The Appalling GayFL Social Engineers

Once upon a time people got together to play sport and have a bit of fun. Love of the game was the main thing. Not too long ago it was not professional, it was not dominated by big bucks, and it certainly was not about political correctness and ramming radical activist agendas down the throats of the fans.

afl 5Well, things have changed – big time. Now our major sports codes are as much about radical social engineering, and forcing activist agendas on everyone as they are about actual sport. And the AFL is up to its ears in this rubbish. Consider a piece in today’s newspaper. The report states in full:

An AFL gay pride game to tackle homophobia has been added to the football calendar. The Herald Sun can reveal footy’s first “Pride Cup” match will be played between Sydney and Fremantle during this month’s NAB Challenge.
There are plans for a permanent fixture celebrating sexual diversity during the AFL premiership season. St Kilda is at the front of the queue to own the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex concept.
League chiefs ticked off the Swans and Dockers clash this week after a push by major sponsor NAB. The 50m arc, goalpost pads and goal umpire flags will be decorated in rainbow colours to celebrate the match. The AFL already devotes home-and-away rounds and matches to denouncing racism and celebrating indigenous and multicultural communities but has previously baulked at a themed game aimed at stamping out homophobia.
“The AFL is proud to be hosting this game, and in doing so we are saying to our community that we want to be part of change in Australia,” AFL football operations manager Mark Evans said. “Diversity and inclusion is essential to our game. We say ‘no matter who are, where you are from or who you love, we can all love footy’.”
Sydney premiership ruckman Mike Pyke said the Swans players were happy to be involved. “Equality right throughout the community and in sport is something we should all strive for,” Pyke said. “We think the Swans provide a really inclusive environment for fans at our games we know we have significant support from the LGBTI community.
“This is just another way getting the message across that professional sport encourages an inclusive environment.” Jason Ball, an openly gay footballer who established a Pride Cup match between his local club Yarra Glen and Yarra Junction in 2014, said it was great the initiative had been adopted by the AFL. “It’s a significant step forward that will help make sport and the AFL a place where everyone feels accepted no matter who they are,” he said.
NAB chief executive Andrew Thorburn said the bank approached the AFL last year about using the NAB Challenge as a platform to raise awareness of the LGBTI community. “At NAB we believe in diversity — we want everyone to be themselves at work, home and at the footy,” Thorburn said.
Former Hawthorn president and chairman of beyondblue Jeff Kennett has been a long-time advocate of an annual gay pride round. Sydney and Fremantle will face off in for the inaugural “NAB Pride Cup” game at Sydney’s Drummoyne Oval at 4pm on Sunday, March 15. Swans stars Martin Pyke and Nick Smith will take part in this weekend’s Mardi Gras Parade in Sydney with players from other football codes to help promote equality in sport.

So let me see if I got this straight (no pun intended): “Diversity and inclusion is essential to our game. We say ‘no matter who are, where you are from or who you love, we can all love footy’.” And, “At NAB we believe in diversity — we want everyone to be themselves at work, home and at the footy.”

Oh, is that so? Well, given that there would be far more poker players in Australia than homosexuals, will the AFL and the NAB be having at least one match in honour of all those poker players out there? And of course part of the colourful tapestry of Australian life includes those rare but passionate arsonists out there. So when is the first arson round to be held?

Australian diversity also includes heroin users. In the name of acceptance and diversity and inclusion, will they be getting their own special day as well? There also happen to be many swingers out there, really into groovy and kinky threesomes and group activities. So will they get a polyamory round some day?

Moreover, some people actually get their kicks out of a bit of S&M. They too make up our diverse community, and we dare not be exclusive. So at what point do they get to celebrate their lifestyle? And in the name of diversity, we of course cannot overlook and discriminate against all those cross-dressers out there. Certainly they deserve a bit of attention as well.

Sure, I realise that all these are rather miniscule groups. But then again, homosexuals make up under two per cent of the population – yet they seem to be entitled to their own big deal. So if this tiny group can get such star treatment from the AFL and the NAB, then I guess all these other itsy-bitsy groups can as well.

But I wonder if much bigger and far more representative groups are worthy of such diversity and celebration. Two thirds of all Australians claim to be Christian. Now that is a sizeable group. Yet for some strange reason I am not aware of this group getting any special treatment by the AFL.

Why can’t they have a special day? Bibles could be passed out free of charge – I am sure the NAB would be happy to subsidise this. And prayers could be said at the beginning of each quarter. Surely the AFL would have no problem with that, right?

And hey, some of these Christians are also theologians. In the name of making everyone feel warm and accepted, will there be a theology round as well? Maybe abridged versions of Calvin’s Institutes could be made available for a weekend of theology football. A ‘theology pride’ round does have a nice ring to it.

After all, these guys keep telling us that “diversity and inclusion is essential to our game” and that they “want everyone to be themselves”. So when is the Christian round coming up AFL? Why aren’t you eagerly and proudly pushing for this NAB?

