liberties’. The ever-feisty Lionel Shriver and Florida’s standout Governor Ron DeSantis share the sentiment. Our adversaries, DeSantis says, must be thinking: ‘Man, if we can instil panic and fear, we can get them to close down their whole society, cripple the strongest economy in the world’. Recently, there was a surreal article in the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, advocating a democracy support agenda by the leading Western democracies. Physician, heal thyself.


In the 1950s, US psychologist Albert Biderman developed a coercion chart based on eight techniques to extract confessions from American POWs: isolation, monopolisation of perception, humiliation and degradation, exhaustion, threats, occasional indulgences, demonstrating omnipotence, trivial demands. All have been used to impose public health fascism (‘Faucism’ is gaining popularity) by the unethical weaponisation of fear. In A State of Fear, Laura Dodsworth comprehensively exposes how the Orwellian SPI-B (Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours) came up with the equivalent of ‘PsyOps’ on citizens by such means as co-opting the media to increase the sense of personal threat ‘using hard-hitting emotional messaging’ and promotion of ‘social disapproval’. Ofcom has said nothing about state weaponisation of fear using taxpayer-funded propaganda….


The opening sentence of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms ‘the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family’ as ‘the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world’. Putting ‘inherent dignity’ before ‘inalienable rights’ was deliberate. Take away people’s dignity and you take away their humanity, enabling the state to commit atrocities at will and sustain a long-term abusive relationship with citizens. State propaganda has whipped up public emotions with public shaming and social ostracism of sceptics and recalcitrants. This helps to explain why science has been turned on its head by replacing scepticism with cult-like absolutism: if you cannot question, that’s dogma and propaganda, not science.


Scott Morrison, whose grasp of free speech is limited to its job-creation potential, is PM of a LINO (Liberal in name only) government that has expanded the reach of the state to trash individual freedoms and business autonomy and indulge in financial profligacy like the proverbial drunken sailor. Most Western governments have succumbed to the fatal conceit that one group of citizens has the right to use coercion, to set their personal protection as an absolute value and to disregard the safety-values balance of others. To escape death, we stop living and claim to have cheated the virus in the very act of giving it victory. As the great American broadcast journalist Edward Murrow warned prophetically, ‘A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves’.

The COVID Stazi

All this is about the rise of health fascism. Unelected and unaccountable “health experts” are enjoying their time in the public spotlight as they make things up as they go along. They not only disagree with each other, but they disagree with themselves, and little of their demands have anything to do with the evidence.

Power-drunk politicians are quite happy to hide behind them, claiming they are simply ‘following the best health advice.’ Yeah right. Lockdown madness is just part of the draconian steps we see everywhere being run with. Things like mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports, and encouragement to snitch on your neighbours are also a part of the new normal.

And all the information being obtained from the QR code contact-tracing apps on our phones is now getting out of control, with our every movement quickly being traced. Increasingly it is becoming mandatory not just for what shops you go to, but for much, much more.

We were assured that this information would only be used for COVID purposes, but it is already being used by the police for other purposes. In WA for example, despite all the assurances of Premier McGowan, we now know the police are accessing and using the info that is being gathered.

With all this in mind, an article on the East German Secret Police (the Stasi) is worth drawing from here. As Statism keeps on growing – all in the name of keeping us safe – we must learn from history here. Let me offer the opening words and first three points of the piece by Laura Williams:

To maintain power for 40 years while their people starved and plotted to escape, the Communist Party had to get very good at controlling people and undermining anti-state activists. But outright street violence and assassinations weren’t good for the Party image, so the Ministry for State Security got creative. Better known as the Stasi (the German acronym), these secret police were the “Schild und Schwert der Partei” (Shield and Sword of the Party). Their sole function was to keep the Communist Party in power. They didn’t care how.


1) They Were Gaslighting before It Was a Thing
The Stasi were prolific gaslighters. In the 1950s, repression was brutal, physical torture. Early in the 1970s, eager to be accepted on the international stage, the East German Secret Police had to get more subtle. The aim of Zersetzung (a repurposed military term meaning disintegration or corrosion) was to “switch off” any activist individuals and groups who might threaten the Party. Police collected medical, school, and police records, interviews with neighbors and relatives, and any other evidence they could get and would then customize a direct hit on an individual’s mental health.


