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Gospel Preaching Made Illegal

Oct 9, 2012

Increasingly in the Western world the ability to preach the gospel is being banned or greatly restricted.  The irony of course is that it was largely through the Judeo-Christian worldview that Western democracies were formed, and the various freedoms,

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Pro-Life Christians Arrested in Washington

Oct 2, 2012

It is always a bit jarring when you see pictures of friends you know from various social networking sites being arrested and rounded up into police vans. But that indeed has been happening this weekend in Washington D.C. A group

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Islam, Blasphemy and Free Speech

Oct 1, 2012

That free speech is a vital component of Western democracies goes without saying. That it is being slowly but effectively whittled away is also a truism. Everywhere we see faulty notions of tolerance, the unsavoury forces of political correctness, and

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They Will Hate You

Sep 24, 2012

As one who gets a regular – even daily – share of abuse and hatred, I can certainly relate to what we are told in Scripture and what we read about in church history. Whenever the gospel of Jesus Christ

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I Just Can’t Take All This Tolerance

Sep 13, 2012

Tolerance used to mean respecting a person and their right to speak, even if you strongly disagreed with what they had to say. Now it is the demand that we must embrace, accept and endorse not only every opinion, but

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The Never Ending Story (of Tolerance)

Sep 12, 2012

Just yesterday I offered three cases dating from September 10 of how the militants are destroying our freedoms – all in the name of tolerance and diversity. Well, here it is a mere 24 hours later, and now I have

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Tolerance Update, #3738

Sep 11, 2012

Yep, it’s time once again for another tolerance update. There is just so much tolerance going around by those who shout the most about tolerance that it is necessary to have regular updates. Daily would be ideal, but life is

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Homeschooling Under Threat

Sep 5, 2012

I have just penned a piece on how the secular humanists are targeting our children in public schools, and how successful they have been in their war against religion, as they push their own secular religion down the throats of

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Education Wars: The Battle for Our Children

Sep 4, 2012

There is perhaps no greater battleground than that of the education arena. He who can educate (or indoctrinate) our children will win not only our children but the future. For centuries we have known of the crucial importance of education,

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The End Is Near (Or It Sure Seems That Way)

Aug 28, 2012

If you wanted to come up with a great way of destroying civilisation, simply seek to radically tamper with human sexuality, undermine marriage, and destroy family. That would pretty much do the trick. And we are seeing this happen all

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Real Hate, Fake Hate

Aug 25, 2012

The culture wars continue apace, with the battle over human sexuality as usual taking centre stage. In the old days actual arguments were offered to make one’s case, but given that the activists don’t have too many of those –

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And Then the End Comes

Aug 7, 2012

And so this is how it ends: moral meltdowns, mental malfunctions, and mass mayhem. Entire generations turned into zombies, unable to think, incapable of making moral distinctions, unwilling to run against the tide. Everything the totalitarians hoped for – and

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No Compromise

Aug 3, 2012

In many wars one side at least is not interested in a negotiated settlement. They are not into detente. They want total victory pure and simple. The Nazis were not interested in compromise but in total world domination. The Communists

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When the Activists Spill the Beans

Aug 1, 2012

In the culture wars one side affirms the Judeo-Christian worldview, which includes upholding values like truth-telling, honesty and fairness. The other side, the secular humanists, do not necessarily buy those values, and are often quite happy to lie, mislead, deceive

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More “Tolerance” and “Diversity”

Jul 31, 2012

OK, it’s been at least a week, so I am again far behind my regular “tolerance watch” updates. If you as much as blink, you will miss the latest example of how the militant homosexual thought police are attacking one

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Kiwi Gaystapo

Jul 31, 2012

Yes they are everywhere. I document on a regular basis how the pink mafia are attacking everyone and everything which dares to resist their militant agenda. Whether the haters are doing their thing in Australia, America or elsewhere, they are

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