Or is it in fact so much utter baloney when you speak of diversity and inclusion? Is it really just a complete load of codswallop, and instead you have just succumbed to the demands of the militant homosexual lobby? Perhaps your number one priority is not a lousy game of football, but something far more important, like political correctness and radical social change.

I for one have had an absolute gutful of these radicals running the AFL who are ruining a nice game of sport and turning it into the most politicised and the most radicalised social experiment in town. Shame on the AFL. And shame on the NAB.

And by the way, if anyone who calls themself a Christian actually goes to this sodomy pride round, thinking that footy is far more important than standing up for God’s design for human sexuality, and his institutions of marriage and family, then I can suggest to you right now that you probably are not at all a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ.

And another BTW, every one of you who is concerned about this needs to do more than just sit there and get angry – you need to do something. And the very first thing you can do is contact the AFL and tell them how upset you are by this political idiocy. You can contact them here:

In addition, you can contact the NAB here:

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  1. I eagerly await for the day when the Rainbow Steelers play the Bearded Caliphates for the AFL Minorities Cup. Whereby the winners get to impose their agendas on the rest of the population for that year.

  2. Bill, maybe you should have added: HIV?AIDS, Hepatitis, “gay health crisis” celebration. Or how about the impending plague now approaching our position (as I understand it given the new figures relating to HIV infection)?

  3. I think I might organise a game of AFL for over 75s who have never played the game and can run only a few metres before having a rest. It’s awful the way society discriminates against us, and it’s time we stood up (if we can) and put on an Aged Worn Out Game for Incompetents. At least I might have enough wind to blow the whistle as I referee (in total ignorance) from the motorised chair provided.

  4. Truth is not in the agenda. Exclusion and repression are the real agenda. Freedom of expression is only lip service. Only freedom of expression, of their point of view, is accepted. To be a witness for the truth is the highest calling. Unfortunately though, it will be accompanied by persecution.

  5. Thanks Bill for letting us know. I can’t believe the AFL would do such a thing, I feel sick to the stomach.

  6. A ‘theology pride’ march???

    Yes! Tell me when and where!

  7. Yes Liz I find this whole thing utterly sickening as well. Whatever happened to football? Why can’t we just have a bit of sport without it all being politicised and sodomised?

  8. Glad I gave up sports a long time ago, to me it is nothing but a new god, set up to distract Christians from worshipping God.

  9. Hearing this made me crack up laughing… Sorry couldn’t help myself. Imagine asking for a pie and sauce or a hot dog at the food counter. I don’ think people would approve if they knew the alternate meaning of those worlds.

    You could spend hour using common AFL phrases and to deciphering the meaning using the queens vernacular. I wonder how many team names would need to be changed.

    This is terrible news, but I’m thinking that the best way we could change the mind is by listing common AFL terms that should change and posting it on youtube.

  10. There is a logical order here that got us to where we are now. first the Bible had to be discredited. This was done by way of evolution; we can explain how everything came about so there is no need for God. As well, the first eleven chapters of Genesis are only fables, so we can disregard them. If the first chapters of the Bible are wrong so might/must other parts be wrong also. School sponsored prayer and Bible reading was outlawed by the Us Supreme Court in 1963.

    So once we through the Bible out then we can throw out morality as well. Evolution tells us that we got to where we are by survival of the fittest; there is no right or wrong. So we have reached the state during the time of the Judges where every man did what was right in his own eyes.

    Unfortunately there is a hugh price to pay and disorders related to the homosexual act are only the start.

  11. As an incredibly passionate 17 year old supporter of the Western Bulldogs, I would gladly dump the team if they decided to pursue a gay pride game as well.

  12. Crying out loud, can they just play footy. Leave the micro mechanics/pedantic/neurotic/pampered pooch agendas within their own private homes. The kids look up to these people and unfortunately emulate them. Talk about a big tangled web. Thanks Bill. Footy ain’t footy anymore, and I’m not a follower-very exasperating to see something simple turned into the ever spinning stage and glory seeking homosexual/gay/political arena again.

  13. It sure was difficult to send the NAB a message with any coherence – they won’t let you use quotations, semi colons, numbers, etc.

    The AFL website isn’t working at all.

    I’m guessing that’s how much they care about our opinions…

  14. “Inclusiveness and diversity” … I am so sick of hearing this.
    In conversation it is worth challenging this mantra as most people will struggle to give a satisfactory meaning.

  15. Boycotting would sure send the right message if people were principled enough to stay away. How will Christian players get on with this? They too will be sick to the back teeth of being used for this sick propaganda.

  16. Being gay apparently not only improves one’s intelligence but it also increases one’s track speed and makes one a better rugby player. They are so good that they have had to create a separate Olympic games, called, Outgames or Gay Olympic games. The marvellous thing about these games is that in name of equality there are never any winners.

    The gay games certainly have their own distinctive identity.