If someone looked like he might challenge the Communist Party’s legitimacy or control, the Stasi systematically destroyed his life. They used blackmail, social shame, threats, and torture. Careers, reputations, relationships, and lives were exploded to destabilize and delegitimize a critic. Some forms of harassment were almost comical: agents spread rumors about their targets, flooded their mailboxes with pornography, moved things around in their apartments, or deflated their bicycle tires day after day. Others were life-altering: Individuals labeled as subversives were banned from higher education, forced into unemployment, and forcibly committed to asylums. Many suffered long-term psychological trauma, loss of earnings, and intense social shame as a result of Stasi lies.


2) They Were (Almost) Everywhere
The Stasi had 91,000 employees at its peak—roughly one in every 30 residents was a Stasi agent. More than one in three East Germans (5.6 million) was under suspicion or surveillance, with an open Stasi file. Another half million were feeding the Stasi information. This level of surveillance and infiltration caused East Germans to live in terror—you really never knew if you could trust anyone—though most had no idea of the scope of these activities until after the Berlin Wall fell.


3) They Kept a Crazy Amount of (Meticulous) Records

Stasi files laid out together would cover about 69 sq. miles. Recording detailed personal information on a third of the populace required a tremendous amount of paper. More pages of printed text were generated by the Stasi than by all German authors from the Middle Ages to WWII. Thousands of citizens were targeted as anti-government “trouble makers,” their homes were searched, phones and cars—if they were lucky enough to have either—were bugged, their letters opened and copied, and their movements secretly filmed or photographed. Every document went into a personal Stasi file. So far, hundreds of millions of files, 39 million index cards, 1.75 million photographs, 2,800 reels of film and 28,400 audio recordings have been recovered from Stasi archives. Millions more were shredded before they could be made public.

Hmm, why does all this sound alarmingly familiar?

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  1. We thank God for your clarion calls, Bill!

    We thank God also for Craig Kelly and Alan Jones – both of whom are also well and truly awake to what’s going on, and spreading truth widely. Last night’s interview of Alan Jones with Craig Kelly was very important and insightful!

    (Alan Jones is a much watch on Sky, M – Th. from 8 – 9 p.m, generally replayed at 11 p.m. Cory Bernardi’s ‘Weekly Dose of Common Sense’ on Friday evenings from 7 – 8 p.m. on Sky is another must watch.)

    Ramesh Thakur’s paragraph above about Morrison’s determination to ‘trash’ the freedom of Australians is spot on!

    Craig Kelly, gagged by Morrison for speaking truth, and now on the cross benches, presented the following vitally important bill to parliament on June 21st:

  2. Yes Suzanna, folks like Alan Jones and Craig Kelly have been absolutely terrific on these issues. They are some of the few brave voices sounding the alarm. Peta Credlin, Chris Kenny, Paul Murray and a few others can also be quite good each night on Sky News.

  3. I do not doubt that the Corona is a real virus, perhaps a little more dangerous than a bad flu, and that it was appropriate that we protect the most vulnerable. Nor do I doubt that there are variants (some call them “scariants”) which, according to Mike Yeadon would not vary by more than 0.3% max from the Wuhan strain. However, I am in little doubt that left-leaning governments, of one mind with the globalist elite, have seized the opportunity to scare the pants off us, in order to advance our training in obedience to, and dependence on government as our savior and provider.
    Consider the language: “outbreak,” “pandemic,” “this wicked virus” (Daniel Andrews), “this beast” (Brett Sutton). Not only so, but Daniel Andrews, has taken the opportunity to extend and consolidate his emergency powers.
    As cooler heads have pointed out, it has really been a “casedemic,” with premiers, in their daily reports rarely if ever telling us how many were actually symptomatic, and how many were seriously ill or dying. BTW, I am not sure that it is true, as officialdom has told us, that asymptomatic carriers can transmit the virus.
    Finally, the drive to vaccinate us all with an experimental vaccine, while proscribing the use of cheap and proven effective treatments, in my view borders on criminal, and raises the question, “Why?”

