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Another SBS Hatchet Job

Jun 1, 1997

The Lyons Forum is a group of Federal Parliamentarians from the Liberal and National parties who support family values. It was subjected to a 30 minute expose by the SBS Insight program on May 29.

The program was ostensibly a

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The Blatant Bias of the ABC: Easy To Prove

Jul 24, 2017

Consider the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, along with the mainstream media as a whole: ‘You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy’. Oops, that was actually how Obi-Wan Kenobi described the Mos Eisley Spaceport to Luke Skywalker. But

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Australian Liberty Alliance

Oct 21, 2015

On October 20, 2015 in Perth the new conservative political party the Australian Liberty Alliance was launched. Some 200 invited guests heard Dutch MP Geert Wilders and other speakers explain why the ALA was formed and what it hopes to

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How Not To Think About Homosexual Marriage

Oct 20, 2015

We fully expect homosexual activists and those opposed to biblical truth to push their agendas in public. What we don’t – or shouldn’t – expect is when Christian leaders more or less do it for them. We find this happening

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The MSM’s Ongoing Hatred of Christianity

Apr 3, 2015

We know that the mainstream media is comprised largely of secular humanists and lefties who more often than not hate Christianity with a passion. And it shows – big time. The relentless attacks on Christianity, Christians and Christian values are

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On the Haters’ Honour Roll

Oct 19, 2014

Wow, I must be really evil! Why? Well, I finally have joined the ranks of such luminaries as Ben Carson, George W. Bush, James Dobson, Michelle Malkin, Chuck Colson, Ann Coulter, Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, Michael Brown, Billy Graham, Thomas

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Yep, I am Now a Terrorist

Sep 25, 2014

A leftist from the lamestream media thinks I am a terrorist and what I do is equivalent to IS beheading people. Yes, she actually said that. But then again, this gal may be in a contest to see who can

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Porn Wars

Sep 28, 2013

Just a few decades ago I and others were regularly warning about the dangers of pornography. But the almost universal response back then was ridicule, scorn, mockery and derision. We were said to be holy rollers, wowsers, killjoys and worse.

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A Tale of Two Women – of Faith

Jul 15, 2013

Faith and the mainstream media do not exactly mix. About the only time you see the two going together is when the latter is seeking to do a hatchet job on the former. The MSM is overwhelmingly comprised of secular

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Selling Lies and Death For Jesus

Nov 4, 2012

There are plenty of obvious oxymorons out there and one that has to be high on the list is this: “Christian Left”. Sure, these lefties will claim to be biblical Christians, but that cannot always be assured. So often there

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In Defence of Cory Bernardi

Sep 19, 2012

South Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has just been hung out to dry by his own party. Why? Because he had the guts to tell the truth, and his PC political mates were too chicken and too spineless to back

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Atheist Follies

Apr 14, 2012

The atheists are in town, and the lamestream media is quite happy to give them a free run. If a Christian convention were in town, it would either be ignored by most of the media, or a hatchet job would

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Atheists Out of Their Depth

Mar 14, 2012

Believe it or not, I do appreciate some agnostics and atheists. Often there can be broad areas of common ground, and I will therefore recommend their material from time to time. Sometimes I may even agree with them quite a

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More Nasty Christophobia

Jan 19, 2012

Three quite thuggish articles in as many days demonstrate that anti-Christian bigotry is alive and well in our mainstream media. All three pour contempt on Christians who dare to express their faith in public. All three are basically hate pieces

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What To Do With the Truth

Jan 12, 2012

Those who love truth know what to do with it: they embrace it, champion it, promote it, and live by it. But what about those who hate the truth? What are they to do with it? Well, we already know

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The Iron Lady

Jan 2, 2012

OK, I have not seen the film yet, and I am not sure if I will. I keep getting mixed signals on the new film about Margaret Thatcher starring Meryl Streep. Of course one can assess a film in terms

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Our Censors At Work, Again

Sep 7, 2011

“Sack him! Kick him out of the Party! This is an outrage! No political party should allow such contemptible behaviour! He must be disciplined at once! Dump this creep!” Wow, so what are all these frenzied calls all about? Are

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The ABC Should Be Put Out Of Its Misery

Jul 11, 2011

Certainly one of the most unbalanced and biased programs ever shown on Australian television was aired on – you guessed – “our” ABC last night. It appeared on the ABC ‘religion’ program Compass, and was the most appalling attempt

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‘Woe To You Shepherds’

Jun 6, 2011

It is a very fearful thing indeed to seek to be a Christian leader. It is probably better not to seek such leadership at all, but instead make sure it is a clear calling of God. The responsibilities of Christian

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