    They even have a ballroom dancing as an event

    But it appears that wrestling is either too competitive or excites them too much, hence it has been removed from the real Olympic Games

    David Skinner

  17. Being gay certainly gives one the edge over other sportspeople
    Nick Harris, a gay commentator noted that at the 2012 Olympic Games openly gay athletes won six times the amount of medals as the straight competitors. Wow.
    He wrote:

    “There were 23 openly gay athletes across all sports at the London 2012 Olympic Games according to observers who monitor such TRENDS closely, notably
    Ten of them won medals (43 per cent) and seven of them won GOLD medals (30.4 per cent), including the British equestrian rider Carl Hester, in the team dressage. Hester was the only openly gay athlete among the 451 men and women in Team GB.
    By definition, 23 people is a small SAMPLE size, but the fact that it’s so small is part of the story. The success rates of those athletes puts the success rates of London Olympians overall in the shade.”

    But then one asks oneself if gays make up 10% of the population there should have been 1,082 gay athletes taking part. If 6% there should have been 648 gay athletes. If 2% then there should have been 216 and if only 1% of the population there should have been 108 gay athletes. Where were they? How come only 23 qualified to take part in the games? I suppose if the ten gay medal winning gay athletes had been the only gays to take part then the commentator could have claimed a 100% success rate for gays getting a medal.
    The gays certainly love playing games with numbers but the downside is that it gives them brain irritations.

    David Skinner UK

  18. I think more need to make Christians feel included as there is more bullying of Christians than the other groups you mentioned.

  19. Sounds like an excellent reason to boycott the AFL completely. This promotion of homosexuality is about recruiting. And I’m not talking about recruiting for the AFL either!

  20. AFL football operations manager Mark Evans said. “Diversity and inclusion is essential to our game. We say ‘no matter who you are, where you are from or who you love, we can all love footy’.”

    I wonder if lovers of God would be ‘included’ in Mark Evan’s essential ‘diversity,’ fans who love footy but cannot support its being used as a vehicle for promoting ungodliness?

    I think Neil Waldron pretty well got it in one:”Glad I gave up sports a long time ago, to me it is nothing but a new god, set up to distract Christians from worshipping God.”“”

  21. I have covered this before. Jeff Kennett was sued by a gay rights activist Gary Burns in NSW (but Jeff won against him. Menzies House covered the story in their “Monkey Law” article) for the crime of saying an UNEMPLOYED gay rights activist Ken Campagnolo should be looking for work instead to volunteer to massage sweaty young boys playing the sport at the Bonnie Doon AFL and Netball Club Limited.
    That’s right? If you don’t like gay rights activists seeing your naked young schoolboys in the showers after a game and giving them massages, you have no say in the matter so the “gay rights” to boys activists say. You need to move towns or quit the organized sport to comply with their wishes and keep your own control of who your child is exposed to.
    Section 25 Of the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Act (currently) says it is lawful to discriminate against Homosexuals who want to be near young children in Victoria. The gays or VCAT doesn’t like this but the fact remains that this is the law. All the links to back up these claims are in my blog post. I have done a sting operation against VCAT being ignorant of this, and will publish my findings shortly. They will gladly extort any preschool for money when someone (in this case me) calls up roleplaying a gay child “educator”.

  22. By comparison, have you ever noticed the subtle pressure on Christian AFL players to keep their faith to themselves? Your favourite newspaper, the Age, published a story about Christian AFL players. The article itself was okay, but some of the commenters on the Age website made predictable remarks that footballers should keep their religious beliefs to themselves, insinuated that belief in God is a delusion (how original), and anti-American and inaccurate suggestions that American churches are deliberately using impressionable Australian celebrities and sportspeople to market themselves in Australia.

    What’s wrong with these players following Christ keeps them level headed and grounded, and not getting involved in off field scandals, or seeing how many footy chicks they can sleep with?

  23. Mr. Muehlenberg you wrote,

    “And by the way, if anyone who calls themself a Christian actually goes to this sodomy pride round, thinking that footy is far more important than standing up for God’s design for human sexuality, and his institutions of marriage and family, then I can suggest to you right now that you probably are not at all a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ.”

    I say “bravo” to you sir, well said.


  24. Great article…sufficiently snarky, thought-provoking and informative. Question? What does the “I” stand for in LGBTI and when was it added to the acronym of perversions?
    I really appreciated everyone else’s input as well.

  25. The AFL is one of the most politically correct sporting organization’s in Australia. As such it is a left-leaning and totalitarian sporting body who for years have aligned itself with the ALP and the Greens. The mess that Essendon is currently enduring is a direct result of this alignment. As a PC, left-leaning and totalitarian organization it has no regard for the traditions of the game. It will continue to feminize and ‘genderize’ the game under the guise of modernization, to the point where it will be unattractive. The sodomy pride round not only confirms the above, but may well sound the death knell of the game as we knew it.

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