  4. Yet, this falls on many deaf christian ears.

    Had a few say, “what can we do, its government! They do what they want”

    This is why so many are being passive, and they believe, “oh well, if we get vaccinated, theyll leave us alone”
    Cant believe im hearing this.
    Do they not realize the more we go along with their demands, the more hoops they will require us to jump through?

  5. That’s a very insightful observation of Professor Ramesh Thakur that vaccination isn’t the ‘silver bullet’ solution, as demonstrated by the authorities own lack of faith in it. Two examples of this:

    1. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) said “travellers should avoid all travel” to [Tokyo Olympics], warning that in the “current situation in Japan even fully vaccinated travellers may be at risk for getting and spreading” Covid variants. (

    2. QANTAS pilots (e.g. doing repatriation flights to Australia) are still being forced into weeks of quarantine, isolation from family members, despite being fully vaccinated. (

  6. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) based treatments are reported by many doctors to be very effective in stopping the spread of Covid and reducing the severity of infections if used proactively for suspected infected patients and their contacts. However, instead of allowing doctors and patients to make informed choices re HCQ use, the health gestapo has effectively black-banned HCQ, and we are told to have a test and isolate to see if we get really sick before anything is done.

    Sadly, or is it criminally, health officials, media and politicians appear to be actively suppressing evidence that non-vaccine treatments such as HCQ etc are effective treatments against any strain of Covid.

    Example 1.
    I emailed Prof Mary Louise McLaws (Epidemiology UNSW and WHO etc) with an article claiming the effectiveness of HCQ. Her quick response said HCQ was safe but that it was no better than other treatments used to treat very sick hospitalised patients on ventilators. But that could easily be interpreted as disingenous, ambiguous, equivocal, ignorant, or incompetent. So I send additional material re the efficacy of HCQ and asked for clarification. I received no reply. I tried again but received no reply from Mc Laws or from the media and politicians I included as CCs.

    Example 2.
    I emailed a similar enquiry to Dr Kirsty Short (Queensland Uni) and received a prompt reply with a link to a metastudy claiming that HCQ was unproven (and unsafe, contrary to McLaws advice!). However, a careful reading of the link showed that the studies in the meta-study were far from conclusive in that they were riddled with caveats and escape clauses. One study explicitly excluded patients treated with the HCQ+Zinc+Antibiotic treatment regime that is reported as being very effective against Cpovid. Another double-blind study was criticised by medical reviewers as being unethical because it used high HCQ doses, KNOWN TO BE TOXIC, and surprise surprise, patients died and the study was suspended because HCQ was toxic!

    Relevant correspondence is available at

    What we need is effective investigative journalism rather than scaremongering. Considering that HCQ, used early, is cheap and effective on all covid-style infections, whereas vaccines must forever chase mutations, perhaps they should follow the money trail from the pharmacy industry that feeds the medical journals reporting on and advertising the vaccines tested by the hospitals etc.

  7. Thank you Bill for the excellent article. What we need in the MSM is more like you and then people might stop acting like terrified lemmings. Hopefully enough MSM journalists will eventually pluck up the courage to go against the accepted narrative – We have got to get the jab in every arm! This vaccination propaganda is alarming, I am NOT and anti vaxxer. I had a flu vaccination this year like every year and I have had vaccinations for pneumonia and TB and had my kids vaccinated when they were small. However I AM wary of the Covid vaccines because of the sheer, unhealthy speed with which they were developed and I believe they haven’t been tested on animals either. Greg Hunt admitted on Insiders that they are still in the experimental stage.Therefore it is common sense to assume that anyone who gets a shot is in reality part of the experiment and I don’t want to be a guinea pig thank you very much.

    What I want to know is why aren’t they falling over themselves to find an effective treatment if the disease is as deadly as they say? We hear NOTHING about treatments except ventilators. Why? All we hear is vaccination vaccination vaccination and that makes me very suspicious.

