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Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

Nov 20, 2011

We live in a world where there are very few real heroes or positive role models. Hardly anyone today comes to mind of whom I can unequivocally say, ‘Hey, this guy is a real hero – please emulate him’. One

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Halting the Muslim Advance

Oct 31, 2011

We need to learn from history if we wish to prevent creeping sharia from overwhelming the West. If in the past the force of arms led to Islamic hegemony in so many parts of the world, today other methods are

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History, Biography and Baxter

Sep 26, 2011

A rather eclectic article is the only option following such an eclectic title. But there is method to my madness. I want to do several things here. One is to remind us all of the crucial value of history, and

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China, Christianity and Capitalism

Sep 15, 2011

A long time ago, when I converted to Christianity and left my wild hippy ways and counter-culture days, I became very interested in reading biographies and autobiographies of great men and women of God. As a new Christian I devoured

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The Attempted Eradication of Christianity

Sep 5, 2011

The secular jihadists have declared war against Christianity, and are working overtime to ensure that it is eradicated in the Western world. This site has documented many dozens of examples of this, and each new week provides further case studies

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A Review of Demonic. By Ann Coulter.

Aug 3, 2011

Crown Forum, 2011.

Ann Coulter knows all about the culture wars. She has been involved with them for decades now. She is a seasoned warrior in these battles, and she knows very well the nature and tactics of the adversary.

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Lessons From Bonhoeffer

Apr 26, 2011

There is plenty that we can learn from the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, especially when it comes to challenging a sleeping, compromising and errant church. He was among the first to see the warning signs about the Nazis, and took

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Anzac Day

Apr 25, 2011

While most people enjoy the day off which Anzac Day affords, probably very few actually know what the day signifies. Some may know that it is celebrated every year on April 25. Some may know it has something to do

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Social Engineering, Ideology and Moonbattery

Apr 9, 2011

The more radical the social engineering agenda, the more bizarre and inane the ideological propaganda war becomes. History is rewritten, truth is bent out of shape, and nonsense becomes an art form. The incredible lengths these activists will go to

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Religion Going the Way of Dinosaurs?

Mar 24, 2011

According to new census data religion is about to become extinct – at least in the Western world. Looking at figures from nine Western countries, a New Zealand academic says current trends could spell the end of religion. Here is

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How To Sabotage a Nation

Mar 19, 2011

Do nations just drift into decline, stagnation, and degeneracy? Or is the process aided and abetted by those who actively seek to undermine and subvert a nation? The more one learns about activist and subversive groups, the more one sees

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Even the Stones Will Speak Out

Mar 5, 2011

As Western culture continues to head straight into the cesspool, there are at least two options. The downward decline will either continue unabated, or some concerned individuals will rise up and shout, ‘Enough is enough’. And sometimes when things get

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More Readings in Historical Theology

Jan 12, 2011

Since my last article on this topic drew a number of comments (I was expecting only one or two), maybe it is worth writing more on some important books in church history and historical theology. I realise that I will

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Homeschooling and State Education

Jan 5, 2011

Modern, universal, secular education is largely taken for granted today in the West. But it has not always been in existence. Up until relatively recently in history, most schooling was done at home or by the churches. Mass, public education

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Notable Christians: C.H. Spurgeon

Dec 30, 2010

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834 – 1892) was one of England’s greatest preachers. Indeed, he was known as the “Prince of Preachers” and is said to have preached to some 20 million people. He died relatively young, but began his preaching

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The Ashes, Cricket and Christ

Dec 28, 2010

With the English now here battling Australia to retain the Ashes, it is worth looking at how this evolved, and how one remarkable cricketer became an even more amazing Christian missionary. I refer of course to C.T. Studd, the famous

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Nations, Virtue, Religion and Freedom

Dec 22, 2010

Very few people would realise it, but there is a very real and vital connection between freedom, religion and morality; between liberty, faith and virtue. And perhaps nowhere was this concept so explicitly and strenuously promoted and championed than in

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