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More Obamanations

Jan 15, 2009

It is hard to know in which area Barack Hussein Obama is the most radical. Will he be the most pro-abortion American president ever? Or will he be the most pro-homosexuality president ever? Probably both, one suspects. He is not

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Nothing Right about a Bill of Wrongs

Dec 23, 2008

The Rudd Government has established a panel to conduct an inquiry into whether Australia should have a Bill of Rights. The panel will be chaired by Fr. Frank Brennan. The recently passed Victorian Bill of Rights seems to serve as

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Warren and Obama: Strange Bedfellows

Dec 21, 2008

It was recently announced that Barack Obama has asked megachurch pastor Rick Warren to pray at his inauguration. Warren has accepted the invitation to deliver the Inaugural Invocation. He released a press statement saying this:

“I commend President-elect Obama for

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He’s a Killer, But…

Dec 8, 2008

The US election is now history, but there is still plenty of discussion about the election of Barack Hussein Obama. His supporters and detractors are still slugging it out. Indeed, in my discussions with other Christians I find a constant

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Coercing Tolerance

Nov 28, 2008

(Author disclaimer and full disclosure: I am a friend of the subject of this piece, and I was a co-author of the document in question. So string me up already.) It is now clear that the Australian government thinks that

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Media Bias

Nov 15, 2008

The reason this website exists – and many like it – is because of media bias. If the mainstream media (MSM) were doing its job properly, there may not be a need for sites such as this. But because the

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More Election Reflections

Nov 7, 2008

As can be imagined, entire oceans full of ink have already been spilt on the US elections. This will continue for many weeks to come. Democrats will be salivating over their victories, while Republicans will be licking their wounds and

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Christian Political Involvement

Nov 6, 2008

Yes I know: I am a glutton for punishment. I am writing about the two things one is not supposed to discuss in polite society: politics and religion. But here I am, talking about both. So call me a sadist,

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Random Thoughts on the Election

Nov 6, 2008

First let me go through the mandatory disclaimers: I am a Christian, I am more or less conservative, and Obama was not my choice. Now that I have declared my hand, and revealed my biases, a few random thoughts on

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Why the Mainline Becomes the Sidelined

Nov 5, 2008

It has often been said of the more liberal Christian denominations that in their attempt to become trendy and relevant – at the expense of biblical truth – they have ceased being mainline denominations and have in fact become sidelined.

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Is Obama Really the Messiah?

Nov 3, 2008

There are plenty of people who seem pretty convinced that Barack Hussein Obama is the Messiah, or pretty close to it. Of course one expects such silliness from gullible lefties who think heaven will come to earth if Obama wins

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Christians and Civil Disobedience

Nov 2, 2008

Throughout history civil disobedience (that is, the public, nonviolent conscientious resistance to, or breaking of, a law deemed to be unjust) has been engaged in. Somewhat recent examples of those resorting to civil disobedience include Henry David Thoreau, Mohandas Gandhi,

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Culture Wars and Worldview Wars

Oct 20, 2008

We are now familiar with the culture wars raging in the Western world. Battles over such things as abortion, or the institution of marriage, are being fiercely contested in many places. And it often seems that the opposing camps will

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Should Christians Support Obama?

Oct 16, 2008

Now that I have caught your attention by means of a deliberately provocative question, let me start by asking another question: Will Christians be voting for Obama? There certainly will be. The real question is, should they be?

The short

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On Barack Hussein Obama

Sep 12, 2008

Very soon the US elections will be upon us. Conservatives are pinning their hopes on a McCain/Palin victory. Liberals/leftists are hoping the Obama/Biden team will make it in. Indeed, the left in many ways has turned Obama into a bit

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Palin and Worldviews

Sep 4, 2008

There are at least two clear reasons why the secular left is absolutely foaming at the mouth over Sarah Palin, John McCain’s Republican running mate. One is her worldview – it stands in complete contrast to the worldview of the

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More Hypocrisy and Hatred from the Left

Sep 3, 2008

Boy, how the poison of the left has been gushing out. With the announcement of a genuine conservative Vice Presidential candidate, the loopy left has gone on the war path, pushing vile smears, hatred and duplicity. I have not seen

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The Palin Choice: Giving Conservatives Hope

Sep 1, 2008

US Republican Presidential nominee John McCain has not been the favourite choice of conservatives. He is far from ideal in a number of areas (eg., he is pro-embryo stem cell research; he opposes same-sex marriage but also opposes a federal

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Georgia, the West, and Geo-Politics

Aug 14, 2008

The incursion into two Georgian provinces by Russia has been interesting for several reasons. One, it highlights how America is no longer the global policeman it once was. Two, it accentuates the selective outrage of the Left. And three, it

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On Breaking the Marriage Covenant

Aug 12, 2008

For millennia, the institution of marriage was viewed as a solemn covenant, involving strong obligations and commitment. Recently however many Westerners have come to view marriage as just a mere personal arrangement, which can be treated lightly and dissolved at

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