  8. I am not as disturbed about what the unregenerate sinner is doing. We can expect this type of lunacy from pagans. What really disturbs me is the total apathy and compliance on the part of ‘christians’ and especially their luke warm leaders. This is the church of laodaciea in full operation

  9. I’ll be fully vaccinated by the end of the year, but am feeling what’s the point if the government won’t hold up their end of the bargain and let me leave the country once I have done so and return whenever I see fit.

    I didn’t vote for any of this government overreach.

  10. I think we should get rid of all Governments and replace them with a Provisional Government consisting of Credlin, Bolt , Jones, Kenny and half a dozen others of their ilk. Not going to happen? No. But how can we fight back? We need your efforts Bill multiplied a hundred times. People are panicking. What are they really frightened of? The picture of the person getting a good dose of Vitamin D says so much. Not sure about those alternative treatments. My doctor friends say no and my Pharmacist daughter laughed when I asked her. Lisa is a senior Pharmacist At GC Hospital. PS I haven’t been vaccinated for Covid but had my flu shot.

  11. A really great article Bill. I don’t have the level of fear that a lot of older people have about the virus and I find it alarming that the government and media are pushing us toward vaccination.

  12. Els Hunt,

    I agree with you. They are probably the same people fawning over Scott Morrison because he is a ‘Christian’ and accept every pearl that falls from his lips as gospel.

    It terrifies me that I should be found wanting when the Lord returns.

    I remarked at my church that now we have the QR check-in on our phones, next will be to scan your hand or forehead. And many will rejoice at that.

  13. John Bradford, perhaps you could do some more research on the efficacy of HCQ, Ivermectin etc, treatments and ask your doctor friends and your pharmacist daughter to refute the explicit claims and evidence cited, rather than repeating what they have been told by ‘experts’.

    There is ample evidence of censorship, while the ‘experts’ often act like ‘useful idiots’ and do not answer embarrassing questions such as I posted above. The link I gave includes several cases of censorship where the efficacy of alternative treatments as reported by highly qualified medical experts is arbitrarily censored rather than refuted.

    When I watched the link posted by Suzanna Balfour (1st comment) it was followed by this: June 2021 video which is well worth watching. It claims that over 100,000 Americans lost their lives because they were denied knowledge of, or access to, known effective alternative treatments.

  14. What I find interesting is the recently released UK stats. ( )

    Particularly pages 8 and 10 which show that from 1 Feb there were 82,458 cases of the delta strain in people under 50 (the one that we are currently in a panic about) but only 8 deaths in that under 50s group. I.e one chance in about 10,000 of dying from the delta strain.

    So it is looking like delta is much more infectious than alpha but much less deadly.

    I wonder if anyone has considered that the risks involved in the delta strain could well be worth it given that natural immunity is likely to be very much better than that from the single spike mRNA vacine for all current and future variants. It appears that the vaccine is already starting to lose effectiveness with the later strains and it is also starting to look like the eta strain could be more deadly than the alpha and almost certainly more deadly than the delta.

  15. All viruses, indeed all life, deteriorate with inevitable mutations and so all life is heading for extinction by ‘genetic meltdown’. Fortunately simple rogue virus genomes deteriorate more rapidly than most ‘higher life’. It is well documented that virus plagues burn out naturally via genetic meltdown and there is even a case where a virus kept deep frozen escaped a decade or so later to have the same virulence and danger as when it was first frozen, but it then died out at the same rate as previously.

    Hmm, that means that the science is that simple genomes die out naturally rather than becoming more complex and more effective – which is contrary to evolutionary theory.

  16. I think there is Big Brother Overreach going on or a coverup so that there is mass vaccinations. Here is an interview of Dr Peter McCullough who was one of the first to put forward papers of how to treat covid in August 2020 and why Hydroxychloroquine wasn’t authorized to be used in US or around the world. Goes 1hr 45 min but worth it as he saved his father from covid by just trying.

  17. Thanks for that encouragement Melinda. You are right Peter Newland.
    Check out the links below.
    Vaccines and conflict of interest – Pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers intervene and influence every area of research, government expenditure, education, health advice and vaccine schedule. Some examples are:
    • The TGA monitors trends and sends data to WHO for ‘legal analysis’. The WHO is largely funded by Bill Gates. The TGA is 100% industry funded.
    • Organisations which advise the Australian Government on vaccine safety are largely sponsored by the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry. The Immunisation Coalition is supported and sponsored by Bupa, GSK, MSD, Pfizer, Roce, Sanofi, Seqirus, and Ebos group, all pharmaceutical companies, Google pushing a one sided view on vaccines, Russell Kennedy lawyers and the Graduate Union of the University of Melbourne (About Us | Immunisation Coalition).
    • Many lobby groups are fronts for industry e.g. Australian Skeptics Inc, Friends of Science in Medicine, The Public Health Association of Australia.
    • Many media groups programs lack scientific evidence and portray all those who disagree as conspiracy theorists.
    • Many individuals working within government, health and media have personal conflicts of interest. For more information, go to the Harrison Report –
    COVID-19: Pandemic:Profit:Fallout M Harrison (
    The CSIRO with a number of universities have been conducting gain of function(ie making a virus more virulent) research.
    ? This results in biased research and views as many advisory bodies, university departments and health agencies are dependent on money from vaccine companies.
    ? In Australia any direct links between reactions, deaths and vaccines are not legally recognised.
    ? Adverse events are often not recognised or reported
    ? The number of vaccines in the vaccine schedule continue to increase. The aim is now vaccination from ‘cradle to grave’.

  18. Martyn Iles wrote on facebook
    Yesterday at 7:43 PM ·
    A recent poll asked Australians to rate their chance of dying from COVID-19, if they caught it.
    The average response was an astounding 38%.
    This represents total disconnection from reality. For most, the true chance is below 1%.
    Now, you know why the policies of state governments over the past 18 months have been so profoundly popular, and why people have been so compliant.
    They are afraid.
    But rather than ensure people have realistic concerns and realistic expectations, governments, bureaucrats and media have read the polls and exploited this fear.
    They have not reassured people. They have played them.
    They have done anything but explain the true risks.
    The rhetoric has been wild. The policies overdone. The politics vulgar.
    And it has worked. They’ve never been more popular, never more famous, and never more powerful.
    Some say this is unkind – it’s not. I work in politics, and it’s a manipulating, self-serving, power-hungry, corrupt environment.
    Some of these people would sell their mothers into slavery if it won them an election (yes, hyperbole, but not as much as it should be).
    So, be alive to the fact that the politics of COVID-19 is the primary motivator, not people’s health.
    The public mood will dictate the political games that are played far more than truth.
    Notice the move away from lockdowns is only coming as the public mood sours on the subject, not before. It will always be like that – chasing the politics of the issue.
    Most politicians are so trapped in the art of reading the political mood of the day, and reacting, that they don’t even know how corrupt it has made them. They think it’s normal.
    If this were a family dynamic, it would be called abuse. Vulnerable family members would be encouraged to escape. The abuser would probably be oblivious to the disorder of their own personality.
    But it’s politics, so governing via stockholm syndrome is just… well… good politics.
    And those that are doing it – some know it, others are just being good politicians, and they think that’s ok.
    But here is my wish – above all else…
    I wish that Christians were not part of the fear brigade.
    I wish Christian people were not afraid, and I wish Christian politicians didn’t exploit fear.
    There is only one healthy fear, and that is fear of God. Any fear that is not ultimately grounded in that is not just unhealthy and foolish – it is of evil.

  19. Draw your own conclusions from the following – Many mixed messages.

    Reports of death following vaccination, particularly in the elderly

    The TGA uses its adverse event reporting system to closely monitor reports of death following COVID-19 vaccination. During the early stages of the vaccine rollout in Australia and many other countries, deaths were reported following vaccination in older people living in aged care as this is where the vaccine rollout started. Many of these deaths were in frail elderly people and were coincidental with vaccination. This was confirmed following review by the TGA and medicine regulators in the UK, Europe and the US which found no specific safety concerns from use of the vaccines in older people.

    However, it is possible in frail older people that even relatively mild and expected adverse reactions following the vaccination may contribute to deterioration of an underlying illness. For this reason, the Product Information documents for both the Pfizer and the AstraZeneca vaccines provide advice about vaccinating frail elderly people (over 85 years old) and warn that the potential benefits of vaccination must be weighed against the potential risks for each individual person.

    To 23 May 2021, 3.6 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given in Australia. In this period, the TGA has received 210 reports of deaths following immunisation – 109 have been reported for the Pfizer vaccine, 94 for the AstraZeneca vaccine and seven where the vaccine was not specified. Most of these reports (93%) were for people 65 years of age and over, and over three quarters were 75 years of age and over. Many of the deaths relate to elderly aged-care residents.

    The TGA reviews all deaths reported after vaccination and monitors for safety signals. Part of our analysis includes comparing expected natural death rates to observed death rates following immunisation. To date, the observed number of deaths reported after vaccination is actually less than the expected number of deaths.

    Each year in Australia, there are about 160,000 deaths, equating to 13,300 a month or 3050 each week. In the most recent reporting year (2018)(link is external) two-thirds of these deaths were in people aged 75 years and over.

    Additionally, deaths from COVID-19 disease overwhelmingly occur in the elderly. While the 20-29 age group has had the highest number of cases of COVID-19 in Australia (followed by the 30-39 age group), 94 % (852 of 910) of COVID-19 deaths in Australia(link is external) have been in those aged 70 or over.

    Apart from the single Australian case in which death was linked to TTS, COVID-19 vaccines have not been found to cause death. Given the benefits of vaccination with regard to preventing severe disease, hospitalisation and death from COVID-19, particularly in older age groups, immunisation is strongly encouraged as we head into the winter months.

  20. Thanks Bill, Another detailed and sobering article;
    Tomorrow begin the Aged Care Workers strike against the planned mandatory Covid Vax.
    I have written a letter that might help others in being involved on this issue.
    We know how it goes; “First they came for the health workers … but I am not a health worker,
    then they came for …”.

    This is the letter;
    “Open letter to the Australian Government and Parliament. 5th July 2021
    Re: Mandatory vaccination for Aged Care Workers

    Special Attention to;
    PM: Scott Morrison
    Health Minister & Aged Care Minister: Greg Hunt
    Member for Lindsay: Melissa McIntosh
    Senator: Marise Payne
    Member for Macquarie: Susan Templeman

    Scott Morrison PM and members of Parliament,

    I want to register before you my dismay at, and opposition to, the proposed mandatory vaccination of all Aged Care Workers against Covid-19. (The “proposal” in this letter)

    I believe I understand the reasons for this proposal, but they are not justified.

    The reasons for my opposition to this proposal are many, namely;

    -Vaccination must remain an issue for which there is unencumbered freedom of choice.

    -Vaccination must only be administered after the proposed recipient has had the opportunity to be fully informed about the vaccine.

    -Vaccination without the freedom of choice, and/or being fully informed, has long been regarded as
    — a human rights violation,
    — against the normal expectations in our society,
    — against the rules in the Federal Biosecurity Act 2015,
    — forbidden under the common law understanding of our Aussie Constitution S51.23a,
    — and criminal according to the Nuremberg Code.

    -Demanding vaccination to maintain employment is bullying, immoral, unjust, and criminal coercion.

    -The reasons for the proposal should be reconsidered to take into account that much of the attitudes, perception of data about the dangers, and safety issues, of Covid-19, treatments, and the vaccinations are widely disputed, and are becoming more so.

    -A hard-line stand for the proposal, seems to be at least as much political as it is to any medical considerations, and therefore cannot be justified.
    It will not stand the test of time.

    -If the reasons for the proposal are not negotiable, the solution is NOT mandatory vaccination for those workers who choose not to have it.
    Those workers’ wishes must be generously and sensitively respected and must be offered an alternative that is fully and willingly acceptable to them without pressure.
    Even then I cannot believe that it is likely that justice will be done for these wonderfully loyal workers.

    I would like to expand on most of these points but will refrain for now.

    I wish you wisdom and goodwill in regards to this important and difficult issue.

    Yours for Australia

    Bruce Knowling

  21. Lynette Evans’ link to the McCullough interview should be required watching for Doctors and MPs – and also the following 16June video interview of Dr Harvey Rich at

    (69 minutes). Note that McCullough mentioned the Covid Medical Network in Australia which I found at in a quick look I didn’t find where any treatment for Covid via HCQ etc is available in Australia.

  22. I think that these days now in Australia we are just going back to the days of Herod. I often wonder about the ‘systems’ of government and how they simply don’t work anymore for the average Joe.

    I think it is very unfortunate that many Christian folks tend to follow “Christian’ Leaders and trust them and never ever go against them because they say that they are a ‘Christian’. Jesus did say that you ‘will know them by their fruit’ .
    I’m not anti Scott Morrison, but I’m certainly not for him.
    I simply don’t understand that ‘Christian Politicians’ don’t make a stand on ‘anything at all’ .

    This is all a big game in my opinion and whilst Congregations are ‘locked out’ etc whilst we have crowds in their 1000’s still gracing stadiums tells me that all the ideas from these CHO (many that have never worked in private practice) are simply suspicious at best.

    My congregation meets and have ‘all the systems’ in place to comply.
    I refuse to go back ‘into a Church ‘ where there is a “Mandatory Mask Mandate’
    It speaks of ‘complying’ to a controlling govt (regardless of what part ‘Brand’ it is)

    And whilst we still have the ‘Sports’ industry (and I love sport) still cracking on this is my position

    I am not saying Churches should rebel against the government – But where is the Church at large in this country ask the question ….. WHY ?!

    I often think given how weak the Church is in country at the moment that there will be a time when the govt will ‘over-reach’ and ‘close the doors’ of Churches.

    However in the Word of God it say that the ‘Gates of Hell will not prevail’.

    But we have to be “praying without ceasing” 1 Thes 5:17 rather than talking

  23. In one way, I understand the politicians: they are playing to the electorate and being played by the media. What I don’t understand is politicians inexpert at doing their job and not able to cut through the media.

    I wonder if they ask the questions of their advisors that Chris Kenny asked in SA the other day: tough questions that the CMO rudely avoided like CK was one of her students. No. She is a public figure who MUST answer questions put to her.

    I’ve both studied public policy at masters level and worked in it at a senior level. One of the principal considerations is not to let experts dictate, but to advise and to be put against each other in forming that advice. So the public health issue (including mental health of all age groups), the long term economic and social issues, and the hidden issue of national resilience and ethos all need to be balanced.

    The pollies should bring all this together: the Florida/Sweden approach would be preferred, I’d say, then require the health system to make its plans and advise within the policy parameters.

    But…fear of the election cycle kicks in every time.

    [BTW its a bit of a worry when an academic misunderstands what it is to ‘beg the question’: “Which then begs the question: is there any justification for coercion, compulsion…” He means, raises/prompts/invites the question. To ‘beg the question’ is a logical fallacy of assuming what you set out to prove.]

  24. Second comment on churches.

    I was amazed to visit a relative’s church and hear fearful prayers (from educated well-off healthly-looking people) about the Covid capers, climate games and India!

    No prayers for opportunities for the gospel, for courage, insight, and boldness in its proclamation, no prayer (when India’s health position came up), for the church in India, for its opportunities for the gospel.

    The Christian church has become wimpsville.

  25. Fear through disinformation propaganda has been used to control we the people, and alarmingly too many have allowed themselves to be brainwashed.

    As of 12 July details of every person who enters any business in NSW must be recorded – and this is happening already . . including simply going to buy groceries! A file of what we do, where we go and when, is being kept for every one of us. Don’t be naive to think this is merely about covid = flu.

    The people who rule you know that if you won’t even fight for your right to breathe properly – and mask wearing is a known significant health hazard – the sky’s the limit for your perpetual enslavement.

  26. Dear Bill, I would be obliged if you would keep this letter anonymous as it involves my doctor. My husband and I paid a visit today about some serious medical issues about which the same doctor had dealt with most professionally. No complaints at all in that respect. We couldn’t wish for a more conscientious and caring GP. We had been asked casually a few times previously if we wanted the Covid vaccination and our refusal was accepted without question.

    However, this time we were asked again and I got the distinct impression that our GP was trying harder to get us to agree to it. This made me wonder if there is some pressure being put on doctors in the public system to persuade their elderly patients in particular to be vaccinated. The pressure for everyone to be vaccinated amounts to nothing more than propaganda in my opinion. I would be interested to know if any of your other elderly correspondents have had a similar experience.

  27. Dear Bill,
    I agree with all of the comments which I have read here.
    It seems difficult to not link current events with pharmaceutical industry. It seems also difficult to sustain any of it is ethical.
    Many have called the current set of trends a ‘Confluence of Opportunism’.
    We are, however, seeing people ‘disappearing’ … I do not wish to alarm but at least two presidents have lost their mortal lives … with reports stating that they disagreed with the ‘blanket vaccine’ campaign. This perhaps means … they disagreed with the W.H.O, the W.E.F. and linked organisations.
    There is widespread suppression of free speech, as we are all aware . A large group called World Freedom Alliance seems to have been removed from ‘facebook’. However, we might bear in mind that the ‘value’ we attach to such things as ‘facebook’ may well, indeed, be part of the problem we have, to some degree, co-created.
    It looks, certainly, like a monster has been created at any rate. The monster seems to represent and express itself through the above named organisations which, of course, include … as partner organisations … facebook, Youtube, google, AstranZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Coca-cola, Nissan, HSBC, Santander … and many more.

    Agenda 2030 looks like an attempt to control humanity … to enslave humans … via a so-called ‘green’ agenda. In a sense, it is true … we can’t be enslaved . No human can. However, it can mean that life becomes futile in the sense that we will, likely, not be evolving as a species.

    It does seem staggering that millions of people are just ‘going along’ with everything. It seems, perhaps, we are seeing the evolution of two subset of humans(!) … those who will fight and die for freedom … and those who will accept what others would call … ‘slavery’.

    We see clear parallels to events of the period from 1930-1945. There seem to be some who speak a degree of truth in the British parliament though most seem to be espousing the deformed untruths of the W.E.F./pharma/tech axis.

    So, we find ourselves in many ways … in a repeat of WWII … with no Americans on our side .. worse … we do not even have a side … almost all governments seem bought up and paid … perhaps directly through financial incentive … ?

    What we do have are millions … billions of humans who are being manipulated or allowing themselves to be manipulated … they have no leader … We have no voice … Those who do dissent are silenced … one way … or another … This seems to be how things are currently.

    We know that freedom is essential for a healthy society. How few know their minds … ? How few know their minds and are also prepared to do something about this completely subjugation of truth … ?

    We know, through a degree of understanding of the nature of things … that all things which happen, are based on conditions which do come and go … there will be a time when the current conditions, for example, perhaps … the ‘Confluence of Opportunism’ we have mentioned … will morph into something esle … it will dissipate … yet we do not have the luxury of allowing that to happen without doing something … We are seeing freedom removed from society … Freedom. This is not negotiable. It seems, there is a good chance … we will spend the rest of our lives in small groups aiming to undermine this disgraceful pillars of greed … We have no choice but to do what is right … All else is non-truth and lacks any integrity whatsoever.

    So … what to do … ? How can we undermine something which, currently, is a force of greed with billions of dollars behind it … which has ‘infected’ so many people … ?

    Well … God, is, of course … truth. We know … or hope to know at least some … of God’s laws. They never include violence … We have to look to Mahatma Ghandi. Ghandi, as we know, overthrew an empire. However, it is going to take time.

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